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@convomf pengen nangis terus alhamdulillah stray kids upload"you bite, chew, taste and enjoy. what's the matter?" FUCKKKK? it's like theyre referencing god's menu again basica…
Retweeted by er ♬ @thestorykids @Stray_Kids TAK TABOK LHO NDER UNVEIL TRACK CHEESE #UnveilTrack_CHEESE #AuguSKZ @Stray_Kids?? tumben rinoribang malemUNVEIL TRACK CHEESE #UnveilTrack_CHEESE #AuguSKZ @Stray_KidsWHAT CHEESE LOLStray Kids(스트레이 키즈) <NOEASY> UNVEIL : TRACK "CHEESE" 2021.08.23 MON #StrayKids #스트레이키즈…
Retweeted by er ♬Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) <NOEASY> UNVEIL : TRACK "CHEESE" 2021.08.23 MON #StrayKids #스트레이키즈…
Retweeted by er ♬ @huft_iya_iya @taeyooongie_ @iloveswinwin @schfess /gen @huft_iya_iya @taeyooongie_ @iloveswinwin @schfess mjb tapi kelihatannya emang si anak zaman now itu pake bahasa in… from aunty hyunie 🥟
Retweeted by er ♬ @Couplesimags 😾💖 @thestorykids @Stray_Kids eh?? @bertanyarl 9cmCurrently crying over the fact that one of the members must have put the heart sticker on the minsung picture since…
Retweeted by er ♬Sudden Letter ? Oh! you got my attention #TWICE #트와이스
Retweeted by er ♬translation of a random naver q&a about someone who wanted to fight leeknow because their crush liked him...ㅎㅎ (jus…
Retweeted by er ♬ @schfess yaallah😭[#킹덤위크] #KINGDOMWEEK : <NO+> 8/17(화) 첫방송♥ 스트레이 키즈를 위한, 스트레이 키즈에 의한! 킹덤위크가 시작됩니다! HEY! YOU WANNA COME IN? 8/17(화)…
Retweeted by er ♬ @skzterjemahan mlu gk c @bertanyarl hah selutut @skzterjemahan kalo ga bangun malah serem no @convomf pkwuStray Kids(스트레이 키즈), 'NOEASY' 트레일러 쿠키 영상 오픈! 유쾌한 예고장 #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #NOEASY
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Someone said that this could have been an inside joke about how stays mistook that performer who danced with the ki…
Retweeted by er ♬キングダムで夢パティを披露するスキズ
Retweeted by er ♬ @thestorykids @Stray_Kids @bangchro telatchangbin said he kept on receiving calls internationally and just look at their faces and reactions. stop this. sas…
Retweeted by er ♬ @thestorykids @Stray_Kids lmao💀look at these beautiful moments
Retweeted by er ♬ketawajangan jangan haishStray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "NOEASY" Thunderous Trailer Exclusive Clip 2021.08.23 MON #StrayKids
Retweeted by er ♬Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "NOEASY" Thunderous Trailer Exclusive Clip 2021.08.23 MON #StrayKids
Retweeted by er ♬ @gonedaysuuu me[2021 STAYweeK🎂] 스테이위크 마지막 날이자 스테이 세 번째 생일🎉 사랑받아 마땅한 스테이❣ 스키즈와 함께 꽃길만 걸어요🥰 #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #2021STAYweeK
Retweeted by er ♬"Will it be hard to marry Lee Know?" 🐖🐇: Do you mean before or after you marry him? 🐰: Both will be difficult.
Retweeted by er ♬🐰: (reading diary) Today, I was fishing with a friend, but STAY stole my fish. I left them alone because they were…
Retweeted by er ♬🐺: (writing) We had... a happy... time. 🐿: Did you? 🐺: I did. You know why? 8️⃣: 'Cause I'm foive.
