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@torahwilcox @TrussellTrust Hb pal!!! @gabrielszatan Oh wowRIP uoy ekat neht ",tops a wonk I" ,ekil eb syuG
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last plug! if you enjoyed the mix (or even if you didn't) please consider donating to: Homeless Black Trans women…
Retweeted by BandcloudThere seems to be *ALOT* of confusion in my mentions as to what an Irish family looks like, so I thought I'd leave…
Retweeted by Bandcloud @dalecornish @frozenreeds Completely fabricated, don't worry my friend! @frozenreeds Does this one have the Ferry Corsten remixThis is community🚨🚨🚨 @cormac_walsh_ You look radiant @FancyEliza i will! i loved that one about the sleep peoplenow that's what i call a press shot @FancyEliza i started this early in lockdown and haven't finished it i am so bad at reading lately :(((wrt that versatile choad, how in the fuck did he get his hands on that cctv footage????This is wonderful @trancefem well actually that was a woman lol @memotone nah they can do live sets. although promoters can probably get dj sets for cheaper? i duno! @memotone Definitely yeah but the number of DJs who are successful just from DJing alone is very small. He's probab… @dariannnnnnnnn_, @joshuatrinidad, @_jwords @xenonymsss, @ea_wave @xeniamanass, @wisdomteethuk @nonclassical an… to this delightful slab of noise @d_hansen that's not even the worst take i've seen today @d_hansen :( @r_ibeka @ehgillett That's terrifying @radiomidwich @DiscoInsolence Ahhhh I see! @radiomidwich @DiscoInsolence Are these from the balloons? I only got to meet one of the bosses, Arlo I think @bored_lord DefinitelyRemember when Cera and Lazy Tapes just put out weird freaky jams like frog noises and stuff @hiimjq Title too I hopeNot every DJ should be forced to produce music stop giving racists a platform @MPIArtists
Retweeted by BandcloudThe comments are largely vile and ignorant. This made me laugh though. importantly, the goal and effect of terms like “cancel culture” (like “social justice warrior” before it and l…
Retweeted by BandcloudBC#303! ft TOMAGA, Darian, Joshua Trinidad & Riatsu, Taelue, Black Music for Black Liberation, Celex (aka Khshathra… @jo_bazz yay buddy!
Advance Bandcamp tip: Scroll through new additions tagged with the name of your city / region and just poke around!…
Retweeted by BandcloudNever actually listened to them, they're not on my radar but Jesus, physical intimidation??? Fuck VersatileThese guys suck and visited a friend today. Feel so reckless @tony_poland Yes @mrfrankiegrimes can't believe you're all grown up. Hb my man @beckybarnesblog @bethanyrutter It is too much @bethanyrutter I watched two episodes and felt profoundly sad and will not be watching any moreEVERY selector set: weird classical tune 70s west african tune (on tape pref) obscure 80s synth pop traditional so…
Retweeted by Bandcloudlucky that my breast are small n humble so u don’t confuse em with mountain
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@woofer___ Hahahah. Totally. @woofer___ Cool thank you! Have you read Friday night lights? I don't even care for football but I loved the show s… @perpetua Hello, I have a weekly mailout that features music found on Bandcamp and SoundCloud. Electronic mainly, s… Tweedy, certified great lad
Retweeted by Bandcloud @ambivalent @ilanabryne I feel awful for only learning this now @mcnabb___ Cowgirl @maya_kal_ Girls! @WhereToNowSound Not at all!this out today for @Cafeoto go grab☄️
Retweeted by Bandcloud @ehgillett I haven't listened yet and now I'm kicking myselfthat open letter making me wish that cancel culture actually existed....... 😔 then we would not be forced to hear from them
Retweeted by BandcloudSorry this is the most obvious tweet I ever twoteI've been watching Hoop Dreams and it's thoroughly depressing but it's not even about two people or two families @frankiefatgold Probably not @frankiefatgold genuinely wondering what's going on over on her instagram but i don't want to follow, you know? @strictmode_ happy for you!!! @mmachinewwoman thank you 😊☺️I'm always wary of comparing myself to other institutions and I don't think I'm exceptionally good at finding new m… forget @kidgorge0us this was the same as when i was on paternity leave a few years ago, great stuffLONG THREAD. my Bassnectar story & how it affected me.please RT & share on other networks b/c despite being a "lege…
Retweeted by BandcloudI wrote an open letter too
Retweeted by BandcloudWhen you find out someone your talking to likes the same things
Retweeted by BandcloudIn lighter news my brother is on the front page of RTE today, that's pretty cool is exactly what I imagine teleconsultations to be like
@Jozef_K_DJ I should always clarify these things! @aarchedNOISE Such a wild story but that guy was a hoot
Retweeted by Bandcloud @ilanabryne Yup! Also the manager of the hotel where Theroux stays @aarchedNOISE A DOW BEE PHOTO SHOPJust learned this guy from Mulholland Drive was also the silent killer from Scarface (apparently named The Skull?) can't cope with the fact that Sub Club asked for 90k pounds 4 hours ago and is on course to meet its target by th…
Retweeted by Bandcloud @ilanabryne That's what it seems like, which would be different to the editorial arm I guessplease. my bodybuilding son.
Retweeted by Bandcloud @ourmodernlove No it's good to know, important to be aware of such things.🤔's your favourite organ track?
@wonja Loved the interviewwhat if the movie was called dust club and the music was by the fight brothers. makes u think
Retweeted by BandcloudOh yes @livingtogether_ @ChristinaMcMc 😊 well wear! @ChristinaMcMc Mind you don't burn your fingersThis is horrible stuff to read through all my purchases slowly but surely. Quite into this yeah there were loads of people there, check the recording @livingtogether_ 🤔
This will be good stfu challengeLooking more into Beyoncé’s coded globalist messages. Who is “Becky With The Good Hair” who she encourages people…
Retweeted by Bandcloudunreal. Michael Imperioli doing a shoegaze radio special next week take a bow @NTSlive
Retweeted by BandcloudMade this mix a while ago ahead of a Bandcamp day. Didn't get to share until the other day. It's special a wee reminder.
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