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#CatholicEdChat was the Wake Service for Pat Johns who devoted her life to teaching the children of St. Margaret Mary school.… @TamaraBundy I went to school with this color on my left hand and another shade on my right. My class thought this…
My 125th Match-My-Manicure-to-My-Current-Book look: Pixie Pushes On by @TamaraBundy #Book2Look 125th Match-My-Manicure-to-My-Current-Book look: Pixie Pushes On by @TamaraBundy #Book2Look @theghissilent @Room113SMM I have to brush up on my Irish brogue for this book! @Room113SMM @megleventhal this is the best book!Today’s Interactive Read Aloud! We will be discussing this book with our 3:00 partner.
Retweeted by Barb Gilman @Deanes_World @Room113SMM @TamaraBundy I did that a few times last year! It’s so fun to hear their choices and to talk nails.
Hanging out and enjoying the lights, music and company...and soon the tacos! @ Taco Co. had a lot of help from @Room113SMM in picking the 💅🏻color for Pixie Pushes on by @TamaraBundy so many choices! Tu…
Retweeted by Barb GilmanMarked as to-read: The Life and Afterlife of Harry Houdini by Joe Posnanski page 20 of Pixie Pushes On, by Tamara Bundy for an academically-integrated, equity-driven #SEL curriculum? We are proud to announce that…
Retweeted by Barb Gilman @TamaraBundy so excited to get the box o’ books today. Thank you! My students will help me pick the best 💅🏻 match for the cover tomorrow!#amreading Pixie Pushes On by @TamaraBundy Scarlett Wedegren was selected as a recipient of the @NCEATALK Youth Virtue, Valor and Vision award! Only t…
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This sounds good! raise their voices at our weekly #Advent prayer service - to stay awake and be ready, the Lord is coming s…
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@markalves @ethanschoonover First thoughts are @MicheleCMueller and @debbiefuco ! @bethgf @shirky17 @MicheleCMueller @adkopp76 @twelker93 @geonz @jdferries @ncara @cupcake_savant @kristinefull this out on Wakelet - Vocabulary Strategies #CatholicEdChat via @wakelet @principalwilkieSome really beautiful songs here!
5 of 5 stars to Kiki and Jacques by Susan Ross @SteveRushin @RebeccaLobo Keeps you humble! @polonerd So sorry to hear this Sean! 🙏🏻ytCropper - another video cropped for my students! Think, Pair, Share. #CatholicEdChatytCropper - I made an intro to our Turn and Talk activity! #CatholicEdChat @magistrazee Whoa! That is an awesome collection of relics! @sfxprincipal Tweet of the hour! #CatholicEdChat bless your week! #CatholicEdChat @geonz love it!That’s all I have for today! Thanks for indulging me in talking vocabulary today. Anybody have questions for our #CatholicEdChat PLN?I also love saying svelte! #catholicedchatI also love discombobulate! Haven’t used this in awhile. #catholicedchatWouldn't it be fun to have a March Madness Vocabulary activity? #CatholicEdChat @magistrazee Thanks! So great to get those Latin roots! #CatholicEdChatA5 I love the word loquacious, it just rolls off the tongue! #CatholicEdChatQ5 Just for fun, what is the best word ever? #catholicedchatThanks for sharing your stategies/games/activities this morning! Now let's have some vocabulary geeky fun... #catholicedchatThis is cool! Thanks for sharing. #CatholicEdChat about our most used low tech way to reinforce vocabulary. When one of my students find the word in their rea… Can you share some engaging ways to teach vocabulary that use tech? #CatholicEdChatThanks for some reminders for some great low-tech ways to teach vocabulary. Let's move on to ways to use tech. #catholicedchatHere is a book on Vocabulary games. #CatholicEdChat @magistrazee love these low prep activities! Students are engaged. I have tons of inexpensive post its from @NAEIR #CatholicEdChatHere are several startegies new to me. I have used a variation of Vocabulary Squares with my 3rd graders.