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@brian_shearer your doodling is my final form
@librariman I had been working all digitally for a while, Tim--but have been doing more pen and ink lately--trying… the edge off with some jazzy yoda art, folks!
Retweeted by Matt Smith @Epidiah jeez. JEEZ!After 800 years since the release of the second installment, The Edda Trilogy has finally been concluded with all n…
Retweeted by Matt SmithMarc laming, ladies and gentlemen @monkey__marc Marc--what can I write but WOW!
My book has been delayed to spring 2021.
Retweeted by Matt Smith @ANSISPURINS man, that's gorgeousOdin and Sága chill out, drinking mead beside the water at Sága’s home in Sökkvabekkr. Sága might in fact be Frigg,…
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@GoranGligovic great drawing! @GoranGligovic inhale, exhale, just got an ounce in the mail
Today is a good day to admire Bråvalla, the storied scene of the Battle of Brávellir fought between Sigurd Ring and…
Retweeted by Matt Smith @Valenti05062809 oh, she loves the pandemic. it means her mom is home all the time now too! hahaa. @Valenti05062809 other than the general strangeness of the pandemic, more or less the same as last I saw you--doodling away! you? @Valenti05062809 fantastic as always! @dako243 That one cost me! Hasn’t been reissued since 92. I gave up waiting for a RSD reissue or hope of finding it locally. Great album! @phantom2kau @BincFoundation Thanks again, Paul! @AndrewJTomy I know. I hunted for an affordable copy for years. Finally found a local guy selling a pristine orig… the day with a ‘92 double shot
@JoeDellaGatta Nice! @Andrew_MacLean @monkey__marc @portablecity @JoeDellaGatta @JoshCrewsReally @GothicalTomB Right? So good! @monkey__marc i know i'm a broken record--but... wow! @RHDech I will have to--it's weird to love NP so much, and the impact it had, and not have Two Generals. Like ha… @RHDech @monkey__marc @portablecity @JoeDellaGatta @JoshCrewsReally @GothicalTomB Nice! Northwest Passage was the… @monkey__marc @portablecity @JoeDellaGatta @JoshCrewsReally @GothicalTomB man--a lot of those posts, including your… #sixwithinreach Thanks for the nom, @monkey__marc I tag @portablecity @JoeDellaGatta @JoshCrewsReally @monkey__marc @Coelacanthkiss @alexdecampi @katiekubert @inkmonkeyhope @CorinnaBechko @hellocookie @olmancampbell @e_charretier thanks! @KevinGentilcore ha--true enough--the likelihood probably increases the more incongruous the thing is with metal @hellocookie @HenryGoeldner *flees* @HenryGoeldner @hellocookie I can guess why--and strangely it didn't scare me--as i was horrified by the Bumble in the animated Rudolph. @hellocookie Tibet wouldn't be the worst place to start! Moomin-themed black metal. it exists. @hellocookie Tintin in Tibet. Still love it. @SpideyMike that's the thing--you're being smart about it--it's obviously much better to run without a mask where i… – Live Marseille 2006 Avalanche Recordings – AREC043 Limited CD - 100 copies SOLD OUT. 100% FREE download,…
Retweeted by Matt Smith @KandzerDesign Thanks!
@Harry49547549 i've no doubt. must have be scary as hell. @nendoras @evebolt I definitely agree in general--creating safe bike lanes. however, here there is a dedicated bike…"Coronavirus is officially cancelled: the US is bored of it, so it is over." - Arwa Mahdawi for The Guardian Sure… at cohesive word arrangements @JFSculpts @BFSAndrew adventure people, rather @JFSculpts @BFSAndrew i wonder if anyone ever tried to mock up more since as fun art project--would love to see and Adventure time bossk @JFSculpts @BFSAndrew and they were part of Kenner's prototypes for the SW line @JFSculpts @BFSAndrew i loved theseI just added this 11" x 14" "School Picture Day" pug portrait to Acrylic on Strathmore 500…
Retweeted by Matt Smith @Epidiah i feel like there is a lot riding on this answer. i'll think it over for a spell. @oldmanloganpike it does seem pretty obviouschoices
@monkey__marc those are so great to see, Marc--many thanks!Bloodshot #0 layouts.
