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Creative Director @ SG&E Montreal Studio! Previously Journey to the Savage Planet, Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed 3, Spore, Sims 2 etc. ALL OPINIONS MY OWN 🇦🇺

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@jonodiener Yes. Great decision. Less plastic waste, instant gas station champagne with the right white wine. @Robwilliams71 Mine is the mail apparently! Looking forward to it.
@ElPrezAU You're... not into models? This seems insane.Glorious.
@benito_cereno Fair. @benito_cereno But who is Sinterklaas? @wkerslake I lied and saw a Friday the 13th movie (the 3D one) at a seaside cinema on vacation after telling my par… has something been so tangible. feels true.
@MckKirk @Neil_Druckmann ... @chrisarrant For some reason it's excitingly creepy.
This is really awesome. I hope it's for the game itself, and not just for the writing in a game. @GavinDYoung Australian Christmas is best Christmas. You can even go for a swim at the beach. @maguirekevin The Abyss?
@DaveRapoza That Iron Man #4 cover is a beast. ❤️
@brockwilbur Congrats! @ChattyDM Yah I had that! Loved it.This is amazing. @DarkoLafuente Lucky all that got solved. Phew!
@IGotTheQueso @Mark_Medina @Typhoon_MTL @dkpuls Hard at work on both. News coming VERY soon. :)
@TrentKusters It's been better, Trent. ;)Still one of the best gaming mags out there.
@GenePark Dude! Feel free to disagree with me, but the guy that said women were hard to animiate was entirely diffe… @TheKodiah I love steamers. @elscorchy @Frank__Kress Not even remotely the same, but I wish you the best. May your streams gather strength and…, gonna hop online and stream some Fall Guys. Who's up for it? @Frank__Kress No but the movie company paid to use the character in their movie. @SoulioMolio Yes. Yes he did. @EsportsMurphy @NahazDota That's not how it works. Streamers are essentially a value added business, but unlike in… @Noxywoxy Each game is unique and the path to a sale changes all the time. I'm not saying stop streaming, or stop y… @mobSil @adrianchm We also sold plenty of them before streaming existed. @adrianchm I thought it was just bees but it might be murder hornets. @adrianchm I've summoned the internet hoardes. @chancletamangu That's why it would be better to do it as rev share, not an upfront fee. @ZerodsWorkshop Oh you're fine, it's the other random trolls that popped up when the douchebag from Giant Bomb appeared. @ZerodsWorkshop They're not promoting the game. They're running a business. It may also sometimes promote the game,… to me that people are upset at someone saying that the creators of content should be allowed to make some o… @elscorchy @filamena No I'm saying you can't use people's copyrighted creations without their permission or without paying for it. @filamena No. It’s Coca Cola saying if you want sell merchandise with Coca Cola logos on it you should give us a percentage. @KoopinKrackerz @alex_navarro @JohnCGXIII Agree 100%. @zachbussey How is this anti consumer? It’s just pro developer. You should read a bit deeper. @LaRomanBomber Sometimes! @ZerodsWorkshop Nope I just sold an indie game studio. Was triple A before that. @jcluther And... the artists does get paid each time you play the song on a streaming service. That’s the point. @cabbagebrains What’s your point? We do pay for all those things. The streamers have paid for nothing. @Rappin4Safety No I didn’t! @Tyranityler There’s always examples of succcesses but that’s anecdotal not factual. Would you want your music play… @DollComics Pfft not even close. @alex_navarro Better than Giant Bomb from what I can tell. @ZerodsWorkshop Think about this: if you made something, would you be happy seeing other people use it for profit w… @ZerodsWorkshop The basic point is: just because you bought a game, like buying a movie or a pay per view fight, do… @The_Don7684 Yes. That’s exactly it. @ZerodsWorkshop Why do you think buying a movie doesn’t let you screen it for profit? You bought a copy! @_Turul_ I would look closely to see if that’s because the game is making the stream successful and not vice versa.… @COWCATGames Yes it can absolutely be a choice! You can give the license away but we’ve set a precedent where it’s… @ZerodsWorkshop If your pitch is ‘we take your work for free and do what we want with and you should say thanks for… @ZerodsWorkshop No, if you profit from performing our game, then you should pay part of that profit to the people t… @ZerodsWorkshop Not at all. Existing law already covers this under fair use. Games media that reviews or covers gam… @realwillhummel I was thinking of pitching this to the NFL. They should let me broadcast the games for free and add… @ZerodsWorkshop If they think they don’t need to pay for the the game they’re using then they can make a show witho… @ZerodsWorkshop Most of the time playing the game just helpsl the streamer. People tune in to watch their ‘show’ wh… @realwillhummel Which reminds me, I need you to come to my office next week and do some work for free. It’ll look g… @_manthoR_ Not at all! I want it to be done properly and legally and for the people who make the content to be paid for it. @_manthoR_ That's a marketing spend, and to be honest it would work a lot better if they weren't allowing any rando… @BryantChappel That's definitely one way to do it. Right now it's a grey market.The real truth is the streamers should be paying the developers and publishers of the games they stream. They shoul… worried about getting their content pulled because they used music they didn't pay for should be more wor… shots of Tom Holland cosplaying as Nathan Drake feel weird.
Love the fact that Raji is a game set in India made by Indian devs! Can’t wait to get stuck in. Take a look. cool stuff! @SammyKoppelman We can but hope. @SammyKoppelman @briankoppelman It’s a nice pitch but you forget that half of the country have done nothing about Covid. @CharmCityA @Stoked4Good
@yozetty @MinnMaxShow Happy birthday! @MitchGerads @AmyMcGrathKY @JazRignall Wait... you didn’t try it in 1P? @Darth_Jay Looking for a new gig? @DaveRapoza Art is what they call pop culture that nobody wants to buy. @DaMaverickAlien @therealcliffyb Or.... Did he. @TwistyOnline Secret edge lord. @MegaMasao @AndyBelanger Dinner. @ionlands Kk thanks I bet that’s it! :)The start of more regular awesome stuff from our small corner of the gaming universe. It will continue to get bette… @gallifreyan @CanRevAgency Haha truth. Sigh.Hey @ionlands! Just started Cloundpunk and almost immediately the dialog started looping and now there are no packa… is nothing that scares Tim Burton more than a man who washes his hair.
@RamonVillalobos I stand corrected. @RamonVillalobos Looks like you in real life vs you at a Trump rally. Those people have ruined sunglasses. @therealcliffyb 🤢🤢🤢Just backed this beast! Wrestling, trucks and space! Glorious. @xemu Imagine the reach on this game!! Corn Flakes!! I think it's amazing.The Age of Empires remaster looks great but I prefer to remember the time I got a copy of the original in a box of… milk can't curdle. PSA. It's not milk, for a start. But neither is Coffee Mate? @gryphoness Realistic not believable!Sports game players love realism but it turns out reminding them that sports is mostly a vehicle for advertising is a bridge too far.Thanks @Polygon! Good to make the list. ❤️ @ManMadeMoon Forever. She has no other life skills.
@TrentKusters @bonerman_inc I enjoyed this too much. @Valskuiken @DarbyMcDevitt … Just 'cause you feel it Doesn't mean it's there Just 'cause you feel it Doesn't mean it's there…