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Eagle Scout. Breathing class war like a dragon breathes fire. As long as it takes IS a promise. Overwhelmed. Stay hydrated. Organize. We will win.

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@heyadiana lol you tagged me on this you're really trying to lobby me to love him more than my own cat“They’re not providing us with the simple necessities to combat the virus that is right in front of us...We feel un…
Retweeted by Brett Banditelli 🚫✂️ @heyadiana was the entire training "login to your google account and click yes when we send you invites?" @cursedthing they have internet on their phone!!!!!Does anyone have a training y'all use for Very Offline staffers who are now using phones and figuring out how to tu… @ryangrim Schumer is the kind of caucus leader who doesn't call out individual members, Pelosi does, so it's not really a fair comparison.One of the major reasons I didn't move back home during the pandemic was because my parents converted my bedroom in… @GaryGrumbach This is adorable please tell your parents the internet loves it @HydratedFry lol @HydratedFry I wasn't politically active when I was 1 years old but definitely supported the shit out of him once I got into politics. @AlexThomasDC @skenigsberg @hollyotterbein Joe Exotic not endorsing Bernie because of the $15 minimum wage is the l… to posting about the workers.AOC is less grumpy than Bernie, that's true, but Bernie is funnier. Sorry, AOC twitter, but Bernie is funnier. Ab… that's fine. he's a politician who GETS THINGS DONE! He does that by WORKING WITH PEOPLE WE CAN'T STAND. Bless…, I'm gonna say it out loud than mute it: I don't understand how AOC working with establishment types is di… @AlexThomasDC @skenigsberg A nickel and all the expired meat you can get, Alex! @skenigsberg Legitimately sad we weren't tagged on this. 90% sure we were on content from that event.Joe Exotic's husband Dillon is a Bernie supporter lmao
Retweeted by Brett Banditelli 🚫✂️ @MrBigTent @_waleedshahid No I mean he got involved in bernie 2016 and ruined his fast track to ice cream mogul suc… @GeorgeJasko @_waleedshahid @mehdirhasan tl;dr focus on your turf @GeorgeJasko @_waleedshahid @mehdirhasan I've heard "if only Bernie had endorsed me" from DOZENS of candidates who… @GeorgeJasko @_waleedshahid @mehdirhasan I think it doesn't matter, because AOC got where she is because she built… @MrBigTent @_waleedshahid That's how I read it but didn't wanna post it until someone with more left cred did so I'… @JezebelKat the dream, in the US we get dozens of DSA volunteers to commit who never show up so worker leaders and staff have to do it 🥁 @StephCW_ @cjmab28 You know he's printing and filing them. @JezebelKat is Teams Google? @JezebelKat please if someone is going to strike here's some templates, don't say may day, obv @JezebelKat lol I'm 99% sure we're everyone is still physically delivering strike notices!
Retweeted by Brett Banditelli 🚫✂️Also FYI: Your boss can read your slack DMs. All of them. @heyadiana I didn't! I'm more amused that Miggy ISN'T a gentleman!!I present to you @heyadiana I'm so happy for you, your family, and your cats ♥Idea: morning video check in for work except the video is from a day I got a shower. @ericopinion I thought about making a snarky work post but idk how many of my followers have been laid off. I should ask during human hours.How much does it cost to park in your hometown? Fairly sure mine is 50 cents/hour @price_laborecon Tamaqua has sidewalks! They just haven't been fixed in a couple decades. We even handle them new q… @CEP_Observer @price_laborecon Well my parents are in Schuylkill county, so it's probably super based on infected i… @JezebelKat haha well I do have a DSLR so i could get a mega long HDMI cable and people might get the joke, but my… @price_laborecon Ya, just county level, thanks! Out here cities track, so wasn't sure how it was there. But then ag… I buy a lamp? I don't own any lamps and I think since I'll be on night video chats I should buy a lamp. @RaheemKassam Congratulations on the best health care system in the world! @price_laborecon Can you link this? I'm trying to find is theres city level data for my parents. My assumption is t… forgot to post an update before bed seems like Cuomo has actually gotten crueler during a pandemic 🤷‍♂️ @ThePlumLineGS As long as he's on everyone's TV every night it'll probably work. @juliacarriew @naamanzhou True art. I'm sad he isn't on Twitter so we can't thank him for his story. An absolute inspiration.HE RAN OUT OF MOTHERFUCKING MAGNETS @juliacarriew Do we have to find our LiveJournal logins for coronavirus? labor, Michigan, and Bernie families are all sad tonight. Here's a few seconds of Rashida that can bring us joy… @mcbyrne @Instacart i bought it because the ice cream stores might close soon @mcbyrne @Instacart i regretting buying ice cream 3 hours ago and now i do not.It's impossible to put how much of a loss @repWIR is for our movement and workers in America. We're going to keep…
Retweeted by Brett Banditelli 🚫✂️Jane and I are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of State Rep. Isaac Robinson. He served as a vice chair for o…
Retweeted by Brett Banditelli 🚫✂️ @jakemcintyre damn @banditelli Ah, man. We were law clerks together at Solidarity House in the summer of '99.
