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Weekly Show, Discussing Legends of Wrestling, Two Blokes From Bristol

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Out on Friday Beach Blast 92 - A bumper episode containing all the usual “fun and games” and a look back at two of… still find it strange that sensible coherent people listen to our podcasts every week, so it’s good that people l…
A reminder for when we are upset with the booking in women’s wrestling, things could be a whole lot fucking worse..… finished recording, not saying we ran long but it was broad daylight when we started, by the time we finished… @NailsAndNY @stevecroom2 I say that as I’m sat across the table from him 😅 @NailsAndNY @stevecroom2 I find ignoring him is the best policy @BangBangPodcast Depends how much @stevecroom2 drinks. Ladies and gentlemen synchronise your Untapped!
Retweeted by Bang Bang Podcast (Andy)Could be a two parter on the cards our Beach Blast 92 episode tonight, ANY QUESTIONS? We promise not to forget them this week… @BangBangPodcast I've been looking forward to this episode.. Within 3 seconds Steve's telling people to fuck off. B…
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@WrestleNews_ But Vince wants to make new stars ?? I’m sure I’ve read that somewhere.... @d0ns_ He’s “this” close to mentioning the tragedy Holden and his missus experienced, you can see it in his face, b… @UTTRob I know who’d have the tag belts @BangBangPodcast @jodiedebb @derekstark @fowl_original @Mortyjr5 @Millwallchris1 @danspursquins @jtshowstealer89
Retweeted by Bang Bang Podcast (Andy) @BangBangPodcast In hindsight 'little community' sounded underwhelming. Should have said tremendous community of magnificent bastards.
Retweeted by Bang Bang Podcast (Andy)A really interesting listen if stats, wrestling and nice Scottish accents are your thing, lovely to hear “Uncle”… @fowl_original @ScottishJuggalo @UTTRob @dejkirkby Sounds interesting @stevecroom2 @UTTRob That’s Livin Alright - Joe FaginYep we definitely only wing half of it..... we got a “bit” sidetracked last week, considering we thought it was going to be a short episode, we didn’t fac… THEN FOREVER there’ll be plenty of Bill Watts chat @WrestleNews_ @MojoRawleyWWE “Oh no, they are booking another shite angle with an ex footballer, that no one outsid… @BangBangPodcast @jodiedebb @derekstark @fowl_original @Mortyjr5 @Millwallchris1 @danspursquins @jtshowstealer89
Retweeted by Bang Bang Podcast (Andy) @GetChoPodcast I probably go through most of “Planet of the Apes The Musical” at least once a day the words of Lee Marshall, the WCW stalwart and voice of Tony The Tiger.... THAT WAS FUCKING BRILLIANT !! hope you all enjoyed our Mike Rotunda episode, bit of a rambler wasn’t it ? And thanks again to @jodiedebb for… @BangBangPodcast @UTTRob Keep on eye on my TL for something in a few minutes
Retweeted by Bang Bang Podcast (Andy)It’s @UTTRob’s special day of the week, and obviously I’d be warming up my Dennis Waterman clip by now, but as… @SJPWORDS @stevecroom2 MONDAY Rest in peace big fella #RIPKamala
Listening to this weeks @BangBangPodcast. Early on @stevecroom2 states: "21st Century Wrestling, Suck Balls!" If y…
Retweeted by Bang Bang Podcast (Andy)It’s no coincidence that since James moved to the West Country, he’s become part of the #WrestlingTwitter glitterat…🥺 am definitely HER! But YOU should give them a try! 😜😂😉
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Retweeted by Bang Bang Podcast (Andy)Bristolian banter becomes beautiful
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@PaulDHeenan @dejkirkby @NailsAndNY @danspursquins @Millwallchris1 @SJPWORDS @derekstark @JCalynnArt @Mortyjr5“Yeah it’s hot today isn’t it ?, but I tell you what’s really hot at the moment, a podcast made by two middle aged… @UTTRob Hipster I preferred him when his was a Russian sympathiser, before he got a real jobBurnley, New York, we’re the talk of all the worlds cultural hot spots @dejkirkby praise indeed from the true “Podfather” of the #WrestlingCommunity The High Priest of Burnley himself…🚨NEW EPISODE 🚨 Mike Rotunda, Captain Mike, Michael Wallstreet, IRS !!! With sprinklings of the usual Bristolian bo… @WrestleNews_ @fowl_original @dubyacbub The irony of anyone involved in the wrestling business calling people racis…
