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Behind, but there's 17 6x9 inch pure india ink and drybrush #inktober sketchy bullshits. You'll note how I've branc…
Retweeted by Matt Smith @TravHartArt i love them all @Kyle_MacLachlan "Frosty?" "My little snowman...I feel a cold front moving in!" - Emory Battisbeyond fried and yet hours to go
@Merlkir nice! yeah--absolutely--aesthetically they are super cool. @TreeBeerd would be a kick ass DnD item--the fucking magical vest of infinite metal patches @TreeBeerd i didn't quite see it clearly, but it seemed like he had a Venom patch on the back of his denim in the f… @TreeBeerd wow--i never knew there was a second one in the first place!watched a bit of The Gate over a coffee break. Haven't seen it in decades. It's certainly not great, but this lit… @OjciecRene thanks! @ReallyRobocorn there you go! @KevinGentilcore truer words not spoken in a perfect world, Voivod and Moebius would have collaborated on an animated filmSo all the guys up in Denmahk ahr goin’, “Hey, look at those Franks fightin’ with each othah. Let’s go n’ staht ste…
Retweeted by Matt Smith @craigrousseau wicked shahp @schweizercomics healing vibes from the east! @PMoore121 @monkey__marc oh! @monkey__marc oh man--i got a copy of that years back and it wouldn't play on my dvd player (wrong region)-- Mcgooh…
@JasonCopland I hear you Jason Copland @JennyDolfen @acid_lich wow! @ANSISPURINS that IS super fucked up. nevermind. burn it. @ANSISPURINS it's making bridges instead of putting up walls get woke“Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything.” Acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton, who h…
Retweeted by Matt Smith @Epidiah i have no idea what that all means, but congratulations!
"@GWillowWilson & @cjwardart come together for that bizarre 70s aesthetic where space stuff and sword and sorcery c…
Retweeted by Matt Smith @TBonvillain @jp_jordan @joe_hill @carmenmmachado @danistrips @swands @thatamedeo that looks amazingFOLKLORDS #1 @BoomStudios (W) @MattKindt (A/CA) @BarbarianLord #GetOnSub
Retweeted by Matt Smith @SmallBlueYonder @TheBethBarnett @MassMICE yassssMy books arrived, just under the wire for @MassMICE! It Keeps Changing is an interactive comic story about a myster…
Retweeted by Matt Smith @monkey__marc I've only gawked at it online. I need to order it up posthaste @monkey__marc gyyyahhggrrrrrr ahhgghrlllr @monkey__marc @YouTube Thanks Marc! I hope you dig it!finish deadline early motivator set trailer for @mattkindt and @barbarianlord's #Folklords invites you to a new world from @boomstudios
Retweeted by Matt Smith @monkey__marc @GR_comics @gabrielhardman @CorinnaBechko @MattGarvey1981 @hp_matt @MrRiktus @alex_segura @whoisrico NICE @secondatbest_ a small one? or maybe a space station... @monkey__marc super sharp!
Here be the trailer for Folklords and wicked @Danmora_c variant cover art. wiiiiikced. #folklords @scott_springer aw, thanks Scott! @MisterMiracleIs @mattkindt @boomstudios @Danmora_c great to hear, Scott! I'm still stunned by that cover! All th… @OjciecRene thanks--hope you enjoy it! @librariman November--mid month i think? @acid_lich @axesnorcs i'm not sure i can handle that much cool. 😀 seriously, looks great! @librariman @Donniewahlbrgr thanks man! @Donniewahlbrgr @librariman thanks! @Erick_willand wow! @JaynaPavlinArt NICEgoing through Hellboy warm-ups I did in advance of starting of Long Night at Goloski Station and came across this o… @nuttyartist4 its how we got the house too. just wait in a field and eventually things will come to you via storms @MattDeMino @CargoReborn @WanPilGames wooooooow @ChrisOHalloran @ChrisOHalloran @thisquietcity that is rad @nathanfairbairn get thee behind me satan owe yourself but no one else @craigrousseau that's wicked @ChrisOHalloran stay tuned where Matt tried to drive Chris insane with little branches! @creativepoole thanks very much Andy @mackchater thanks Mack!seriously--didn't know what i was doing with composition on these this morning and with no time to think it through betterer... branches.when in doubt, add branches #folklords @empire_of_dust_ ooooh nooouh oh. look what appeared in my yard after last night's storm.... #rover @Oeming Thanks Mike! @PaulWurgisnacht @PaulWurgisnacht I’d guess it is as officially sanctioned as I believe they worked together previously. There was…'m going to start a Patreon page to help me keep my Home for Little Conjurors horror comic on track. It's a supern…
Retweeted by Matt Smith
@inthedarkarcade oh good! hope it works out for you! @inthedarkarcade I generally stick in the range from .5 to 1.5 with the occasional larger sized for big strokes--80… @inthedarkarcade ALSO--if you didn't know, with CS you can add zoom levels in preferences. i think I added 40% when… @inthedarkarcade I only go as far as 50% and often work in 25% (at 600 dpi)--getting in too close stiffens me up wa… @inthedarkarcade ...i'll do it in CS because I am too lazy to save it out and bring in back into painter. @inthedarkarcade stabil--I don't--I find it just adds lag. I will use it for pencils occasionally, but I usually… @monkey__marc yesssssss @monkey__marc hahaa--i could go for another viewing of this. The first scene at the outdoor market was pure gold. @inthedarkarcade I wish I had something useful to offer. I use Clip Studio Ex and only use the basic "G-Pen". Oth… @atlanticmoira HA! yessssi'm all in for the tintin plus fours look tho[old man rant] back in my day you couldn't just drop $520 on a Godflesh-ed designer jacket, but had to paint the lo… just in time @Danmora_c let's just say i'm now referring to your cover on how to draw the characters @NLS_42 whhhoooooaaa @MrRiktus for sure! me too. though if i grow up much more i'll be bones and dust. @ReturnToRoswell Hahah. From a pretty cool Ben--but not GF Ben. However I did hand GF Ben and some other guy some…'s mail #goldfish @ChrisOHalloran right? what comics god did we appease to get a cover like that? @Danmora_c Dan. That cover you did for us... Man. Man!we've been incredibly lucky with these variant covers @QuixoticComics @Danmora_c @mattkindt @boomstudios whoa--that's amazing! first time I'm seeing this!A better look at some of those pre show commissions part 2
Retweeted by Matt Smith @monkey__marc that's really cool to hear, Marc--thanks so much! @SporadicErratic haha. nice.Take a forbidden first look at #Folklords #1 from @boomstudios @mattkindt @BarbarianLord and @duncanfegredo
Retweeted by Matt Smith @SporadicErratic she did seem a bit annoyed and has since moved on to some other part of the room.