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red velvet girlies and editorials >>>>>>>>>> a golden year for kpop ooh aah bus? GRAMMY BANGTANBOMMMBB @bangtansbih if i had woken up when my alarm went off, i wouldn't have missed them. WHY DO I PRIORITISE SLEEPHE LOOKS ANGEL is happiness i think :’)
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷TF YOU MEAN I MISSED A YOONGI JK VLIVEmy wifi is so so so slow. i just wanna know why beyonce is trending?
@hopefulmyg @Yoongimeowmeow7 are we gonna expose the whole conversation bc that'd mean exposing you hehehehe @Yoongimeowmeow7 @hopefulmyg she wants to gawk on some cawk and needs to extra protection @hopefulmyg @Yoongimeowmeow7 IT'S NOT FAKE @hopefulmyg about to pass out. energy drained. heart hurts. pride broken. @OT7SIDETING @hopefulmyg is tonight expose-eman-night? :( @hopefulmyg @OT7SIDETING IF YOU WANNA KNOW ABOUT BANK DUDE, LEMME KNOWi guess ahlem is kinda....iconic too? @hopefulmyg really does take every opportunity to expose me :(i'm pretty damn iconic, if i must say so myself is lying, your honour. @hopefulmyg oh ho? shall i do screen recording and really expose us?question of the night by @hopefulmyg this? the sports twitter meets army twitter that i've been manifesting? said free the tiddies. @pjmnsart funny, the loml is on the right @hopefulmyg @chaoswaIking now why am i getting emotional :( @__selenemoon @JessicaAgombar think @JessicaAgombar knows us pretty well JEONGYEON JEONGYEON JEONGYEON JEONGYEON JEONGYEON JEONGYEON JEONGYEON JEONGYEON JEONGYEON JEONGYEON JEONG…
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷i laughed too hard pls pull through bc we've been waiting an eternity viewers and it was unannounced. wisest words to live by JIMINwhy do i feel like they've been doing this already years and 10 days later, Pentagon got their first win?! I am sooooooo happy for themHIS HAIR. IS LAVENDAR??? LILAC????많이 쌀쌀해졌어요 감기 조심하시구😄💜앨범 기대 많이 해주세용
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷and if anyone comes for mamamoo saying they're copying a retro concept, pls go look at their rookie years. they li… many comebacks, i'm overwhelmed againTrust Mamamoo to release songs that stick in your head after the first listen. Idk how they do it? EVERY SINGLE TIME.MAIN DANCERS, WHEEBYUL i'm also so glad they didn't cover/censor wheein & moonbyul's tattoos.DINGGA DINGGA HEYIS THIS THE NEXT PART OF THE COMEBACK????? MOONBYUL AND WHEEIN HAVE A DANCE BREKA??????dINGGA IS A WHOLE BOP WTH???? THE CHOREO IS CUTE. MOOBYULS RAPS ARE!!!!!!! HER DANCE SOLO????? IM IN LOVE. THIS WHO… you bts' parents? why would you embarrass yourselves like this? ofc the boys are okay with this, that's why it'… hope @longlivesmdc has a good day 😊
@TrueSalvachick tl has forced me to come across it too many times @hopefulmyg i mean, i understand wanting to be unborn but?????? what the fucvkRina Sawayama to perform on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon next Monday, October 26.
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷ @hopefulmyg head inside? @hopefulmyg @Sugakook25 the lies. if anything, IT'S YOU WHO CORRUPTED ME. @ARMYflavoured @hopefulmyg she's seen a lot, this won't surprise her @hopefulmyg i will not be held accountable for any trauma you receive @hopefulmyg a. MAN. @moonsrkives the bar doesn't exist with them @hopefulmyg do you really want to know? a tree ahlem. a i said. men will fck anything with a hole. @ughseokk idk what school you went to but it was fun @eatvope "which icon did bts have when you become an army" "how many followers did bts have when you joined twt" "o…
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷ @marielovestae i thought y'all knew??!?!?! @notaesthetiic @encorekth YES!!! and it's like that for all years. so 4-6 houses per year throughout years 7 - 11.… colour or letter....i thought this was known??? won't be surprised if jin ends up holding 25%. @oi_kass why do you do this to yourself? @TrueSalvachick can you go wrong with haagen dazs??Yes, I am lactose intolerant. Yes, I am in pain. i really going to eat 2 tubs of ice cream in 3 days? i think yes.Okay @BTS_twt Army. Here it is - My oldest daughter loves both BTS and Kingsman & drew this amazing piece as a trib…
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷ @SaraStansBTS did my tweet come off like it was deep???copy-and-paste from the tl. i love how they don't even hide it are so damn fine still can't believe it's been 5 YEARS with twice. 5 WHOLE YEARS.and when armys manage to keep BE's title track at no.1 throughout the battle for the christmas-no.1 spot?i don't like how good bts have gotten at spoiling comebacks.Kim Taehyung: I like the song “Moving On” #BTS_BE @BTS_twt
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷according to this thread, we're waiting on subunit concept photos.원스, 트와이스 5주년 축하해 💝 ONCE, TWICE Happy 5th Anniversary 💝 앞으로도 지금처럼 손잡고 함께 걸어가요. Let's stay together WITH our hands i…
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷now that we have ot7 black haired bangtan, can we also get alternative rock bangtan?i wanna clown wings stans but i'm a paradise stan so.a hint as to what the album sounds like??, among gp: BTS. among kpop stans: BTS, Ateez? visually pleasing. #방탄소년단 #BTS_BE Concept Photo
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷BTS (@BTS_twt) and @bts_bighit have a new layout! #BEisComing 😱
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷201020 BTS Official Instagram #BTS #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷ @OT7SIDETING pretty sure it's tagged? muin?i m-mi-miss?? you???? *eye twitches* Entertainment announces MOMOLAND will make their comeback in November PSY helped produce their comeback track…
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷y'all nasties. who doesn't brush their teeth in the mornings??? @ikran let me not get into the dreads, cornrows, attempted aave and fetishizing but heaven forbid they see a kneegr… seokjin is aVeRaGe then are we gremlins or what?will never understand how korean nightclubs play music by black or poc artists....... yet have a no-foreigner-polic… *wrong opinion bts - dynamite. Loona-SVT comeback commentary on the TL, i love to see itThe Fair Trade Commission has approved the merger and acquisition (M&A) between BigHit Entertainment and Pledis Ent…
Retweeted by eman 💜 ⁷COME ON SKDFJKLDFJSDF
.@BTS_twt is confirmed to attend The Fact Music Awards, which will be held online in December.
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