I mean “The Fiend” is capable of some pretty evil stuff, but this chap is right up there, hope his kids turned out…
Retweeted by Bang Bang Podcast (Andy)I mean “The Fiend” is capable of some pretty evil stuff, but this chap is right up there, hope his kids turned out… old days, when serial killers were properly celebrated on TV
Retweeted by Bang Bang Podcast (Andy)5 weeks to work out that the bloke that was in temporary charge anyway was actually the best bloke for the job in t…
Retweeted by Bang Bang Podcast (Andy)Obviously we don’t have sponsors, but I encourage you go and support the following (1) @BottlesBooks (2)… @IWGPChrisBFC Oh yeah the mum and the twins ? Who all looked the same age and were very hands on ? Yeah......The creepy family ? There was only one ?Just seen 15 mins of “The Floor is Lava” @PlopGazette Oh dear god....’ll have to wait like everybody else young man tomorrow (8/8/20) as requested by the amazing @jodiedebb It’s IRS !! A look at Mr Rotunda and his career, and a…
@UTTRob @TonyGreenall4 She’s blocked me..... I just made a fart joke... and her and her bloke blocked me 😳The Boys @SWFPodcast have been putting out great content for too many years to remember, obviously @fowl_original is a… @danspursquins @CraigPWMusings @CKNearfalls Ahh Love you mate
Tonight on #AEWDynamite hopefully you might see this bloke, who’s been inspiring a lot of up and coming young talen… on Saturday ITS FUCKING I.R.S Apple - Spotify -
Retweeted by Bang Bang Podcast (Andy) @ComicsRob @80sHorrorDoc @Shudder_UK @TheOtherBBFC A lot to do in one go definitely, but break it up a bit, and it’… @CMPunk have you seen this sir ? I’d imagine you’d fucking love itJust about to watch @80sHorrorDoc on the @Shudder_UK app, been looking forward to this after catching the ads at se… about NXT isn’t it ? When it went from being an original groundbreaking programme, minus the shite main roste… @BangBangPodcast Release it now you cowards!
Retweeted by Bang Bang Podcast (Andy) @IandrewDiceClay I wouldn’t rule out Celebrity Big Brother this year yet, him, Jonathan Agnew ,John McDonnell, and… fan of people speculating who’s in “Retribution” when I’m pretty sure Brother Love hasn’t thought that far ahea… @Millwallchris1 @stevecroom2 @WrestleNews_ Mason Ryan and Terry GriffithsComing on Saturday ITS FUCKING I.R.S Apple - Spotify - @cakeyswine Donkey ?👀 @wrestlemepod Check out our episode about The Canadian Stampede PPV @Spotify - @ApplePodcasts
@UTTRob Just had a chat about him actually, I’m sure he’d be up for it, we did about 10 minutes on Sue Cook, appare… @UTTRob Bray Wyatt Got us involved in a 4 day pile on about Kevin Spacey, on Xmas eve.... @Millwallchris1 Nope I’m almost at the Off LicenseAnyone else have an “interesting question” for tonight’s recording, we might chat about this fella a bit too… @UTTRob Tugboat and the other 3 @ScottishJuggalo @opzun Ahh it could be good, thing is, you know it was thought up yesterday afternoon on the back…“As I understand currently, no news on an appointment today, but obviously that might change if they decide to appo… @Mortyjr5 @WWE @shanemcmahon He looks slightly constipatedYou think #WWERaw was ridiculous? I was up until 2am making notes on Mike Rotunda’s career and getting slightly obs…
Not..... SID JUSTUS mate It’s ratings day @UTTRob @dejkirkby @opzun @ScottishJuggalo #Minder #Bristol like Jimmy Nail, THERE IS NO ESCAPING MONDAY !!!! Canadian Stampede out now 👉 vs Mankind Taka vs Great Sasuke Undertaker vs Vader Hart Foundation vs Austin LOD Shamrock and Goldust Steve…
@carrythegary @danspursquins Dan is our Japanese expert, he knows his shit @Fullmetalpenny @Fullmetalpenny @GeorgiaBowring Very true, Memorabilia is a close secondCheers Dan xx @UTTRob Zombie Ted Rogers for GM ? That’ll put butts on seats @Melonhead999 @UTTRob That’s a good point mate, no one need to see that shiteWhat your Sundays were made for, two idiots from #Bristol, chatting rubbish about sweaty men in pants, whilst drink… you enjoyed our Canadian Stampede episode 👉 Next episode is all about this bloke and h… @UTTRob To be fair, keeping the dwindling amount of existing fans is more of a challenge at the moment