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@selvecricket Sciver... fresh air... more fresh air.... everyone else
@Cricket_Ali He’s right about stokes over reacting and about the occasional boorishness of English crowds (not so much the travelling lot)
@j_bwp I didn’t really want Gold. But i will grudgingly accept it @JackPittBrooke I’ve been working on songs and chants with my young children all evening, the best we’ve come up wi… @j_bwp @j_bwp No it’s 7pmI basically just do whatever Tom Curran says bought tickets to the Hundred. It was easy and even quite fun. One thing though: why does the bloody thing start… @ComeOnSlverLady Neither was this guy, but... la maison hantée du PSG, les supporters parisiens sont en grande détresse. Nous leur avons construit une Safe…
Retweeted by Barney Ronay @PaulMattyCurrie This bloke wasn’t technically “playing” but... @BMGHorse Dyche as Simeone. Good comparisonThe February page of my Umar Akmal scrapbook is really coming together
@tumcarayol 👍👍On the third career of Kim Clijsters, a reminder that it is for the athlete to decide when their story ends. Not me…
Retweeted by Barney RonayMy interview with Tom Harrison on fighting for 5-day Tests/how The Hundred could take in teams based in Somerset an…
Retweeted by Barney Ronay @honigstein @tariqpanja “We welcome Arsene Wenger’s views, but [xxxx mate, just add something here xxxx]...” @EuropeanOils @bglendenning @yourmatefranq Fair point. Everyone is a fraud. This is also the title of my forthcomin… worrying talk from Klopp. Also Simeone = unlikely to shit himself because it’s Anfield @MiguelDelaney @JacobSteinberg Presume the same stern rules apply to over partial fan-style articles AND interviews that are just quotes
@SachinNakrani Expected gonads rating: highWith the benefit of distance having been on a plane last night I can say with total certainty kicking someone in th… myself a new password
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@jimcross_ I always call him Gary. I don't know why.Transl: wrap up of England's tour from South Africa. Two pieces of the puzzle to fill. They look pretty good. @tomhouslay One voice can change the world. It starts here. @tomhouslay Saddened that this is the case @Christo28802370 I wanted a competent opponent to Boris Johnson. Definitely didn't get that. @Christo28802370 What about politicians taking responsibility for their own incompetence? Or is that old fashioned?… @Christo28802370 You blame.... sports reportersIf only there was some kind of "leader of the opposition" figure to put this view across, altius, flu virus
@chefpaul62 Yes... but it's not like taking drugs. Overspend by 60m not 400m. Broke rules. But still a very well built team @maxrushden He talked afterwards about how nice the crowd was, loads of families and kids. The coolest man in CenturionWhat a game, what a series, what a knock from Morgan. Seven legside sixes to win it? Yeah i can do that summariser just blamed Dawid Malan for Bairstow's dismissal. He's wrong though. It was Jonathan Trott's fault. @markgoggins UEFA is independent @TimPeachBBC @collinsadam @melindafarrell If it's not actually a big dance, if there is no large-scale mass-dance element I will be furious @collinsadam @melindafarrell It's the worst... thing @MAW1912 That's what UEFA have done. Why do you think they've been banned? @philclarke0170 the game's gone @ihadmyfun @UEFA Sorry but you're an idiot with an axe to grind, and have clearly not understood. Bye! @j_bwp It's a step down from PSG @j_bwp Toure aside, who was a real statement signing (and pre FPP) this is a collection of very good players but no… @ihadmyfun @j_bwp Guardiola didn't sign toure. Came years before this the issue in breacj.keep going. You still haven't mentioned one @ihadmyfun @j_bwp Didn't go there as a superstar. Very good player. Is one nowStewards are miming cricket shots on the motorway verge near centurion to show the way. All cross bat, bottom handed. @MiguelDelaney Why not just obey the rules out of respect, then challenge them separately on the fairytale-obstruct… City fans have not thought so much about CAS since that time Mel Machin considered buying him from Millwall.
