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Heavy Tongue thrives on a tension that’s never resolved“We work with some of the most disenfranchised artists, really underground artists from small towns that are not we… wizard Lisa Bella Donna (@SpaceMusicDream) has built a crate’s worth of electronic odysseys via two decades a… & Notable: Melbourne’s Horatio Luna is back with another batch of tracks referencing jazz, lounge, exotica, and… & Notable: L.A.’s Momma are a band to watch, bridging the snarl of prime ’90s alt-rock with unabashed pop hooks salute to @elucidwho, one of New York City’s most vital and creative hip-hop talents Ever Black (RIP) featured ominous darkwave, raw post-punk, and industrial techno across the past decade & Notable: Nicolas Jaar under his dancefloor alias turns out nine killer techno tracks that are bristling and i… songs on the first installment of "Music from Saharan WhatsApp" were submitted via WhatsApp just seven days bef… steppers, meditative drum workouts, trap-influenced tapestries and more bangers from the modern dubstep scene… channel the spirit of no wave on latest LP Heavy Tongue, creating a type of music that they call "ant… enough for you?"From Avoca Hills to the World" is a fascinating journey, featuring tracks written before, during, and after Gqom a… handful of Venetian Snares' greatest moments well as being a punk singer, Vivien Vinyl was a Channel 12 news videographer.
A new generation of voguers are sparring over a modern soundtrack in New York’s contemporary ballroom scene Speedsick’s acid house is straight from the gutter—no polish, no propriety, only sick and noisy rhythms up on all the best beat tapes of 2020 so far (and a few from late 2019) dive into the rich and diverse UK soul scene with singing in Dutch summon a demon?"London is the Place For Me" is full of the divergent but converging sounds of calypso, kwela, mento, jazz, and hig… chiptune's cultural significance has expanded globally, Latin America has remained largely omitted from the conv…'re back is good day to get into Unwound music for online people“If we feel something, we put it out,” says Dario Zenker of @IlianTape. “There’s no formula.” picks his Bandcamp favorites
New music recommendations from the Bandcamp Daily editorial team.’s Dream shines a light on unsung and long-forgotten sounds from the rust belt’s past"Clean signing" is a thing in metal. Here are some of its best practitioners.’s Eating Music label began as an offshoot of the local record store Daily Vinyl hip-hop—or “Urban Pasifika” as it is often known—takes the conventional signifiers of global hip-hop and i… Noya’s electronic compositions feel ripe for rediscovery—not only for the ways they seem to predict ambient… Week's Essential Releases: "Unknown Plunderer / End Times Sound" is a satisfying sendoff for Andrew Weatherall… Peebles' visceral yet comforting sound can still move the heart some four decades later Music's early days existed on the Internet as much as it did in the founders’ University of London dorm rooms Week's Essential Releases: January 2020 is the result of a challenge @denisonwitmer set for himself to write a…"Stray," the bleak and gripping new record from @BambaraBand, is populated by a cast of lost, desperate characters, four-on-the-floor drum patterns are few and far between on @IlianTape Week's Essential Releases: File @spinning_coin's roughshod indie pop under “music Stephen Pastel likes" 🎧… & Notable: The surf-pop loveliness of La Luz meets Veruca Salt-style 90s alt-rock in this classic-sounding rele… Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko's magical “Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy” is our Album of the Day Week's Essential Releases: On Forever Is A Pretty Long Time, @Elaquent enlists an impressive roster of rappers…
.@lloydbradley4 on "London is the Place For Me," a crucial eight-volume series from @HonestJonsLDN documenting blac… & Notable: Laid-back yet restless indie rock from Holiday Music (@Mike_Hlady) is heavy on the catchy melodies a… Week's Essential Releases: With strong aesthetics and an ear for incredibly catchy hooks, there’s no reason… & Notable: @junomamba makes intricately constructed house music that conjures up dystopian soundscapes with son… Week's Essential Releases: On the never-before-released The Black Hole, the Contemporary Jazz Quintet pack a f…’s hard not to love that metal has evolved to the point that there’s a pejorative term for a vocal style that, in… & Notable: @YvesTumor never fails to surprise—or impress—on his latest single, a pivot away from experimentalis…"If my work isn’t helping other people then it’s not worth doing. And so when I play a show, it’s not my show. It’s… & Notable: Another glitch-ridden dance party from NY producer @AfrikanSciences, powered by rattling percussion…’s tempting to describe @iliantape as a techno label, but the truth is that it’s never fit neatly into that categ…, @Elaquent, @spinning_coin, @denisonwitmer and more new records you should listen to immediately on… Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko’s otherworldy 1996 collaboration "Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy" (@NightSchoolRecs) i… producer i-fls bills his music as “lo-fi-based elevator music" to the Flame is the emotionally revelatory sophomore EP from vocalist @forever_apoet new nine-track retrospective "Canciónes Intactas" collects work from across Miguel Noya’s career.
