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New & Notable: Richly textured and trippy throughout, the debut single from Australian psych-rockers Bananagun make… 86 Witness, Philadelphia-based beatmaker Small Professor keeps Sean Price’s rugged spirit alive. @MethylEthel's third full-length, Jake Webb forges his own path toward funky, unconvential pop. you're over mainstream metal, try blackened thrash., @piroshkaband! circulation of a lost 1990 recording made by an American ex-supermodel has suggested a new narrative around the… Railway Prince Hotel‘s tempos are less frantic than previous Tullycraft LPs, allowing the band to explore more… & Notable: Virginia "primal industrial blues" duo @buckgooter return with their most carefully constructed reco…
“Everyone is always like, ‘You need to come to New York.’ I’m like, ‘I’ll come visit y’all. I’m going to stay [in D… & Notable: Reflective and personal work as delicate and strong as a spiderweb, from L.A. singer-songwriter Chri…“Mazy Fly” is the name Spellling has given to a spirit that moves through her music. & Notable: Bouncy, glitchy, colorful electronic production that calls back to the inventive work of Oval and Mo… lost 1990 recording made by an American ex-supermodel rewrites the story of trip-hop. & Notable: The Perth singer-songwriter reflects on loss on this heartfelt indie rock track that doesn't hold it… guide to @blackxnoise's discography of glitchy soul sampling and left-field production.'s fondness for pairing high-powered vocabulary with emotionally direct indie pop remains joyfully intact. a beautiful profile of SPELLLING on the eve of the release of 'Mazy Fly,' via @Bandcamp:
Retweeted by bandcampChrystia Cabral aka Spellling looks for the unexpected, the novel, and the otherworldly in her creative endeavors. & Notable: @FakeLaughMusic pits prismatic guitars against sweet, heavenly vocals, making for gentle psych-pop a…és Records highlights music created first and foremost by artists who invent their own unique styles. is vibration, and everything is vibrating. & Notable: A muted pop song with dreamy vocals and underplayed instrumentation, “Too Good To Be True” is a song…
Passage doesn’t have any distinguishable melodies, just a twinkling mixture of electric and acoustic guitars and fa… Lomax ardently believed that his recordings should be available to anyone who wished to access them."I think we were going at a really high velocity before and sometimes you have to stop and move a little slower. Th… & Notable: The word “navagraha” means “nine celestial bodies,” and the music Ancestral Voices has crafted is su… stunning Mazy Fly is Spellling's follow-up to Pantheon of Me, one of Bandcamp Daily’s Best Album of 2017. “Listening Room”—a series of shows put on all across India by Rana Ghose’s REProduce agency—are characterized b… electronics, musique concrète, warped funk, and more from Bandcamp's most obscure corners on this mont… & Notable: Zapatilla’s music is beautifully miragelike; woozy, far-off vocals swim dreamily in rippling, aqueou… last couple of years have been particularly big for Miami music. & Notable: “Vile,” by Brisbane’s @voiidtheband, is deceptive: its grimy guitars and sneering vocals belie the s…'s Black Tenere is a blistering desert blues record full of heavy guitars, fierce drumming, and hypnotic… between the lines with @AfrikanSciences, and zip around the world with @NubiyanTwist & @MulatuAstatke1,…"I think being playful has a bad connotation, because it sounds childish. But for me, being playful allows me to ha… Czech Republic contains a lively local scene with its own history and its own circuit of labels, fanzines, and… “Doc” Dunn’s idea of dance music probably wouldn’t fly in your typical club. prog scene in Latin America has a long history. listening suggestions from @wiccaphase include @nbabybell, @BladeeCity, and @PWElverum.
