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West Cork girl at ❤ Chief ODP @FoNS Inspire Improvement Fellow 2019. Poetry @InkSweatTears @Atrium_Poetry @DearReaderPoet @Culturesmatter @HeronBarks

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What is psychological safety and why is it important in a workplace? Amy Edmonson explains:
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2020 This lady who is seriously ill with ME has recorded an album from her bed. Beautiful & such truth to Ka…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell @datt_colette @CarterTreacle Thanks Colete yes it has been. Will pop this to a few folks.
@muir_graeme @WhitHealth Wishing you all the best for your new adventures! @rodkelly50 @doctorcaldwell was this what you meant by downsizing 😅honestly not sure the poets need this kind of encouragement
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@NikiShaw4 Thank you 🙏 #WhereIsYourMaskGladys?
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellHere is a piece that I have written for the BMJ blog about the animation we made around our experience of working d…
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellNicely put: "Psychological safety relates to a person’s perspective on how threatening or rewarding it is to take i…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell @mala_shaunak Mala you are a blessing and have continued to be so under the latest circumstances. Will really miss…
@Karim_Kamar Happy Birthday Karim! 🎊🍰🎁 @janseventyfour ❤❤ xxChangeover day, a day to reflect on the amazing diversity of Drs we have seen flourish with a bit of nurturing and…
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‘When the pandemic struck it was terrifying. Everyone was so scared, even people who have been qualified for years.…
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I never normally feel sad about the doctor change over, but we’ve all been through so much together the past few mo…
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@AAGBI @gabyadkins @Anaes_Journal @enajbos"The label “women’s writing”, with its implication of being of no interest to readers other than women, is an insul…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell"Don’t tell me that you’ve never lingered under the eaves of the mystery house, wondering who lives there, conjurin…
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2020 @FoNScharity Thank you 🙏 definitelyI am still of the opinion that anyone who has the option to retire @ 55 or 60 should have access to financial / pe…
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What have we learned from leadership during the epidemic that we must implement for now and the future. A learning…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell @tinysunbird @UeaMed @UEA_Health @uealdc @uniofeastanglia Congratulations Christie! 😷🍾🎊 @a_pirmohamed @KazimAliPoet @teatornado @asgharthegrouch @LLCatEdinburgh Congratulations Dr!! 🎊🍾🥂⭐
Smart product for those with a #hiddendisability poetry tip: make a private anthology. Look for poems you want to learn from, ones that do things you'd like to…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell On Me | A-ha
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell @emiliepine Wonderful! 👏👏🎊 @heidi_ed you may find this interesting tooWhy using the acronym "BAME" does not work and why it is actually damaging. Fantastic explanation. @SophieherX Looks gorgeous already. Looking forward to seeing result.
So much pigeon holing of older people - this makes a very good point RE stereotyping older people... #everydayageism
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell @missyerem So sorry for your loss Annick“It’s a comforting sort of thing to have,” said Christopher Robin, folding up the POEM, and putting it in his pocke…
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As lockdown lifts, health and care staff are experiencing a range of emotions. So how can leaders support staff thr…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell @dizzylynn @moniackmhor @mikewoodspoet @Idharker That's a super photo. So grateful we were all thrre together but wish we were now ❤ @LukePField @KathyDArcyCork @hoeyannie Wonderful adventure. You'll be sorely missed in Cork xxThis article applies systems principles to attacking racial inequality & injustice. We can’t focus actions solely a…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell"One year before @aoc became the youngest ever congresswomen, she was working two jobs to support her mum, at a cha…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell"They’ll tell you you’re too loud - that you need to wait your turn; and ask the right people for permission. Do it…
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellWe were fortunate enough to be paid and have a job throughout the pandemic, whilst many stand to lose theirs. Plea…
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellAmazing lady and an amazing legacy #hellomynameis
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellYears of planning,fundraising, community and finally joy in the faces of many with the installation of the beautifu…
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellTo keep calm during the unknowns of the pandemic, Gina Rae La Cerva forages for apricots, juniper berries, and sage…
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellMe now, / sky writing, / like // up there / better than / it was—
