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Memen Banjo @BanjoGalaxy1 New Jersey, USA

Just a #NewJersey elephant that plays the banjo and believes that the privileges of government are secondary to the rights of the People. ⚖️

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@PolitiKurd Turns out it just made socializing bearable! @ScottAdamsSays This happened to me 2 hours ago! No large v-necks! @clairecmc many people have become the monsters they imagine they are fighting.
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @INVESTMENTSHULK My grocery store has a loading dock but no stockroom! @JeffFlake Bad senator.If you ever feel like a fraud in life, just remember that Democrats & the media spend every day pretending that Joe…
Retweeted by Memen BanjoIt’s a gimmick that proves what we have said all along –higher taxes aren’t necessary to balance the budget. Gov sa…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @SenatorDurbin If you believe her granddaughter's quote, you're about as intelligent as a senator. @UncleHotep Too soon! @Richzeoli The court is only important because we've allowed our Congress to turn oxygen into carbon dioxide and call it a career. @stillgray They'll go after her husband. @JoeBiden Play a clip of trump cracking a joke and being likable. Good plan, team Joe! @maybebeachbum Well, if true, do you feel sorry for him? 😸Amish Trump Parade in Fredericksburg, OH 🇺🇸 Holding the line!
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@CollinsforGA @realDonaldTrump I question the efficacy of this tweet. @Shem_Infinite You know this dictation is probably a lie. @Yamiche I hope that my last wish isn't something to divide the country further during a time of social unrest wher…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @INVESTMENTSHULK Hawking mobile trading with a phone battery that's about to die. I love this kid.A Message from Karen WHITEfield What I actually hear when White people yell “Black Lives Matter.” Full video on Y…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @chezvee @GovMurphy Lol, yeah, that's why they'll pay it to some other state. Hope that extra $500 helps when thi… @realchrisrufo Methinks the lib protests too much. @RealKyleMorris You think that's good, but imma guess convictions will go way down if the punishment is that cruel and unusual.
@LisaMarieBoothe They gotta throw a bone to the sex panic crowd, but I don't think this goes any further this cycle. @rubycramer @AlbertSamaha Nice, they will have plenty of time to study Trump's prison reforms and experience them f… DC crowd is so entrenched in manipulating the public that when people try and correct the situation, they cry “…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @SallyQYates Lol, the guy wants to make prosecutors accountable to the administration in power and you think it's terrible. I wonder why. @kylegriffin1 Great news.It is very difficult to understand why the media does not keep the pressure on the Murphy Administration as thousan…
Retweeted by Memen BanjoSo @GovMurphy is implementing a millionaires tax that will bring in 390 million during his election year and giving…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @GovMurphy Screw off. @CharriseLane Who asked you to do that?TRUMP BROUGHT PEACE TO THE MIDDLE EAST. GAME OVER. 💥Trump isn't running against Biden. He's running against the media. And he's still going to win.
Retweeted by Memen BanjoPresident Trump had a historic event for world peace today, and the only thing the media reported on was who was wearing masks.
Retweeted by Memen BanjoJim, you didn’t make a mistake. It’s true, and that’s why you said it. No pandering!
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@CochiseRivera @dickandcomix @MartinaMarkota Becaus the native and the black man are not on horses and appear subse…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @INVESTMENTSHULK 😆😆😆🤪 @hodl_american I thought Bitcoin fixes that. @c0g1018 @AliaGvR @AJDelgado13 Considerably more difficult to be militant if all your regional neighbors have econo… @AliaGvR @AJDelgado13 The palestinians will be the last to have peace, not the first. That is the whole point of this exercise. @CarlKolchak8 @HNIJohnMiller Underrated tweet.
As these two heroes fight for their lives in the hospital, anti-police protestors obstructed access chanting “we ho…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo#vbm #newjersey #Pennsylvania No fraud, no errors, all is good, right? @GovMurphy can't get a primary right. Mo…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @NYCComptroller Importing the California brownouts to NYC. Brilliant strategy!Kanye is a #Bitcoin catalyst waiting to happen. @ScottAdamsSays Anarchy "A-B tests."A long form debate with a neutral moderator. No fake audience reactions. No biased questions. Neutral camera posit…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @Ilhan Yes, just not in the way you mean, commie. @SenSchumer You really think Trump won't do it just to trap you SOBs?
