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A guide through the boundless world of Puerto Rican rock. Releases: For his 1972 album, "An Evening With The Devil," tenor saxophonist Wendell Harrison conveyed t…'s singular take on dusty, sample-based house music has had an outsized impact on electronic music.
Essential Releases: @hereliesman push the boundaries of rock simply by use of the obvious: whether rooted in Nigeri… its latest compilation, Boston-based label @culturesofsoul highlights the South African contribution to dance… & Notable: @TheValerieJune's upcoming album is an elegant and poignant meditation on the soul sound that she ha… Releases: @AceM0 doesn’t deconstruct dance music forms so much as he finds interesting patterns lurking u…'s first trip around the world via Bandcamp. & Notable: Taking their name from the Amharic word for griot, this collective marries Ethio-groove, dub, psych-…⚡️ Rising L.A. true metal stars #Saber join the Bandcamp Metal Show, plus music from the new surprise-released… & Notable: This is the first release of the full score of the French TV series “Les Secrets de la Mer Rouge," r… guide to the week's essential releases, featuring @AceM0, @hereliesman, @jackievenson, and more. compilation from @culturesofsoul highlights South Africa as an unheralded hotspot during one of dance music's…“It’s hard to find happy music from here. I think that’s because of our rough history. Finland was a hard place to… from the Equiknoxx catalog. experimentally heavy nature of The Body revels in gloomy atmospheres, haunting textures, and apocalyptic explos…"People overlook our experimental scene so often. It’s unexpected, but that makes it all the more necessary."
A guide to Touch & Go on Bandcamp.“I found the next stage of freedom in jazz.""Perpetual Chaos" by Nervosa is our Album of the Day. & Notable: Scottish singer-songwriter Kerri Watt makes sweet and unpredictable pop-rock. to begin with Portland duo The Body. & Notable: LA duo Midnight Sister filter indie pop through swirling ’60s psychedelia and vintage film scores, w… bulk of Jonathan Cloud's Bandcamp releases pay homage to Japan’s hip-hop culture. & Notable: This compilation from revered Indian label Transcending Obscurity Records (@transcendingobs) covers… describe sophomore album "Isles" as a snapshot in time. teaches a lesson in exemplary thrash. & Notable: Chicago's Beach Bunny channel pop punk's wound-up energy into blissful jangle rock anthems that bris… & Notable: The Austin composer and multi-instrumentalist's latest is a "a miniature symphony about a dying plan… & Notable: Members of Fire Party, the Rollins Band, and End of Hope come together for a space-rock ode to a myt… Coltrane permeates the work of Barcelona-based saxophonist Muriel Grossmann. & Notable: Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos's lovely, melancholic debut solo single benefits the UK's Music Venue Trust a…
10 records from the last decade that helped define the L.I.E.S. sound. & Notable: Brooklyn's Groupie make post-punk that is at turns bouncy, scuzzy, joyous, and sharp, with a strong… Hekt’s punk roots are evident on "Going to Hell," but in a more subdued way. & Notable: The racket avant-rock/noise group White Suns make is queasy and challenging, but with a taut sense o…"Kanawa" retains all of the elements that have made Nahawa Doumbia one of Mali’s greatest singers. & Notable: Minneapolis rapper/singer @dessadarling, of the Doomtree collective, takes on our contemporary socio… beatmaker Jonathan Cloud (@FirstComposer) rides a line between boom-bap and abstraction. Platonos found an extension of her voice in a Yamaha CS-60, a novelty instrument that she would be the first i… & Notable: A beautifully immersive cassette from Gi Gi full of soothing ambient music—soft bands of sound that… & Notable: Singapore indie pop heroes Subsonic Eye return with a new album that puts heartwarming melodies fron… saxophonist Muriel Grossmann hopes to offer reprieve from an endless deluge of bad news. Girls frontwoman Lande Hekt uses folk punk to explore personal themes.
