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Barb McQuade @BarbMcQuade Ann Arbor, MI

@UMichLaw prof; legal analyst @NBCNews, @MSNBC; former US Attorney, national security prosecutor, Eastern District Michigan; @Tigers, @UMich fan; wife, mom of 4

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@Lovedrea @maddow He would need to be convicted by the Senate to be barred from office. @Miakarina1 @maddow He would have to be convicted in the Senate to be barred from office. @glenda4Biz @maddow Yes @mlqdinh @maddow @MSNBC I think it would have to occur before he leaves office. @laura__3_14 @maddow @MSNBC He can be barred from seeking office only if he is impeached by the House and convicted… @_ingonthename @maddow @MSNBC If he loses in Nov, he could run again in 2024. If impeached and convicted before his… @skmsu @maddow @MSNBC Thanks! Hi to cousin Tammy. @dpcrva @maddow @MSNBC No. He was not convicted. Bar from office comes only if Senate votes to convict. @humptydumpty_kc @maddow @MSNBC Likely DC. Cases could continue past Jan if Trump and Barr leaves office if they have any merit @MrsTimmerzzz @maddow @MSNBC Only if there is evidence against him if other crimes. Stone’s crimes of conviction were uniquely federal. @DouglasRoop @maddow @MSNBC Yes, that’s possible. If called to grand jury to testify, Stone could assert Fifth Amen… to stop posting this when it stops being relevant
Retweeted by Barb McQuadeAgree, @danielsgoldman. Special counsel regs have failed us. They were the result of too much focus on Scalia’s dis… is what they do to mobsters: commutes sentence of Stone. I will discuss with Rachel @Maddow at 9:20 pm ET on @MSNBC. Rachel @Maddow at 9:20 pm ET to discuss another Friday night horror movie. gotta go to school, but Roger Stone is at risk in prison. Got it.
Retweeted by Barb McQuade @sarahcpr You win Twitter today.
The pattern continues: Barr replaces a US Atty with his own close aide, this time in EDNY. The other pattern is tha… talk - Trump threatening to send federal forces into an American city. Seattle's progressive Mayor just happe…
Retweeted by Barb McQuade @willamtheblind @PreetBharara @MayorJenny As the one who is telling the truth.Trump’s tough talk on Seattle appears to be a fabricated attempt to diminish another progressive Democratic woman i… have never met @sarahcpr, but whenever I see a new one of these, I smile and think, “Oh, there’s my friend Sarah.… Giddy-up! forward to listening and learning from Lisa Monaco and Ken Wainstein, two national security experts who ser… @jentaub writes, justice is coming. Once DA Vance has Trump financials, he can charge for any NY state crime th… A MASK. ❤️
Retweeted by Barb McQuade @Jim_Neuman1 Agreed, but that costs money. Won’t happen.Baseball “purists” who oppose shortening games take note, average length of game has increased by more than an hour… @HowardJEsq @tigers Spitting has been banned during COVID!This highly touted matchup between @Tigers prospects ends in 7-pitch walk. I love baseball, but it’s become too slo… @tom_shrub Yes. Trump will wait to make sure Stone is out of legal options before pardoning.Trump will stall as long as possible, but Roger Stone will never serve a day in prison because Trump will pardon hi… move. While FBI investigates cyber intrusions, their focus is often on national security threats. The prosecut…, Madam Green Beret. We don’t know your name, but you are an inspiration to women and girls and to… idea, @glennkirschner2. We have specialized courts for patents, tax, immigration, and foreign surveilla… @iamCharlesDavid @Morning_Joe @MSNBC Nope. He could come back.Large enough for Trump to read without his spectacles. @AnneMilgram Thanks, @AnneMilgram. Glad to be in sync with such good company! @JoyceWhiteVance And they wouldn’t even let us serve coffee to guests at morning meetings. I would settle for those… much happened on Thursday - #SCOTUS decisions on Trump’s taxes, motion for rehearing in Flynn case, Berman testi… @BridgetMaryMc Love the campaign mask. @ecapital36 @Redskins @NFL Washington Amendments is a good one. Nod to the Constitution and to the name change itse…
