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Barbara McGrady @BarbsMac2144 Sydney, New South Wales

Photojournalist. GomeroiMurriYinah. Sports lover documentation of NRL/AFL,Title fight boxing. Human rights & social justice. I photograph through a black lens

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How come politicians never resign anymore? My Sunday column this week:
Retweeted by Barbara McGrady @Briggs Old mate Rob is deadly, not to mention Santana too. I’m sharing this. @IndigenousX Sis is a trailblazer @TanyaDenning @flashblak A real trailblazer is this sis @SarahDurossette @BirdbrainElle I’m pretty famed sure my ancestors didn’t want them here when they colonised my country in 1788Have photographed a lot of rock stars & concerts but it’s always good to see Jimmy Barnes on the teev who I have al…’s class 👏
Retweeted by Barbara McGrady @paulmnsw @JaiMcAllisterx @LarissaBehrendt @AACTA @blackfellafilms @ABCIndigenous @ScreenAustralia Wow! I have yet to watch itCongratulations to @LarissaBehrendt for winning the @AACTA ‘Award for Best Direction in Nonfiction Television’ - Ma…
Retweeted by Barbara McGrady @akalamusic Hi there from Barbara the Indigenous photojournalist in Australia. How you doing?
@DrMLongbottom True @DeadlyGomeroi Beats me!!! Some people see that fker has some kind of white saviour @IndigenousX @drcbond I grew asking questions too. Realised it was very different for us mob @Eden_Richards As if he needed it. Lol @LatimoreJack @EllaMareeAB What they don’t teach you in media studies @EllaMareeAB @JasonArdler @GoodWeekendMag Deadly! I know three of the five @Robyn_Oxley @elegordon @Jude_McCulloch Congratulations @LukeLPearson Always a breville @BenjaminMillar Reeks of colonialism. Child of the empire is old mate. Wonder who’s land this pile is on.. Bet he… @jdrama68 Yes I think so. I might start watch tests again just to see KohliTruth telling @DeadlyGomeroi Can we have ‘white Monday’ seven days a week because that’s how they roll @IndigenousX Looks like the 1950’s/60’s @IndigenousX Very fashionable @sallyrugg What if every Aboriginal person was given a house, car, free uni education, bikes for their kids like wh… @JM_Field5 @winya2012 @AngelinaRHurley Lol
@NRL All good but no Indigenous All Stars game
@drcbond @wildblackwomen @AngelinaRHurley Really? Will check outPelé, a Black Brazilian. Diego Maradona, an Argentine of indigenous Guaraní heritage. Both grew up in grinding pove…
Retweeted by Barbara McGrady @flashblak Yes, it’s a bit that way, have lots of friends and brilliant colleagues on there. Others post stuff re m… @ARIA_Official @miieshaofficial I didn’t know about her. Will check her out @flashblak I am not much of a Insta person either. And being a photojournalist, that’s unusualWelcome to the ARIA Hall Of Fame, @archieroach! #ARIAs
Retweeted by Barbara McGradyGomeroi to continue fight against Narrabri gas project following environmental approval | NITV via @NITVI Am Woman. A tribute to Helen Reddy. 🙌 #ARIAs
Retweeted by Barbara McGrady @davymark1 Aww Rugba League, changing the world’s problems, one forward pass at a time @DeadlyGomeroi Same cuz. Make me wild @BundjalungBud But you are a Blackfulla Twitter winner😊 @BundjalungBud Ngurragah. Bless @drcbond Can we sign a petition or something for more shows:) @DeadlyGomeroi I haven’t done it myself but others who have written re my work have done so.
