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Showrunner/Executive Producer/Writer - Dark Matter, Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: Universe, Utopia Falls

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@brucerockac Time Crimes really more in the sci-fi category. @Ttandc Hmmm, not sure I would classify these as thrillers. Sci-fi for 2 of 3. @smiland Her bootsHmmmm
@kam_stephens Only in the appointed threads.Your Top 3 Favorites - Thriller Film Edition! Answer in the form of movie posters! the #CrimeClub! We'll be watching and discussing a new crime-themed movie every day. Tomorrow, we kick things… @JayFaerber @scottygod @thatronriley @thomasmauer @ImageComics It was a lot of fun, Jay.Welcome to the Joseph Mallozzi Crime Club! @AJayeWilliams You'll find many great reads across a variety of different publishers.#Mood #GiriBoy #기리보이 #PartyIsOver Official video: @ABMollyblum @marychaostyle We'll see what comes of this.#AGraphicNovelADay Day 101 Copperhead: A New Sheriff in Town Being a single mom is tough. Being the new sheriff in… @JeffTeravainen Good afternoon, Mr. Wick. @ReutersBiz If you go through the trouble or writing an article, you might as well run it I suppose.Suji Celebrity Impression #3 - Brad Pitt in Seven @julngu56 She is small. 13 lbs. She's a rescue.Suji Celebrity Impression #3 - Brad Pitt in Fight Club @julngu56 She's a pug.Suji Celebrity Impression #2 - Harrison Ford in The Empire Strikes Back Celebrity Impression #1 - Nic Cage in Captain Morelli's Mandolin this is cool. M&M's? Yes/No Amanda May Wilson was the assistant choreographer on all performances over all t… @ViviYuri76 First movie? @gorditamedia @alixabeth True @sophsa The Sopranos @jpalmiotti Yep. Went to the Italian sandwich shop just up the street from my place. Walked in, saw the guy behin… @DcCd43834585 Do a search here or on my blog
@AfronerdRadio Training Day - definitely Top 10. @MissMothTweets Old Boy WAS great. @AfronerdRadio Not yet. You're referring to James Bond specifically? @dxboon Okay, yes. I saw it (and Infernal Affairs II) back in the day. Lots of great HK cinema: The Killer, Hardb… @dxboon What is the first movie? @DanielHood4 Get Carter is a brilliant novel. Never saw the movie. @thedaycaredad 2 of my most hated films!Please don't exceed your rate limit in replying to this tweet.This was the toughest one yet. Godfather II and The Sting round out by Top 5.Your Top 3 Favorites - Crime Film Edition! Answer in the form of movie posters! @ABMollyblum I went to McGill as well. @averagejenn @CAPEUSA @lifetimetv Congrats, Jennifer! @inornatesevera Thanks for supporting the show.August 3, 2020: Ugly Mugs, Rom Coms, and Suji celebrity impressions! @MarketingMan88 You win.#AGraphicNovelADay Day 100 Star Wars: Rebel Heist The exploits of the legendary foursome - Luke, Leia, Han, and Che… @spacer99 Of the episodes I wrote/produced - #Stargate #SG1 - Ripple Effect. #Stargate #Atlantis - Remnants… @lcshorten Martyrs. Kind of hated it but the ending intrigues. Audition was one that started as a slow, creeping… - #DarkMatter Episode 13 (First season finale). Production crew gathers to watch the run-through as direc… @ClaudeM @KristenBell I'd be happy to send her way. @Bmac8 @GeeksOfColor I've always had the entire series planned out. Season 4 = the alien invasion. Season 5 = the… @lcshorten That's why I bought it, never considering its practicality.What is the worst mug you own? That mug that's so ugly or ill-designed you keep it in the back of the cupboard for… @BrianFarrey Sums up my feelings exactly. @AlexPaknadel @alexlinsart @CommentAiry @MattYackey @lauren_amaro43 Congrats, Alex. Looking forward to checking it out.S'mores Bites? Yes/No #Ateez #에이티즈 #Wonderland @ateezofficial @ATEEZstaff @ATEEZofficialjp #Atiny Official MV:… The incredible Tanisha Scott was our choreographer on #UtopiaFalls, crafting and… @TonyOrtega94 @yashar @DevinCow @CIAspygirl @LeahRemini @MikeRinder @EllenHopkinsLit @MelissaJPeltier @azgreenday @ZackDavisson NICE! @sgcgate We'll have to wait until September.I need to see this movie yesterday. #SpaceSweepers the White House and CDC beginning to under report cases? Coronavirus, Sunday Global Update via @YouTube @Alice_Moran Happy Birthday!
I resisted the temptation of including The Princess Bridge in back to back Top 3's.Your Top 3 Favorites - Romantic Comedy Edition! Answer in the form of movie posters! @DanSlott Alas, didn't get to Salt & Straw the last time I was in L.A. Maybe next time. Next time probably being 2022.Blue Cheese Ice Cream? Yes/No Day 99 Planetary: All Over the World and Other Stories Planetary, "Archaeologists of the Impossi… @Vaeltaja5 I'd classify Dark City as more sci-fi - but definitely in my Top 20.#UtopiaFalls - @devynnekoda12 and @mickeeynguyen rehearse under the watchful eyes of director @directedbyRT and ass… @Spinfuel_Julia Great. She slowed down for a weeks but is back to her usual irascible self.August 2, 2020: Suji Sunday! @BallerSwagBro9K @DanSlott @CCWorkfloor @RaizNewMedia @RealityCapture_ @unity3d My favorite pizza ever. @Ivonbartok once texted me to say he… @illumimen @EpsilonTheory The U.S. Postal Service is experiencing backlogs of mail after a top Trump donor running the agency put in pl…
Retweeted by Joseph Mallozzi @RaizNewMedia @CCWorkfloor @RealityCapture_ @unity3d Let's head over to Nakameguro and grab a slice at Pizza Seirinkan! @DanSlott I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies. Codpiece could have been asked to join. @Bob_Fitz I had crab ice cream in Tokyo. It was sweet and salty, not fishy. But I didn't like the particulate texture. @einsame_M @RBW_MAMAMOO End of Spring is a bop. @einsame_M @RBW_MAMAMOO Yes. Big fan of #Oneus as well. @einsame_M @RBW_MAMAMOO They have many great songs. @FleetAdmiralUFP @MichaelShanks Because @MichaelShanks is buff!#Mood #MAMAMOO #마마무 #WindFlower #Solar #솔라 #Moonbyul #문별 #Wheein #휘인 #Hwasa #화사 #Moomoo #Moos @rbw_mamamoo Full… Matt Purdy worked as a stand-in on all three seasons of #DarkMatter - AND was ou… @SRuhle @davidmweissman There has been a lot of this going on for months. @EmmaRoulstone @Firepickle @KatKarena Because it's fantastic. @zanneslaw Condolences, Madaline. @KetchupSnowman Hunh. That IS strange. Maybe I should be paying closer attention. @BonzoWrokks You're worth it!The Dog Days of Quarantine @PLoker @Jetta_Jameson Putting it on the list. @KetchupSnowman More dropping followers. And, to the best of my knowledge, my account hasn't unfollowed anyone. @KetchupSnowman I haven't looked into it as I assumed it was twitter culling dormant or suspicious accounts. It started before the hack. @KetchupSnowman It’s been happening to me for weeks. About 1k at a time.
Your Top 3 Favorites - Fantasy Film Edition! Answer in the form of movie posters! much sums it up.