@yashar They have one good point: the masks should never have been a "mandate". They should have been a public hea… @EricRWeinstein I agree he's a nice young man, but he would get eaten alive as prez.How do you like being sniffed from behind? Payback is a bitch.
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @Joy_Villa Sounds like a tough situation to be in. Make sure another relative is holding that baby if mom can't! @djfireball @NE_YangMobile @KamVTV @native719 Trump survived an Ali G interview without looking foolish. He's not afraid of Joe Rogan. @NightlyPolitics Lol, if this helps you sleep at night . . . @rickwtyler @AJDelgado13 Seriously. If he wanted to solve generational conflicts in the middle east, he should hav…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @shadihamid @TheAtlantic Typical leftist. Craps on your face then asks you to "do the right thing" and wear a toilet seat on your head. @BritMartinez Didn't you woke commies already fix this by forcing all the pretty girls to wear masks?On my podcast with @joerogan he offered to moderate a debate between @JoeBiden and @realDonaldTrump It would be fou…
Retweeted by Memen BanjoTo all the traitors to America watching overpaid, spoiled, idiotic athletes who wear names of rapists, criminals &…
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@okcupid I can attest. This app has def helped me find a poll worker or two.It was great to talk with so many Parsippany residents and people from all over NJ yesterday. Sign up for our newsl…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @KellyO Karen O'Donnell.Just landed in Nevada but while on Air Force One watched most vicious TV commercial I have ever seen. Pathetic Joe’…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @EvanAKilgore @realDonaldTrump That's the least of the reasons he deserves it. Korea? Peace breaking out all over the middle east? @G_TheOriginal @VFL2013 New Jersey.
@stillgray @JohnBasham Uh huh. @catturd2 They're too dumb to make these connections. @INVESTMENTSHULK This is the tweet I needed to push me off the couch and into my yard on a Saturday morning. @EugeneTrevino73 @TheRightMelissa @HKrassenstein @realDonaldTrump If it's a government phone, it is not your "perso… @QuaxPod Surgery is real, but don't underestimate diet.It’s time for #NJ’s leaders to wake up & realize that the world has changed post-COVID & the way government operate…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @Ohun_Ashe @ScottAdamsSays I hope they make an example of you. @seanonolennon If you don't own the record for Zep III, with the movable picture wheel, you can't have an opinion on this! @renato_mariotti The "other side" is playing by your rules now, lefty. You reap what you sow. @BlossomRenegade I think stretched ears are gross, but I certainly tolerate them! @FuctupMike When the terrorists get back from summer vacation
@BuzzFeedNews Oh, it's BuzzFeed. @RHH01NJ A turd by any other name.Looking at the packed supermarket, Lowe's and other box stores truly drives home the idiocy of unsolicited mail-in ballots.The truth will prevail!
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@WhoIsAuthentik Another excuse for pompous white liberals to remind black people they're descended from slaves.Keep THIS going
Retweeted by Memen Banjo @RealJamesWoods GOOD BOY. @GovMurphy @instagram @sza No one celebrates that in New Jersey.With Governor Murphy proposing even higher taxes, many are considering leaving our state. I've got a different idea…
Retweeted by Memen BanjoSending out 80 MILLION BALLOTS to people who aren’t even asking for a Ballot is unfair and a total fraud in the mak…
Retweeted by Memen Banjo"Downplay" is the Dem word of the day. @ScottAdamsSays Amazing @DrNinjaMonkey @Lrihendry @realDonaldTrump You realize that even the musicians were trying to stop panic? @DrNinjaMonkey @Lrihendry @realDonaldTrump That would kill more people than actually died, causing a panic and stam… @JoeNBC Joe Scarborough you are wrong. @PonyGirl_04 @Lrihendry They took the steps. It caused the 2008 financial crisis. @DrNinjaMonkey @Lrihendry @realDonaldTrump Captain Dan would have told everyone to rush the lifeboats and that there weren't enough? 😆 @GovMurphy @SenBooker @andresayegh @BillPascrell @BenjieWimberly @BillMoen @FirstLadyNJ How many jobs you gonna kil…