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New & Notable: Emotional punk rock with the raw honesty and unvarnished quality of In Utero from Oakland artist Ke…’s style is infamous for its excess, sheer extremity, and unapologetic harshness. O)))'s Greg Anderson is all about metal and punk, while @IdeologicOrgan's partial to experimental music. Here’… & Notable: The latest from acid house's @djchriscoco is an intense and meditative project.¿Cómo descubrir música nueva? Sigan a @Bandcamp en twitter y activen las notificaciones. De nada.
Retweeted by bandcampUnexplained Sounds Group (@sonologyst) offers an education in the breadth and depth of experimental music from arou…’s impossible to tell the story of 20th century Jamaican music without Lee “Scratch” Perry. artists take a deliberate approach to DIY, launching local tours via an intercity network of clubs and p… & Notable: A mystical and introspective debut from the British poet and multi-instrumentalist Ben Osborn. wanted to make a record that "sounds like an autobiographical, sort of jubilant self-love, self-care… @HellsUkulele No, probably this one: #EarthDay! Listen to the planet. continue hammering their drums into the center of Hell on new release Sulphur English. It's our Alb… its increasing activity in both the mainstream and underground, hip-hop in Taiwan continues to grow beyond its… bands find receptive audiences in both the metal and goth scenes. plants hear? Sure, why not.
“Everybody I knew was either a punk, or they were into go-go, or they were a preppy. I was always kind of fascinate… unlikely story behind an ambient cult classic. Eyes has amassed what is now one of underground music’s deepest catalogs. Fruit is Ivan Conti’s first solo album in 20 years, and the product of several jam sessions over the last fe… is dancefloor euphoria. step, slow house, electrocumbia are just a few names given to this emerging genre. time out your day for Hieroglyphic Being Japanese jazz spans a wide range—piano mastery and eclectic orchestral jazz, fiery post-bop, contempo… digging. decades of projects and collaborators and a catalog of bracing, at-times impenetrable music, Drexciya can be d… the “retro soul” movement sprouted in the late ‘90s, Lee Fields got a career reboot, becoming a popular name i… are four of John Vanderslice’s recent hip-hop favorites—plus one folk record. illustrated interview with Psychic Eye Records. heart of Barbès Records is “impure” or “polluted” music—borderless hybrids, rooted in tradition but woven into… to leave the planet 🌎 🚀
What's good in the Czech Republic? is one of America’s most musical cities, so it should come as no surprise that the city has a vibrant jazz… sleepy time herbal tea. is really good in Denver.' alias is inspired by the Greek mythological character Telemachus, who stays at home to protect his mothe… sheer physicality of the grand organ caused Sarah Mary Chadwick to re-evaluate her pre-performance routines. generation of artists who lived through the hardships of the dictatorship helped lay the groundwork for an acti… September of last year, Inês Coutinho started a sister label, Naivety, dedicated to more experimental sounds tha…“When I hear J.I.D or EarthGang, who I think are technically very good rappers, I realize the distance between what… + Rise—comprised of throat singers Cynthia Pitsiulak (Kimmirut, NU) and Charlotte Qamaniq (Iglulik, NU), and D… has produced a wealth of jazz players Rains Loves solidifies Lee Fields’s position as enduring soul royalty by pairing his emotive vocals with spirite… members of the hip-hop collective @waistdeepclique hail from all over the country—from Hanover, Pennsylvania to… has six members, four of whom are percussionists. & Notable: A luxuriant smorgasbord of Neurosis-esque post-metal songs inspired by delicious sandwiches...need w…
A booming economy and post-independence optimism combined to create a vibrant club scene in Lagos and beyond. & Notable: Originally intended for @chastitysongs's breakthrough 2018 album "Death Lust," these four cuts offer…"the mystic" contains some of Bells Atlas’ most visceral and kinetic songwriting to date. & Notable: Prolific as ever, cloak-wearing, food-loving rappers @TheDoppelgangaz return with six new tracks sho…“I love thinking about how small I am in the universe. It just amazes me.”'s X Marks the Swirl is a community-minded collection of electronic pop, hip-hop, and soul songs. years after he started recording as @merzbowofficial, Masami Akita’s music remains uncategorizable. & Notable: An outpouring of errant, psychedelic experiments from one of the UK's most underrated cosmonauts, te… Laulan’s soundtrack for Dead Cells is a collection of songs as dynamically potent as they are stylistically d…ólveig Matthildur, J.Lamotta, The Resonars, and more on this week's essential releases roundup. Anderson and Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))) pick their Bandcamp favorites. & Notable: With her meticulously-crafted solo debut, the Polish composer architects a modern-classical marvel. already know this kicks ass. are four of @johnvanderslice's recent hip-hop favorites—plus one folk record. & Notable: Bouncy, catchy indie pop that isn't afraid to wrestle with personal and social tensions, from young… + Rise's masterful debut was nominated for Canada’s Juno Award for Indigenous Music Album of the Year.’s jazz obsession is anything but hidden.“Collaborating over the internet is cool, but I think it’s just a starting point for building connections that can… DJ and producer who goes by Violet, Inês Coutinho is out to create a platform for the sounds and people she wants… & Notable: New single from L.A. garage punks the Paranoyds bounces along on a big low end and chirpy keys.
