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Showrunner/Executive Producer/Writer - Dark Matter, Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: Universe, Utopia Falls

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Awesome Chef! 👌👌
Retweeted by Joseph Mallozzi @remiaubuchon Let's do it! @arune Ever been to Tokyo. You would LOVE Akihabara.
@SamMaggs @BlairBroon Congrats! @Juliemcniven Scientists won't have to worry about it for another 15-17 years. to storm twitter! this link for a summary of what you need to know about the tweetstorm on Jan 25th:
Retweeted by Joseph Mallozzi is the over/under on review headlines using some variation of "Dolittle does little". 112 maybe? @philhester @ericgapstur Back when I was working on Stargate: Atlantis, I suggested that, like SG-1, the Atlantis o… @ErinConrad2 Alas, no. The writers are rarely ever invited to these events.Outrage is your drug and twitter your dealer. @rachlanger That's crazy talk. @remiaubuchon Excellent choices @Ken_Kabatoff @JamieElman An under appreciated classic.There are only 10 types of movies. (A short thread) 1. Orange and blue action
Retweeted by Joseph Mallozzi @marksavela Hey Mark - Just speaking the truth. Hope all is well.#AmazingPeopleWithWhomIHaveWorked @JamieElman was the lead in my first live-action series, a teen sitcom called Stu… @tommyleeedwards @BurhamJason The best Iron Man at not making sense?TOMMY THE PUPPY DIES SATURDAY because somebody decided that at 12 months and 9-1/2 pounds he’s some kind of “threat…
Retweeted by Joseph MallozziA terrific site worthy of your support! @baccardinals The last 30 minutes land it in 15-20. @sgcgate @PaulMullie He’s not on twitter @sgcgate @PaulMullie P.S. the Paul Mullie account you are tagging is an imposter.
January 17, 2020: Lexxie all fairness, I've yet to see Joker or The Winter Soldier. @fanboyscomiccon Sadly, no. No, I didn't. @Ehrix Haven't seen Joker yet. @MateFranek DreddYour comic book movie Top 10! I'll go first... Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Endgame Deadpool Deadpool 2 Dredd… @Ken_Kabatoff For a second there, I thought you were doing a radio play. @Ken_Kabatoff A million dollars? Is that it? Is the A-list talent working for free? @imcorinnemec @Reuters Betcha didn't see that coming! @ColakMirko Salvador Dali? @lorenbhollander @MShanksOnline That’s not me. I’m not on Instagram. That’s a fake account.
Retweeted by Joseph Mallozzi#AmazingPeopleWithWhomIHaveWorked Mark Savela @marksavela From Atlantis's surfacing to Destiny's final jump, longt…東京アニメアワードフェスティバル2020 アニメファン賞、ヴィンランド・サガに投票しました! #TAAF2020 @philhester @EliotRahal It's a luxurious listen.Okay. Favorite #BlockB song. Go! @EliotRahal If you can't get a hold of the classic audio original read by Foster Brooks, I highly recommend the Gilbert Gottfried version.#Space1999 #Directors #Producers #Writers #Studio I think somebody should revamp this series. There is a lack of tr…
Retweeted by Joseph Mallozzi @gregbehrensvfx TrueDowntime? Fuggedaboutit!
I need this suit. in 8 oz of water, a couple of stalks of celery, a beet, and chunk of ginger and you got yourself one deliciou… Amanda Tapping A terrific actress who has, in short time, become an equally terri… GOT 9 DAYS TO ATTRACT AN ADOPTER then went right on to death row today. She’s not happy and she’s only reluct…
Retweeted by Joseph MallozziEven Punky gets a reboot?!
Retweeted by Joseph MallozziLooking for a boyfriend? And a free trip to the moon? Apply here! @R0DT1D Right now, it's Vinland Saga.Akemi tonight while watching #VinlandSaga: "YOUR highness? Shouldn't it be MY highness? You're MY highness!" @lvpugsandkisses Condolences. @EliotRahal Has this account been hacked?Unicorn burgers? Yes/No Suji #Pugchat @TomBrevoort Me too. This way my Golden Age of comics!The Ear Force is strong in this one. #PugChat
We just released a brand new video essay over at @GateWorld on "What Defines Stargate." This was a real personal…
Retweeted by Joseph Mallozzi @ANDREW1ALBERTT Yes!Dark Matter - recommended SF but sadly incomplete. Come on @JeffBezos get yer chequebook out! 🤣
Retweeted by Joseph Mallozzi @officialkrafty In all fairness, Jelly didn't share with him. He set his sandwich aside, leaving it unattended for… @VeNus_De_MiLo1 Amazing.January 15, 2020: Week’s Best Comic Book Covers! @raoulbhaneja He is.#AmazingPeopleWithWhomIHaveWorked Michael Shanks From his days back on #Stargate (when my pug, Jelly, ate his tuna… @snark_inc Yes"A quarter of pet owners said they have even seen their pets dancing to music." Ummmm... Spotify launches playlists… 14, 2020: Updates!
@BobConnu @StargateNow_EU Je ne sais pas, mais je me souviens que nous l'avons comparé à la taille de Manhattan. @CarolineKepnes Congrats!#AmazingPeopleWithWhomIHaveWorked Zoie Palmer Originally envisioned as a minor role, #DarkMatter's Android became… @BobConnu @StargateNow_EU Malheureusement, non. @RileyHMorrison Heavy, time-consuming research. Can't imagine how much more successful I'd be as a writer-producer… @RileyHMorrison Surely you jest?Kiwi pizza? Yes/No stands to reason that #Stargate revival is only a matter of time...
@MonsterFactory3 You suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Many great writers do!January 13, 2020: Projects on the go! #AmazingPeopleWithWhomIHaveWorked! Someone please save this beautiful girl 😢
Retweeted by Joseph Mallozzi @barrylyga @barrylyga Hmmm. Remember this one being debated years ago. The quote is attributed to a Batman as a result of a… Krista McLean - in-house digital effects, supervisor, #Stargate I was a big fan o… @byungminsa That would be a question for MGM. All of my Atlantis scripts are on my old laptops.90% of the time, when some asks you to read their script, what they're really asking is: "Can you read my script -… year ago today - My girls eating apple slices via @YouTube @MicoSuayan Horrifying and heartbreaking. You'll no doubt be haunted by what happened and blame yourself but, whil… Shellworks is a startup founded by a group of students who are hoping to turn crustacean shells into an alterna…
Retweeted by Joseph Mallozzi @MarshallJulius A big yes to this. An astounding performance by @tahitismith @DavidMillgate Amazing work. @lawisntmystrong Hunh @Dianaloveskpop So trueBROOKLYN’S HUMAN DIED. As he was left in a kill shelter he cried and shook. This translates @nycacc to an excuse to…
Retweeted by Joseph MallozziAdult cream pie? Yes/No Adult Cream Pie coming to McDonald’s Japan via @RocketNews24EnDIAMOND WAS FOUND TIED TO A TREE AND LEFT TO DIE so naturally @nycacc is here to finish the job! She’s a 12-month o…
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@NewScience101 I do!#AmazingPeopleWithWhomIHaveWorked Writer-Producer-Director-Creator-Showrunner Robert C. Cooper was also responsibl… @nealasher I saw that. I believe @LordGrimdark was involved as well. Congrats to you both! @nealasher It always when you least expect it. Back in 2014, the prospects of a Dark Matter series looked dead whil… 12, 2020: Suji Sunday!