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@brasil247 Uma vez estacionou ao lado de uma universidade...
@jonnyaye5 I would give him a chance, maybe bring him on for last 20 mins. Keenan is great for effort, but is clear… @Independent Was he repeatedly told he would never be the greatest?*cutting is from 1990, not 1999Can't believe my local 2nd hand bookshop found these for me! Amazingly cheap and one came with a cutting from 1999.… diretores da Petrobrás ganharam 100 milhões e o Lula ganhou um "muquifo no Guarujá", essa é a tese de vocês?…
Retweeted by Roger @realDonaldTrump It's hard to accept this terrible behavior against Mexico, specially because those territories bel…
Retweeted by RogerNassif is very generous here. Having written about and researched this subject for five years, good faith was hard…
Retweeted by Roger @domphillips Maybe there is a god
@Cecillia O pessoal do bem, patriotas, cristãos e bla bla bla @SF_Moro Preguica ver a classe média alta migrar em massa para moro em 2022, após terem jurados que a solução era Aécio e depois Bolsonaro @SF_Moro Fantoche do governo americano. Que vergonha moro. Falou que caso Queiroz era resolvido para proteger a mil… @SamBrogan3 Nice little collection there Sam @domphillips Brazil's far right middle class in a nutshell... @amanda_celio Bolsonarismo personificado. @WeNeedEU In this post-truth era, I really won't be surprised if Farage et al try to blame remainers for this imminent disaster. @Independent Leaver logic in a nutshell. Enabling Putin's plan to damage the UK all in the name of patriotism
@Independent He's doing it to help trump. Shame.on you Kanye @jmcginn7 is back! #utv #avfc @IanJamsie @TheVillaGamerYT @bbcmtd Yeah. Letting yourself be defined by hate is not one of my life goals @Daniel_IV_ Is that in SP? @MillionMarbles Britain's most successful racing driver on track to become the world's best ever. Full support to… @SirBobLichfield It's really good but not for the faint-hearted @RyheimeBCFC @TheVillaGamerYT @bbcmtd Yeah. I don't like blues either when we are actually playing them. Especially… @TheVillaGamerYT @bbcmtd Yep. I never understand the hatred. Some people support blues, some villa.
Birmingham City fans march 'to speak against racism'
Retweeted by Roger @adepreece Have one for me mate @SirBobLichfield Cannabilism at the end @SirBobLichfield The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover. @SirBobLichfield Rude man takes over posh restaurant, ends up trying a new type of dish.
@adepreece I see an evil snowman smiley. Definite leaver. @adepreece How high were you? @Dublinhood Birthday messages in português are always much better Muita saude, paz prosperidade e muitos anos de vida. @Dublinhood All the best Carl @brasil247 Alguem tem que custear as campanhas de odio e fake news... @mliporone @palmeriodoria E se ele ficar melindrado? @SkySportsNews @UpTheVilla566 Bellingham: The Boy who went from Brum to Borussia..
We have said this for years. There was already ample evidence, including open admission by DOJ officials, yet it wa…
Retweeted by Roger @RacerBoy17 @Ayaan @uncknowledge In all fairness friend, I only quoted your own bio... @Vicesignal @Ayaan @uncknowledge Yes, it's a complex subject for sure. although in a fair society where race and ba… @Vicesignal @Ayaan @uncknowledge Americans to Africans. It makes no sense. I am actually really disappointed that A… @Vicesignal @Ayaan @uncknowledge It just occurred to me that we shouldn't be comparing against other countries. Afr… @Vicesignal @Ayaan @uncknowledge Well I see the EU as the main counterweight to the US and the continent the US sho… @ariesbrunette_ Horrendous. @Total_Villa Either way we lose @RacerBoy17 @Ayaan @uncknowledge Given your own bio "Sarcastic asshole, but only because I’m too STUPID to give a s… @Ayaan @uncknowledge The USA is a real paradox. It has the world's most progressive people on the coasts and the wo… @Ayaan @uncknowledge Interesting but not sure the US is the best place in the world. Surely having such a high inca… @yggdrasiliom @Independent I was being generous. @Independent and about half of Brexit voters will agree with him.COVID-22: I want to get tested but worry about getting infected as a result of going to the clinic/doing the test.… US vs EU Most US states ignored CDC guidelines in ending lockdowns. Govt guidelines were followed for…
