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People who prefer watching scary movies have the same energy as people who prefer really spicy food @crackedmp3 Yes!! I wish I could get it but unfortunately it doesn’t have a filter or anything so it’s more just for being prettyto me the strawberry dress is the @barry_happy dress
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@AndrewHamrick2 You wouldMan I fuckin love scientists. Someone was like "what kind of rock is that" and everyone else was like "who care, it…
Retweeted by Shannon Barrya few reminders 🙏✨
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my skincare routine? generously apply tears every night
Retweeted by Shannon BarryMARCH COMMERCIAL: during these uncertain times, we’re thinking of you and your family AUGUST COMMERCIAL: look you…
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@corenaaac Good luck To them 💔🙌I miss the simple joys of awkwardly standing at deployment while character 10 is on the phone so I can’t check in w…
Retweeted by Shannon Barrythis is the only time that I prefer my current timeline over the one that the non-corona parallel Shannon is experi…'t judge yourself on the person that you used to be. Instead, reflect on your past experiences and become the pe…
Retweeted by Shannon Barry“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” buddy you can sleep right now it is so nice
Retweeted by Shannon Barryevery british movie is called 'merry christmas mister crumpet' and its about an 8 year old boy who watches his elderly neighbour die
Retweeted by Shannon BarryOk Taylor twitter why do ppl hate its nice to have a friend @TheresaResa That’s a vibeSo you’re telling me y’all have mini fridges in ur room but instead of snacks and soda u keep ur skincare in them
A friend on Facebook posted about how Emily Dickinson used the common meter and so her poems can all be sung to the…
Retweeted by Shannon BarryOne time I was on a date in high school and I got pulled over and the police officer let me off with a warning but…
Retweeted by Shannon BarryI'd love to start a "what's the worst advice you've ever been given" thread for chronically ill people, but we all know it's yoga.
Retweeted by Shannon BarryJack, just say you're racist, this is taking forever.
Retweeted by Shannon BarryMe screaming this at dom after I convinced him to watch the first movie with me my friends that are in grad school "yesssss, bitch! examine the ways in which!" just in case they need support rn
Retweeted by Shannon Barrypetition to allow tiktoks to be nominated for oscars and shit
Retweeted by Shannon Barryfred flintstone was the first man ever to become an unhealthy cereal as well as a vitamin.
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @imstephanie_j Hahahah yessss why did we make jackets we should’ve made candles 😂my girlfriend and i are having a big fight bc i think the toys from Toy Story are immortal and she thinks they can die
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Retweeted by Shannon Barrywhat’s the dumbest thing that’s ever been mansplained to you? mine is one time I was driving and my husband let me…
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @imstephanie_j THE SMELLLLLLLLLI never thought I would miss this place, but here I am....missing the smell of octopus shaped hot dogs and macaroni…
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10 year old me walking into the mall
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@YoSkylerSeymour @MaeLeFay U have my vote!
Me: I’m gonna do a spin! Dom: ok please just don’t fall off this hill trying to figure out how to get dressed to go outside four months into quarantine
Retweeted by Shannon BarryMe & dom at a party let’s take a selfie! Dom:
roses are red, violets are blue,’S LIKE RAAAAIIINNNN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY
Retweeted by Shannon BarryPls never tell me I look skinny or healthy just tell me I look hot or let’s say nothing you ever wanted to know what it was like growing up in a Christian conservative household and attending youth gr…
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two different women have tried to cut the line at the postal place by saying they were “just dropping off packages”…
Retweeted by Shannon Barrythe way i wish i was a cute anime girl who could save the world. ✨
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @MaeLeFay u r tho @Smiffy_Agustin Yeah I think honestly a lot of people didn’t know which is why I was trying to post about it. But a… American Girl Doll Hospital has better health care than the US
Retweeted by Shannon BarryIf you’re going to make your heroine clumsy, you better devote at least one scene in the movie to cleaning up broke…
Retweeted by Shannon BarryThis is what every tik tok looks like
Retweeted by Shannon Barryare therapists ever like, babe what
Retweeted by Shannon BarryI..........I will cry. It’s what Tiana and guests begging for her cuisine.....deserve.
