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@gun_jumper :') @PlatinumRay keep thinking voKALsity like intensity rather than vocal city @Slugabedmusic lol, at least this could serve a function when you're too lazy to wash your clothes!I'm not judging anyone here, just talking about myself!This is nice @PlatinumRay oh look i'm just talking about me!!! @AshLauryn313 @PlatinumRay Plus one here!Bonus Material from @jennyhval @hence_therefore lolllll'work' is just LARPing for money really isn't it?
Retweeted by Bandcloud @FarOutRecs Oh I know it's not a good situation for anyone :/ @theleaflibrary That's fair and valid!!!Honestly can't think of anything less important right now than buying vinyl, soz y'allelrow Unveil Full Home Sessions ProgrammeStunning album, one of my favourites of the year so far @FancyEliza hmph @FancyEliza where's the option for no change? @cyberia_mix never! nice find @Richie_Sombrero woof. no better time i suppose! @Richie_Sombrero on vinyl??? How much??? or should I askI swapped A and AA as per note above then later noted I hadn't swapped the remix credits. Sorry - now done.Nice to know that in these difficult times, Discogs nerds are still updating the details for 90s trance records @chinchillaah Yes! @NeilioIglesias We pledge allegiance to the drone
@ClamMountain Also very nearly wrote Feb 24 for full accuracy @ClamMountain DamnMarch 1: April 1: @RAIHAN_ My soooooong @RAIHAN_ Ohhh back then for sure @RAIHAN_ I have a recording of a d*plo set from way back where he plays it @thewhitepube I really got fucked over by that ai @BodyInTheThames Ohhhh I see @BodyInTheThames You have toys for big boys instead 🎹All downloads on Stuart Chalmers's Bandcamp site currently £1 a throw or the lot - 59 releases! - can be had for £1…
Retweeted by Bandcloud @patricksavile Ronnie's eyes @danielmarkavery That was the first tape I bought when the tape boom started again ✌🏻 @doesotherstuff2 I AIN'T GOT NO MONEY @FancyEliza Car park life probably mentions it a bit. Which reminds me, I need to read thatIt's a Tough Time to be an author with events and festivals getting cancelled left and right. A cool and kind and h…
Retweeted by BandcloudWell, SurveyMonkey, I'm glad you asked
Retweeted by Bandcloud @concretetapes Definitely used to be but these worlds seem to have split entirely nowadays @request_healing I don't!For the record that's not good or bad, just a bit wtf. Here it is"Melanie C announces Joe Goddard remix of new single" is not a sentence I expected to read in any year, but I guess 2020 is like thatThat was the worst 4/20 everI have pre-ordered @RitualsZine and @helleborezine - or as I choose to call them, The Plague Journals.
Retweeted by BandcloudRecorded in isolation, @Sorayea's mix features tracks she's been "drawing for recently to distract myself from the…
Retweeted by Bandcloud @danhancox @VersoBooks Touché lol @danhancox @VersoBooks Just realised I lent this to my former boss and never got it back... Probably against the sp… you're after some political inspiration and a bit of escapism, my first book - about the dirt-poor Spanish farme…
Retweeted by Bandcloud @pariahbeats @BAKEGLA Now why does this sound familiar? 📞📞📞 @hence_therefore And renaming the files with long titles because the album is always in the middle @jelrgreen So sorry to hearIf you're ignoring social distancing recommendations in any way please do NOT post it on social media. Other people…
Retweeted by Bandcloud90% of what I played can be gripped via this here @buymusicclub list
Retweeted by Bandcloud @SwingTing funkeh @douglasmccnchie iconic vocalist! @strictface for sure! @strictface haha someone said this four mins ago lolDid not expect this to take off and yet I absolutely did to this mix from @Chi_hatakeyama_ on @sheepshead__'s series @heckadecimal Boooooo(ts)
@JamieAlnaimi I love it @JamieAlnaimi Is this the bit where they sing beats at each other? @laeti_d You weren't wrong!!! @midlandsound 😏 @musafirani Can we is really one of my faves!!! @sohotsospicy Oh snap better catch up!!!Favourite timbaland beats? @lighghtmusic March 1 in any other year @xxiainxx I'm wincingYour mix was only this month??? @lighghtmusic @Richie_Sombrero @ehgillett Oh yeah I got into a small ruckus with him. Not a fan either @Richie_Sombrero @ehgillett You mean TJ is responsible or KDG? I thought TJ was joking about thatThis has ended me, as they say @Richie_Sombrero @ehgillett ? @a1552780 I searched it before and apparently they've blocked loads of peopleOne of those Simpsons quotes accounts @ehgillett Same, though I think it's cause or that jevor trackson interaction I had last yearit also costs a lot less than a tour and idk, i know it isn’t the “same” but like it’s accessible for artists and consumers alike?
Retweeted by Bandcloudlive-streaming will never replace performing for an irl audience. i don’t think most folks participating in live-st…
Retweeted by Bandcloud😲😲😲😲😲 signed up for Addison Lee in 2016 when I was in London for a weekend and I swear I've got more emails from them i… @roohoneychild Was just thinking about this the other day, feels like a lifetime since this whole thingTwo tweets I only saw once but will never forget are the one about Kevin De Bruyne smelling like wotsits but being… @Richie_Sombrero New York house DJ, knows how to partyPatrice Scott Ash Lauryn Savile Adab LolzEli Escobar Eris Drew b2b Octo Octa Violet CCL @DarraghMc !!! @basilionichols take care and if you need anything don't hesitate to get in touch!That's why they call me meme dad etc etcAll the photos on my camera roll are memes or pics of my baby learning to feed himself with a spoonTotally get what Colonel Abrams meant now. Up until now I was all like 'Trapped'? So? 'Confused'? How???? Just get…
Retweeted by BandcloudA bit late but this is almost like a modern-day Bytes Dillon & Kassem Mosse @dillonwork @KareemMoser
Retweeted by Bandcloud @xxiainxx Nope! Thank you @Tighe_er oh wow yeah that is really hard to imagine. i totally get you, just being myopic and selfish here as usual 🙃 @Tighe_er i suppose that's something that life as a boring parent has prepared me for, not going out or doing much… @keinegurke_ 😌No mix this Tuesday, please listen to this instead!