New & Notable: A left-field broadcast from the buddingNew Zealand neo-jazz scene blends psychedelia and spiritual j…“I wanted the album to be like a collection of short stories that were all connected, but each one had its own arc." & Notable: @DaptoneRecords presents a compilation of groovy deep cuts from Antibalas, Menahan Street Band, Inno… music on London Is The Place For Me establishes the cornerstones of intrinsically British black music. & Notable: Rootsy cosmic Americana with good time family vibes from Glendale, California & Notable: @robclouth's latest explores the intersection between contemporary IDM, neo-classical and electronic… modern metal evolved past the operatic, powerhouse vocals of greats like Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, and… & Notable: California group Floral combines dizzying guitar work with frenetic drumming for head-spinning, deep… Is The Place For Me is a fun and fascinating deep dive into one of the most fertile periods of British black… Noya’s electronic compositions are ripe for rediscovery's "Close to the Flame" is a love letter to, and by, darlings of the Montréal music scene Boy maintains the spirit, style, and ethos of Gqom. & Notable: Tricky's shadowy trip-hop pairs perfectly with Anika's sultry vocals on the lead single from the ico…“It’s time for D.C. to get shine,” says Tim Hicks. & Notable: Roberto Carlos Lange, aka @HeladoNegro, conjures a seven-minute ambient storm powered by the MPC 200… lojii, who released "lo&behold" on his 30th birthday, patience has become a means of survival.
Our monthly roundup of the best new soul to hit Bandcamp"NEVEAH" is an ecstatic and exalted exploration of the Black femme experience using experimental electronic music & Notable: Less a solo act than a one-man megalith, Khôra builds impressive experimental soundscapes from modul…'s "Stray" is The Birthday Party Meets Cormac McCarthy its title, "uncomfortable chill" out snugly resides in club music’s interstitial spaces. It's this week's B… & Notable: Leeds-via-Lisbon producer @djdanifox—a Principe affiliate—continues his rise with an EP of electrify… has made an album about embracing life’s obstacles, and summoning the patience to get around them"From Avoca Hills to the World" details the rise of Gqom (a strain of South African electronic music) through the e… teenage Andy Smith became obsessed with mixing after witnessing a set by DJ Froggy, the pioneering London DJ who…'s techno is dark, funny and utterly infectious 2019 LP by Portland R&B artist Blossom feels like it exists in between the dream world and waking life. & Notable: The first solo release from "high priestess of the motherbeat," Chicago's Eris Drew, features three…
Funk carioca is a bass-heavy, repetitive style of dance music that would blast from sound systems at all-night bail… & Notable: Ghanaian-UK outfit Onipa make "Savanna Bass," a fusion of traditional African rhythms and electronic…'s songs have a new feeling of unpredictability on Are You Gone & Notable: Scandinavian scene standouts Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes (@SBDEband) make dynamic, catchy, melanchol… @Mosesboydexodus, free jazz is a free-flowing exchange of ideas between artist and audience that’s accessible t… & Notable: Toronto artist Jonathan Relph works through depression on this bleak and beautiful album, half dream… ahead. Sludge at any tempo. & Notable: Minimal and emotionally evocative compositions for solo piano in the Ryuichi Sakamoto vein from Cinc…'s best new soul on Bandcamp includes more than a few winter-inspired tracks #AltonEllis - "Reason in the Sky" from 𝑱𝑨𝑴𝑨𝑰𝑪𝑨 𝑨𝑳𝑳 𝑺𝑻𝑨𝑹𝑺 on this week's #BandcampWeekly, listen here: @Bandcamp
Retweeted by bandcamp.@sarah_harmer uses buoyant folk-rock to confront modern uncertainties with a spirit of compassion the latest #BandcampWeekly Oakland artists @SMARTBOMBOAK and @samplelov blend conscious thinking with souful str… DIY