Retweeted by Matt Smith @TreeBeerd sharp afrelatable topics this retinue of curious creatures lurking on one of the rooftops in the neighborhood #WyrdWednesday
Retweeted by Matt Smith @slicedfriedgold @NicKlein thanks very much, David! Thoughtful questions that were interesting to answer for sure. @declanshalvey @slicedfriedgold @NicKlein aw, you! @RGeirsson @Verghast404 i feel ill, yet interestedJust a friendly reminder that the bjära is a special Swedish rabbit (or cat or bird) that is magically-conjured fro…
Retweeted by Matt Smithkathleen is trying to drown out the gross sound of our dog cleaning her bum with My Bloody Valentine really loud.… @getcampbell I did the same thing! I don't know what it is about the cards specifically. Maybe it was the first pi… @AndanBriane that's great!Hmmm should I accept horror projects already? #makecomics #horror
Retweeted by Matt Smith @phantom2kau guilty as charged---yeah, me neither--they're pretty sharp!
@CodgerDClark ha! excellent! @CameronChittock ha! nice! welcome to the club! @Erick_willand ah, nice! It's now a club of 2. @CameronChittock it could happen to you if you're not careful, Cameron! @TediousTotoro right? as i mentioned it to some friends---that i was going to put the cards into a stupidly big mat and frame.covid 19 has turned me into the kind of person that frames star wars trading cards. @TomSniegoski hahaa"1. x moves in the strike with sword--gggrahhhhhhhr 2. rumble 3. big panel - lightning strike, exploding lads"… @ZacXenite @DynamiteComics @monkey__marc sure is! @paulGtremblay @EW can't wait to get on this! @duncanfegredo ordered! @Stephen1602 @CaraBeanComics thanks! That was the 1st for me-Cara has been putting out videos since the start of t… good friend and mighty cartoonist @CaraBeanComics invited me to one of her Tag-Team Tuesday sketch sessions. H… @beandoodling holy cow! that was great--I LOVE your drawing, Cara! The troll visitor, the little goblin, and that p…, please and thank you @alexdecampi @jacobr_phillips @duncanfegredo @ManMadeMoon perfect--thanks! @jacobr_phillips @duncanfegredo @ManMadeMoon @alexdecampi i'll be needing thisJust a friendly reminder that Yggdrasil’s protoplanetary nebula hosts an unnamed hostile pulsar that emits electrom…
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@Oeming @DarkHorseComics @comiXology i'll be needing that--i just saw this image: Art Nouveau tapestries by Gerhard Munthe
Retweeted by Matt Smith”Under the shady green leaves of Yggdrasil Three norns spin a thread so coarse Fate of man and gods they weave” —Am…
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@TreeBeerd beautiful catToday is a good day to admire Lake Mälaren’s ancient trading post of Birka on Björkö, the hundreds of old Norse bur…
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@JaynaPavlinArt oh i know. i'm trying to resist. i'm trying out "selective" instead of "incomplete"--but really,… @Big5Army thanks so much, Kirk! Hopefully not too long before the next thing...a few weeks ago: "there are b/w star wars cards? that sounds dumb" today: what card will i get next?
Retweeted by Matt Smith @Christo70 @schweizercomics rad @Christo70 @schweizercomics whoa. that's some thundarrous recommendation--why have i slept on these? @schweizercomics i've never seen it, but i trust you implicitly and am always interested in life improvement @KevinGentilcore @TravHartArt @OfficialPL @NickHolmesPL i have to catch up on my wine. i haven't heard the last few albums.powerful duo @ChrisOHalloran @declanshalvey ahh! amazing work guys! @TravHartArt @OfficialPL @NickHolmesPL oooh. need to hear it. Gothic is still one of my favorite albums. Yet someh…