… @kristinefull nice! I'll have to check this out too! #CatholicEdCHat @MicheleCMueller @PearDeck thanks! I will have to check that out. #CatholicEdChatAwesome! #CatholicEdChat I want to get this first 3 seconds into a gif to play when we start Turn and Talk! #catholicedchatA3 Our favorite way, turn and talk! #CatholicEdChat @twelker93 welcome, Toni! Glad you are here. #CatholicEdChatQ2 Can you share some engaging ways to teach vocabulary that do not require a lot of prep? #catholicedchatLet's get into the sharing part of our chat...on to question 3! #catholicedchatA2 Yes, this is the first year 3rd grade has made this a graded subject. #catholicedchatQ2 Do you teach vocabulary as a graded subject?#catholicedchatOn to question 2! #catholicedchat @adkopp76 love when my students 'casually' use our new vocabulary words when talking to me. #CatholicEdChatSharing an PDF about teaching vocabulary. #CatholicEdChat @magistrazee @99mathgame Thanks for sharing! I will look into it. #CatholicEdChatA1 For 3rd graders, having a rich vocabulary to draw from makes reading so much easier. #CatholicEdChatQ1. Why teach vocabulary? #catholicedchatLet's get started with our first question! #catholicedchatLOL! I forgot to add #CatholicEdChat'm Nebraska! A 3rd grade teacher at @SMMschoolOmaha it's going to be a sunny day with a high of 51! A gr… morning #CatholicEdChat friends! Please introduce yourself and give us a weather report.Hope to see you soon for #CatholicEdChat sharing strategies to teach vocabulary
Retweeted by Barb GilmanThe true worship of God is always expressed in love of one’s neighbour.
Retweeted by Barb GilmanHope to see you soon for #CatholicEdChat sharing strategies to teach vocabulary page 67 of 144 of Kiki and Jacques, by Susan Ross questions for #CatholicEdChat All are welcome to talk Vocabulary Stategies!
As children link their daily lives to their learning, they develop a richer understanding of themselves and their w…
Retweeted by Barb Gilman @MissNikkiIn5th or @scooterscoffeeTomorrow's topic for #CatholicEdChat is Strategies to Teach Vocabulary. Why should we teach vocabulary? @LAKerr22 Hi Laurie! I help with #CatholicEdChat a Twitter chat on Saturday mornings at 8. Our topic tomorrow is st…’s topic for #CatholicEdChat All are welcome!
Retweeted by Barb GilmanThanks for the RT @inclusionchick @engelworks @craigyenTomorrow’s topic for #CatholicEdChat’s topic for #CatholicEdChat All are welcome! out this video (with English subtitles!) in which I give you three reasons why you should celebrate the feast…
Retweeted by Barb GilmanPrayer is the door of faith; prayer is medicine for the heart.
Retweeted by Barb GilmanThrilled to be up in @washingtonpost again today, raining on my little guy's parade. Thanks @marijanewilliam
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A few weeks ago on my podcast, I mentioned a letter I wrote to E.B. White when I was in high school. The good peopl…
Retweeted by Barb Gilman @EJSham I love connecting with people at the convention. Do you follow @adkopp76 I bet she has some ideas to help y… of 5 stars to American Royals by Katharine McGee @EJSham Hi Ebony! I love attending the NCEA convention. I’m a classroom teacher. Are you getting your masters in Education?
My 124th Match-My-Manicure-to-My-Current-Book look: American Royals by @katharinemcgee #Book2Look 124th Match-My-Manicure-to-My-Current-Book look: American Royals by @katharinemcgee #Book2Look #WanderingWisemen stopped by to celebrate St. Barbara’s Feast Day before continuing their journey in search of… 2nd video is called a Social Media Christmas. What would the birth of Jesus been like if we had Facebook?
Retweeted by Barb GilmanWe watched 2 cool videos today. The first one was called Christmas in a Nutshell.
Retweeted by Barb GilmanOur #Letterboard message for the month. #CatholicEdChat @padresj @emily_menard @JamesMartinSJ I can’t wait to show my students! 3 of my students said they were going to at…
Oh my goodness! My Map loving students would love this book. @LmcSmm @engelworks @JamesMartinSJ @padresj You should have seen the look on their faces when I asked them to send me these… @JamesMartinSJ @padresj Check out my 3rd grade students who have made Advent Wreaths on Minecraft!