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Barb McQuade @BarbMcQuade Ann Arbor, MI

Professor @UMichLaw, legal analyst @NBCNews and @MSNBC, former U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Michigan, @Tigers and @UMich sports fan, wife, mother of four

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@UMich Regent Kathy White is promoted to Brigadier General in the Michigan National Guard. #GoBlue⁦@CoachJim4UM⁩ never promised to win every big game. He promised to compete, and to do so with integrity. I have no… @MSNBC momentarily to discuss the past week and the week ahead in impeachment news.Read spotlight on @womenknowlaw in @michigandaily, two great incubators of talent. presidential candidates: Please read this. America needs calm, thoughtful, decent leadership, not more insults… photo.
@mehgotz @UMichFootball No doubt!Looking for @UMichFootball to bring us some joy tonight. #GoBlue reduce opioid addiction. Get pills out of your house. Here’s how: @michigandaily is the student paper and now the paper of record in Ann Arbor. I often say that I majored in The Mic… FBI agents their political views has no place in an investigation. Cases are based on facts, not opinions o…'re only a week away from @Politicon. @talkingfedspod will be out in force in the series of killer panels and ove…
Retweeted by Barb McQuade @mayawiley @JoyAnnReid @JoyceWhiteVance @amjoyshow @MSNBC We’ll miss you, @mayawiley Tweet your thoughts in the conversation!Joining @JoyAnnReid with some of my #SistersInLaw, @JoyceWhiteVance and @mayawiley, to discuss impeachment and the… to represent Michigan Lawyer’s Chapter of @acslaw at lawyers’ convening in Atlanta. @ACSLawMichigan should not have to testify. Police receive anonymous tips to start investigations without disclosing… was lucky to have a governor like William Milliken, a Republican who cared about the environment, race re…
Discussing DOJ norms and the rule of law at ⁦@acslaw⁩ National Lawyers Convening in Atlanta with ⁦@elliotcwilliams⁩… small step for a woman, one giant leap for womankind. Thank you, @Astro_Christina and @Astro_Jessica!… the admirals ... end of a presidency feels near when the generals start trolling the Commander in Chief. Gen. Mattis, Trump’s fo… inquiry is a study in loyalty: Trump came from a culture where loyalty was to him. He is now encounteri… @bethwilensky @nicholas_bagley @jdmortenson 3
Think how far this defense has evolved from “no quid pro quo.” Mulvaney says horse trading is just politics. Exchan… only DOJ had had a chance to investigate the whistleblower’s allegation ... @emptywheel dissecting Sondland's testimony, with the under-used and under-appreciated term, "Bub." wonder the WH tried to stop this testimony. was pleased to join @UMich teach-out, “Understanding Impeachment.” Coursera @UMichLaw @UMich @UMichAI @UMichLaw out @StrictScrutiny_ podcast for insights on Constitutional Law and the work of the Supreme Court, featuring… Cummings was the rarest of politicians- he was a man of substance and of grace; fierce in his determination…
Retweeted by Barb McQuadeThe Constitution contains no prohibition on impeachment based on proximity to an election. I’m sure the textualists… @Aaron_M_Lewis Thanks, @Aaron_M_Lewis!Looks like she’s speaking truth to power to me. @harrylitman Thanks, @harrylitman
Looking forward to talking with the always insightful @danabrams today at 2:10 pm ET about potential charges again… counsel to Pres Clinton and AAG Lanny Breuer explains that Trump’s wholesale refusal to comply with House su… report demonstrates why it is problematic for a private attorney like Giuliani to handle government business.… SDNY investigation of Giuliani momentarily on @TheLastWord with @Lawrence O’Donnell on @MSNBC.The parade of career State Dept officials brings new allegations every day. They stick to the facts, in contrast to… telling the IRS that you will not participate in its “illegitimate” tax collection or a court in its “basel…
Great interview of ⁦⁦@gtconway3d⁩ by ⁦@PreetBharara⁩. Why don’t more conservatives share Conway’s horror about thi… House subpoena needs to have John Bolton’s name on it: Bolton Objected to Ukraine Pressure Campaign, Calling… @JoyceWhiteVance Thanks, Sis. @StillHereBugger She has no documents to produce. She has left her job. Only her former employer can produce them.
@freako_paul @CBSEveningNews As former government employee, Hill lacks ability to produce texts and documents. Subp… @yasminv at 3 pm ET to discuss testimony of former adviser Fiona Hill about “shadow diplomacy” in Ukraine.... just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100 percent ... @BlondeAnomalies Yes, exactly. @lee_myrna I said White House. Not Trump. He has not denounced it. @harrylitman @mayawiley @Politicon @talkingfedspod @Mimirocah1 @JillWineBanks @JoyceWhiteVance Thanks, @harrylitman to see the White House condemn the Trump murder rampage video shown to his supporters at his resort. This is t… @CharlesPPierce @JulieZebrak @MSNBC @JoyAnnReid @mayawiley @JoyceWhiteVance Thanks, @CharlesPPierce. It was great m… @tribelaw @mayawiley @JoyceWhiteVance Thank you, @tribelaw. What an honor!
