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Read how @BankofAmerica connects @LasVegas teens to career skills/jobs laying groundwork for economic success w/…
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@garudman We have no doubt that you’ll go far as a leader in your community. ☺️ #BofAStudentLeadersIt was an honor to have our 230 #BofAStudentLeaders spend the afternoon with you! @Ashley_garcia2 We know you will accomplish great things. Thank you for spending your week with us at #BofAStudentLeaders!Thanks to @AmericanAir for hosting #CLT @GirlsWhoCode yesterday sponsored by @BankofAmerica
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaAs homelessness rises in #InlandEmpire @BankofAmerica is investing $400K+ w 45 local nonprofits to help break cycle…
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@4gabriellac @RedCross Thanks for your participation as a #BofAStudentLeader, Gabriella. ☺ Love to see all the good… unites us. Today, #BofAStudentLeaders are packing kits for veterans as part of a service-learning activity… what #BofAStudentLeaders have to say about the program that is helping them advance social progress in their c…
@AChistolini @CloseUp_DC Thank you for spending your week with us & impacting students at the #BofAStudentLeaders Summit! 😄 @NLandon6 There’s so much to learn in this beautiful city! We’re glad you’re enjoying your time here.We started something real special in a tough “Scottsdale” neighborhood of Carson collaborating with…
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaA great morning chatting with #BofAStudentLeaders who are visiting Capitol Hill. Their visit to Washington, D.C. he…
Retweeted by Bank of America#BofAStudentLeaders are visiting Capitol Hill today to meet legislators and continue their journey to be more engag… @HeidiRacherla @KerryHSullivan @Evcroell @Raulanaya99 Great to see all the inspiration coming out of this year’s… love seeing #BofAStudentLeaders learning career skills and exploring D.C. at this year’s Student Leaders Summit!
@RJain_02 @4gabriellac @AbdalaShaddi @CarleeGoldberg @NatteriGiacomo Student Leaders' friends are the best kind of… @AbdalaShaddi @GiacomoNatteri @CarleeGoldberg @4gabriellac @RJain_02 @CloseUp_DC Thank YOU for inspiring us. We hop… @NatteriGiacomo @4gabriellac @CarleeGoldberg @RJain_02 @Lilia_Ciciolla @AbdalaShaddi Looks like a lot of fun! We’re… find inspiration by learning about extraordinary leaders at the D.C. monuments.…
Exciting news just announced! See you in September at the #BofAROVAL400. make the world a more inclusive place. Celebrate 50 years of @SpecialOlympics.
The #BofAStudentLeaders Summit is back! We're empowering the next generation to build a better world.… to “Welcome Home” @SpecialOlympics Athletes with my @BankofAmerica team! Team Florida earned over 90 medal…
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Through #BofAStudentLeaders, students like De-Shaunah cultivate personal and professional skills to chart a path fo… a fantastic week it's been in Seattle! We continue to #PickUpHope as we celebrate all @SpecialOlympics
@2018USAGames @Microsoft @Starbucks @Boeing Such a great week had by all and today's employment job fair was outsta… @SpecialOlympics @2018USAGames overflowed with love, support, and hope. The games may be over, but our commitme…’re impressed by the hard work from our #BofAStudentLeaders with @CISSanAntonio! Can’t wait to see what’s next fo… you to @espn & @BankofAmerica for the great pieces tonight on @SpOlympicsMA athletes in flag football,…
Retweeted by Bank of America @cbeckwith03 @BGCSNV We're proud of you both! Thanks for allowing your daughter to take part in this great… we win, we win together. 🏅 That's what makes the @2018USAGames so special. From athletes to volunteers, let’s… @NLandon6 @BGCMia Glad to see you enjoyed the holiday with @BGCMia. See you in D.C. soon! 😃 #BofAStudentLeaders @Ashley_garcia2 @BGCA_Clubs Keep up the great work, Ashley! We’re excited to see what you accomplish this summer wi…
The athletes competing in this year's @2018USAGames have something to be proud of. Congratulations to all the athle…"We see a lot of synergies between what happens on the field, the pool & the court carry over to the workplace, & w…
Retweeted by Bank of America#BofAStudentLeaders is one way we're helping young people build pathways to success.’s @KNegandhiESPN reporting from #FlagFootball this morning at @UW IMA Field! Be sure to come out to the…
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaMuseums are full of things to love. Come visit one of our 200+ participating institutions during the first full wee…
Beat the Heat! Watch the rebroadcast of @BankofAmerica Celebration at the Station tonight in @KCPT ! 8:30 pm
Retweeted by Bank of America @SportsSODude @SpecialOlympics @2018USAGames Thanks Adam and good luck this week!This #IndependenceDay we’re proud to celebrate alongside brave @SpecialOlympics athletes and passionate fans who su… week had it all. Your @BankOfAmerica fan favorite moments.
