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@BrizzyVoices @JamesChatsTV ANNA
@matthewgserrano HahahahahDom showed me this app where we can all have a group text and comfort each other/ talk about our days if you want t… @moonamulet I see itThis is possibly the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me 😭 needed that today, thank you love 💕 florence pugh's clip-on bangs were only $10.99 on amazon. greta gerwig budgeting queen
Retweeted by Shannon BarryPeople with low self-esteem can have a little external validation from strangers on the internet as a treat
Retweeted by Shannon BarryAh, this, our last few moments of peace before @ryblew takes this and renames the group chat could not find / therefore I made a Jellicle Cat name generator. I'm Jojobacheeks. See you at the Jellicle ball!…
Retweeted by Shannon Barrynah Canada needs to answer for this one
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @JackHoward 😮
the second i hear you say “my family group chat” i know we have little in common
Retweeted by Shannon BarryThe most limiting part of being a woman is how we are only allowed 3 sleeping positions :( @sfclingenpeel A BABE @francisdominiic my heart is with you, and all of my strength. No one should have to go through what you and your f…’all tell celebs to stop flying private jets cause it’s bad for the environment just to turn around and do this
Retweeted by Shannon Barryuhhhhhhhhh i just figured out that “ofc” is “of fucking course” but this whole time i’ve been reading it “ofcourse”…
Retweeted by Shannon BarryCheesecake Factory 😍
Retweeted by Shannon BarryIt would suck to be cast in a World War I movie because then you’d know you had World War I face
Retweeted by Shannon Barryno one: Barbie:
Retweeted by Shannon BarryWhat’s up y’all we are LUNCH WITH YOUR EX all we need is a one word suggestion to get started
Retweeted by Shannon Barrycosplay v character :) ✌️
the harry potter saga, a summary:
Retweeted by Shannon BarrySaw a post that said Dystopia is a white people word for 'What if all that shit happened TO US?' and I feel seen.
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When someone texts in all lowercase I’m like ok stop whispering in my ear
Retweeted by Shannon BarryGreta on why she cast Louis Garrel as Friedrich - “For the history of cinema guys have been putting glasses on hot…
Retweeted by Shannon Barrywasting my day like a dumb piece of shit *remembers i’m supposed to be nice to myself* which is good. that’s good
Retweeted by Shannon Barrynetflix: are you still watching me: no but i cannot be left alone with my thoughts
Retweeted by Shannon BarryWhich is your favorite Miyazaki genre: -Very Cute :) -If You Hurt This Tree I Will Fucking Kill You -Horny For Planes, Again
Retweeted by Shannon BarrySelena Gomez is the one celebrity i just don’t get
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @juliasilvey @thetweetcam Omg I’m dead @hannah_moors @lyss_7 LOL
Thursday motivation
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @dulcetdodie Cute outfits tho @dulcetdodie It’s tru I think it’s cringey
A joke about feminist twitter
Retweeted by Shannon BarryThe most consistently best dressed in the game right now. Period.
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @matthewgserrano 😮Congratulations to anyone who has ever written a cover letter
Retweeted by Shannon BarryPlease don’t be mean to me. That’s my brain’s job
Retweeted by Shannon BarryGood morning to this choice
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@riverabi3 @DominicFear Hopefully it’s not a money grab and she really believes she was helped and wants to help others feel that way too! @riverabi3 @DominicFear Other than that I believe it’s up to the individual to research any methods they might be u… @riverabi3 @DominicFear Which is why I said I think it’s up to the person to decide if the risk is worth their perc… @riverabi3 @DominicFear I see what you’re getting at but a lot of the GOOP stuff is no more harmful than most tradi…“I can’t believe I lost it to time!” - Shan, having just forgotten something
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @riverabi3 @DominicFear Idk as a person who needs traditional medicine literally every day to stay alive and also l… @emilysteaparty @urvillageidiot @RitcheyLogan If onlyCan confirm that this is @DominicFear’s most controversial opinion ur hair matches the sea ugh that’s some aesthetic right there @hannah_moors SO CUTE @lovincmb @paigecatsmith I loved it but found the ending unsatisfying. I hope the movie? show? digs into all that a bit more!
@martisun_ Thriller & memoir (preferably not together tho lol) @paigecatsmith My best rec is three women!!! is a good year for reading! Already three books in and starting my fourth 📚 (This is what reading looks like…
@ElizLefebvre It’s not loading but is it that mouse dunking the cookie
@emilysteaparty @johannperezz @jordkelsknight @RitcheyLogan OMGthinking about him <3
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@bree_kish Bree... did you... date Gibby @allisonoconor It’s workingwhen kids talk about random crap and the ch*r*ct*r has to bring it back to them
Retweeted by Shannon BarryThat was cute
Retweeted by Shannon Barry💕😭 thank you
@maisiehpeters WHAT[god inventing sleep] god: people can have a little death, as a treat
Retweeted by Shannon BarryIf someone on the subway is reading a book I read 2 weeks ago, theyre in the grade below me. If they are reading th…
Retweeted by Shannon BarryMe to @soundproofliz me did Meghan Markle just direct a gender-swapped Hallmark movie where the prince gives up his crown for love??
Retweeted by Shannon Barryfirst time completing a puzzle... this shit is easyyyy
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @thaliasixteen HahahahahaHappy Elvis bday to all of u @ElizLefebvre @KimKardashian My godRemember that tiny bit of constructive feedback that you went out of your way to specifically tell me not to take p…
Retweeted by Shannon BarryStorm of 1900 documentary in Galveston
@ryblew Wow!!! @bree_kish Oh no Bree the stans are gonna come for you I tweeted something in support and him and miley yesterday… @kirstynhippe KIRSTYNWhat marketing team really assumed I would ever go see a movie called The Gentlemen...This should be the plot of Toy Story 5
Retweeted by Shannon BarryTHREAD: There’s a reason Greta Gerwig’s being snubbed for her direction of LITTLE WOMEN - and it has everything to…
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @RitcheyLogan Incredible @tiye_s 😭😭😭😭Every single week my dad makes the exact same recipe for beans that he’s been making my entire life and every week…
Retweeted by Shannon BarryIn college I fell out of my bunk bed and broke both of my legs and one arm. Years later on a date, I made a joke ab…
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @natpatsays Confirmed uh oh @RitcheyLogan He’s behind my couch @matthewgserrano @CorvynH @krizzlebea WoahMiley could sing any Harry Styles song and Harry Styles could sing any Miley song... prove me wrong
Y’all are QUICK
Retweeted by Shannon BarryI’m sorry that this is how my brain works but—
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.@barry_happy’s take on Kirsten Dunst’s and Jesse Plemon’s child
Retweeted by Shannon BarryIn other news: please inject Saoirse Ronan as Jo directly into my veins.
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @enazelokin HAHAHAHA my legacy @minkus 😮Me: *pulling clothes out of the dryer* everything seems dry One balled up sock: lawd I am 𝓭𝓮𝔀𝔂
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @minkus HOW