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CFB writer @CBSSports, TV @CBSSportsHQ and radio @SXMCollege. IG: BarrettSallee. Dad (8 and 4), Husband, Braves, Supercross, epileptic. Lost all credibility.

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Joined Twitter 6/10/09 P Mike Soroka suffered a torn right Achilles’ tendon. He is out for the season. 12 football schedule 2020: Teams to play 10 games, including one nonconference opponent on @CBSSportsHQ to talk about Big 12 scheduling right now.
Not gonna say it’s his Achilles for sure ... but you can pretty much see Mike Soroka’s Achilles rattle and snap when he cut to cover 1BOh no Mike SorokaJoining @MarkPacker on Off Campus on @SXMCollege 84 in 10 minutes. Tune in!Joining @RyanCFowler on @TheGAMEon1009 on @Tide1009fm in Tuscaloosa in 10 minutes. we get fans in the stands soon. Auburn fans Swag Surfin’ near the end of the 2019 Georgia game. Love the… Tech DB Caleb Farley says concerns over program adhering to COVID-19 protocols led to opt out Power Rankings Top 5 (Per @MattSnyderCBS) 1. Yankees 2. Dodgers 3. Twins 4. Braves 5. Cubs
Retweeted by Barrett SalleeA group text of 400-plus people sounds totally awful. @dennisdoddcbs: Professor whose alarming COVID-19 predictions sparked 'We are United' movement now more optimi…
Breaking the ice. #Rad in 4K on Amazon Prime. joined you in the 40-year-old club today Mike Gundy here we go with the Luke Jackson Experience.Power Five leaders pressure NCAA with threat to stage own fall championships ahead of vote, per report
Ozuna!!!!!Pac-12 players threaten to sit out 2020 season over safety, racial injustice concerns, per report total of 154 Boston College football student-athletes and staff received COVID-19 testing on Friday, July 31. A… Dame tested 103 football players for COVID-19 on July 29. All tests were negative.Covidcane 2020. capacity for freakout that so many demonstrate on this here website continues to impress me.
Retweeted by Barrett SalleeLouisiana football assistant coach D.J. Looney dies after suffering heart attack during team workout players express concerns with officials over college football season amid COVID-19 pandemic heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever. #HurricaneSurfing #hurricane #hurricaneisaias #isaias Isaias is coming. buddy. The baseball is good. @braves.Stop. Striking. Out. @GarysheffieldJr To be fair ... that’d still be pretty cool. @KnockahomaNTN Gwynn won four straight batting titles from 1994-97. His strikeouts during those seasons were 19, 15, 17 and 2… @FishArmy305 fan ... striking out. @GoldenTee @JasonGormanATL @Fox_Matt @jmylerGolden Tee Go GIVEAWAY! Retweet, tag a friend, and make sure you're following us to enter to win your very own Gold…
Retweeted by Barrett Sallee Braves @jhannifin HBO.Thoughts on the loss of four SEC-ACC rivalries, positivity about the season and perspective on where we go from her… watched Contagion after the Braves game last night. It hits on a lot of things that we are dealing with right now.Good Lord Newk.
Big City! @bravesTWITTER POLL: Was your first reaction to today’s MLB news to “CANCEL THE SEASON?!?!” @BenVolin @VincentFrankNFL 12 football schedule 2020: League split between 12-game, 10-game options for this season @TikiBarber on @TikiAndTierney on @CBSSportsRadio in 10 minutes. to @DavidWCobb's Cal win total bet this year. He has the Bears over 7.5 wins. Me, @TomFornelli,…
Retweeted by Barrett SalleeThe Pac-12 has been preserving the possibility of the College Football Playoff since 2016. football schedule 2020: 10-game, conference-only slates for teams to begin Sept. 26 Pac-12 schedule source: Sept 26 start not set in stone. Option to push back to Oct. 3. When I asked specifically on @USC_FB
Retweeted by Barrett Sallee32.8k people follow an account on Instagram that tells you what day it is......something you literally see when unl…
Retweeted by Barrett SalleePac-12 football schedule 2020: 10-game, conference-only slates begin Sept. 26, per reports of order: The Sooner Athletic Conference is NOT a nickname for the Big 12 ... although it should be. football teams unveil helmet with splash guards to protect players from COVID-19 COVID-19 testing update: on @cbssportshq: Instant reaction to the SEC’s 10-game conference-only schedule, what some alternatives could ha… @jppalmCBS: NCAA will be forced to adjust college football bowl eligibility standards if games are played in 2… @dennisdoddcbs: College football bowl games face concerns about their viability amid the COVID-19 pandemic @LandrumRoberts and @colecubelic on @3ManFront in Birmingham in 10 minutes. @BenVolin People who pay attention to baseball.South Carolina will host Old Dominion on Aug. 31, 2024, the schools announced on Friday. The Gamecocks will pay the… picks: College football 'what if' scenarios that would have altered history. What if Will Muschamp got the Cl… is coming. Be happy. do conferences stand as we go through rescheduling bonanza? Here’s a handy guide to everything that has gone… @JohnMichaelsU on the @ChuckOliverShow in 10 minutes. @Josh_Ward and Heather Harrington on @sports180 in Knoxville in 10 minutes. @RyanBrownWJOX @mpandrzejewski Oh gotcha. @mpandrzejewski @RyanBrownWJOX Coinbase has an app, Ryan.Indiana has resumed voluntary workouts. The program shutdown workouts on July 17 due to COVID-19 positives. It has… @LRYALL140 Oh I’m in. @RyanBrownWJOX @mpandrzejewski No joke man. But scared money don’t make money. @mpandrzejewski @RyanBrownWJOX @Ripple Was excited about Chainlink for the last couple of months … but it seems to have plateaued. @mpandrzejewski @RyanBrownWJOX Ripple has a lot coming after the lawsuits. A lot of whale money going into it right now. @jimdunaway @OldTakesExposed Not yet. Just going to watch the line movement over the next @OldTakesExposed on @cbssportshq: Instant reaction to the SEC’s 10-game conference-only schedule, what some alternatives could ha… Updyke, the Alabama superfan who poisoned trees at Auburn's Toomer's Corner, dies at 71 ... from the Rays at home. I’ll take it. @braves. #ForTheATyler Flowers ... on @CBSSportsHQ with @Brady_Quinn and @Hassel_Chris: Instant reaction to the SEC’s 10-game, conference-only sche…*Luke Jackson has entered the chat* @WillMcNeeley @CoachCJoiner I’m just going to get refreshments at his office during the games. Not getting ripped o… @CoachCJoiner *Note to self* Raid Coleman’s office.Max Fried right now.
Sucks that we aren’t getting the SEC-ACC rivalries this year. But we are getting college football. That’s a good thing.Texas A&M AD Ross Bjork: "We will also work with the University of Arkansas and officials at AT&T Stadium to offic… college football schedule news: ACC, SEC announce differing plans, Big 12 weighs options from Alabama from Texas A&M statement: statements: football schedule 2020: 10-game, conference-only slate begins Sept. 26 with two open dates @ProudIndepende1 @finebaum I didn’t vote for her either.Going on @CBSSportsHQ right now to talk about the SEC’s 10-game conference-only schedule. football schedule 2020: League will play 10-game, conference-only slate beginning Sept. 26, per reports