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Creator of Barnacules Nerdgasm on YouTube & Twitch. Former Senior SDET @ Microsoft for 15 years! Science & Tech Geek! He/Him - #Resist 🇺🇸

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@kar_log @oculus @Razer Worked like a champ! @GregoryGHarding @oculus @donttrythis @testedcom I think they are, but the controllers are retained with metal rod internally @Leviathanprym Yup ☕️ @thehacksmith This is so amazing!Good morning 👍🏻 @realDonaldTrump You cut off the part about the Biden’s and your lawyer. Even your supporters can read 🤨 @itszachcarter @iFixit @UPS Have no clue, but I've heard good things from iFixit, they don't seem like a ripoff operation. @elweasel2010 Unfortunately the few demo units they have built would just smoke if I stepped on them 😉 @ashleyfeinberg To be fair Trump drags peoples kids into politics all the time 😉 @amtcubus Holy shit, why haven't I tried this yet?! I gotta try this tonight so I can manipulate stuff outside of B… @itszachcarter @BeatSaber I absolutely should. @acturisme @BeatSaber No, I got those worked out. The big one is good for muscles the other one is good for other hard things. @itszachcarter @BeatSaber I think it would peel pretty bad if I did that, but what if I wrapped it in around the ed… @amtcubus What is Dash if you don't mind me asking? @RealSexyCyborg @motherboard Getting back stabbed is a sign of success in any online business 😉 @amtcubus I haven't noticed any real lag honestly with the Rift S. @LinusTech @itszachcarter @Ruggable Pics of Linus wearing this as a poncho or it didn't happen 😉 @itszachcarter @BeatSaber You slide the bottom grip apart, it actually happens sometimes when you're in the middle… @MikePRodriguez I AM SOFA KING JEALOUS! @BeatSaber I wonder if it would be more effective to just wrap them in grip tape. However, that makes getting to th… @itszachcarter @Canadian_Retro Not for $1000, that's way too much for anyone.Has anyone used these grip skins for the Oculus Rift S? I'm trying to find something that works really good for swe… @Canadian_Retro @itszachcarter Nah, just gotta wake up and work hard and earn it. @Schaden81 @oculus @donttrythis @testedcom eBay has a slightly better price but I like Amazon's return policy so much better if they suck. @colinbe1988 It's happened before 😉 @3dprintbytodd Nope, modern VR rarely makes people motion sick when you're playing games with 1-to-1 real world mov… @itszachcarter Out of stock on Amazon but I think it's like $1000. So 2-3x the price of the Oculus Rift S. It's a t… @amtcubus Not in stock yet.I'm doing VR research if you haven't guessed yet from all my posts. Luckily the Index is sold out so I can't accide… is the ultimate #VR experience I hope to own one day! The Valve Index has insane specifications & the knuckle… @_MrNeeds @oculus @ThrillSeekerYT The controller lag is a bit more also according to the video. I'm glad I went wit… @MaxHerman11 @oculus Is it still 72hz when connected to the PC or does it jump up to the 80hz of the Rift S? @Rich021 @oculus @donttrythis @testedcom Technically yeah, but I don't have a kiln big enough to sinter the metal. @_MrNeeds @oculus @ThrillSeekerYT Damn, the quest is only 72hz? I don't think I would be down for that. @_MrNeeds @oculus @ThrillSeekerYT Watching now! Thank you. @oculus @donttrythis @testedcom I would love to have a metal set but I don't have a lathe to make the metal replace… might pick up a set of these for my @Oculus Rift S so I can play Beat Saber and feel like I'm holding real light… @oculus Apparently with "Oculus Link" you can connect this to your PC and use it like a stand alone Rift S. Has any… can't justify getting an @Oculus Quest right now but it would be so cool to be able to play Beat Saber without ca… @Kleptoty Unfortunately the almost dying cleaning the gutters was due to a medication, but yeah, we gotta lose weight man. @defrisselle Why? @Shawnsg_ @Microsoft Wrong operating system, but close 😉 @davidnburgess Depends on the channel 😉 @rudeism lol @RealYungCripp Like this? @rickyberwick @RealYungCripp