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @kirstynhippe OmgReese Witherspoon reading the nominees list
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @Smiffy_Agustin Woah that was a whole trip lol. Well whether or not the origins are 100% based on the femicide in T… and a link to sign a petition to keep the Istanbul convention an article about the history of femicide in Turkey & the importance of the Istanbul Convention here’s an article about the origins of the insta challenge if you haven’t seen itI believe there’s a huge difference in calling someone out for being ignorant and informing them of an important ca… be clear when I first tweeted this I didn’t understand the origins of the empowerment challenge, and I think it’… @maedeline_ but I would never be frustrated with anyone for trying to spread awareness/ put the focus back on the o… @maedeline_ Hi Maddy! I fully agree with you and have posted a lot about the Turkey femicide and also signed a peti…
@barry_happy Please read this Instagram post about the origins of the challenge. The real intent has been totally o…
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @cillytoleman Tbh I think it’s very telling when someone is silent on those matters and I won’t lie and say I haven… @ElizLefebvre @jabriella Lizbeth @iamadelemonade Me toooooooo @tessanetting 💛💛💛 love you both @iamadelemonade I LOVE THE HOUSEto be so condescending about ladies posting selfies that make them feel confident... couldn’t be my feminism like… what colour was your yoghurt shop uniform joe: .....what the fuck are u doin now
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @ElizLefebvre @jabriella you can’t let me do something like this Elizabeth it is imperative Or at least make me g… caution when describing barriers. Being Black is not a barrier for me. White supremacy is the barrier. Being…
Retweeted by Shannon Barrythe way my mom texts me.... i see where i get it from
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Retweeted by Shannon Barrythis is the twilight summer for my A/C unit. it’s not so much cooling my bedroom as it is telling me about the prev…
Retweeted by Shannon Barrythere's 3 full years between when a girl is 23 and when she is 24
Retweeted by Shannon Barry2019: it's the future, where's my hoverboard! 2020: if all of humanity bands together and works hard, perhaps somed…
Retweeted by Shannon BarryI’m very excited to finally watch Tenet in theaters, I’m gonna get a big popcorn, contract coronavirus, and pass away.
Retweeted by Shannon BarryDoes anyone else panic at nighttime because it’s like oh shit tomorrow really is gonna happen
Retweeted by Shannon Barry...bc they don’t want to touch their face to take it on/off
To escape a fire, a 10-year-old boy dropped his 3-year-old brother out of a 5th or 6th story window, then jumped hi…
Retweeted by Shannon BarryDon’t go out to restaraunts but if you do don’t
Retweeted by Shannon BarryI just... keep seeing people on social eating at restaurants, traveling, doing whatever and I’m sitting in my apart…
Retweeted by Shannon BarryBlack women are soft: a photo series by @/riarenephotography on IG
Retweeted by Shannon BarryMy Grandma recently learned how iMessage text effects work, so naturally I’ve been documenting her using them inapp…
Retweeted by Shannon Barrydate someone u have fun grocery shopping with
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two garys, locked in an eternal struggle, pursuing each other across the globe forever.
Retweeted by Shannon BarryI have now read 30 books this year, a number that used to be impressive before I was forced to stay home every day for five months lol
@B0YSLIKEYOU @rllyintododie 💛💛💛🥺These pieces by Murat Yildirim are crazy!
Retweeted by Shannon BarryI asked a young student who the 'you' is in a poem and he said 'poets have a minature version of themselves who liv…
Retweeted by Shannon Barry @bannarchist Ugh I’ve been there @top0chica That too!!! I don’t consume anything unless I know where I can put it laterPicnics don’t make any sense to me. How does anybody eat without immediately having to poop?lol wow you’re still hating taylor swift in the year 2020, keep that shit to yourself it’s embarrassing
Retweeted by Shannon Barrytaylor swift's scarf walked so her cardigan could run
Retweeted by Shannon BarryA Taylor song called “cardigan” was literally in my 2016 30 Rock spec...
Retweeted by Shannon Barryif "epiphany" isn't in a grey's anatomy episode what was it all for
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ok something that’s hitting me about folklore is how comforting even the sad heartbreak songs are, and this feels l…