“I love Boston." - Miles Davis Centre's releases range from collage-based ambient works to polyrhythmic electro-acoustic grooves. take a look at some of the best records from three key Chinese indie labels.ō Ongaku is a long and winding journey through soothing and stirring ambient utopias. "Free Sweatpants," @BlockheadNYC pairs his dynamic and gutsy beats with an ensemble cast of his favorite rapper…’ music on Bandcamp is wildly creative, ranging from rock ‘n’ roll ABCs and bilingual folk songs to lullabies f… is emo. producers and musicians are probing cultural memories from South America’s past and reformatting them for the… quick guide to some of the artists making the Polish scene one of the most fiercely vibrant and original in the 2… nightcore artists traffic in distorted edits of tracks, but it's not all remixing. We spotlight artists who ar… direct railways to Yakutsk exist, yet shows of local bands alone can often have crowds as big as 300 people. styles that range from energetic to laconic and from linear to abstract, these off-grid Southeast Asian record… Conti's mix of Brazilian samba and heavy funk and regional folk rhythms has become known as 'samba doido'—or,… in Paris over five days, "Home Boy (Sister Out)" is unrecognizable from the records trumpeter Don Cherry h…
Our weekly guide to the best new music released on Bandcamp. Waits has amassed one of the most enduring songbooks in American popular music. Here are 10 of his greatest alb… & Notable: Deftly blending blues, soul, and jazz, Dominique Fils-Aimé (@sing_with_mi) crafts songs that are a b… deep dive into Bandcamp with @wiccaphase. & Notable: A soul record of the classic variety, the latest from Kelly Finnigan sounds like a lost Stax Records… “pajama pop” group @Lullatone use simple melodies to explore tales of sleeping salarymen, paper air… & Notable: Eric Copeland’s “Trogg Modal” series on @dfarecords continues with another helping of brilliantly un… has never been restricted by genre. & Notable: The debut LP from @niluferyanya is bursting with hooky, hard-hitting pop/rock songs with sharp lyric… crucial lost record from the 70s has been given a much-needed reissue by @wewantsounds. Get the story behind the… guide to spoken word on Bandcamp. there’s an air of mundanity around library music, it was fertile ground for experimentation and creativity in… week's essential releases: A re-recorded collection of @YEAROFTHEKNIFE's past material, buttressed with new vo…
Show your plants you care, play a song made just them. week's essential releases: "If I Had a Pair of Wings" holds its own as a showcase for what happens when doo-d… way an instrument is tuned, or even what’s considered "in tune," is not an exact science. multi-generational sampling of Boston jazz artists for your weekend listening. week's essential releases: The thrilling third installment in the "Bosporus Bridges" series on… Arthur Russell passed away 25 years ago—prematurely at the age of 40, due to AIDS-related illness—he left over… Collective's multi-artist tribute releases are refreshingly fan-centric in their approach to game music. when Bauhaus picked their Bandcamp favorites? the whimsical world of @Lullatone with these 5 highlights from their discography on Bandcamp.’s electronic music community faced no greater challenge this decade than the nation’s “no dancing” laws. week's essential releases: "Brickbat," the debut full-length from @piroshkaband, arrives with swagger to spare…“Mixing up all those worlds is always a real treat!” brain music. week's essential releases: "After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house" from Nivhek.…"If I’m listening to rap, it has to be fast, because I’m listening to it almost as a replacement for punk music."
1978's lost power pop classic "Are You Serious?" introduced a man with a plaintive voice and an unerring knack for…'s go spelunking through Bandcamp! big bucks + avant-garde music = kankyō ongaku. week's essential releases: @KelAssouf's "Black Tenere" is a scorching record that reimagines desert blues from… & Notable: Slot the jangly debut from this Scottish-Spanish combo between Teenage Fanclub and Talulah Gosh. MC’s like @Mike_Eagle, @VicSpencer, @HomeboySandman, and @AesopRockWins, @BlockheadNYC's “Free Sweatpants… & Notable: Sweet and sharp pop gems from Carly Putnam of the Mantles, the Art Museums, and other Bay Area indie… week's essential releases: Recorded in the dead of a harsh Canadian winter, dreamy psych-pop group…'s sound has evolved from computer-powered minimalism to indiepop, but their whimsical sensibility remai… deep dive into the history of Boston's vibrant jazz scene. & Notable: Proggy, epic stoner metal with more than a touch of the fantastical in its winding melodies. chords, sprightly bass arrangements, peripheral horns, and the more-spoken-than-sung vocal lines of @ShhDiam'… & Notable: Bloodshot Bill brings his seventh LP of whacked-out rockabilly and stomping garage to @gonerrecords."Free Sweatpants" is an album @BlockheadNYC has been trying to make since 2002. & Notable: A long-form experimental composition from Medicine guitarist Brad Laner strikes a balance between ha… to @anemonelovesyou, @piroshkaband, @KelAssouf, a Jamaican doo-wop compilation on @deathisnot & more on our…ō ongaku was Japan’s version of muzak—but these minimal experimental soundscapes are deeper than cheesy elevat… & Notable: The Italian shoegaze outfit navigate a verdant galaxy of their own design on this blissful, spaced-o…ès Records is leery of any music that claims to authentically represent a specific time and place.