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Bandcamp's Best of Summer 2020: @AlanBraufman's "The Fire Still Burns" is jazz that doesn’t strictly adhere to any… Tabbal is "basically our George Martin or Nigel Godrich.”"The sound I’m going for is like being bonked in the face with a diamond.”'s Best of Summer 2020: @Borisheavyrocks remain loud, fast, and maniacal as ever on "NO"… & Notable: @DanTerminus's latest album is filled with dark synths and ghostly electronica.
“There’s a lot of fun accidents that happen when you’re just twisting knobs and using plug-ins. And it’s all kind o…'s Best of Summer 2020: "SUGAREGG" from @Bully is jam-packed with thrill after thrill.… & Notable: The latest album from Swedish-American composer Asy is the musical life force behind the "Trover Sav… 1964 to 1978, Mainstream Records served as a hub for jazz and soul musicians who never quite achieved mainstre… & Notable: This reissue gives new listeners a chance to hear La'Verne Washington's self-released 1984 soul trac…'s Best of Summer 2020: "Miles" from Blu (@HerFavColor) and @ExileRadio"Transmissions," a career-spanning overview from Beverly Glenn-Copeland, is our Album of the Day. & Notable: Australian band Death Bells relocated to Los Angeles and the outcome is a rock album with a DIY infl…'s Best of Summer 2020: @anjimile's deeply spiritual "Give Taker" is a mediation on reclamation of one’s se… & Notable: The second album from Sadie Dupuis's (@sad13) alter ego is vibrating with technicolor basement pop a… allowed herself to explore areas of uncertainty on her debut album. Stevens on making "a record in crisis mode" for a country on fire.'s Best of Summer 2020: "Renaissance" is a brainy, ebullient solo debut from @alunaaa & Notable: A new track from Pretty Matty (@prttymtty) finds the band in top form, delivering clean yet crunchy… cornerstone artists on Bob Shad's celebrated Mainstream Records. are Bandcamp's Best Albums of Summer 2020 career-spanning compilation from Beverly Glenn-Copeland showcases the many ways the artist transmits his messages… the last 36 years, death metal has metastasized to encompass dozens of sub-subgenres and niche styles. These one… & Notable: Energetic rock music from Korean indie duo @billy_carter_ offers joyful solidarity in the face of so… Peebles’s potent voice has a perfect balance of sophistication and grit.
New & Notable: @Tim_Burgess follows up this year's lauded full-length with an EP containing two new pop maximalist…"No era sólida" by @LucreciaDalt is our Album of the Day. & Notable: A spontaneously and improvised record from Caixa Cubo ties electric Brazilian sounds from the 1970s…“The rock scene in Puerto Rico is so diverse, it’s like diving into the ocean and swimming up to a coral reef with… & Notable: The long-awaited debut from Avgenicos Brothers brings together four of Melbourne's most prodigious y… Blast is one of the biggest players in metal. lets his imagination run free. & Notable: Minimal post-punk with a potent message from Melbourne's Zig Zag., the music scene in Beirut is home to a vast array of music and a large part of that growth can be attributed… & Notable: Isocaos, from Lima, Peru, contrasts broken IDM geometry with ambient-inflected punk for a maddening,… month's Bandcamp Navigator makes stops in acoustic vaporwave, power metal-synthave fusion, and "sad music." & Notable: Art rockers Zombeaches toast uncertain times on "Cheers to the Future," recorded in a single take at… & Notable: Craterface, from Newcastle, Australia, temper futuristic pop with roaring hip-hop on "Big Wheelin',"…'s "Shimmer, Then Disappear" makes a big impression in no time.“I think, in a lot of ways, this record denies my own expectation of what Slauson Malone is." & Notable: Philadelphia's Lira Landes's first LP as Plastic Ivy is a dreamy New Romantic love letter to the pos…'s riveting new album on @BornYesterdayyy combines the aggressiveness of hardcore with the hyper clean ton… and musician @FadiTabbal has been behind the boards of some of Lebanon's most forward-looking music.'s "No era sólida" is a record of unraveling and reformation."Seven Times Down" from @ELZHI is catnip for left-of-center rap purists. & Notable: German producer and singer-songwriter Rustre makes darkly lush, emotive music with a pop heart and c… The Gathering permeates extreme music of all kinds, from sludgy crust punk to progressive power metal.
