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An overview of mathcore’s history in ten albums. & Notable: Pulsing experimental trap and electronic music from @holodec_ lives on the border between mirage and…“Scotland never had its own Beatles, Stones, or any major sustained ‘60s classic pop group. It feels it still has t… artists made music in the aftermath of Hurricance Maria as best as they could—powering their laptops and cellph… & Notable: Wry indie rock from Melbourne with ambling guitars and perfectly calibrated, wonderfully aloof lyric… international release of "Saravah!" allows listeners to see how Yukihiro Takahashi's approach to music eventual… create music from disparate audio samples, home videos, bits of conversation, and delicate piano lines."Odds Against Tomorrow" by @billorcutt is our Album of the Day & Notable: Fast, frenetic, and funky, “Modern Music From Belize” collects the best of soca star Bro David’s ’80… is introducing Francophone rock to a whole new audience“I keep doing this thing where I let my curiosity lead me, and I end up in these different corners where I’m asked… & Notable: This compilation from @dinosaurcityrec presents two dozen songs ranging from hallucinatory electropo… mines jazz and rock samples to create entrancing hip-hop productions. & Notable: These three songs from @suzannekraft crackle and pulse, offsetting cool electronics with rigid rhyth… Berar emerged from a four-year stint in Goa with a radiant debut record full of personal epiphanies, dream st…“This record is a memory—a reminder of what we went through, and how we survived and transcended that situation."… takes intensity of his earlier work and channels it into his quietest and most lyrical solo release to…"When I go on Bandcamp, I only buy electronic stuff; it’s really bizarre.” musicians who have elected to build up their local scenes instead of leaving Jersey have created something trul…
Has anyone found it yet? to know the avant-garde side of the D.C. underground. a release tagged as “future funk,” Bigger Grooves includes fewer apparent samples than you might expect. many careers of Fumio Miyashita—actor, art rocker, martial arts expert, ambient musician—are the product of a m… Anderson (@OnlyAnExpert) is not optimistic about the future. Even so, she’s still thinking about utopia.“To me, Indian hip-hop only really began when artists started rapping in Indian dialects." Labs is a digital label that releases “meditation music.” But they ask their listeners to don EEG readers to… operates with a DIY philosophy and a sincere love for disparate sounds. beatless side of techno. music has been called Andes step, slow house, electrocumbia—names that feel too specific to capture the great b…“Even as a spectator, for women there’s an enormous amount of pressure within metal and hardcore scenes to be ‘one… hidden gem from the vaults: "Rien Ni Personne" aims to be a definitive survey of the French experimental undergro… is bringing Yukihiro Takahashi's celebration of French film soundtracks and early-afternoon disco to…
Our guide to week's crucial new releases. is doing an immense amount for classical music. fans of Australian music are in for a surprise the minute they press play on the new album from Dyson Stri…'s metal scene feels more invigorated and vital than ever before. Records knew how it was going to fold even before it had its first release. Week's Essential Releases: @Behold_Xoth's "Interdimensional Invocations" is a searing homage to Lovecraftian h… the music was first a byproduct of colonialism, American C&W began to blend with numerous kinds of African r…'s 'The Return' explored on @Bandcamp's Certified Series.
Retweeted by bandcampThe legacy of raucous guitar rock from the American Midwest is strong, and its subversive spirit continues to carry… Week's Essential Releases: @vagabonvagabon makes sleek, synth-driven pop music that perfectly complements her…’s a brief guide to digging through the vast depths of the @MonoEnStereo Bandcamp vault. Week's Essential Releases: Seattle-based R&B singer @falonsierra is making music that transverses the line bet… psychedelic African string music to distorted techno to free-jazz drumming, what @CHIRPENDALE listens to on Ba… Stringer Cloher is a band with a wealth of talent.
