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Banok Rind @banoky Melbourne

Badimia Yamatji nyarlu | Registered Nurse | M.P.H @unimelb | 🖤💛❤️ All views expressed are my own

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@Saflmtd HAHAA @WALangProf Mmm or gurdabi @JM_Field5 aw I missed it but I’ve only heard amazing things! 🥰🥰 @NarelleMacPher1 @aleeb88 But the look of disappointment when they get the real value given to them is cramps 😂😂😂😂😂 @keera50422705 Oh god that one make me wanna @PepPhelan Oh nyorn bless 😂😂 ay ay Captain @angelgabe6 @MelindaMann01 Alright now I got goosebumps 😂Me watching some of the nasty stuff white people be bringing on Antiques Roadshow: @PepPhelan 😂😂😂😂!!!! That’s so funny @MelindaMann01 Me getting flogged 😂 @path_ethic Hahaha @BundjalungBud Nyorn I just woke up from my post cuppa aunty girl nap @angelgabe6 😂😂😂I’ve watched 4 people getting swooped by magpies this week and I’ve busted my hole out laughing every single time… @cienan_m @pauldutton1968 is the king of dad jokes Friday @shaunwarnock_sw 😂😂😂 @DaBlackBillBurr @Twitter @RindShahnaz @DaBlackBillBurr @Twitter @RindShahnaz 😂😂 @KyraJade Yeah you rightStruggled to get out of bed this morning, aunty just wanted to have a big sleep in, Office 365 not working and can'…
@MomodouTaal Privately educated... they talking about it like it's a personality trait😂 @DaBlackBillBurr @DaBlackBillBurr I love Willie 😂 @cienan_m you’d love thisThe blackfulla “I’m moving house” bag 😂#IYKYK really homesick and really missing my old Yamatji today Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did… strand of the owners hair.. for creative purposes @BundjalungBud Oh of course @BundjalungBud Lmao maybe they’ll take pages out of all the blackfulla twitter tweets and claim as their own 👀👀 @flashblak You are so beautiful sister! @LouiseApryl @MerikiKO Don't get me started on afterpay ay @angelgabe6 how much you reckon we both spent 😂
Alright #BlackfullaTwitter I was a bit out of it last week but I’m back in action now and will be on my usual Aunt… has left the chat
@aamer_rahman He just wanna retire and play handball😂 @MelindaMann01 BUST OUT😂😂😂😂 @DrMLongbottom @BundjalungBud Omg my sister!! This was soo beautiful and made me so happy hahaha ❤️😂😂 @ayyschirripa TG like that's a you problem @ayyschirripa also bub no one told you to be on time and sit around alone @RindShahnaz Look at this doll @ayyschirripa I picked up on that and she is especially when she mentioned the "on my way but you're still at home… @RindShahnaz You gonna love it soon @julsie75 jija, my sister, my best friend @RindShahnaz is using Twitter more now so #BlackfullaTwitter let’s show her some… @julsie75 Let’s gooo hahahaha😂 @JacyntaKrakouer Made me so weak 😂 @BundjalungBud @ThomasFengAU YES😂Lmao so this is what Uncle Kevin been upto @angelgabe6 Few more months and we’ll be busting it down fo WAP, Destiny’s Child, Burna Boy😂How 4 more weeks of stage 4 got me feeling swear September was only 4 days And I feel like I’ve aged by at least 20 yearsI feel personally attacked 😂 Someone come get this white girl
@BarmEArmE @BundjalungBud @LukeLPearson Woooo we love it!!Thanks to Luke & everyone at @IndigenousX for my hoodie. Who'd have thought that shaming yourself online with a son…
Retweeted by Banok Rind @TessRyan1 @IndigenousX Love it Tess! I got the same colour 😂❤️Special appearance of @KaytlinJKelly and my darling niece in this Trachoma Care video ❤️❤️
@Robyn_Oxley I’ll tell him to do one!! 😂 @Robyn_Oxley He’s got a week left and reckons “same shit every day, ground hogs day” 😂I miss @banoky’s Dad!
Retweeted by Banok Rind @Robyn_Oxley I miss him too!! He’s gone back to WA nyorn 😔
@MelindaMann01 The both of you are my favourite ❤️😂 @angelgabe6 @banoky @IndigenousX @LukeLPearson @IndigenousXLtd @BundjalungBud @banoky @IndigenousXLtd got myself a Deadly hoodi…
Retweeted by Banok Rind @darrenclinch @IndigenousX @LukeLPearson @IndigenousXLtd @BundjalungBud Lookout Unc!!🙌🏾❤️❤️MIC DROP with this #Koorioke 😂🙌🏾 @989fmcountry Awww yes!!! Love this one 🙌🏾❤️Ok this is my favourite one & I have the biggest smile on my face Thanks for spreading the joy sister… @InalaCooper YES YES!! @InalaCooper @DollyParton @TeachingSana Omgggg yesss this is my favourite one 😂❤️👏🏾
@angelgabe6 @BliggleBitch @BundjalungBud @JacyntaKrakouerMy piece on #racism in sport, a human rights approach to Corporate Social Responsibility #Firebirds
Retweeted by Banok Rind @angelgabe6 @BliggleBitch @BundjalungBud Yes please let’s do this!! @JM_Field5 @Robyn_Oxley @TessRyan1 @angelgabe6 Hahahahaha😂😂 we the same TGWell, here it is. It's taken me a long time to talk about let alone write about it, but it's started me on a journe…
Retweeted by Banok RindAlso that poxy statement & apology doesn’t hold these mob into account at all. They will still continue to tokenise… had the time today to read this properly and I just wanna say - Good luck digging yourself out of this ho… @missmirandatap Happy birthday @nakkiahlui ❤️❤️ @angelgabe6 Coming from you my sister!!I wanted to give car #Koorioke a go + it’s not really Murrioke unless you 🎤 Aunty Mariah 🤣#kooriokeSuperstar
Retweeted by Banok Rind @flashblak Aw YES!!! Love some Aunty Mariah @1KarenWyld I jus- @banoky I saw this over on Insta and need an expert's opinion. Goat or sheep?
Retweeted by Banok RindLatest and most adorable #Koorioke ❤️❤️ @jadaj @BundjalungBud Awww I love this #Koorioke so much!! How adorable ❤️❤️😭Lovely @blackgin 👏🏾 @BundjalungBud and @banoky #KooriokeSuperstar still going strong!
Retweeted by Banok Rind @BlackwellJ_ @BundjalungBud I will be waiting the #Koorioke committee @BundjalungBud loved all the #KooriokeSuperstar videos (also keep them coming) but… @InalaCooper @IndigenousX @LukeLPearson @IndigenousXLtd @BundjalungBud @TeachingSana Yes! There’s no time limit to… @drcbond Oh no
@MelindaMann01 @IndigenousX @LukeLPearson @IndigenousXLtd @BundjalungBud @angelgabe6 yes nyorn little ones @angelgabe6 i wanna eat it 😂😂 @angelgabe6 TG that's a lamb 😂😂 @KyraJade We stay hyping each other up 😂 @KyraJade How beautiful & it looks so good jij!!! I say keep it long and wait till summer time"now go write a memoir or something" HAAA! @indi_clarke @cienan_m Still us @DJARMBISUPREME I just spat my water outDeadly opportunity to join the team at KYC 👣🙌🏾 Applications open until Monday 28th Sept, next week 🖤💛❤🤍💚💙🖤
Retweeted by Banok Rind @BundjalungBud I feel attacked