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@bombsfall Next game. What. Please explain @Campster Can you please reveal which movie this is? @JoeBiden Except pass universal healthcare, because you said you'd veto it @terrycrews This is meaningless. "Good" people don't just pop out of the ether. This isn't about individual 'purity… @tedcruz This is the sort of intellectual rigor I demand from my politicians. Fried chicken is communist @TafferKing451 I like the hands. Nice sense of presence to go along with the head bob/sway. I assume you guys won't… @elonmusk Capitalism's failing us right now 'cuz people like you are still yapping.
@JoeBiden You were a segregationist @marysuewriter Has anyone ever told you you have the same name as this Canadian YouTuber? @yacobg42 Having a whole ass AAA game that isn't *exclusively* about combat, was amazing. @Yascha_Mounk this is dumb what @lcd_b0xing Except that... showering with your clothes on has no benefits...? And condoms prevent pregnancy and loads of STDsit must be said that with the way ur carrying on with your posts, most of u will never realize ur dream of becoming a United States Senator.
Retweeted by The Weather Man @bombsfall Fuck you for giving me the emotional catharsis I needed when I dropped out of college at 19 just like Mae!All week, my 4 yr old stops at random moments to give me words of encouragement. She’ll grab my hand and say she i…
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@SenSanders Then why did you endorse someone who wants literally none of those things? @Campster Ability to render angry middle aged men in 30fps is the only metricNever been more excited in my entire life @Swery65 #deadlypremonition2 #DeadlyPremonitionFan @markburgerenerg Are you against politicians debating? @jkelly206 @ZachFett @HadesRestored @TigerCA123 Whether a game looks good is not the question at hand. It's the fid… @jkelly206 @ZachFett @HadesRestored @TigerCA123 It wasn't even just optimized for "consoles." It was optimized for… @ZachFett @HadesRestored @TigerCA123 Excuse me, aren't you forgetting someone? @jkelly206 @ZachFett @HadesRestored @TigerCA123 Crisis 3 is 7 years old @OwlFWGKTA Bloody seed @LolOverruled @CommieYoshi @JoeBiden And truth over facts!The clouds speak loud today. They are saying: "guacomole is actually better without tomatoes"Sometimes you just have a day when you specifically want to tweet things that will upset Movieb*b and that’s valid.
Retweeted by The Weather Man @JayThePopulist This is the worst case scenario. Warren is a lying grifter who will compromise any states values at… @M4GNITUDE @HannahEinbinder @alyssawaking The wafers are already his fleshSimilarly, leftists that feel on board with these companies taking censoring measures in favour of progressivism (e…
Retweeted by The Weather ManCapitalism is amoral. Capitalists don’t really care what social trend they will have to leech on to to garner atten…
Retweeted by The Weather Man @FlyThaiMMA I'd say social democrat *is* center left. Anything to the right of that is just standard capitalism. @Atrios I would honestly be surprised if they actually implicated more than a couple people. Sincerely think she'll…
@nprpolitics Hahahahaha what a jokeUpdate: I was fired for this post.
Retweeted by The Weather ManStill waiting.
