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Barb McQuade @BarbMcQuade Ann Arbor, MI

@UMichLaw prof; legal analyst @NBCNews, @MSNBC; former US Attorney, national security prosecutor, Eastern District Michigan; @Tigers, @UMich fan; wife, mom of 4

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One of my favorite events of the year. Therapy dogs at @UMichLaw, you know, for the students. Therapy dogs are used… of my favorite events of the year. Therapy dogs at @UMichLaw, you know, for the students. Therapy dogs are are… a federal prosecutor, I was astonished at the volume of child predators out there. Online chat rooms and games r… @adallos Tuba with the flag reflection is amazing. That’s the best..@BarbMcQuade: ...President Trump's conduct [hurts] our ability to execute our foreign policy in the world as a fig…
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The FBI has agents and legal attaches for this purpose. Treaties permit them to work with their authorized law enfo… in Congress supported Nixon until they didn’t. @Mimirocah1 @JoyceWhiteVance @JoyAnnReid @amjoyshow @mayawiley We miss you, @Mimirocah1, but appreciate the sacrifi… GOP disdain for education will only lead us downhill as a country. It’s almost as if an adversary has put them… should consider deterrence and public safety when drafting articles of impeachment. My thoughts in ⁦… to join ⁦@JoyAnnReid⁩ with my #SistersInLaw, ⁦@mayawiley⁩ and ⁦@JoyceWhiteVance⁩. 11:30 am ET. ⁦@amjoyshow⁩… will be with my #SistersInLaw, ⁦@JoyceWhiteVance⁩ and ⁦@mayawiley⁩, on set in New York today with ⁦@JoyAnnReid⁩ f… @adallos @rockcenternyc Go for it. I will enjoy seeing it. @AlstonTara @maddow @MSNBC I see you back! @theAlkyHauler Exactly.Who opposes voting rights in America? Those who fear high voter turnout.,⁦ @RepValDemings⁩, for explaining why trust is essential to effective police service, despite AG Barr’s ignor… Rachel @Maddow tonight at 9:40 pm ET. @MSNBC
Had a great customer experience today at my local ⁦@MichSoS⁩ office. Got in line online, and waited only 5 mins at…⁦@matthewamiller⁩ explains how Ukraine impeachment report achieved effective messaging and Mueller Report did not. @eliehonig @PreetBharara @cafedotcom Important to call this out, @eliehonig. Bolton has information to which our na… uniquely American tragedy continues... Pelosi is redefining what it means to be a woman in power. Her courage and diplomacy are a model for all lead… @Pattyfalino @PreetBharara Are you @PreetBharara’s fake Twitter account?One of Trump’s most serious attacks on democracy is “fighting all the subpoenas.” He is undermining power of Congre… @schatz_rashad Backdrop is a TV screen with photo taken from Hatcher grad library. Thanks for watching. Go Blue!Joining @chrislhayes on @allinwithchris tonight at 8 PM ET to discuss impeachment articles.
What a joy to join my friend and former colleague @PreetBharara on his visit to Detroit for a live show of Stay Tun… is now attacking law profs who explained impeachment as “looking down” on others. Pam Karlan has dedicated her c…’t wait to listen to this conversation between @PreetBharara and @SallyQYates on Stayed Tuned with Preet podcast. Democrats moving too quickly on the Trump impeachment inquiry? @BarbMcQuade doesn't think so. Learn more:…
Retweeted by Barb McQuadeThank goodness for law professors, who teach students to value our nation’s allegiance to the rule of law. you soon Brian Williams at 11 pm ET to discuss today’s impeachment hearing. @11thHour @MSNBC
All four testifying professors agree that abuse of power is impeachable and that using military aid as quid pro quo… to @Mimirocah1 for stepping up to run for District Attorney in Westchester County, NY. Public service requir…’s divisive comments are unworthy of an AG. We should all be grateful for the sacrifices and service of police… impeachment report makes compelling case that Trump abused power to put self before country, the precise reas… Intelligence Committee’s report is a triumph of clarity and thoroughness. If current Cabinet members such as P…
Retweeted by Barb McQuadeJoining @Lawrence O’Donnell and @AriMelber to discuss the newly released House Impeachment report at 10 pm ET.
