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Is this ambient? & Notable: This aptly named compilation explores the dreamier side of electronic music.
Deconstructed music, also known as “post-club,” was born in a sweaty New York basement. post-hardcore’s experimentation was an artistic rebellion to its predecessor’s rigidness and ultraviolence, then… hella love @DelHIERO. Balloon’s lively, animated productions often cast darker subject matter in a more hopeful and optimistic light. Week's Essential Releases: The magic of three chords going around and around is the bell, book, and candle of…"Music has to be the guide. So you don’t want business pressure to make decisions for you. Music will always be the… Week's Essential Releases: "0 EMISSIONS" the perfect showcase for @_zeroh's all-consuming production style.… goldmine of previously unheard beats from some of the greatest producers of all time. Week's Essential Releases: Another doozy from @TFS_Band is @jzcamp's pick for the week. you're filling out spreadsheets or contemplating the inexorable vastness of the universe, there's an ambien… Week's Essential Releases: The excellent new album from the @queenofjeansPHL. might be a novelty in some countries, but in Indonesia, they are an essential component of the musical ec… penny I have earned in royalties and @Bandcamp sales have gone back to other artist on Bandcamp because ya'll are the real heroes ❤
Retweeted by bandcampNew & Notable: Help bring this techno classic to wax with our vinyl crowdfunding campaign. week's Essential Releases: Sweater-weather listening from Modern Nature, featuring Jack Cooper of Ultimate Pai… & Notable: Brooklyn rapper @elucidwho is back with a meditative project full of experimental, noise, and ambien…
A guide to industrial label Chicago Research. & Notable: This three-song EP from Brooklyn's UV Rays is filled with infectious and catchy indie rock. Funk Orchestra blur the line between jazz and psychedelia on "A Song for Paul."'s best wordless wonders. known for his production work with Brian Eno, @daniellanois provided songs that soundtrack defining moments in…“Anything is possible,” Don Buchla told Keyboard magazine in 1982. “We’re not limited by technology, we’re not limi… with global influences and local inspiration are proliferating in Indonesia’s flourishing underground music s…"Lion Cuts" by experimental electronic artist CDX is one of this week's essential releases: few of the best beat tapes from the ‘90s currently available at Bandcamp. Funk Orchestra, Modern Nature, @queenofjeansPHL, @tfs_theband, and more on our guide to the week's best new r… songs on @Folkways's "A Living Tradition" compilation hint at the next generation of folk explorers."There’s no way I can be traveling the world and seeing what I’m seeing and make another standard, jazzy conscious…'s jazz therefore it is the best. & Notable: Spacey synths and honied vocals give ‘Waitin’ for You’ a lo-fi dream-pop energy that's infectious.
Tomorrow night @itsYRmedia continues it’s legacy of bringing major slaps to the people!
Retweeted by bandcampIn the '90s, beat tapes were a way for young producers to both demonstrate their skills and sell their tracks. political metal and punk continue to flourish, there’s an increasing number of indie rock and pop-punk bands… guide to notable selections that define the @ColemineRecords sound, which label owner Terry Cole describes as “au… & Notable: Seattle's @pornbloopers69 add keys and horns to their upbeat party punk sound for this third release… story of Indonesian underground music is the story of a political revolution—and it’s the story of bootleg cass…'s "The Sun" is a document of an artist exploring the complexities of life in his art. pairs house and techno beats with lyrical themes of gender and equity."Most of the song’s themes are, ‘I’m going to get through this.'" & Notable: Brooklyn art-poppers @PrinceRama2012 bid farewell with three cerebral bangers that treat the inevita…
Suzanne Ciani, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Kali Malone, and more artists using the Buchla synthesizer to make music:… (probably) won't have heard them before. & Notable: Sun-dappled psych co-mingles with experimental indie pop on @tullylina's inviting new record. Loose is expanding the boundaries of hardcore. & Notable: The lush new single from @preye_itams delivers a heavenly, lush blend of gospel, soul, and hip-hop.“Funk is almost like a four-letter word. If someone says, ‘I’m in a funk band.’ I’m like, ‘No, you’re definitely no… ARE RAISING $$$ FOR OUR BEAUTIFUL TRANS FAMILY! OAKLAND 9/20 at @Bandcamp ! ROM, @MahawamDotExe , Wizard Apprent…
Retweeted by bandcampThe growing popularity of instrumental hip-hop has led many veteran producers to share their unreleased '90s beat t… & Notable: Australian multi-instrumentalist takes a refreshingly organic approach to ambient, incorporating glo…'re super excited to announce The Sound of Visibility: A Fundraiser to Benefit @TransLawCenter on 9/20 at Bandcam… War turns her tumultuous personal history into spiritual healing on "Shell of a Girl." @ColemineRecords motto might as well read “carpe diem, any way you can.” Here's a guide to their notable releas… experiments with a more high-definition sound on "Anak Ko." It's our Album of the Day. call Nein Records prolific would be a serious understatement. @OompOutLoud's home of Boston isn’t the first place that comes to mind when most people think about hip-hop,…'s first full-length album, "On A Journey," was released in 1995 on the K7! label. Since then, she’s bu…
The music has been called Andes step, slow house, electrocumbia—names that feel too specific to capture the great b… & Notable: @MobBounce, the debut project from MCs Earthchild and The Northwest Kid, is genre-crossing, transfor… Reich’s work represented a metallic permutation of flower-power idealism. For real. pays homage to Queen Latifah with "Cleo." interview with @benprunty, producer, and label owner @khandmusic has been honored as "The First Lady of Detroit.” Here are a few standout… embrace a euphoric hi-fi sound on "If you're not afraid, I'm not afraid" are genres, anyway? @StrutRecords wants to keep you dancing.
