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18+, (he/they), sober junkie, part time gay, ur fave problematic dipshit

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@piratedwight @objsucks you talk a lot of shit for somebody who looks like this with a rose emoji: we must build a united front and include people into our fold person: *is poor* rose em… @Shenanigans_luv love to make the disenfranchised punchlines to own the conservatives!! we got em!!what a bunch of fucking ghouls. the issue here isn’t “suicide prevention” it’s the crushing economic pressure of be… people are just as bad as the out and proud fascists. showing her ass on the jumbotron here. your disdain for…“i’m a nice guy” - a dude who is absolutely not a nice guy only got bin laden because they dropshotted him @dave_cactus thank you dave❤️ @a_klops ❤️❤️❤️ ily @urmomlolroasted happy not birthday @Devon_OnEarth i love you too devon❤️❤️left is in addiction and right is a couple weeks ago. 70 pounds and some really hard lessons later. crazy to look b… if you’re too nervous or shy you can call the SAMSHA hotline at 18006624357 free of charge don’t suffer in sile… say this under all of my tweets about my recovery: if you are struggling it can be scary but if you’re torturing… (22m) friends (22m, 22f, 24m) don’t want to talk to me for agreeing with nazis. advice? @_ellie_ahna_ ily❤️it costs a little under $13k to place homeless in supportive housing for a year. if we just used that 52% of the bu… @VinMan17 ty king 🥺 @queenjoheen ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ty jo🥺52%. portland pd was just approved for a $245m budget for 2021. lets say that 52% of their time is spent on these a… @VinMan17 candy corn is a psyop @posadist_trapgd this was the funniest thing for me when rbg died. people are like “well fascism is just gonna stor… i am doing something good for myself and am proud of it :) some random guy who follows me: booooo fuck you @RobDenBleyker ty rob :) @brandonslaterr ty king ❤️❤️ @lilgrapefruits dude stuck in 20134 months sober?? LETS FUCKING GOOOOO @MaxBoot bax moot @kanswercity @Devon_OnEarth got em @SamWise24 it’s like tim pool saying he’s left of center lmao @_vodkaqueen ok but hear me out. it’s actually not a personal problem and is instead a problem of everybody else around melot easier without twitter for android lol“i work in schools” ooof @barneytortola my regret was underestimating how bad the second one was gonna be based on how little the first one hurtif i were you i would simply not be an incel but i guess i’m just built different 💯 with the qlown @MKAverage nooooo please say it ain’t so fuck hahahay’all think there’s any overlap between qanon and the juggalo communityupdate: it’s good new single drops oct 30th , I’m very excited , the song is straight 🔥 make sure y’all support that just as muc…
Retweeted by sgt balls: corpse husband stan @jizzking LETS GOOOOHaiti didn't defeat their oppressors with voting. They killed them.
Retweeted by sgt balls: corpse husband stan @a_klops lol owned @chrisfolse @ErikaMRosen this is so cute chris*standing in the leveled rubble of my home* well at least it’s not 2005! they think flyovers are wasteful wait until they find out about everything else the military does tech n9ne new tech n9ne @doinkpatrol they got the tattoos they’re in it for life now @doinkpatrol truly the most cucked of all the candidates. how much you wanna bet her base is gonna blame it on sexism @jizzking hireading this and going cross eyed awake 20 minutes and i’m already calling today a wash good game folks we’ll try again tomorrow @pale_tonyb gm twitter user pale tony b horny energy here is like kind of a joke but not really. get tired of all the freaky unsolicited dms so i’m really toning back t… CANNOT STOP LAUGHING
Retweeted by sgt balls: corpse husband stan @RockLeeSmile @MayorOfHotdog @MachinePix @pjayevans can’t believe they finally impeached him. god bless bill maher!! @MaxBurrito11 they’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead, freshly manicured hands @legallyines justin trudeau onlyfans when @eggshellfriend i can put you in contact with the local union reps it’s a good groupputting in my 2 weeks notice at the dick sucking factory @ashhhhhhole yes❤️ @pisssauce o7 i gave it my all but it’s time to pass the torch. castrating myself and hooking my nipples up to car… @Keefler_Elf you deserve it❤️❤️ @sleepisocialist to retire from being horny @sug_knight we must. please... @Keefler_Elf HOLY SHIT KING SHIT @SafeWebUser @cloudeeuhh link @nuggetzsz and every other year after thatup thinking bout him the new borat ama @whoahannahjo all of your courage and wellbutrin 300 mg xr tablets @sseyukki well my jinker @treyrawdon lmaoooo forgot about thatgod i see what you’ve done for others @lilplacenta the vibes are immaculatevibe check
Retweeted by sgt balls: corpse husband stan @bigmikstake looks like the type i’d let take out a high interest loan in my name and ruin my credit @livandorder w @livandorder i have been owned @livandorder what’s wrong with it @legallyines i did that a few times and just felt awful and antsy. but a good way i learned that doesn’t involve ps… @Alyt92 try me @livandorder “pretty much” @legallyines i started just drinking pre workout because then i would get super amped up and my skin would get all… @Devon_OnEarth gonna be interesting when you go to do your finishing move, realizing i have a second, smaller dick tucked under my first one @Devon_OnEarth hell yeah i wouldn’t want it any other way @fearofturtles holy shit @porter_potty_ voting for trump because even though he’ll take away my rights he’ll take his toocan somebody confirm this for melike imagine opening up to people in what you think is a safe space to talk about your mental health and somebody i… @nocontextcamii lmao yeahhad some guy tell me he’d “fuck the depression out of me” and then still act confused why i blocked him on twitter… @Keefler_Elf 🥺🥺🥺 kingdid just my mutuals fuck it everybody light me up