New & Notable: The new release from Nigerian sound artist Emeka Ogboh is a masterpiece of shadowy moods, percussion… remarkable new 10-disc boxset of William Parker's new work highlights the possibilities inherent in liberation. & Notable: The first single from Uncommon Records is a scorcher from rapper Tracy Jones, with head-spinning bar… has spent the last decade mining the darkest parts of the underground. Platonos’s music could serve as the soundtrack of an expressionist film. leading lady of Mali’s Wassoulou music returns with a brand new record. & Notable: All proceeds from these giddy, inventive remixes of Low Island’s “In Your Arms” are being donated to… & Notable: The title is an attention-getter to be sure, but this collection of trippy psych-pop more than earns… founder of Still Music is dedicated to restoring artists’s publishing rights—a fact that rankles anyone seeking… & Notable: The five tracks on “Sunflower,” from Turkish producers Farazi & Sinan Öktem, take a leisurely stroll…
New & Notable: The new album from Vienna sound artist Thomas Lovelace puts a dark spin on pulsing techno, for songs…"God’s Trashmen Sent To Right The Mess" is a marvelous debut, with countless thrilling musical flights of fancy. & Notable: On his new LP, @peteyorn offers his take on classic songs by The Pixies, Roxy Music, The Beach Boys,… were one of the first bands in California to use Discharge’s covert metal riffing and bleak political comme… & Notable: Pale Spring’s first two albums come to vinyl at last, full of moody, low-lit, trip-hop inspired song… remains a vital part of global house. & Notable: @yungmorpheus44 teams with The Historian for a marvelously heady new track, set to an aching soul lo… & Notable: Pulsing pop from Kino Motel, “Simple Desire” marries a drifting vocal hook to a pinprick guitar line…
New & Notable: Stark, slightly spooky songs from this Asheville musician, with guitars as bare as winter trees and… & Notable: Taking its name from anime about characters transported to new worlds, “ISEKAI” draws on chiptune &… every track surprises. Brennan creates music for her vibraphone and marimba that’s uninhibited by prescribed rules. Releases: Nick Llobet aka youbet's quietly stunning songs are mini-epics of intimate emotional battles.…
More than just a fan, Michael Imperioli released new music this year as the vocalist and guitarist for Zopa. Lake Recordings zeros in on Japanese esoterica. Releases: "Spare Ribs" contains the most globally relatable material @sleafordmods have released to date,… Collectives Pagans & La Nòvia are key players in the movement to bring France’s half-forgotten folk traditio… retro sounds form the backbone of @pearl_charles's "Magic Mirror," the album is something of a shape-shifte… Island’s music scene is still very much alive.“It didn’t even occur to us that we were groundbreaking, we just wanted to be ourselves.” Releases: Mala Herba makes darkwave with a raw energy that can sometimes be missing in a genre obsessed w… Releases: Lon Moshe's beliefs, creative heart, and imagination all converged on his exceptional 1977 albu… the otherworldly croons of Moses Sumney to the no wave density of Bush Tetras, Michael Imperioli picks his Ban… Releases: @biglukah's "When the Black Hand Touches You" is a tour de force rap record.… Bangkok electronic labels are setting the tone for an exciting future.
"Maquishti" by Patricia Brennan (@pfvibes) is our Album of the Day. & Notable: Never before released tracks from Nigerian electronic artist Mamman Sani. Releases: A collaboration between @Yazmin_Lacey and Conji hits all the right notes for the liminal space… & Notable: The second album from the Chicago-based singer hones in on her R&B and soul influences."Sopranos" actor and music enthusiast Michael Imperioli guides us through his Bandcamp favorites. Releases: All of indie rock lifer Chris Brokaw's strengths are on display on 10th solo LP "Puritan"… & Notable: Recorded during strikes in France, the French singer and German producer created eight gleaming danc… late @MFDOOM receives his flowers as his legacy is celebrated, plus a lighthearted interview from @jadaimani510 weekly guide to essential releases on Bandcamp featuring Chris Brokaw, Lukah, Mala Herba, @sleafordmods, and mo… percussionist and improviser Patricia Brennan's solo debut is flush with nostalgic melodies and stirring dis… bands and labels that have shaped Long Island’s past, present, and future. Collectives Pagans & La Nòvia are walking the tightrope between past and future in France. & Notable: @boredatmygrans make melodic alt-pop in the vein of Soccer Mommy, driven by winding guitar lines and…
Biosphere builds experimental electronic soundworlds that can be at once universal and site-specific."Magic Mirror" by Pearl Charles is our Album of the Day. & Notable: Real Numbers revisit the emotional melancholy and bright, chiming sound of late 80s indie pop on the… in Italy’s future jazz scene mix it up with footwork, gqom, trap, drum ‘n’ bass, reggaeton, dub, and cumb… dozens of successful pilot campaigns and thousands of records shipped, we’re now opening our vinyl pressing s… & Notable: Off-kilter post-punk from @Nightshiftgroup edges into the meditative with repetitious phrases and la… Island's unpretentious punk scene reflects the diversity of a community that often shies away from showcasing… & Notable: Seattle's @antonioniband combine dream pop, grunge, and anthemic rock into an irresistibly big sound…