Retweeted by er ♬well, nggak jadi ngantuk굿바이 emang udah nangisomg hyunjin kece gambarnyasp tu pcrnNGAKAK BANGET EMANG[SKZ BANNED WORDS/ACTIONS] 🐺: Honestly 🐰: Hmm... 🐖🐇: I 🥟: (clapping) 🐿: Very 🐥: Really 🐶: (crossing arms) 🦊: (showing dimples)
Retweeted by er ♬mereka spt es krim[2021 STAYweeK🎂] STAY 3rd Birthday Party🎈 V LIVE YouTube 잠시 후 10…
Retweeted by er ♬ @thestorykids @Stray_Kids udah lamaPELAN PELAN SATU SATU @hyunhotime PLEASEgak tau, yang bikin bahagia cuman stray kidsdikasih tugas, soal-soal ksn, ukbm, pr, latihan utbk, ulangan, dsb tuh gapapa anjir sebenernya... tapi ya jangan se… @convomf bengkro @leeknowaw surat tulisan tangan anak anak di link bitly @Stray_Kids makasih[2021 STAYweeK🎂] 801호 사서함 <스키지기가 대신 전해드립니다!> 📭 #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #2021STAYweeK #스테이위크…
Retweeted by er ♬ @convomf anjing pengen gue gigitin lantainyakirim foto rasa penyelundupan ganja
Retweeted by er ♬ @gonedaysuuu MAU @hyunhotime DM ME @Hanxkia SIP TIMAKASI @Hanxkia NITIP OT8 YA KAKhynlx udh skrg yang lapan @hwangprince21 DM ME PLStq stop apparently there's a picture of all eight members holding the kd trophy i'm going to cry
Retweeted by er ♬A GIF TOO OMG I LOVE THIS
Retweeted by er ♬fvck😀stray kids kingdom cafe menu - bangberry smoothie - amerlino - dwaekki latte (have to order by saying "dwaekki latt…
Retweeted by er ♬he will take it to heart no matter what you're accusing him of
Retweeted by er ♬today i offer you baby skz hugging their manager
Retweeted by er ♬ @bertanyarl @thestorykids @Stray_Kids vlive, klo lemot pindah yt[2021 STAYweeK🎂] STAY 3rd Birthday Party🎈 2021.08.01 SUN 10PM (KST) @ V LIVE, YouTube COMING SOON❕ #StrayKids
Retweeted by er ♬ayo jadikan minggu 56 jam one rapper from stray kids
Retweeted by er ♬ya, benar, lee knowsapa yang kemaren bilang mau baca webtoon tapi malah gambar jureumi
@hyuntext 💖210801 💭🥟 12:00AM happy birthday y/n ❣️thank you so much for sending me a lot of pretty words and trying to make m…
Retweeted by er ♬ @ILand_Fess me @ChangbinBubbie nggak peduli ini beneran apa nggak, aku tetep teriakSEO CHANGBIN.[210801] Changbin 💭 /Picture/ Always a man of principle for STAY!!
Retweeted by er ♬love you too jisung, kamu mau pacaran sama aku gak? 😞💖💌 12.06AM Happy Birthday
Retweeted by er ♬not surprised 3rd anniversary #Lov3STAYwithSKZ #스테이는_3살_OH야 @Stray_Kidsmasih tidak bisa lepas dari linahow is lee know this beautiful i'm screaming
Retweeted by er ♬The beauty of leeknow will make all girls insecure
Retweeted by er ♬#leeknow’s duality is insane
Retweeted by er ♬210731 [💭] 11:42pm KST (아니 왜 자꾸 예쁘다는거야) no but why do you keep calling me pretty (쟈기가 더예뻐) you’re prettier honey…
Retweeted by er ♬other idols while playing blindfolded tag: *walking slowly & carefully feeling for players* lee know from stray ki…
Retweeted by er ♬ @schfess smpku dulu sekolah favorit terus luas bangettt sekarang masuk sma favorit tapi lebih sempit rasanya agak sumpek pas upacara😭