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Grant Bankroft @Bankroft Winnipeg, Canada

Engineering Student and Stock Trader Business Inquiries @CarterPulse

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@ImposterVAL not this many months inthis is how my April is going, how’s urs? @koalanoob @ValorLeaks epic minecraft survival games mapI am now LFT as IGL. DM’s/email open. 😜
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better metaPeople are starting to really focus on their movement. I can’t justify using the vandal anymore. It’s too hard to h…
Retweeted by Grant BankroftWe are pleased to announce that @TenZOfficial will be competing with Sentinels through the end of Challengers Finals.
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @lyekuu ok you win @lyekuu yeah nice try i lost 13 ranked games in a row last week
@RESHURAA i told you bro... you literally shot him through the corner he was peekingWhen there's a streamer on the other team and your teammate says "lets stack A this round trust"
Retweeted by Grant BankroftStill LFT looking for the right fit :) can play any role besides sova & my skye is ass.
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @1dianazzz NOT ON IT NOT ON IT @koalanoob what happened to eznoobs team
@1dianazzz my bad... @1dianazzz @Kyrokana @Kyrokana cute... plays Jett... has a nice voice... nah ur joshin me... @Kyrokana u swim in females don’t pretend like kisses aren’t readily available for youwho needs a kiss rn @katsumiFPS YOU HAVE MY ENDLESS SUPPORT. @m4yuhri My toxic masculinity says that I should be capable of anything 😈 @m4yuhri feels like I just got called harmless ngl... @m4yuhri that’s cap bc unless you were pretending that you didn’t know I was weird
@902Creed girls are scary bro @tariannkan Think I promised like 4 different girls that I’d marry them if I was single at 30. Future me gonna have a hard time
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @katsumiFPS kat you need to get some sun...
@RealStrongLegs Because living creatures suck at long term planning, although humans are better at it than most org… @m4yuhri I fuckin wish... get me out @_Bewd Honestly I kinda just stopped thinking about it, I don’t really mind it because I keep to myself anyways @m4yuhri Nah... there’s way too much drama and not enough cute girls in love with me to balance it outLike I really be walking around with anime protagonist expressions on my face since I stopped going out I forgot how people think I look scary irl because I always have a detached expressi… @ttvxoxohailey FELTMDL players be match-fixing in CS and then switch to Valorant. Like, bro, you're worried about the wrong agents
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@Justlntime14 It’s ok bro girls are scary anyways @Yazzers haven and bind are both maps where you fundamentally have to gamble to win rounds, and ascent plays really… @Yazzers only map where aim matters @whisfps theyre close but i think haven is worse because you have better chances at making the right calls at a fuc… @Justlntime14 add that with covid dating and you see 3 girls a year... @CSNaturEE @Glorinsz the igl lord csnature has spoken, I rest my case @Glorinsz bind and haven are disasters that should have never made it to live servers, ascent is static and limited… > icebox > ascent > bind > haven’m sorry guys I’m sick my cognitive powers for shit posting is compromisedIf I?... 🖐 threw a match... would you... 🙋‍♀️ catch it? ✊ @CSNaturEE @WedidOfficial Nature the type of guy to say “good round” when he does everything... @Kyrokana @scourge_val my man stuck in the lab bro... SAO type beat can’t leave or he dies
Bind is the worst map in the pool <:)
Retweeted by Grant BankroftWanna weigh out ALL options before choosing anything. LFT Duelist (Can Jett OP) Open to learning other agents w/ the right team.
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I feel like the one thing i have going for me is my adaptability and deep agent pool. As long as i can make that ex… @itscaseytwitch I don’t know, the logistics of the schedules is the biggest issueAs of now @GhostGaming is LF1 who is able to play controllers/flex RTs appreciated
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @itscaseytwitch depends the games and depends on the contractsi have the unusual desire to go pro in two games at once
LFT Sova / Breach / Sentinel I'm ready to be dropped in running, I just want to win. Schedule is free, DM's are o…
Retweeted by Grant Bankrofti miss cs
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @Poach @Sentinels @builtbygamers 🐐
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft"we had them in the mind prison" - @Bjorlulu LMAOO i love this @VaporLX I lost interest bro it’s like real life man... it’s all exciting once you start talking but as soon as you… @m4yuhri ill stare at youMy mans are buying 10k pcs to lock in duelist faster...
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @claudiavalorant take a break if u need to, if you really love the game you'll find yourself coming back @TrickVAL 0 duelist is troll @TrickVAL until someone dethrones sentinels I think it’s hard to say otherwise, but I would definitely argue that s…
LFT VALORANT: Open to any and all offers, willing to play whatever agent. I have competitive exp on controller/sent…
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @Yazzers 2-0 ghost if nismo is playing @j8xxie happy birf
@FatedBill @Immortals @ShoT_UPcs @RossyUA it means he requested to not play, reason isnt specified"hey let's default shor--" my team:
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @Kyrokana @zander_fps @ookers_VAL @mayuhri_ @cevvVAL @zambiee_ @Khai_cs @Tsuyaval when you guys qualify for Iceland I can go for u @Whiffany Happy birfdayok I admit sova > skye
Retweeted by Grant BankroftI know it's a big shock to the Ranked community but Yoru is still dogshit so don't lock it in my games :D
Retweeted by Grant BankroftReturning to competitive VALORANT :^) @1dianazzz @mythicaaaa @FrostyValorant @1dianazzz thought of uima be quick with it too.
potentially need a Emergency sub for VCT this week, any raze players who aren't on a VCT Roster (IN ANY FORM) Dm me ASAP!!!!!
Retweeted by Grant Bankroftviper will be better in ranked but she still won’t be that good in pro play I said it
@nurfed25 nurfed. green no outline 1411 1191 trust me. @max_mlrs I meant 70F is 20C and -8F is -22CICYMI: HRTF launches with Patch 2.06. So... what is HRTF? It allows players wearing headphones to play audio in a…
Retweeted by Grant Bankroft @max_mlrs 20C to -22C @jacobcavern man watches one frag movie of a jett running around and right clicking people...I can last minute sub for VCT as Sova or Jett/duelistOnly here can it be 70 degrees one day and having a snowstorm at -8 the nextnot to get too real on the feed but, i think I’m scarred to the point where I’ll never get romantically involved wi… @wendifulz amount of self control it takes for me not to change my alias is unmatched @nachewy true, mfs really dont know how much women's underwear costs... @nachewy i'd go with the 40 bucks over the gifted
@theKingFPS_ Someone answered so I deleted the tweet, there’s strict laws against cheating in games in China @TrickVAL sheesh I’m straight uneducated then @mayuhri_ the hard truth @1j0seph you like this meme format? twitter users: yes yes yesyes yesyes yes yes yes ye… some radiant ranked. SHEESH
@DekyFPS @PlayVALORANT weird flex bro