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This tweet is for the four people who enjoy my Bachelor tweeting.Folks, Colton Underwoods book is called “The First Time” because he can’t resist, just one more time, telling everyone that he’s a virgin.
Inspired by #quaranzine and #stayhomezinefest, we're working on a real live physical Unwinnable zine. Pre-order now…
Retweeted by worst dressed boihey so @unwinnable is working on a quarantine zine to help aid our writer fund! Please check out the pre-order now… @mildmojo you can use snap cam, which your computer will view as a different webcam. @takesiege I think he was playing the long game which is weird. My toes are not that interesting.i legit forgot about this guy, which is why he appeared in my Instagram messages twice and because he's chiller abo… putting it in this thread @oakantony He’s doing his best! @oakantony I do it every morning! I’m stupidly proud of my potatoes
so can i just order the starbucks strawberry acai flavoring because the online dupes just aren't 100% there for me.I feel like garbage so I made a @runjumpdev zine: @EmmaKidwell we worked together! @charlottewallac No barking todayEvery day I stand on my back porch because if the dogs next door forget I exist they bark like hellhounds whenever… here’s a tour of all of my house plants @MimaSweets I actually like the first three! I just found the last one kind of uncompelling but stuck through it fo…'s 7 AM here and instead of sleeping I read the last of the four book series Lunar Chronicles. It was called Wint… you're up early me: lol, that assumes I went to sleep instead of reading a YA book til the crack of dawn.
Have you had a chance to read Bullet Points' March coverage of Kentucky Route Zero yet? Come check out four really…
Retweeted by worst dressed boi @HTHRFLWRS speed read runI have found my true form. @MaxKriegerVG lol wutMatt had me download snap camera onto my computer. have rewatched Into the Abyss an absurd amount of times, and the funniest thing about that is mostly that I've se… @jmrivera02 i've never played a single final fantasy game, but might be playing this one. @violetfyi it's a good strong look.Plant update: front porch seed onions are uh....trying their best. as a victorian lad dying of the consumption Picrewの「The Lady Of Hera」でつくったよ! #Picrew @mildmojo like a "war drive" is basically the plot of Fury Road. @mildmojo "war drive" does sound unbelievably cool tho. @niepk @Papapishu It’s great! I’ve been reading like a book a day and found out the local library has easy ebook rentals. @Papapishu Books? Right before quarantine I went and bought a bunch of books and now I’m like “holy shit who forgot… @patrickklepek @austin_walker its' a series of gimmicks smashed into each other like action figures.My family eating together across the country
Sunday mood can’t think of a character with a worse work life balance than Blathers.I always tell Blathers that I’m fine but I never ask Blathers if he’s fine. @cypheroftyr I don’t have a picture because I wasn’t taking selfies then at all, but we met the year I got the I Ne… potatoes are thriving @jetpackfandango @barelyconcealed #Fashion #FashionCrossing #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by worst dressed boi#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #FashionShow @barelyconcealed @jetpackfandango
Retweeted by worst dressed boiIf you'd like to watch along, my partner @JetpackFandango is running an Animal Crossing fashion show: @thenewarucan this is why i did not get the catnip @thenewarucan No kitty!
@Sparklykiss oh wow.i had a good idea which is that I wanted to have a garden party where we built a garden but that isn't doable this… @para049 @le_onionboi That second pic is a whole moodAdditional plant update! We got some salad greens and cilantro and I have them in a bucket on the back porch. @AthertonKD @nhyphenc I do need that money for a trampoline for my next buildIt is so high effort. This shot doesn’t include the splattering of chocolate sauce all over the counter.I attempted to make the whipped coffee trend but with hot chocolate but instead made high effort chocolate milk. update: I have moved all of my plants outside! My rosemary has some root rot and mildew so it might be a gone… @TeddyDief don’t even understand this chaotic energy biblical ok are hot topic tshirt designers winner games with friends
@senshi_sasori Stone eggs are the ones I’m always low on. @senshi_sasori Can you take the plane to one of the random islands?folks we're getting closer and closer to my 2020 prediction that New Mutants is just coming directly to Disney + went out for gas @ktp4life well, i'm out of a cast?Is it a bad idea with a recently healed broken leg? Probably. But it also looks very cool. @IanGonzales Maybe a year ago? But it's a different platform. There's till lipsyncing but there's also comedy, cooking, making, etc. @IanGonzales uh and TikTok.But like what if I got really into slack lining.I have taken the quiz and I am only sad boys for whom intelligence is their crutch (I'm looking at you Toby Ziegler… @RobWritesPulp All of my top answers were sad boys.I’m one of those “gender is dead” non-binary kidsLately I’ve been trying to come up with who should host the 2021 Oscars and the answer is currently a tie between J…
I have finished Castle in the Air, which continues to be a delight. @mildmojo thank you. @mildmojo oh no, that's literally just a variation on my handwriting, with an eye towards some letters being intent… @mildmojo it got clipped in this particular picture, but I actually have the name written underneath it to attribute it. @mildmojo they are a translation of a Sappho poem.Hi all I'm still looking for game pitches for Unwinnable Exploits for the upcoming months, hit me up. As usual, mo…
Retweeted by worst dressed boi @nathan_cypher i mean, of basement is also now my workshop, and this is right next to the sewing area, which is nice.I’ve been painting random things on my basement wall. one reminded me about my greens! @thedak Just started up the game, maybe an hour in.So this whole “tribe “ is white?Gotta love a matriarchal society that uh....hates orphans?“She is an outcast. To be shunned.” This mother character just baldly announced about a six year old, maybe 5 feet from her.“We told you to raise her, we said nothing of love” lol @ailuridaen I mean I wish that was meSomeone has probably said this but it’s probably a bit on the nose to have a game where the main character is named… got me Horizon Zero Dawn so we’re playing that.
The final piece in our month on Kentucky Route Zero is @juliemuncy23 writing about Junebug, Twin Peaks' Julee Cruis…
Retweeted by worst dressed boiFor more on KRZ, check out the rest of our month, which includes articles from @barelyconcealed (…
Retweeted by worst dressed boi @lovemecomputer_ she seems perfect and worthy of adoration.I have finished Book 3 in the Lunar Chronicles series, which is a Rapunzel retelling called Cress where Rapunzel is… few people have asked so here are the weekly lesson plans/notes from the "game writing" class I taught last year…
Retweeted by worst dressed boiMarch @1SecondEveryday @SparseGameDev But thats also amazing @SparseGameDev Oh no!it's like running into an old friend again.