Retweeted by Brett Banditelli 🚫✂️ @heyadiana hugs sister. cant imagine what the detroit labor community is going through tonightThis is hitting me surprisingly hard considering I didn't know him and I'm in California. It's like losing someone… @zdroberts That no WPA money coming in handy already @hollyotterbein @Kyle__Machado Political parties are means to ends, not ends themselves @hollyotterbein @Kyle__Machado Well, Joe didn't know what a libertarian was, probably still doesn't, so I'll allow it.Officials*This is horrible. It's rare I can sense the joy in service online from elected office I don't know. He was one of t… @sunraysunray I think it made it clear, it showed it on screen, but you're right they didn't go that deep in @Kyle__Machado @hollyotterbein You don't speak for me I would never support a libertarian avatarLet's get this party started @NeilAnAlien I feel I'm starting to love your cat more than my cat @NeilAnAlien LOOK AT THAT FACEThe WPA except everyone makes art for free so I can post it to my Instagram account @comebackkid4723 @100GBodhisattva @hollyotterbein I lean to more 'trolling for internet engagement' than actual anger @Sklz711 I imagine twitter voice the same as monocle voice @oneunionmom eh, it's a better tone than before*twitter voice* why can't Joe control his online supporters from saying Bernie should drop out? need more follow up questions @hollyotterbein I don't even understand why they're angry
@readproudhon My favorite sous vide is a 24 hour iberico pork belly. Meat. Candy. @readproudhon I dont have a smoker, hell, i dont even have a yard @readproudhon after, prefer to add it to the smoker, but ill probably just torch it. I did it once before where i t… vide for all 👏 HAS 👏 BLOOD 👏 ON 👏 THEIR 👏 HANDS 👏 ITS 👏 NOBODIES 👏 FAULTThankfully it isn't because they knowingly told people to congregate in small spaces 12 days ago. Then someone migh… @Bern4Bern gotta do what you gotta do @heyadiana @stareagle @DietDrPepper I've been waiting for a decade for someone to make an offer for my facebook use… @wfpman hell yeah i should buy some and butter @Michael95390976 my dad was big on mushroom hunting when I was a kid (we lived in rural PA) and he always forced me… just now realized I can make pierogi soup. @jlambstl tbh I risk my life to buy the pho from up the street @Michael95390976 mushroom is the one food I don't eat, but I do use cream of mushroom soup in cookingWhat's the best soups y'all are getting in on lately? @price_laborecon I would never tweet that physical violence is the answer to your electoral problems, but I'm glad someone else is!Punch em in the face and call then damn dirty hippies I say.
Retweeted by Brett Banditelli 🚫✂️ @stareagle @heyadiana @DietDrPepper I 100% wouldn't have given it away. One of my few regrets in life is not camping any twitter usernames. @BernerKady you know the answer to that already, why would you ask it?Capitalism is built on blood. username week @heyadiana! @BernerKady this tweet was not to defend your tweet. @joelfrominwood there's no one who matters in joe world who will condemn these people, so they're just gonna do it. @joelfrominwood well remember joe doesnt have a real volunteer program, so this is all they have to do, and if it g… @joelfrominwood i've never seen anyone who does say something like that.