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Grant Bankroft @Bankroft Winnipeg, Canada

VALORANT F/A IGL Sentinel/Controller "Expect nothing, only then can you be prepared for anything."

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@fairyfps my bad @KingFPS__ if you know you know...honestly gonna be such a hype weekend, val matches + cs major @symrifle you guys all had a great week :) @kayavlr ur going thru it huh... @abbzTEED PURPLE @andersin_val @PlayVALORANT posture check
@Dark3stVal bruh @andersin_val u jinxed urself with this title.
An advice to be a great Teammate/Leader is to understand that humans are different. And only by treating them diffe…
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @kayavlr BANKRUPT? i get it im poor but cmon man @kayavlr Ur kinda nice though ... @KP_fps @999sonderr banger @FaZeUpdate @1flyuh @FaZeClan @valesports_na THATS MY IGLFAZE VALORANT ROSTER UPDATE: @1flyuh will be returning to the starting lineup for this weekend's matchup against L…
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@abbzTEED abby? @ApexVLR ur a noob lolWhy is everyone acting like saying valorant is easy money is because the game is easy and not because there’s just… @1flyuh living the life... @Huston_TV Might need a POTENTIAL player for the NSG chicago Lan. Your hotel would be paid for. Tier 1 exp is a must. DM meI am officially LFT, looking to explore any and all my options. I have the most experience and am most comfortable…
Retweeted by Grant BankroftLFT Duelist / Flex Willing to learn / Ready to grind and exploring all of my options <3 DM's open
Retweeted by Grant BankroftLooking for paid opportunities in Valorant, I'm still competiting and practicing with Nearest Airport. Open to any…
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @yazzyxz @realmocking almost. @FireKnightVAL My agent will be contacting your agent shortly.Still practicing with Nearest Airport as I continue to try hone my skills as a player and caller.Looking for paid opportunities in VALORANT. I am adept at playing all sentinel and controller agents. I also have…
@abbzTEED FOCUS 👏 UP 👏been really distracted lately, gotta mental reset and focus up :|plot twist i just met himqueuing spike rush to meet her @fairyfps whenever i get girls in my game i get so nervous i cant play @aEvilcat this is big @Huston_TV bankroft would love thisyou guys are ruthless man @abbzTEED girl boss
@mayuhri_x1 LOL dont say thatlans r so far and so expensive damn @nosyy_tv @BrookLAN_NY @CrazymojoVAL @Virtyyyy @Nurfed @NotReduxx NOSYY W @Jasprrx W
@ScrewFaceVAL bro.huge props to the people who can fit time for friends and other personal life stuff whilst competing, it's so hard @ApexVLR life is full of shit like that, at some point you just gotta come to terms with it and not linger on it. i… @Saderrrrrrr PLEASE.
the break between maps are longer than the maps themselves 💀 @abbzTEED why queue central when u can queue with me
Idk what I'm doing just taking shit one day at a time you feellong overdo dose of ranked clips @Junafour we support juna gaming. @fairyfps caption goes hard @akosimeri i must sleep. @kayavlr :^) @kayavlr i wish that were true when we duo’d! @ARIANARCHIST based take @akosimeri idk i’m just trynna get impressions @Dark3stVal Thanks for the ELO!it’s real thinking hours, like this tweet if u thinkin @m4yuhri takes about 2+ weeks to adjust to that kind of change from my experience
@tdawggVAL the g e n e s @AriaSaki breeze is cursed. @florscnt SHIT THATS WHAT HAPPENED?When I was in T5 as a no name, I got a group of friends together and played in go4s to get into comp. After that, m…
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @florscnt @imperial_val DENIED
@Junafour @KingFPS__ cypher is the best sentinel at doing sentinel things @fairyfps u got it like that?
@Dark3stVal @ApexVLR @cohburg @w0rldw1de_na @zeldrisval @korrynnn @shyjim Dune Baboons 💀With #VCT starting back up, I just want to throw out there that 5 of my very hard-working teammates do not have the…
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @ShyJim_ @ApexVLR agree + vouch @cohburg @ApexVLR Who’s Howard? @iotachae @Enigma03Z @Bellexion i will not speak without a lawyer present.
@Ketan23_ huge hot take, odds stacked against me, biggest underdog prediction ever @minaweeb @Junafour copium @Junafour SHEESH where ya goin
@TrickAIM feels even worse considering it’s the last VCT open 😔 @Dark3stVal @cohburg @zincval ok we beat u NA on top @abbzTEED :(((banks considers the possibility that sentinels and ghost qualify today @Jasprrx :( @Jasprrx PMA @Jasprrx nu. @Jasprrx nop @Jasprrx No! @Saderrrrrrr @Bellexion WIt is kind of crazy to me though that a tier 1 org having similar tech issues in terms of time, get 30 extra minute…
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @abbzTEED is that a yes. @abbzTEED it means if ur not gonna be my girlfriend irl you should be my girl onlinebanky tinks wrong
@Dark3stVal you JUST realized this?bankroft tinks that 100T and Knights will qualify todayesports healthy balance + future plans Read:
Retweeted by Grant BankroftLFT Sentinel/Smokes/Duelist Can IGL Very Vocal, constantly bring ideas I don't want to m…
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @florscnt suuuure 🙄LF3 for a Game Changers Roster -Looking for any role, as we are flexible. -Winners mentality, open schedules. -Ex…
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @florscnt you never invite me to 5 stack.
I got to speak to @andersin_val about his journey through VALORANT and it was very cool. You can find it here, if…
Retweeted by Grant BankroftAndy was one of the players that I had the privilege of supporting when I first started watching Val. He’s insanely…
Retweeted by Grant BankroftNearest Airport was on a timer and that time is up. If there's anyone responsible for the short success we had it's…
Retweeted by Grant Bankroftout of vct