Retweeted by Barney Ronay @j_bwp Yes really. Which ready made superstar did they buy? Could have just gone out and spent 200m on neymar. That… @pmattessi @KevinWessy Sounds odd in isolation. I prefer “The ICC Women’s T20I World Cup” but then I am a Stone Age recidivist @markgoggins It’s not a murder trial. And it’s not sub judice. And my piece points out they will appeal. @KevinWessy Ok... didn’t know that. Not a Massive Issue but does sound weird to me. @DocMelbourne I’d have booked Theresa May and David Brent @jackbyrne91 Was the men’s one called The Big Dance?Have I imagined this or got it wrong?Is the Women’s T20 World Cup actually called “The Big Dance”? And if so... er... wha... @SpursCompendium Nobody knows the full cost. Two years away will hit everything. Would you compete to sponsor city… @danbrettig Call it protectionism, or “trade exemptions” and everyone will probably cope @draper_rob @sportingintel Spend 60m less, earn 60m more from flogging duvets, don’t lie to investigators and there is literally no problem @danbrettig They make a powerful argument for immediate switch to 100% carbon free energy @DanielHarris They will probably claim the evidence is inadmissible. Might succeed. Maybe FFP is a flawed concept a… @boxofscoob This isn’t the Brexit we voted forDavid is spot on. The angry belittling response to all this. Spot the confused billionaires not used to being told… translation: an incredible team - but in danger of collapse if their appeal fails. How to keep paying the…
@npw99 @andrewtsit Same @danroan The Zika virus: a lesson from history @JackPittBrooke Clue: he's humble @JackPittBrooke Most important thing is the next manager has to go into the City dressing room and say, you can thr… @JackPittBrooke He should order his team to lose 12-0 and stand with his back to the pitch. That would be great for his brandUpdate>>>>> Faster than Usain Bolt? Misinformation strikes Indian athletics again via @IndianExpress @ihadmyfun @Xander_Wood So you're saying, ban all Premier League clubs as all benefitted? @wadsy86 @RTurner10 Vague conspiracy talk ...And arguably true in many other ways but not this. @Xander_Wood This is no defence. Spurs will be banned because of Kyle walker's transfer fee. It's already in progress @wadsy86 @RTurner10 That's capitalism. Ugly but true. They're trying regulate sport not the global economy. This is not a coherent point. @Xander_Wood Kyle walker. 60m. @wadsy86 @RTurner10 Not to stop "the club". To stop the financial model of the latest set of owners. Manchester cit… @JamieJackson___ In the meantime... owl gifs and x doing well @JamieJackson___ Peak @JamieJackson___ Nothing left for you now @PhilippeAuclair That's a five year ban @andrewtsit No. Broke the rules. And the rules make some sense to me. @BenCrellin It's quite logical. Anyone nodding along at this as a correct UEFA decision should join me in calling f… @AtletchicBenbao Be great though. Just cover the championship insteadReally UEFA should ban ALL English clubs from the champions league on the basis this happened on the premier league… be a decent atmosphere for the Madrid home game now. Respect "The anthem" got no idea how you do an on the whistle T20 report. Going with the "enthusiastic mess" genre @azure_seal 👍 @ShashiTharoor And his bufflaoes too, who must also be quicker than Bolt. Serious cluster of talent thereFaster Than Usain Bolt? Karnataka Man Running With Buffaloes Covers 100 Metres in Just 9.55 Seconds. I urge the Ath…
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@DanT4D @RorySmith @WillBuckley24 Whatever happens it's all probably good news for Phil Foden @RorySmith @WillBuckley24 @DanT4D True. Will come though. Underlies all this. Who is going to be in charge @DanT4D I agree with all that and prob they will win that case @artisan998 the ban @llebnayr I mean yes it is @llebnayr Don't think so @llebnayr That's a criticism of straight internal-market capitalism. Idea is sport needs a bit of protectionism to… depends who you take your briefings from I guess. I prefer "sport" personallyThe counter argument is why shouldn't an individual be able to spend whatever they want. Existing big clubs spend l…"Manchester City's owners are appealing" Arguable @themaninblock11 exceptionalFour uniformed white-bearded Colonel Sanderses working the crowd in Durban between innings. Diluting the magic, for me