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@igp @ZaHandu7931 @princesshyruIe I agree, did evidence exist when he was named before? It’s important to establish… @EposVox @ChrisRCross @retrotink2 Just remember kids, influencers get paid by influencing. Let this be a lesson to… helicopter pilot was probably like “GTFO NOW!!!” 🤔LA looks like a war zone 😎 You can’t keep people cooped up for months and expect them not to buy tons of illegal fi… @ToastyTime I just was baiting you into saying it. Feels good when people say nice things about you 😇 @Xx_physx_xX @ToastyTime No, that’s just personality 😎 @KryptoCrosby @EposVox ^this guy gets it 😎 @EposVox Pixels are great and all but I like it smooth baby. I know, sacralidge, but it’s how I likes it 😎 @ChrisRCross @EposVox That’s me 🙏 @omglazerkittens You can’t quarantine people for months and expect them not to have some fun. I saw this coming a m… @MooseDoesStuff $20 and a shoulder massage... 😎 @ToastyTime I miss having tallent. @EposVox HDMI looks way better IMHO. @ThunderDan88 You’ll never go back! @kiddwikked Tell that to the cops that drove by and didn’t care 😎 @ZeroIrish Where is @IvankaTrump 🤔 @Xx_physx_xX @alexy_mantha He held a sparkler finally 🙏I’m 4th if Julying like a boss 😎 Picked up these sweet sparklers from my neighbor who didn’t want them 🔥 #Free @j3s53 I did enjoy it very much. It made me remember why I fight so hard to preserve our constitution and our way o… @JRBLOODMIST @wickedlasers Yup @alexy_mantha Fantastically 👌🏻 @TJTrauger I respond to about 1% of his total tweets. He tweets way too often for me to keep up honestly. It’s his… fireworks all night from our front yard 💥 #coronavirus couldn’t take #4thofJuly celebrations away 🙏… @tegelz Chilling for life 🥶 @pressreset @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump I tend to agree.The only firework you’ll ever need 🔥 @wickedlasers 😎 #4thofJuly2020 @tegelz You would be surprised at how many people are platform loyal and don’t follow you other places. @tegelz I wouldn’t have an audience or a vehicle to take payment without Twitch and PayPal. @AnthonyMichau18 @Wolfsfriend42 I see the #Flatearth folk are out in force again ☕️ @AlannaLovely4U A lot more people worked on that product than J.k. Like Emma Watson. So keep that in mind.Always buy 3 so when you lose 2 you still have 1 🙏 #LifeHack @Theapc06 Nope, looks like ass. @Ivan_Is_Back @RealSexyCyborg That is impressive! @ZZCOOL And that’s okay 👌🏻 @Ivan_Is_Back @RealSexyCyborg As long as it doesn’t fail when I need it I’m okay with that 😎 @ZZCOOL Then you got every reason to stick around and experience it sometime 🙏 @ZZCOOL Oh, they don't really get any easier. But I can promise you that the good days feel extra sweet when they c… @Ivan_Is_Back @RealSexyCyborg @H4rdw4r3_W1z4rd @CtrlPew @freegunzone @BlueGooGuns @nguyenkvvn @BigTanGringo @ZZCOOL Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sorry I can't snap my fingers and fix your situation. Hell, I wish someone… @Ivan_Is_Back @RealSexyCyborg Only thousands? Just kidding, that is quite good 😉 @ZZCOOL Then go be near people if that's what it takes. Go to a public places. Just take care of yourself man. I mi… @ZZCOOL That sucks, I thought Sweden was one of the more "enlightened" countries. Hmmmm, still talk to your doctor… @ZZCOOL Then rest, just don't do it 6 feet under. Good days are still ahead. You'll thank me for this one day, I pr… @ZZCOOL Please go talk to a doctor 🙏 @ZZCOOL Then only do it as often as you can afford it and look forward to those days. Time is linear, no matter how… @ZZCOOL Well, unfortunately you have to live for your birds man. Even they don't help you they depend on you and yo… @ZZCOOL Nothing is a waste of money when it helps. I would literally give every dime I have to have a single week o… @ZZCOOL Please, if you don't love yourself then at least understand that if you died I would be destroyed. So, plea… @ZZCOOL Then don't love yourself, love someone else or something else. Get a pet, honestly, my cats are hugely ther… @ZZCOOL I have to go outside now and put on a smile for my family that they know isn't real so my son can see his h… @ZZCOOL I can't love myself either, but it doesn't stop me from trying like 3 times a day when I'm feeling blue. Bu… @ZZCOOL Don't drink when you're depressed, literally the worst thing in the whole world. Also, taking your life isn… @ZZCOOL Also, this is going to sound really cliche as fuck. But you need to love yourself (physically and emotional… @ZZCOOL That's how I feel every single day buddy, it's exhausting, it feels like no end in sight and it makes me su… @RealSexyCyborg @H4rdw4r3_W1z4rd @Ivan_Is_Back @CtrlPew @freegunzone @BlueGooGuns @nguyenkvvn @BigTanGringo @Lyricoldrap You should have left full metal jacket playing 24/7 for the last week leading up to today so the baby… @ZZCOOL Too fucking bad, you're gonna keep on living! If I don't get to pull the plug then neither do you. Let's ke… @scerstt Where is Ivanka? 