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Banok Rind @banoky Melbourne

25. Yamatji Badimaya. Registered Nurse. Master of Public Health @unimelb. Strong advocate for our people’s health and wellbeing ✊🏾❤️. All opinions are my own

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Sending healing, strength and jalajala to all my brothers and sisters today 🖤💛❤️💚🖤💙🤍 Remember we are still here, s…
Retweeted by Banok RindMake sure you use these hashtags when posting photos and your hot takes from #AbolishAustraliaDay #InvasionDay
Retweeted by Banok Rind#InvasionDay Rally building at Hyde Park on Gadigal Land #AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe
Retweeted by Banok RindIf you see me around today, please come say hi! I’m covering the Melbourne Invasion Day Rally for @NITV and…
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@MadelineHayman I read this in your voice
Hey Twitter mates, help me out. A young guy I have worked with in a number of African Autralian youth programs is d…
Retweeted by Banok RindFirst Nations kids are being detained at 23 times the rate of non-Indigenous young people but Change the Record cam…
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Check out our impact in 2019! Man by man community by community we are making an impact on remote men’s health & we…
Retweeted by Banok RindIt’s ok to be white and turn up to an Invasion Day March. In fact, it’s vital. Turning up means you recognise that…
Retweeted by Banok RindThis whole situation is cruel, unkind and simply not the way we do business. Don’t publicly question mob, question… what keeps us strong in mind, body and spirit. 🖤💛❤️🤍💚💙🖤#HealingTogether2020
Retweeted by Banok RindBlack fulla twitter: any of u lawyers who follow me on here willing or able to do pro bono for criminal matter for…
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@johnistoasted @cienan_m @ShannanJDodson Thank you my jija can’t wait to see you!❤️ @malri92 @schirriant Knew you’d appreciate that @Saflmtd I SAID WHAT I SAIDBig big thank you to everyone for all the birthday love and wishes yesterday ❤️❤️ Feeling very content, grounded a… @Hocking_Rachael @NITV 😍😍❤️🙌🏾 @raejohnston @MattNT11
@schirriant My ancestors got my back unna @BundjalungBud @pauldutton1968 @pauldutton1968 😂😂😂 * shouts * SHAAAAAME @pauldutton1968 Yes.. like lord of the rings @pauldutton1968 of the rings ... ain’t that great @RecAustralia @Sharon_Davis_ Congratulations sis ❤️❤️ @Saflmtd I knew it🤷🏽‍♀️😁*Makes a birthday wish* “I wish for all the mob to say... polony” @MadelineHayman MODEL 😍 @MattNT11 I’m out @Saflmtd HAHAHAHappy birthday @banoky Here’s a blurry selfie since we’re VERY professional people...
Retweeted by Banok RindLove you my jija ❤️ @banoky happy birthday 🎈🎉🎊🍰🍾🖤
Retweeted by Banok Rind @pauldutton1968 Thank you Unc!!! ❤️❤️#NewProfilePic Turned 25 today 🙌🏾 Always very grateful and blessed to have come this far, it’s been a long journe…
Are you First Nations & thinking that maybe you’d like to do a PhD? I maintain a blog post with information on sch…
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@schirriant @blackwood2017 He can tell you what DNJLJ means 😂 @blackwood2017 @schirriant DAMPER NOSE
Go give my deadly brother @blackwood2017 a follow. If we are talking about real change makers, he is one of them. I…
Retweeted by Banok Rind @schirriant @blackwood2017 DNJ @schirriant @MattNT11 All the dumb names we got 😂Dampaleen instead of trampoline - my mob Example: “We jumping on the dampaleen” @JamesAGSaunders We are under attack 😂 @schirriant @Sharon_Davis_ @Leesidge @schirriant It’s icy poles!!Join us at #HealingTogether2020 for young mob to come together to press pause, connect & gather strength. As we con…
Retweeted by Banok RindIndigenous Comic Con 2019 marked the very first time Australia has ever had an entire convention focusing on the co…
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@Leesidge @Sharon_Davis_ @schirriant @yodaberg @aleeb88 ❤️❤️ @aleeb88 @yodaberg Nyornn😂❤️❤️ I remember having honey bread or white bread with sugar 😂 @indigpolitics 😂😂 I thought I was the only one @BundjalungBud @UniMelbPoche @Robyn_Oxley @Stacey_Coates @ItsJustPep @JordanCory @LIME__Network @AuroraMilroy @tamarabutler #UniMelbPoche Fellow @simonesherriff has been busy! Check out some of her recent work and publications o…
Retweeted by Banok RindAnyone ever call croissants prawn shape bread/prawn bread or just my family 😂 @BundjalungBud
@drcbond We called them sandwiches from the sandwich maker nyorn😂 @schirriant @BundjalungBud Which way? @ABCIndigenous I’m weak 😂😂😂😂Polony is the truest yarn going around of Wilson’s death has been telling. A blak women died in the states prison but two weeks ago and all p…
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@AraDoug Love you sis❤️ @MerindaDutton @pauldutton1968 Boss!!How my winyarn self be going level of insecurity felt when your mob watch you pour milo into a mug “Eya look emptying out the tin”Anyone that says they like Mondays eat their sandwiches with just cheese. The light version. Not grilled.
Retweeted by Banok Rind @BundjalungBud @BundjalungBud *Polony* @BundjalungBud @BundjalungBud @pauldutton1968 @LFC Happy birthday Unc. You are deadly, have so much love and respect for you! 🙌🏾Had a legal studies teacher calling me abo all the time then one lesson we were learning about Native Title & Eddie… @BundjalungBud
@Sharon_Davis_ @schirriant @Leesidge @BundjalungBud @drcbondOn behalf of WA blackfullas: We will not accept defeat @BundjalungBud @schirriant Tupac wanna fight youWho ya got? @schirriant
Retweeted by Banok Rind @BundjalungBud @schirriant HAHAHA @Sharon_Davis_ Nah nah we won’t
@blackwood2017 @AETCEWA5 @noongarradio @rangihirini @ErnieDingo1 And of course @blackwood2017 DNJ @InalaCooper @crystalam @AETCEWA5 @noongarradio @rangihirini @ErnieDingo1 @Leesidge @ShannanJDodson @RindShahnaz @Saflmtd @KaytlinJKelly @pat_dudgeon @leslie_dingo @Leesidge @schirriant @RodL2 @Sharon_Davis_ @LeesidgeOk let’s go #BlackfullaTwitter @drcbond @joewilliams_tew @IndigenousXLtd @ABCIndigenous Siri getting sung 😂 @Sharon_Davis_ @joewilliams_tew It’s polony😂Every time something absurd happens I’m just like... who asked you? Like for real no one wants your vacuous and ign…
Retweeted by Banok RindThere is an “efficient manner”. Our mob have their ways in linking mob and identifying. Just cos it’s not as easy o…
Retweeted by Banok RindVeronica Nelson was on remand in the maximum security Dame Phyllis Frost Centre for shoplifting after she was refus…
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Strength from perpetual grief: how Aboriginal people experience the bushfire crisis. Thanks for this lovely thought…
Retweeted by Banok RindSo this detail is worth highlighting in a standalone tweet: Cashman appears to be lobbying commonwealth authorities…
Retweeted by Banok RindPutting a dead moth in the teachers tea 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ @schirriant