@pcrowf Yep#auspol @Leesidge @drcbond @SSmallacombe @JoeMcCarthy24 @PatsKarvelas @LarissaBehrendt Aww that old chestnut. Makes you wonder.. @drcbond @SSmallacombe @JoeMcCarthy24 @PatsKarvelas @LarissaBehrendt Geez not this again @CKscullycat Come home before dark @BillBash72 @Leesidge @NSWDPIE Go well brother. Love my country @BillBash72 @Leesidge @NSWDPIE Regrettably yes, a mistake for the Gadigal mob to speak on which they have done so.… @Leesidge @BillBash72 @NSWDPIE I was part of the artists exhibition. My photos are on display in Playfair street in The Rocks @BillBash72 @NSWDPIE And as I understand it, the dancers were performing under the name Koomurri, a Sydney based gr… @BillBash72 @NSWDPIE I see me and my cuzzos there. I was sick that day but went to the launch & spoke of my work Th… @dmounty14 NahI remember photographing a contestant on SAS Australia years ago and remember him being an arrogant individual. Bit… @Kooribaz Yessss @BundjalungBud Absolutely @drcbond Yes indeed! On your own terms even if it's a 'slippery slope'
@BundjalungBud @RonnieGorrie Haha a direct channel to the stars @Jodan_Perry Lovely story.
@jdrama68 Geez no @MarkDisher They are uselessThat’s exactly who they are. Remember they tried to Terror Nullius us black mob. And try trying @BundjalungBud Lol @drcbond Cricket Australia. Always been the whitest of white sports to come from ‘mother England’. Always behind the eight ball @drcbond Cricket Australia been crystal gazing or what.. @IndigenousX Hi Colin is my mob too. He is my first cousins son. So how are you related to him? @angelgabe6 @AngleGabe Always good to know the rules:) Who knows.. they might end up playing RL @angelgabe6 Sis I was going to answer but will post this to explain eligibility @AngleGabe @drcbond Why were they there? I don’t understand. @NatalieCromb @GwendaStanley11 @dannyteejay A great write up @drcbond Yes indeed
@drcbond @ScottTrindall Have never liked that term. Always said it was gammon @drcbond @MelindaMann01 Lol @drcbond Gotta love it! @9_Moley It’s been hectic. Good with the bad. Only managed to shoot one NRL game because of Covid & illness. But yes..bring on 2021 @mdavisqlder Never write off QLD in a series decider @Suncorp @Keiro71 Nah 9 love him @Keiro71 Gus makes ya weakEdrick Lee too deadly! @jdrama68 @DaveRic1 That’s a hoot @KirstyTallGirl @Casey_Barnes Yes indeed. Watching from hospital @KirstyTallGirl @Casey_Barnes Yep @Keiro71 @deemadigan Yep crafty old coach will have something up his sleeve Blues have the better team but Maroons… @Keiro71 @deemadigan Who’s gonna win? @Keiro71 @deemadigan You watching Origin? @angelgabe6 They’re deadly. Are you Fetina’s mob? @Keiro71 @deemadigan Will take a look soon @Josh_Mansour Go QLDALSO COMING IN 2021: ‘The Fight Together’ follows NRL star @Deanwidders journey to invent a new pre-game ceremony…
Retweeted by Barbara McGrady @jdrama68 Guilty or not, hope the Dragons let him goShop til you hop! 🦘 Confused shoppers have looked on as a kangaroo bounced its way through a shopping centre in Me…
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Gallen adds fuel to Origin fire with QLD sledge 🔥 👉
Retweeted by Barbara McGrady @Keiro71 @SenPaterson You might be waiting a long time @LukeLPearson Happy birthday 🎂
@mrbenjaminlaw @nakkiahlui @JamColley Where is the Basin?
@ScottTrindall Haha @BundjalungBud Yes I remember this @ayyschirripa Ok but why do some think you arn't mob?
Troy Cassar-Daley, Electric Fields & more: First Nations artists join for a special NAIDOC concert | NITV via @NITV
@LatimoreJack @RollingStone @archieroach Brilliant @BundjalungBud Umm thankfully I blocked that fkwit ages ago. Photographed him and Jacinta Price together on a panel…