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@AnthonySabatini From people like you... @marceelias A very good day! @andrewbowser @joshruben I vouch for Andrew! Laugh out loud funny @horrordad You spotted me 🤗
The latest episode of ALTER WEEKLY is out now! We talk with Sade and Chris from @afrohorrorpod about Candyman! THEN…
Retweeted by Barbara Crampton @812filmreviews @RottenTomatoes Congrats! 🎉 @AisleSeat Totally worked! Wut?!!! @Blueeyeddevil72 Yes you caught me! @biddlebrian @LordsPrayer6 @FANGORIA @JustinMartell12 @Shudder 😮😂❤️ @JustinMartell12 @BadgrGrl21 @Shudder ❤️❤️❤️ @PhilNobileJr @JackDaripper76 Prob not! @JeffDanPhillips @horror_channel @FrightFest 😮😘 @alanfrightfest ❤️❤️❤️ @galaxienema @JustinMartell12 Both beautiful with an old world vibe... just very different @JustinMartell12 @galaxienema True that. It was a beautiful location
@JeffFromOhio @itsemilysweet @panda8669 @Shudder We all need to hire her more! @RyanKuck1 Haha... He had beautiful hair when I met him but that’s not why I fell in love with him... 😍 @itsemilysweet @panda8669 @JeffFromOhio @Shudder I know how much you love the horror genre and how dedicated you ar… Anniversary to the man of my dreams, Bob! 20 years today...❤️ @panda8669 @itsemilysweet @JeffFromOhio @Shudder Emily is amazing in it! Thanks for watching!!! xxx @Brian_Tallerico This looks very good! @abnerpastoll If you write it.. I’m certain... it will tie me up in knots @Marshy00 @pierceconran Things are weird over here but new admin for our country and vaccines rolling out! Things are looking rosy to come! @pierceconran @Marshy00 Omg! That’s quite a watch for someone who’s never seen it. Things are improving over here a… @jaketapper You’re the best Jake! @tedgeoghegan @WWE Wow that was powerful @abnerpastoll 🤔😂😂 @Marshy00 @pierceconran Hi you two!
@HMoviesBeyond Awful @theozzyscene @lesleybohm @BrettGlam 😲😮🙏 @msdanifernandez @lesleybohm @BrettGlam 😘 @Jeffmillenb @ScreamsBehind @tedgeoghegan Ohhhh wow thanks x @TheEricGoldman @lesleybohm @BrettGlam Same! @sophhiebrown @lesleybohm @BrettGlam 😉🙏Can’t wait to ask you to sit next to me 🛋✨ @vmenendezb 😍 @vmenendezb I’m partial of course but ... Stuart Gordon?This is what cold, hard fury sounds like.
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@adamegypt This is deep @ivylam22 Omg! @JSolis82 I feel pretty lucky. Staying in bed and rested the whole time. Still not certain it was Covid.. could hav… @OsricChau I think I had it Jan 2020. In bed for 17 days. Headache, coughing, trouble breathing. @AlanWCerny Oh no... Fell better. Let us know what the doc says xx @AlexisIacono I bet she could order them for you!My daughter just got a job selling shoes at Nordstrom. I just bought a pair of rain boots from her. She found me th…
@JHandorf @ivylam22 That’s the answer @shantyire We named our son Luke after Newman’s character! @bluebloodbc Hahahaha... I see a running theme 🤗 @AlohaPete 👻 @Moxjoe Go figure ... @MavisGary It’s soooo funny @Critapocalypse It just makes me laugh so hard ... every time!The Big Lebowski The Shining The Wizard of Oz The Exorcist It’s a Wonderful Life Pineapple Express The Texas Chains… @PhaurePhilippe 🥰 @tanweehoo It’s Ring Mountain looking towards San Quentin @jason_blum Stay as well as possible! @HMoviesBeyond 😭❤️🌹🙏 Love to you Ivotres! You are important to our community and to me! I look forward to reading y… @JoeBiden Thank you Joe for doubling down on kindness! @joshruben I know... that was so clever! @abnerpastoll Hi Abner! Miss you x
Hiking! to Post Mortem’s unexpected hiatus earlier this year, I wasn’t able to comment on the late, great Stuart Gordon…
Retweeted by Barbara Crampton @Winter Firing squads? Holy hell @abnerpastoll @netflix Ohhhh @marg_theroux AmazonIt took me awhile to get to watching THE RENTAL but it was really good. I liked the set up with the four characters… @MatthewStiegler Thanks! Interesting thread! Very happy they did the right thing in PA. @HQ10 @BrianUdovich I agree!
@ryanlarson I have a friend who lives there and her husband is immune compromised and she and he and their son are very careful.. @choptopmoseley He can’t squirrel away enough votes to change anything. Trump thought this election would be closer… @craigengler I feel with this answer, I understand you better Craig! xLook at this Re-Animator poster art by @SpaceBoyComics!! 😍 love LITTLE SISTER so much. I wish more people would watch it. It’s a great little film. Thank you x @B_D_Rocker @gorycoryhorror Both not in my top but I appreciate your like for them @EricTrump Yes. I want a return to decency and honor and 80 million Americans seem to agree. @LovelyZena @Shudder Really fun @MikeCrissinger2 @gorycoryhorror It’s good. Just doesn’t make my top topHappy birthday @joe_dante!
Retweeted by Barbara Crampton @shubdo @jjhale78 @gorycoryhorror Have not seen that one @MacReadys_Beard @MickGarrisPM I grew up fast! @Robadud @gorycoryhorror Sweet! @Robadud @gorycoryhorror They are extraordinary really... it’s true @JorCru Got something in the works 😉 @the_grim_panda @gorycoryhorror You mean in the shadows? 😀 @JorCru This is on point! @JorCru 🤗🙏 @JorCru How about the horror version of the erotic thriller? @realbosshoss Thank you! Someone was paying attention! X @JorCru And I’m still hung up too @JorCru I auditioned for this! 😭😭 @lofivampire @gorycoryhorror @jjhale78 I like it!...just not in my top top gush of bloody gold @Robadud @gorycoryhorror Well... ok x @jjhale78 @gorycoryhorror No thanks x @Thag13 @gorycoryhorror Fair enough! Ok Good picks @MaxMcKinley4 @gorycoryhorror Don’t love it.. his other films are amazing @FanNorcal @gorycoryhorror Yes! Only recently. It’s very cool! Love it @KristopherGlav1 @gorycoryhorror Have seen them all. Like them, do not make my top ten @clarkewolfe @MaryOneil Congrats!!! @gorycoryhorror Dracula 1931 Bram Stokers Dracula Let The Right One In Daughters of Darkness Salem’s Lot Dracula 19… @jentaub What a putz