From the sunny melodies of highlife to the black consciousness in Fela’s Afrobeat, Nigerian music in the decades fo… & Notable: The latest from French Vanilla mashes up art punk, funk, and new wave into avant-garde pop songs as… running reappraisal Drexciya's work has resulted in badly-needed reissues of many of their once unobtainable clas… & Notable: @PenelopeTrappes's critically acclaimed sophomore LP gets reworked by Mogwai, Poppy Ackroyd, Cosey F… Fields' soul productions sound like they were laid down in a late-‘60s Stax session're so excited to announce our partnership with our good friends at @Bandcamp and bring so many more records to l…
Retweeted by bandcamp“I want to open the windows for everyone and make dance music accessible, something nice people want to be a part o…’s catalog of bracing, at-times impenetrable music has few peers among the music that sprung from the explo… BRAIN’s "Peer 2 Peer" is musical information overload, from its suggestive lyrics to the way the album pings…✨ Shana Cleveland performs “Night of the Worm Moon” at Bandcamp Oakland ✨ & Notable: A brand new single from @TooManyZooz pushes even further into reggaeton and trap, with big bass drop… & Notable: This San Francisco singer-songwriter mixes jazz, trip-hop, and experimental pop for a heady brew tha…
Sarah Mary Chadwick Uses a 147-Year-Old Organ to Cut to the Contemporary Quick: & Notable: The latest EP from @odonisodonis is sharp and brooding, music for a pre-apocalyptic dancefloor. jazz scene has a rich and involved history—and a bright future 🎷🇯🇵 & Notable: Emotion and intuition guide experimental violinist @zachary_paul_ as he creates beautiful textural… chat with Yoann Laulan (@ValmontDeRag) about his jam-centric soundtrack for Dead Cells: wants to help bring your music to vinyl
Retweeted by bandcamp/// BELOW fans rejoice, @jampants has teamed up with @Bandcamp to offer the BELOW soundtrack on double LP vinyl. Hi…
Retweeted by bandcampTelemakus brings an intense affinity for jazz and love of sci-fi themes to Calantha Vol. 2.'s music is hallucinatory and hectic and dense. & Notable: Airy pop songs from @barrietheband with breezy hooks, wrapped up in sumptuous synths. & Notable: @TooManyZooz return with a raucous track powered by reggaeton and trap beats. albums to get you started with the contemporary Japanese jazz scene. is a rap fanatic.’s "Thalassa" is an art-pop odyssey of gothic elegance. & Notable: Spritely guitar-centric indie pop from @MattSurfin recalls the glory days of Darla and Kindercore Re… years into its existence, NoBusiness Records is widely regarded as one of the finest avant-jazz labels in the w… & Notable: Eerie songs from Melbourne’s Squaring Circles with that lay gauzy synths over rock-solid motorik rhy…
The Story of Roots Reggae in Boston: & Notable: This new comp from @FutureDisco reaffirms their purpose, presenting 17 tracks with deep grooves and… it may have lacked Lagos’s cosmopolitan crowds, the Delta region of Nigeria, which is populated mostly by the… & Notable: A new single from @courtneymelba, released for Record Store Day, finds her wry wit and sharp guitar… Mary Chadwick gets intimate with a 147-year-old organ on "The Queen Who Stole the Sky."