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March’s edition of the best punk releases on Bandcamp's Best Albums of Winter 2020: dumama + kechou use folk, meditative loops, and polyrhythms to induce an upl… monthly roundup of best new ambient records on Bandcamp's Best Albums of Winter 2020: @TicaDouglas's Lo is one of the young year’s most hopeful records 🎧… chat with @k_crutchfield of Waxahatchee about new record "Saint Cloud" of @12k_label's guiding principles reflect the visual minimalism of architects like Tadao Ando and the photogr…'s Best Albums of Winter 2020: Dogleg's (@leg_dog) inaugural full-length thrives on ebullient displays of p…
Time to get into Sun Ra hip-hop records to add to your fan collection's Best Albums of Winter 2020: A tough-as-nails showing from vivacious rapper @denzelcurry and producer…“It seemed so fresh and futuristic still, but also mysterious.” keeps it heavy's Best Albums of Winter 2020: @jeremyalanc captures the elusive sound of grief with airy, somber jazz on T… & Notable: Brooklyn-based R&B singer @amaresymone's latest EP sagely explores heartbreak over tranquil melodies Is What It Is favors improvisation and raw emotion's Best Albums of Winter 2020: @CornershopHQ's England is a Garden is great pop music, anthemic and catchy… the new compilation from @musicfordreams's Best Albums of Winter 2020: @Mosesboydexodus's Dark Matter is breezy jaunt through jazz, Afrobeat, and e… the earliest UK dance tracks sound like knock-offs of techno, acid, and house, Bleep carved out its own curio…'s best ambient roundup includes a comfort record for the COVID-19 pandemic and an album based around a mythol… & Notable: Australian punk rock band the Chats' debut album is filled with catchy tracks's Best Albums of Winter 2020: Canadian experimental artist @QuintonBarnes transitions with ease from R&B a… & Notable: @DJLevela's latest work features collaborations with collaborations with Jakes, Particle, and Kasra's Best Albums of Winter 2020: @nicolas___jaar swaps soulful soundscapes for chopped breaks and clattering… & Notable: @rhythmsectionhq celebrates five years with the release of this compilation that showcases the past,…'s "I Feel Alive" brims with ultra-tight guitar grooves and nods to Stevie Nicks’ trills are Bandcamp's best albums of winter 2020"It Is What It Is" by @Thundercat is our Album of the Day artists are working with traditional instruments across China’s geographically, linguistically, and ethnicall…
A roundup of the best new jazz releases on Bandcamp interview with Irreversible Entanglements by @jzcamp & Notable: Vocalists @colleengreen420 and @vbianqui provide the angelic vocals overlaying jazz drummer… journalist Santiago Cembrano has described this new era in Colombian rap as “La epoca del rap de acá.”"There are so few archetypes, so I knew I had to create new ones. I knew it was time for me to create my own work.” & Notable: New Orleans singer-songwriter Esther Rose covers Sheryl Crow artists are weaving traditional sounds into ambient music, instrumental post-rock, black metal, and grunge Entanglements explore themes of community preservation in the face of disenfranchisement, gentrificati… & Notable: Philadelphia singer @OrionSun's debut album is coming of age story set to lilting R&B“No one seemed interested in more current Japanese music—they were concentrating on dusty holy grails. We were in t… & Notable: Bay Area group @monophonicsfunk blend deep soul and kaleidoscopic sunshine psychedelia for a sound r… is back, he’s grown, he’s learned—and he’s more than a little pissed off. & Notable: A high-energy pop-punk track from this Brisbane group is full of wistful emotions and crunchy chorus… you need gently hypnotic sounds or the catharsis of dystopian horror music, this month's Best Electronic ro… smart, lean music for difficult, chaotic times up psych-rock obscurities is a time-honored tradition that you can do on Bandcamp popularity of instrumental hip-hop has grown in recent years, leading many veteran producers to open up and sha… could be argued that 100 Gecs have taken the PC Music sound and run with it “opera” in “folk opera” refers to the presence of a storyline, which is pretty much the only constant in the ge…’s something happening in the dark forests of Slovakia... is a particular favorite video game among metal bands