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell @SuzannahEvans Don't underestimate the importance of creative community. Go and support fellow poets, esp those wri… to announce my collection Reckless Paper Birds has won this year's £15,000 Hawthornden prize for literature…
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I tell my students, "When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your…
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellProfessor @Binna Kandola says Modern racism is more subtle, less obvious but includes micro incivilities., excluded…
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We've been talking to #ODP #students who are currently studying from home because of the #COVID19 #pandemic. They'v…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell"In a good field for butterflies I came across a weasel family out for a walk, and watched fascinated as mother wea…
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It's 10 years since my début novel YOU came out, so here's a worldwide #bookgiveaway for a signed copy. To win: * R…
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellIt's #TriviaTuesday! Introduced by Henry Boyle in 1917, his anaesthetic machine remained in production for 50 years…
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellGoodie bags and #superhero mugs customised by @MandyBonner9 to say thank you to the #anaestheticnurses and #ODPs fo…
@Johnbell_Ferret Thank you. Happy to Paypal inc p and p 😊 @Johnbell_Ferret Would love a facemask in this if doable pls outside yr hospital
#TalesFromTheOtherBox Coming 13th August 2020
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellIf I had a ship, I’d sail my ship, I’d sail my ship Through Eastern seas; Down to a beach where the slow waves thu…
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@MissCBeebies Apparently costs £4.99 an hour and may not be secure for patient note transcription though. In princi… @JCarnall Wow. Yes that's some way to get yout superhero badge alright 🦸‍♀️ @Karen_KaneMcL That's amazing ❤🥰 @JCarnall I'm so sorry Jane, that's horrible. Hope you're well now with no after effects. @jcarnall makes an excellent point about people coming into work unwell, passing flu/URTI onto co-workers, resultin… @thehumanxp @BootstrapCook might be helpful. @pickerj @SaferSurgeryUK @RobertTomlinso7 Yes must finish the book. Looking at how to adopt. Couldn't agree more ab… @SaferSurgeryUK #SaturdaySessions webinar from @RobertTomlinso7 & Pete Smith. Top 3 take homes: 1. 10,000 fee…"In the dark time the eye begins to see" --Roethke
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Can I get a RT @ClaireCNWL @waddington_mike to show the importance of @CNWLNHS staff donating blood 🩸 during uncert…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell @arshi_mona Wonderful Mona! 👏👏⭐⭐ Congratulations!! 🍾💐 🎊 @heidi_ed Yes, absolutely. I don't even want to watch it a second time.Below 10,000 Feet, what's all the fuss about???? Come and find out @safetynurse999
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Missing from Donegal, poor lady and family 😪 Share please 🙏
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellHard to believe another year has passed @majellatravers @datt_colette @lorraine_tinker remembering #MikeClift
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell @charlie_psych Rewatched recently. Just as powerful as first time round 💖 @yusuf_yousuf @WhitHealth @Rhoders_pan15 @catherinemcnal3 Hope you enjoy them Yusuf 🧹 🍫 😊
1/5 Tonight I proper cried. Not cried for a while. Like proper ‘it hurts’ cry. It started due to pain but then it a…
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellThe deadline for scholarships for our first online course "The Shadow in Six Ways" is tomorrow at 5pm (UTC), and th…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell @janseventyfour Understand. But shouldn't be any of it really xx
@janseventyfour I'm really sorry that this guy and people in general feel that this kind of thing is ok to say/do. It isn't xx @NAshwangler @intersurgical @boltonnhsft @patientsafe3"As a wheelchair user, unable to get dropped outside shops due to new cycling lanes" What are your experiences of…
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@GrantSana Congratulations!! 🎊❤💐🥂💍“Christopher Robin and I will be back in about half an hour,” said Piglet. “Half an hour,” said Owl, settling himse…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnelljust heard on the radio that many pubs in Ireland have a framed "Jack Charlton cheque". He would buy a round for ev…
Retweeted by Barbara O'DonnellSydmar Lodge Care Home residents and carers have been recreating classic album covers. The home has now been in loc…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell @robertspeker @KarenDavies9040 @robertspeker These are wonderful! 👏👏⭐⭐🎵🎵
@DevaneEmily Rewatched this again recently. Love it. There's an onstage production (delayed from this year) coming to the Old Vic in 2021. @SouthWind_Blows Old fave of my Dad Bill O'D in the Anchor, Bantry. He used to sing a great version of it in the pub by times. @VikBeeWyld @PenguinUKBooks Congratulations!! 👏👏⭐💐RIP Jack Charlton, our favourite honorary Irishman. @Jim_Sheridan @mariebrod Yep, reported including tweets and blocked.Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Grateful for the personal support and guidance from my coaches…
Retweeted by Barbara O'Donnell'Racism and discrimination in NHS culture needs our urgent attention; we’ve seen what the very human cost of instit…
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