Ricky, stop perving over her dude. PornHub is way easier 😉 @RealYungCripp You're lucky, you can literally 1-up anyone bitching about anything. I'm jealous bro, teach me 😉 @Kris_Greenberg 1) Moose Knuckle 😉 2) Horny Bright 😉 3) Jewish Dinosaur 😉 4) Yellow Snow 😉You guys wanna hang out and chat on Discord for a bit? #Discord #Chat #IRC @H4rdw4r3_W1z4rd @Microsoft Happens everywhere! @H4rdw4r3_W1z4rd @Microsoft Already exploited that a few times now Microsoft has an AI defense against it. If a sin… @Microsoft ... Post screen shots of your submissions 😉#TechTip - Want to give @Microsoft feedback on Windows 10? It's very therapeutic & simple! Just press [WIN+F] and v… @RealYungCripp I'm sad now, I'm going back to bed 😉 @BeatSaber Yeah, Yeah, I know... But seriously, can you guys give me a backdoor or tell me the hex offset of the sc… @RyanPHPDev That's the end goal, to get back to where I used to be which is living in here. @RealYungCripp Stop being a little bitch and making excuses, just get out of the chair and be normal. Fuck, serious… @GregoryGHarding @MrsBarnacules No, I was in her this morning, this is new 😉 @rudeism Did you try shoving a rock into it really hard until it cooled off and looked pretty again? @RealYungCripp Asian babies make some good shit though, we should be embarrassed that we can't compete on that level! 😉I am in the Nerd Cave! I repeat, I'm in the Nerd Cave 🙏 @realcoopwiiu @ChickfilA I prayed for them to do the right thing, nice to see they are now 🙏 ... Not really, I'm a…
@lonelyboihours YupWell that was fun 🍿 @KouD3x Lol @FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump She apologized, now will you and Trump apologize for attacking immigrant children? #BeBest @A_M_Washington @HouseGOP @realDonaldTrump @Jim_Jordan I don’t even have to say anything 😆 @FLOTUS how about you teach your husband @realDonaldTrump about #BeBest so he stops undoing everything you’re tryin… @FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump Awesome, now stop being a hypocrite and hold your husband accountable to the same standard… @mbbreviews @thehacksmith This is probably the easiest project they have ever done 😉 @darkswordsmantv @LinusTech 14 years old for a pillow is like 500 in human years 👍🏻 @AustinGarnerr @FractalJosh @Hertz Ferrari Sonata? @mephusto I knew some people did, I sure did. @ScottAtkins7 🍆 @ColinJHawkins @JayzTwoCents @Sengir79 @JayzTwoCents Lol 😂 @defrisselle Yup @thesammykins Uh oh, you’re fucked. @Sengir79 @JayzTwoCents That’s not saying much 😉 @FractalJosh @Hertz Kia Sonata? @thehacksmith No way! You’re building a CyberTruck? 🙏 @joeltelling 3D print some windshield wipers with Ninjaflex 😉 @thesammykins Starbucks? @ericlacasse @Ninja_Jim_ In a bathroom stall though, right? @DragutinMaric @Microsoft Actually removable batteries greatly reduce capacity over fixed batteries that require no… @Snubs Maybe Starbucks is telling you to get new pants? 😉 @colinbe1988 Hahahaha, you Canadians sure don’t like old turd-O do you? @Ninja_Jim_ They give zero fucks if the networks get to run commercials. It’s just way more breaks than I’ve seen w… @JayzTwoCents Your kiddo is growing up so fast man. Xander has also been growing like a weed! @IamFratm @realcoopwiiu Even the republicans are saying he did something wrong, just not impeachable. They have bee… @realcoopwiiu They don’t need to lie though, even the republicans have back pedaled from nothing wrong was done to… @JayzTwoCents I just miss having interaction with you publicly and if I fact check it you won’t reply 😉It’s funny how often they are taking breaks during the impeachment hearing today. Someone must have a bladder infec… @dientitosshark We all do @colinbe1988 Just watching a live stream of the impeachment inquiry 🍿 It’s cringe worthy 😬 It’s funny watching s… @HouseGOP @realDonaldTrump @Jim_Jordan I don’t care what party you’re in, do your job and take it seriously. It’s s… @RepAndyBiggsAZ @realDonaldTrump @RepRatcliffe Watch the whole thing before buying into this @potus retweet bait 👍🏻🍿 @darkswordsmantv @LinusTech Who is Yoko?This will end well 👀