New & Notable: Siberian post-punk group Квалиа pair haunting, discordant atmospheres with urgent vocals for a wonde…"This is trying to think about music as a process of ritual healing. A sound wave as a vibration.” & Notable: Violinist Sebastian Mullaert and members of the Tonhalle Orchestra Zürich channel Sweden's natural s… Malone "really wanted to challenge who I thought I was." Ricos’s rock pedigree is much older and layered than it may initially seem. & Notable: Released in conjunction with the autumn equinox, Fleet Foxes' latest is the indie folk outfit's most… & Notable: Melbourne beatmaker Jonny Faith offers up another set of sunny, head-nodding, jazzy downtempo, perfe… uses vivid imagery to take listeners on a wild lyrical adventure. the mid-‘00s, @HudMo has been fusing electronic, hip-hop/R&B, and dance music. & Notable: Throwback pop with gleaming synths, chiming guitars, solid melodic hooks, and a cinematic sense of s…’s original moment may have lasted barely more than two years, but its influence continues to reverberate. & Notable: The latest from Rudi Agius, aka Jupiter Jax, is a stunner: a dozen low-lit dance songs that change s… of the strangest, darkest, and most enjoyable titles from heavy institution Nuclear Blast. & Notable: Exhilarating, brain-busting, and impossible-to-describe, Godcaster’s songs are a jubilant mix of fun… dive into Puerto Rico's riveting and oft-overlooked underground rock scene. Skelton's new record is rooted in the idea of music as a curative. & Notable: “Mosaic” is a bright, euphoric song that deftly funnels the buoyant spirit of jazz into bright, leap…“We have to give pain a medium,” says guitarist Martin Steer. “Those feelings between hope and pain that can’t be d… & Notable: Available in an array of merch bundle options, this compilation from @bandonthewall showcases some o…
With touring on hold, Glaswegian producer/DJ @HudMo began taking stock of music he made as early as the mid-‘00s. & Notable: A dozen mind-shattering tracks from David Toop that ride the line between ambient & avant-garde, all… Daegu remains dominated by conservatism, its youth subculture has gradually been breaking with the past. & Notable: NY outfit N to The Power cite Erik Satie, The Meters, and Steve Reich as influences, and you can hea…"Under" by Dyani is our Album of the Day. & Notable: Manchester’s @RufDug delivers three tracks of creeping minimal synth music in honor of the club Salo… is ground zero for many popular metal bands, including @suicidesilence, @hatebreed, Soulfly and… Records is staunchly DIY and committed to stark, savage sounds. & Notable: More moody synth brilliance from the mighty Maria Minerva (@mrmnrv), “Soft Power” sets breathy melod… Mohawke (@HudMo) has compiled a treasure trove of rarities into three EPs. COVID-19 prevented Martin Steer from visiting his mother in the hospital, the guitarist communicated to her in…'s "Under" explores the concepts of spirituality that run through experimental jazz, techno, and Caribbean gen… into a red hot #BandcampWeekly for interviews with @ConcordRecords' @butcherBRWN and @slausonmalone plus an LP… & Notable: Jack Howard, of Hunters & Collectors, delivers 13 rugged horn-rimmed country tracks on his latest LP.
At The Plates premiered in 2018 with the Garden Salads Of Grief EP, named in homage to At The Gates’ 1991 demo, Gar… & Notable: Tvii Son, from the Ukraine, deliver marvelous blank wave: ice-cold synths and detached, spoken-word… is not blissful music; this is a fierce, dense album, a ritual designed to purge darkness from the world. & Notable: Another techno scorcher from @listentosilk, The Cyclist hangs out in the darker corners of the sound… a new Dropdead LP and remastered catalog on the horizon, we take a look at Providence label Armageddon Records… has become a respected elder figure in L.A.'s funk, jazz, and beat music scenes.'s sense of spirituality informs both his music-making and the way he moves through the world. & Notable: Market, from Melbourne, fuse soul and chillwave on a wonderfully woozy song with rubbery guitars & b…, it's true—the Bandcamp mobile apps now support Chromecast. & Notable: Indie rock band department. slash their way through the volcanic “New Crave,” channelling classic Mi… for the food puns, stay for the music. musicians @MissZoraJones says her goal is to "un-distill pop culture." Trible's new group offers a significantly darker and more brooding take on "spiritual jazz.” & Notable: Oakland’s @rootsandtings offer a bracing take on the classic roots reggae sound, updating it with sp…
"Find the Sun" by @deradoorian is our Album of the Day & Notable: The second album from Italian-Dutch composer Grand River features more experimental tracks and dream… The Gathering has spurred some pretty kick-ass metal, largely thanks to the art.
New & Notable: Budapest-based chillwave group @belaumusic is back with another album filled with downtempo tracks. new reissue of Pulsallama's only full-length is a delightful peek into the vital early NYC art-punk scene. & Notable: The new album by New Mexico-based artist Heather Trost on @thirdmanrecords is filled with psychedeli…