This Week's Essential Releases: Portland band Laura Palmer’s DEATH PARADE have something most dreampoppers don't, w… is a thriving underground community of musicians exploring adventurous, left-field, and avant-garde forms of… Week's Essential Releases: @jacquesgreene works from a general base of dance music, but the way he approaches…“Surf is what I really love,” says @OliviaJeanMusic Takahashi told The Japan Times in 2018 that, “if you look at it in the context of the Japanese music scene… Week's Essential Releases: L.A. post-punk trio Behavior make deconstructed rock n’ roll that burns with tensio… Richard Moringlane, who produces as @MonoEnStereo, has a list of rap clients that includes De La Soul, Action Br… Cloher, Liz Stringer, and Mia Dyson join forces as @dystringclo & Notable: @kristinkontrol produced this spooky cover of Garbage's "#1 Crush" by Los Angeles artist @taleenkali“I’m a classical composer—that’s how I make my living,” she explains. “When I started writing electronic music, I j… guide to the week's best new releases is here: Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt (@CHIRPENDALE) listens to on Bandcamp."Diaspora’s" power lies in @TheBedroomWitch's ability to couple themes of death and transmutation with melodic repe…—pronounced ‘f*ck mister’—is credited with helping to build Iqaluit, Canada's fast-growing rap community."I spent a couple of days in Novara, Italy, and I found this place at a river, under a bridge—total troll vibes—and… Shapera's most recent project is a trilogy of fairy tales set in cyberpunk, biopunk, and fairypunk (yes, you r… @clppng listens to on Bandcamp (hint: sea chanties!)
September's best soul roundup because soul is the best. doesn't feel "any responsibility to make classical music cool," but she's doing it anyway. before releasing their self-titled debut, the members of @ymo helped create a mix of disco, funk, bossa nova…"It’s all about the riffs and the riffs should be catchy,” he says. “Even the classic death metal albums—you know,…“Our music is a mix of the cultures we’ve had in our lands: you recognize Arabian scales, Afro influences, and Span… "Suburban Exotica," Compro Oro works their way through an international songbook composed mainly by Wim Segers.'s weird, D.C.? & Notable: @naumichael went to Joshua tree to record this LP of golden AOR with laid-back and happy vibe. bridging the gulf between classical and electronic, @AnnaHMeredith has become a sort of ambassador for mingling…Ø stands for “The Alliance To Take Over The World,” a creative entity @ziurinhell describes as an “open call for… @bastardjazz's boogie-funk duo the Pendletons perform in support of their new album with DJ collective… & Notable: Mystical ‘80s pop minimalism meets glitzy vaporwave and ghostly vocals in a dreamy tribute to Tokyo.“What I love about surf is, whatever the vocal melody would be, that’s what the guitar is playing." introduction to the thriving underground of musicians exploring adventurous, left-field, and avant-garde forms i… & Notable: A third LP of lilting and gentle indie rock from Emma Russack and Ocean Party’s Lachlan Denton. out a write up of @Gatecreeper's new album DESERTED and few of frontman Chase Mason's personal favorite picks…
Retweeted by bandcamp"Saravah!" is a curio from a time right before @ymo and the glitzed-out future Japanese pop would pursue in the 198… quintet Compro Oro work their way through an international songbook with an Afro-Cuban tinge on "Suburban E… got soul! Mason of @Gatecreeper has some Bandcamp listening recommendations for you, both of the metal variety and othe…
New & Notable: Post-punk lifers Woolen Men sharpen their already-incisive songs with even hookier melodies & clear-…“The record is my attempt to say, ‘I don’t know Memphis, but I want to know Memphis because I know that Memphis rep… Matsubara calls himself "the happiest guitarist in the world.”“Starts Again” by @TawiahMusic is our Album of the Day. & Notable: A feel-good disco banger to shake off negativity from the effortlessly funky Claudia Jones. talks to Bandcamp about surf rock, living in Nashville, her new LP "Night Owl," and whether or no… & Notable: Psychedelia of a darker shade than usual, @Francie_Moon eschew kaleidoscopic colors for a slow, slud… i'll be at the @Bandcamp record store in oakland on 11/2 decorating copies of the masquerade vinyl and singing…
Retweeted by bandcamp.@Gatecreeper's Chase Mason loves Memphis rap and classic slowcore. to welcome @mxmtoon to Bandcamp Oakland on 11/2! A copy of "The Masquerade" comes with ticket purchase, all… & Notable: Sufjan Steven's transformative piano score, written for the New York City Ballet, is performed with…"Memphis" is the fourth installment in @MatanaRoberts's Coin Coin project—a projected 12-part epic of sonic ethnogr… you think you know about @OliviaJeanMusic is wrong. @marianatimony goes to Nashville to chat (and play L… feisty debut album from London-based singer @TawiahMusic is centered around the notion of yearning to get into @KayoDotOfficial important question time: what is your position on Buchla Synthesizers? eight East African electronic music artists are rediscovering their musical heritage, and adding to it with e…