On Barr/WAPO reporting, @BarbMcQuade: "It sounds an awful lot like what he did to Robert Mueller, when Robert Muell…
Retweeted by Barb McQuade.@BarbMcQuade: "If IG finds everything was done properly, for AG to say, I'm overruling that, I find there was poli…
Retweeted by Barb McQuadeJustice comes slowly. Joining @mitchellreports and @matthewamiller today at 12:30 pm ET to discuss latest court rul… a student reading the Federalist Papers, I always thought the ideas of demagogues and despotism were a bit paran… week, ⁦@talkingfedspod⁩ hosts an “impeachment academy.” Learn what you need to know about impeachment from ⁦…
Read the transcript! that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election is like arguing that the world is flat. We know it was Russia.… SCOTUS overly eager to address gun rights? My @UMichLaw colleague @LeahLitman explains why today’s Second Amendm… FBI agent: impeachment witnesses had no political agenda. They had a country agenda. They are not denizens…’s refusal to participate in impeachment hearings is consistent with strategy to undermine public confidence. refuses to participate in impeachment hearings. Another effort to delegitimize American government. Menace to… of impeachment articles, remember that soliciting election interference and withholding military aid are v…
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Sigh. Still love ya, @UMichFootball. Good to the last drop. @CevallosLaw @TheRichardLewis @UMichFootball @UMich Good call, @CevallosLaw. #GoBlue!Joining @JoyAnnReid with my #SistersInLaw @JoyceWhiteVance and @mayawiley at 10 am ET to discuss what’s next in imp… is The Game. Party like it’s 1969. #GoBlue. #BeatOSU.
Breaking out the M hat for today’s @umichbball game against @ZagMBB in the Bahamas and “The Game” tomorrow between… @SRuhle to discuss Giuliani’s web of intrigue in Ukraine now on @MSNBCGreat to see Coach @JuwanHoward taking @umichbball to early success with decisive win over @UNC_Basketball. Bring o… Trump’s quid pro quo call never occurred, its fabrication is the smoking gun. People make up facts only if the t…
Nice win for @umichbball. Thankful! @TQPurdon Which one is Sponge Bob?Many things to be thankful for: loved ones, America, pumpkin pie, and the Lions, who occasionally win football game… @JoyceWhiteVance You know I love it when you talk Southern, @JoyceWhiteVanceMore facts are emerging about Giuliani’s work in Ukraine. Joining @AliVelshi, in for Rachel @Maddow, tonight at 9 pm ET on @MSNBC.And when crazy relative says where’s the harm, you say: Congress approved aid to help fight Russia, which invaded a… @rnmay Federal bribery statute covers both scenarios @mcmillan15 18 USC 201(b)(2)
Prep for Thanksgiving dinner with crazy relative. Repeat after me: bribery occurs when a public official DEMANDS a… case should be dismissed as moot. No case or controversy. @Arina6122 Ask @RashidaTlaib @mayawiley You’ve got this, @mayawiley!Trump’s claim to Bill O’Reilly, that he did not send Giuliani to Ukraine, directly contradicts his phone conversati… transcript from OMB official says that two employees appear to have resigned over hold on aid to Ukraine, which… @ChrisJansing at 9 am ET to discuss new information about hold on aide for Ukraine. @MSNBC"it's only a matter of time where he claims he doesn't even know who Rudy Giuliani is" @BarbMcQuade on Trump #Hardball
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Please consider supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault by giving to @SafeHouseCenter on… @UMichLaw were a sitcom, Dominick’s would be a set. @UMichLaw. 1,040: A federal judge rules against Trump noting, "Presidents are not kings." Here tonight: @AshleyRParker
Retweeted by Barb McQuadeCafe Insider podcast with @PreetBharara and @AnneMilgram reflects the way prosecutors discuss cases. Smart legal an… you have it: An ALL-NEW EPISODE of @talkingfedspod with nuanced and novel analysis of the historic week that…
Retweeted by Barb McQuade @TahitiPlumeria 120!Court decision rejecting absolute immunity for White House officials comes as no surprise, and is a great victory f…! @susan1176 @maddow Live from Ann Arbor, Michigan.Joining The Rachel @Maddow Show tonight at 9 pm ET to discuss new legal opinions on McGahn’s testimony and Trump’s tax returns
@NAVEJAS4SPORTS @UMich @UMichLaw I think yes, objection by Ds, Justice Roberts sustains, Senate can override, but at their political peril. @bobincork @UMich @UMichLaw Senate gets to decide.Students, bring your impeachment questions. @Umich. @UMichLaw 👇 forward to discussing impeachment today with @BarbMcQuade and Dave Moran in Jeffries 1225 at 11:50. @UMichLaw
Retweeted by Barb McQuadeNew episode of ⁦@talkingfedspod⁩ recaps impeachment hearings. ⁦@harrylitman⁩ ⁦@matthewamiller⁩ ⁦@FrankFigliuzzi1⁩ ⁦…
⁦@BobbyChesney⁩ skewers the illogic and hypocrisy of Barr’s ⁦@FedSoc⁩ speech about executive power⁩. “Unbecoming” f… @harrylitman writes, Trump’s contempt of Congress may be his most egregious abuse of power. Bad-faith assertions… @kendisgibson today at 2:15 pm ET to discuss latest impeachment news. @MSNBC @DMBarstow @harry Yikes. Thanks.
See you at 11:30 am ET with #SistersInLaw @JoyceWhiteVance and @mayawiley to discuss impeachment news with… words from former DOJ Counterintelligence Chief @DavidLaufmanLaw to see @UMich’s @fordschool hostlng presidential debate and conversations about the importance of debates t…