As a party, Judge Sullivan has the ability to request en banc review by the full DC Circuit court and has now done… to see ⁦@DetroitChamber⁩ leading the #MaskUpMichigan campaign. Good health is good business. @Lemon_Chortles Absolutely. Court rejects Barr’s view of an imperial president. @JoshPheterson @nycsouthpaw @JVenook What people say and don’t say is such a window into their own minds. Barr repe… Berman testifies to Congress that AG Barr offered him the job as head of DOJ’s Civil Division, and THEN as… @mkraju Trump’s taxes are under the world’s longest audit. I’m going to start using that line for anything I don’t…⁦@JRubinBlogger⁩ writes that today’s @SCOTUS opinions rebuke Trump’s imperial view of the presidency. released recordings in Breonna Taylor case shed light on the hazards of executing warrants in the middle of t… thing impacted by COVID was the opening of the International Wildlife Refuge Center. Yesterday I checked on its…
Retweeted by Barb McQuadeClasses up the neighborhood! #SCOTUS decisions simply teeing up further court proceedings, Trump once again uses the courts to delay accoun… essentially punts on Mazars. While congressional subpoenas “may” be enforceable, courts below did not adequ… language in Trump v Vance. alas, Trump v Vance case is remanded to lower court, where Trump may raise further arguments. Wanna bet what he… of law lives! In Trump v Vance, #SCOTUS rules 7-2 that Manhattan DA gets Trump’s tax returns. Thomas and Alito dissent. @Martina Thanks for the retweet, @Martina. You are one of my heroes. 🙏Nothing better than summer in northern Michigan, @HeidiNBC. ANNOUNCED: Tune in for the premiere of @MSNBC’s new show “The ReidOut” with anchor @JoyAnnReid starting on Mon…
Retweeted by Barb McQuadeEagerly awaiting the 10 am ET release of cases from #SCOTUS. Last day of opinions for the term means we will get th… you for your service and sacrifice for our country, @SenDuckworth. GOP attacks you because you are a formidab… to see ⁦@JoyAnnReid⁩ take the anchor chair at @MSNBC. the CDC changes its expert guidance on COVID at the order of the President, is it still expert guidance? Sounds… @PreetiNMalani Wow! Eye popping, @PreetiNMalani @erv_robinson Ooh, concept names, like Freedom, Liberty, Independence. I like it. As long as it’s not Gridlock or Corruption. @Twittemus @Redskins @NFL Good one!
Early lead to Washington Red Tails. Also some votes for Americans, Swamp Dwellers, and, a personal favorite, Filibusters. @Texasgiant1126 @Redskins @NFL Ouch!⁦@Redskins⁩ name change looks promising. Think of all the new merch you will sell, Dan Snyder. What should Washingt… episode of #TheOath with Chuck Rosenberg. Chuck talks to former Undersecretary of Defense Jim Miller about his… is a travesty. Alexander Vindman, a patriotic hero pushed out of our military by a vengeful Commander in Chief… gives a drum roll to build the drama for the Trump tax records cases. The big reveal will come tomorrow at… @bhstark @Mimirocah1 Sure, but crime rate has a direct correlation. @beth_kania Agreed. @havjoul Good point. Harder to measure success than we might think.Too often, law enforcement measures success by stats - number of convictions, length of sentence. Stats that matter… you will view our #BlackLivesMatter teach-out on reducing police brutality. ⁦⁦@WSheriff, ⁦@UMichiganAI⁩ @rgoodlaw writes in @just_security how Trump’s weak response to Russian aggression emboldened Putin. recommends voting absentee/by mail. I mailed in my absentee primary ballot yesterday. Couldn’t be easier, and i… @adallos Love the light on leftBolton counted on this delay when he refused to testify without a court order and wrote a book instead.
⁦@JoyceWhiteVance⁩ explains the important role prosecutors can play in criminal justice reform. @TIME. @repjohnlewis American hero.Court dismisses Republican challenge to Voters Not Politicians. Michigan voters rejected gerrymandering in favor of…⁦@NicholasRasmu15⁩ and ⁦@rgoodlaw⁩ argue that DNI memo about Russian bounties on US lives raises concerns about pol…⁦@Dahlialithwick⁩, ⁦@tribelaw⁩, and @RonaldKlain join ⁦@harrylitman⁩ to discuss the latest from the Roberts Court.… will be looking for that Trump tax records opinion! the teach-out to learn how to reduce police brutality in America. Course is open through July 31. @UMichiganAI Proud to be your ally. Much work needs to be done with urgency. @MWalkerBaeli No.Stone needs to stall long enough to get past the election so that Trump can pardon him without political consequenc…
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Atlanta Mayor @KeishaBottoms. Public service is not glamorous. It is working i… to participate in this @UMich teach-out on police brutality and reform. @UMichAI. @bye_don2020 I think we will see it before the Court adjourns.Perhaps predictable, but still important decision. #SCOTUS says states can prevent presidential electors from going… @LeahLitman Right again!Good morning
Retweeted by Barb McQuadeProud to work on projects with the brilliant lawyers at ⁦⁦⁦@protctdemocracy⁩. These lawyers are super heroes. Read…