🤔 @disclosetv @mattinairevers 👀 @RealSexyCyborg You make a solid point 🤔 @Kylamiis Since you deleted your tweet, here ya go. @ZeroIrish It's not how many followers you have, it's the quality of those followers 🙏 @H4rdw4r3_W1z4rd @RealSexyCyborg DM me a link, I'll check it out. I'll be the first to say I haven't been involved… @OfficialFarEm Same. @RealSexyCyborg Oh, I have no doubt they are hyper useful in the development and construction of firearms. I just w… @pressreset I never heard back on the email thread. @utp216 @Patd316 @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump Just to be clear political stuff hasn't "consumed me" it opened my eyes… @philipjames9 Bingo! @ItsCucuy I've yet to play it... @pressreset I just hope I don't die from being cooped up and not getting any exercise and growing like 80lb in the… @RealSexyCyborg I have no problems with guns, I have a problem with the criminals that kill innocent people with th… @chriva404 Hey, you just simmer down 😉 @achrafdahami @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump Thank you 🙏 @pressreset Miss you too bro, I haven't seen any of my friends face to face for like 3+ months. It's the longest ti… @achrafdahami @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump Do you by chance support @realDonaldTrump? I don't care, I'm just curious… @pressreset Have fun, we're also eating the dog's of hot tonight! @_megankellyy @ZeroIrish I don't know who you are but "HELL YEAH!" 👏 @AkashaThorne Just clean it really well first 👍 Don't stand in the way of your children's dreams 😉 @13ZuluAlpha @Vyvian07 Sign me up! 😎 @coolnerdco @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump Oh, I don't doubt that Trump answers to a master on "some things" but it sur… @pulte I need the cash! For things 👀 @coolnerdco @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump Truth is if the president was just a distraction we wouldn't have seen such… @coolnerdco @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump I used to agree with you on the president being a distraction. Unfortunately…'t be mad, I need the money... #coronavirus @coolnerdco @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump It's entirely possible, but actively supporting Trump for re-election while… @rehan_koq @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump It's possible, but I sure hope not.Full disclosure though, if i had the money I would still buy a Tesla. I hate Apple but still use an iPhone. There i… @Gurk @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump I genuinely didn't see him as the selling out type. But then again I didn't think… @BlakSpectre @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump It goes way deeper then that, this was just the last thing in a long list o… @mdhofstee @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump Elon has shown that his reduction of CO2 is something he would literally go b… @mdhofstee @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump Also, that says a lot when a selfish prick like Bezos even tells the presiden… @mdhofstee @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump Exactly, he sold out for personal gain. I honestly thought with the fortune h… @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump BTW just because I lost respect for the man doesn't mean I don't acknowledge the great t… @Patd316 @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump I'll be right there beside ya waiting for myself. This last few years have been… @mdhofstee @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump This isn't about that, this is about him being a hypocrite and denying scienc… @Patd316 @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump I agree, I miss him too. And I'm really hoping that in November he gets to come back 🙏 @mdhofstee @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump Oh, and one more thing. Just because I don't like Elon Musk since he showed h…
@mdhofstee @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump To be clear I don't agree with California's strange rulings around his gigapl… @CarlRAlban @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump No doubt he's super intelligent, but he made it clear it's all about him when it comes down to it. @mdhofstee @elonmusk @realDonaldTrump Please explain how any of that justifies him ignoring the Corona Virus data a…