“Beth Gibbons’s voice always used to scare me for some reason,” Lealani says. “I think it’s because Portishead's mu…“When we’re writing, we’re literally going, ‘Would we mosh to this?’” sure to RSVP for our Remix Your Life showcase in partnership with @Bandcamp this Thursday, August 22nd. Free e…
Retweeted by bandcampNew & Notable: @Unseen_Worlds offers a one-hour mix from across their catalog of stirring ambient music. Assembled…"The Dubs" is an experimental pop record with a sonic palette that ranges from the grimey R&B of Young Fathers to t… & Notable: @VonPea of Tanya Morgan returns with another album of deft rhymes and head-spinning, soul-based prod… ferocious yet feel-good listening experience from @ConjurerUK and @great_pijn is our Album of the Day. & Notable: @ztapesrecords offers a second pressing of fuvk’s previously sold-out “golden girl” cassette. Beauti… vocals, blistering solos, and bleak soundscapes are the hallmarks of arcane doom metal.“This album is gonna send me to the hospital.” @knockedloose are Bandcamp Certified 🏅 at Bandcamp Oakland: Bam!Bam! promoting their album "NAILS." Details: & Notable: @DEEPERCHI return with another helping of jittery post-punk, pressed to translucent red 7”.“If we’re going to talk about real sh*t, the last thing I really want to do is sit down and cry. I want people to m…"Curse These Metal Hands" parlays @ConjurerUK and @great_pijn's chemistry into a record which—for all its tinnitus…“We always put our attitude between sacred and banal, and celebrate 4G internet access,” Kas explains. Week's Essential Releases: "Ex Voto," the excellent new full-length from much-loved 90s indie band Versus, is…
Musicians who have elected to build up their local scenes instead of leaving New Jersey have created something trul… Week's Essential Releases: A heartfelt mix of emo ballads and pop-punk bangers from Massachusetts indie-rock b… is a great day to post up with July's best jazz. Week's Essential Releases: The songs on Maria Usbeck's "Envejeciendo" are languid, but the sonics are more lin… of the members of Knife Wife are still in high school. & Notable: Dreamlike psychedelia and warm, drifting vocals define these beautifully mirage-like songs from Oakl…“That machine taught me a way of listening to sound that years of classical training never revealed—a deep listenin… & Notable: Terry Taylor returns with another beautiful batch of art pop demos in advance of a forthcoming new f… Week's Essential Releases: @Sleater_Kinney were always kind of a weird band—even in the context of the 90s, wh… & Notable: Terry Taylor of Daniel Amos returns with another beautiful batch of art pop demos in advance of a fo…“It took me a while to understand, basically until I became a full adult, that nostalgia is such a powerful feeling… & Notable: The great @WonderWheelRecs delivers a banger with the latest from this Cuban producer, who gives th… Week's Essential Releases: "Black Love & War" is an album that merges themes of liberation with strong beats.… & Notable: Deep, woozy effects shroud far-off vocals on this spacey, shoegaze-esque song from Albany’s Laveda.
Our guide to July's best new jazz releases on Bandcamp. & Notable: Chicago’s @TwinPeaksDudes scale their sound upward, moving into loose, jammy territory but keeping m… Week's Essential Releases: A bracing debut EP from London group Dry Cleaning. 🎧