New & Notable: German-Brazilian artist Gloria De Oliveira's eerie electronic music spans all shades of darkness, fr… Colombian rappers sure to thrill hip-hop heads Become The Mountain by Jeffrey Silverstein (@futuremyths) is beautiful and disarming & Notable: Skittering grooves and dulcet vocal samples power the latest experimental-pop banger from Melbourne'… best new jazz to hit Bandcamp in March & Notable: Australian multi-instrumentalist Nick Griffith tempers luxuriant yacht-pop arrangements with lo-fi t…"Oto No Wa" is balmy 14-song cycle of late ’80s machine-music, blissed-out ‘90s sunset anthems, 21st-century post-h… art rap, progressive African hip-hop, rare singles from a Bushwick rap group, and much more on Marc… & Notable: The German-Brazilian artist's eerie electronic music spans all shades of darkness, from moonlit drea… Discs releases albums with an optimistic streak & Notable: London jazz-fusion ensemble @BrosTestament navigate themes of faith and struggle on their latest LP,… beats, jaw-dropping bars, and serious wordplay all make for a rap scene that’s overflowing with talent & Notable: 15 years into their career, Toronto indie rockers @BornRuffians sound sharp and ebullient as ever it comes to modern funk, there is one undisputed originator: Damon Riddick, better known as @DaMFunK last decade has seen a surge of interest in Japanese environmental music, city-pop, and jazz from the late ‘70s… you have good jazz, you’re never alone Silverstein's (@futuremyth) You Become the Mountain is a record of hopeful affirmation and guileless beauty punks Peebles once boasted that she was “99 pounds of natural born goodness” old adage “Never work with family” is obviously not wisdom that brothers Dario and Marco Zenker of @IlianTape s… punk is a style of darkwave-, post-punk- and anarcho-influenced punk that’s grown out of the hardcore scene si…’s edition of the best punk releases on Bandcamp include spare existentialism, amped up proto-punk, dystopian-…“Even now, kwaito sounds fresh. That era was the best for music, it still is the best.” & Notable: Two crushing songs from Dominican-American hardcore punk group La Armada introduce a yearlong set of…, @clearsoulforces, @DarkoTheSuper and more are featured in March's roundup of the best new hip-hop re…
From the 1960s to the 1980s, Southeast Asia was home to a wealth of progressive, offbeat funk that was as festive a… & Notable: Swirling goth-rock from the big voice behind '90s outfit Sunshine Blind, featuring a who's-who of da… Green's superlative run of albums during the 1970s remain unmatched in terms of craft, sound, and commercial suc… & Notable: Brooklyn producer Braille makes feel-good, buoyant, ravey house with a nostalgic feel. Get your glow… Bandcamp records inspired by Animal Crossing to listen to while you play Animal Crossing Discs is shrouded in a sense of deliberate ambiguity & Notable: Over a bed of jazzy, head-nodding beats, Denver rapper @TIMERAPS (with Mick Jenkins, Psalm One and o… grindcore band Wake stare down “abysmal torment" on Devouring Ruin, our Album of the Day you've been wanting to get into Unwound & Notable: Giddy minimalist house music where notes light up for split seconds and fade like fireflies, and dru…’s spotlight on the ten most essential new projects to hit Bandcamp complexity, unapologetic elitism, and a tone that veers from austere darkness to goofy humor releases are musically bound together by principles like “Evolve constantly, but slowly,” and “Don’t te… and classical music have been closely aligned for decades best new punk and hardcore to be found on Bandcamp label Jolly Discs cuts and pastes genre-based sounds with abandon's "Devouring Ruin" is 46 minutes of pure mood and might legend @bartz_gary and @rhythmsectionhq’s @BradleyZero stop by the latest extended isolation session… safe, listen to metal. & Notable: These 14 remixes of songs originally by Catching Flies have been sequenced to flow into a soulful, a…"I was feeling an urge to improve my training as an artist, and I had an intuition that what I needed was in Pernam… & Notable: Rich electroacoustic music from Belgium, Glass Museum find the halfway point between sweeping orches… rising tide of bands across the entire blackened spectrum of extreme music have turned to the Soulsborne games fo…
New & Notable: Giddy minimalist house music where notes light up for split seconds and fade like fireflies, and dru… comes from everywhere