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaOur employees Ann Marie and Steve are reporting live from the @2018USAGames. The pair took some time yesterday to h… smiles and a big 👍 up from our employee Tyler who is competing this week @SpecialOlympics @2018USAGames.…
We are so proud of @SODelaware athlete and our employee Erin, as she took to the court on day 1 of @2018USAGames.… @Kerri_Schroeder @BigWalt71 @espn @barlowshell What a great team! So glad we had @BigWalt71 on our side, thank you… @BankofAmerica teammates had a blast w/ @SpecialOlympics athletes, @SeattlePD @SeattleFire @SeattleSonics
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaHope is a powerful force and it's in the air at the @2018USAGames. @SpecialOlympics athletes and fans are collectin…
@esther8richmon1 @2018USAGames Our #BofAVolunteers rock!Proud of our #BofAStudentLeaders, enjoy the week! @BankofAmerica #PickUpHope
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaGreat to see our friends from @SpOlympicsMA taking the field. 🏈 Learn more about their journey to the @2018USAGames join us this week and cheer on the athletes at @SpecialOlympics @2018USAGames Flag Football venue we are proud… @SpecialOlympics @espn @2018USAGames We are beyond excited to cheer on our employee Tyler this week in swimming. G… to have been able to participate in the #2018USAGames opening ceremonies today, and to celebrate inclusions…
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaLet the games begin! The @SpecialOlympics @2018USAGames are finally here. Follow along as we #PickUpHope for a more… we play unified. Our employee athletes Erin and Tyler playing alongside @BigWalt71, @barlowshell and… @TimShriver @SpecialOlympics @AnneFinucane Thanks @TimShriver. Red, white and blue - our favorite colors. Such a gr… employee and @SpecialOlympics athlete Erin Bailey showing her #2018USAGames pride and Independence…
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaGo Team @BankofAmerica! Cheering for our teammates + @SpecialOlympics athletes Tyler + Erin; Seattle Market Preside…
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@Barlowshell and I are ready to compete alongside our employees Tyler Kennedy and Erin Bailey on behalf of…
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaThe flame has been lit! Let the #2018USAGames begin! #RiseWithUs
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaThank you @SpecialOlympics and @TimShriver for leading an #InclusionRevolution. The team @BankofAmerica is proud t…
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaGood luck to all athletes this week as you are "brave in the attempt" at the @SpecialOlympics @2018USAGames.… Opening Ceremony for the @2018USAGames starts NOW! Tune in to @ABCNetwork to catch the action! #2018USAGames
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaWe @BankofAmerica are out here @UW for the @2018USAGames ready to cheer on @specialolyUSA athletes. Go Team…
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaExcited to cheer on our very own @barlowshell and @Kerri_Schroeder! #PickUpHope Seattle this week for the @SpecialOlympics @2018USAGames? Come see us in the Fan Zone. #PickUpHope
Meet Devon and Ryan from the Arizona #SOCheer Squad! @BankofAmerica @2018USAGames #PickUpHope
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaOn 3....🎶1, 2, 3 cheer!🎶. Great way to start the morning at the @2018USAGames with the @SpecialOlympics #SOCheer te… Tyler. This @SpecialOlympics athlete is having a blast in and out of the pool. Wish him luck at the… @BankofAmerica is ready to take on the challenge @CenturyLink_Fld today #ChooseToInclude
Retweeted by Bank of AmericaWay to go Paul! Good luck at the @2018USAGames. #PickUpHope
It was a month full of love, pride, strength, spirit and diversity. Thank you to those who helped us celebrate!…
@tweeting_p Thank you, Parisa, for choosing to #PickUpHope for Special Olympics athletes. Reply #OK to let us highl… @Ash_Bash_Ortiz Thanks for sharing your hope, Ashley! Reply #OK to let us feature your tweet in our marketing for t… @MrsNicoleScott Thank you, Nicole, for choosing to #PickUpHope for Special Olympics athletes. Reply #OK to let us h… @StraussKristen Thanks for sharing your hope, Kristin! Reply #OK to let us feature your tweet in our marketing for…