@duchappl @CoachJim4UM @UMichFootball Bo’s mentor. He learned well.
@JulieZebrak @MSNBC @JoyAnnReid @mayawiley @JoyceWhiteVance Thanks, @JulieZebrak @JoyAnnReid @JoyceWhiteVance Thanks, @JoyAnnReid. Our pleasure to join you.Glad to see @CoachJim4UM remember that a strong ground game is essential to success. As Bo once said, when you thro… talking law with the brilliant @mayawiley and @JoyceWhiteVance backstage at @MSNBC @amjoyshow of Giuliani associates indicates that SDNY used (1) a wiretap to collect phone or in-person communciatio… the latest impeachment news with @JoyAnnReid, @mayawiley, and @JoyceWhiteVance on @amjoyshow @MSNBC it’s hard to keep your game face on ... @JillWineBanks Gotta admire a brooch sister, @JillWineBanksJoining ⁦@11thHour⁩ tonight from the ⁦@NBCNews⁩ studios in New York. @MSNBC, have it your way. It’s an impeachment inquiry. Now hand over the records.
Hair toss. Check my nails ... Ousted ambassador Marie Yovanovitch tells Congress Trump pressured State Dept. to rem… this. Our @UMichLaw colleague ⁦@BridgetMaryMc⁩ is taking oral argument before the Michigan Supreme Court on th… to @DrMarkSchlissel, @Michael_S_Barr and their teams at @UMich and @fordschool for landing the Oct 15, 2020,… for the invitation to speak at #OpSummit19 about combatting opioid addiction, along with other @BarackObama Bolton, whose job as National Security Adviser ended abruptly, may end up being a key witness in the Impeachme… court orders production of Trump’s tax returns. Next stop, Supreme Court, and then we will see what kind of… to my former colleagues at @USAO_MIE for working to raise awareness about child sex trafficking the #PurpleRun Saturday @Umich. Proceeds support survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault through the… new training opportunity at @UMichLaw for aspiring public defenders:’s Impeachment Plan: Fool America Into Blaming Congress. My thoughts in ⁦@NYMag⁩
Reading @Maddow’s new book, Blowout, now. Captivating storytelling. and Fruman were arrested at Dulles Airport awaiting an international flight on the day they were supposed to… Rosenberg, who is hugely respected w/in DOJ, on @Morning_Joe"I had said for months that…Barr was a principled…
Retweeted by Barb McQuadeCongrats to Reggie Turner. Reggie is a shining example of how lawyers can do good from the platform of a law practi… @Harvard and @UMich are marshalling the resources of two great universities to combat the opioid epidemic, and I am… recognition for @UMich alum @LtGovGilchrist. He combines a tech background with public policy experi…⁦@danpfeiffer⁩: Trump’s Whataboutism is a tactic that concedes that his conduct is indefensible. always happens after the first witness comes forward. They can all smell blood and have stories to tell ...
Looking forward to joining ⁦@PreetBharara⁩ and Michigan AG ⁦@dananessel⁩ at the Stay Tuned with Preet live show in…’s lawyer dispels myths. Most importantly, the whistleblower is not the story. No one plans to convict… @mayawiley @apoliticalco @TheNewSchool Congrats, @mayawiley. Well-deserves recognition.This can’t be retweeted enough. @deliamarietta @MaddowBlog @maddow @MSNBC She’s in LA for her book tour, so different from usual background. @TerrieAronson @maddow @MSNBC You can listen to the podcast tomorrow for freeJoining @maddow tonight at 9:40 pm ET. @MSNBC. @steve_vladeck interprets Trump’s legal arguments — heads I win, tails you lose.
Had a delightful time talking with the Senior Men’s Club of Grosse Pointe, MI, today about whistleblower protection… to submit to congressional oversight is a violation of our constitutional structure of government. Obstruct… @DeadlineWH @JoyceWhiteVance Missed it. Was there an “incident?”Great work by John T Nelson and @RGoodlaw to annotate whistleblower complaint to confirm its allegations.…
The 2nd Circuit has expedited the appeal in Trump v. Vance, where the President objected to the Manhattan DA's sub…
Retweeted by Barb McQuadeCan’t wait to see how Barr argues in support of immunity from investigation for a sitting president after allowing… Dept officials need to decide whether they want to be witnesses or risk being defendants. Volker seems to hav… @HarryLitman explains today’s federal court opinion rejecting Trump’s challenge to the NY state subpoena for tax re… @mitchellreports at 12:30 pm ET to discuss today’s court ruling rejecting as “repugnant” Trump’s claim that…