Retweeted by Roger#Brexit
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@ianbremmer He should go to prison just for that beard. Blond bum fluffAnd you have to wonder, how the people who kill them do it 💔💔💔💔
Retweeted by Roger @bglendenning That's @bglendenning 's booze and fags sorted for the week @bglendenning @BigBoyler Amazing. Well done BarryAvailable soon in the UK, thanks to #Brexit #GoVegan measures return as covid-19 cases spike in several countries
Retweeted by Roger @Dublinhood Surprising really because you guys stormed the Championship last season...Don't think I will ever be able to forgive Villa for forcing me to worry about games like @afcbournemouth vs. @NUFC #avfc #UTV @Politics_Polls @ppppolls @StopBigMoney So 39% of people in Colorado have never smoked weed... @mastermoraess Villa are going to stay up, on 28 points. ( nil nil at West Ham in the final game). @SirBobLichfield It's reminiscent of last year's battle for CL places but this time is seems like none of the clubs… @Politics_Polls Will the market suffer jitters because Trump destroying the world for profit is good for megabillionaires? @AVFC_News Is there a policy? news to me.... @SirBobLichfield Yes, but he's probably even cock that up and get sent off
@thiamparo Mas se ele tivesse um golden ia combinar perfeitamente com o cabelo dele... @agpovoas @Estadao @EstadaoEconomia fazendo farra na disney? @marcusvocosta @Tweets4Vegans Sim. Era um post para aqueles que ainda não enxergaram...A green and fair recovery should be the centrepiece of government plans, not some detailing at the very edges. Our…
Retweeted by RogerSerio, Realmente esta na hora de para de comer carne gente. #GoVegan #vegano
@TomC2312_AVFC Quite fetching. Obviously people not 100% secure in terms of their own sexuality will find it threatening. @UOL Nossa. Ela tem livros?
@BlogdoNoblat Haddad: professor de USP com PhD em filosofia. Varios anos no ministerio de educacao ajudando ampliar… Baron Cohen Pulls Epic Prank on Far-Right Militia Event. Amazing story. Wonder how many Brazilian comedians a…
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Should Dean Smith be sacked as Aston Villa manager? #AVFC This thread will detail the arguments for and against s…
Retweeted by RogerThoughts: Keenan is never going to score. Vassilev should have come on El Ghazi is broken Grealish holds up play t… @TyBracey Should have given vassilev a run out.Hause again! Seriously guys. Cross to someone who can head it. #avfcWhy does every single header go to @Kortney_30 #avfc #avlwol @SirBobLichfield @TomC2312_AVFC @AmarAvfc Let's just hope our attacking build up play doesn't rely solely on konsa and hauseClearly, advertisers not persuaded by Zuck's announcement today.
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@Independent Facebook an Zuckerberg appear to be driven by one thing: money. God bless America @daninava espantar?Fun fact about Liverpool: it's the only city in the UK that has a citywide boycott of The Sun, one of the country's…
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@markhillary Kkkkk Just arrived here lol
Why the feck doesn't vassilev get a chance? We couldn't be any worse. Our attacking moves consist of Konsa and hau… are now pure long ball. Embarrassing #avfc #utv #NEWAVL @HeartOfTheHolte Time for Conor and vassilev surely @HeartOfTheHolte Maybe bring @ConorHourihane on for @jmcginn7 soonishJust had cabbage for lunch. Desperate times call for desperate measures. #UTV #AVFC #cabbage @TheVillaHome 2 - 1 villa. Last gasp winner by Targett. Slipped in by jack @AVFCOfficial Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. On lockdown with my son VictorESTADÃO Presidentes de Itaú e Bradesco alertam para 'perigo ambiental' Embaixadas do Brasil receberam carta de 30 i…
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Brazil Covid-19 numbers continue their inexorable rise with 1,374 more deaths reported in last 24 hours, obits now…
Retweeted by Roger @SirBobLichfield It's our most winnable game. @veramagalhaes Voce calada é uma poeta #RodaViva #SilvioAlmeidaNoRodaVivaParabéns pela lucidez dr. @silviolual #RodaVivaDon't miss Dr. Silvio Almeida tonight on Roda Viva. 10 PM Brazil time. @rodaviva #SilvioAlmeidaNoRodaViva