Retweeted by The Weather Man @JoeBiden Fuck you
@PeteButtigieg Stop. Saying. Things.#TheLastofUsPart2 #TheLastofUs2 #TheLastofUsPartII #TheLastofUs Long thread on The Last of Us Part II and its exc… lasting impression is just: we've really stretched the plausible deniability of intense action games with cinema…, to clarify, I honestly am still really liking this game still (like 3/4ths to the end). I'm, like, *more or le… we're left with a game that can't decide whether it wants us to ignore the crazy game stuff and just go with the… @shadihamid I'm open minded enough to know when a person is a psycho racist, aka a republican @CommieYoshi A... gun? @tbhnasa Who are Jeffree and Shane?And none of this is helped by the game going out of its way to emphasize certain deaths as really important and rea… The characters in this story are just really dumb and didn't consider that the dozens of people they were murde… The twist is that YOU should feel bad for blocking out all the deaths in your head and not thinking of them as… we're confronted with the canonical knowledge that the characters in this story actually are just crazy an… I guess?) The Last of Us II instead decides to treat is as something of an emotional twist that all the e… Last of Us II attempts to tackle that problem in precisely the wrong direction. But first, two potential soluti… mileage may vary, but it's easy enough in TLoU 1 to just block all the murder in your mind and imagine "oh Joe… Last of Us Part II is cool, but also a bit dumb. Worst thing about it is the floundering attempt to subvert t… @Jimmyspolitics @_waleedshahid This is hilariously racist @HillaryClinton @JoeBiden And you can bet he'll never give quality healthcare to the American Population @lilirishdynamo "force socialism down everyone's throat" = give people healthcare. You fucking psychos are depraved @jaaahhnn There's several mods to make new Vegas perform better. I got it running on my not-gaming laptop just fine… @IKeepsItBriel @k_artig @AmyMcGrathKY You're a really stupid personI'm like, dude I know a place and then take you to that place @jaaahhnn This is fucking URGENTI need someone to make a cover of Ellie playing the Deadly Premonition Whistle Theme on guitar in TLOU2
Retweeted by The Weather Man @happyfarmgirl10 Your party is a bunch of war mongering imperialist soceopaths @JonasAfrend @thehill This but unironically @prosepoetrybot I gotchu @_sulcata @_ifnotbyfaith @moldycheesewhiz @sunsets0unds @bombsfall ooooooooo @HillaryClinton War mongering corporate conservative fraud @MikeGrunwald What the fuck is wrong with you? Disgusting. @thehill Garbage. She's going to get annihilated. Booker had all the enthusiasm in the world and matched her turnou…
@NateSilver538 Wow you're really dumb, huh? @Paul_Imanuelsen HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @yacobg42 Why does this screenshot look so weird? It doesn't have the color palette of the original or the fidelity… @cmclymer @kristenschaaled Nah, fuck that. Corporate conservatives are just the other side of the same coin @OurRevolution Remember when she called you guys a Super PAC? Why are you supporting her?Obama is ideologicallly closer to Trump than to Bernie and until people realize that we aren’t going to make progress.
Retweeted by The Weather Man @onlytruthhere @RussForUs2020 Dumb. I'm not uniting behind a pro-trump, pro-war, corporate conservative @LouiseMensch @kcdubz @blackwomenviews @Msb00mbastick @KamalaHarris @AmyMcGrathKY @ewarren @senatemajldr Man, what… @LouiseMensch @blackwomenviews @Msb00mbastick @KamalaHarris @AmyMcGrathKY @ewarren Endorsements = qualifications? Lol. You're dumb as hellMy my my how quickly the identity tables turn when the Black candidate is the more progressive one.
Retweeted by The Weather Man @LouiseMensch @blackwomenviews @Msb00mbastick @KamalaHarris @AmyMcGrathKY @ewarren You're really dumb @PpollingNumbers Well that's existentially despairing @jaaahhnn Correct @DanFloydPlus The Zelda series has had a LOT of dodge rolls, but the smoothest one has got to be The Wind Waker. T… @DanFloydPlus It's not perfect like a lot of the game's other animations, but the Shadow of the Colossus roll has a… @DanFloydPlus The Bloodborne dodge roll when you're *not* locked onto anything is definitely my favorite in any of… @mattgaetz I think you're confused. Joe Biden is the dude on the left in that image @ratemyskyperoom @briebriejoy Fuck youImagine trying to shame a Black woman for not voting for someone who called her people "super predators," supported…
Retweeted by The Weather Man @PhilosophyCuck @BenBurgis I am aware that's not a falsifiable claim, obviously. But I'm speaking to a general poin…'s not actually any weather. It's just the wind having some feelings @PhilosophyCuck @BenBurgis Like, Marx's written analysis begins with a material analysis, but his interest in that… @PhilosophyCuck @BenBurgis Ok that mostly makes sense. But how are you defining ethics exactly? Cuz it seems to me… @PhilosophyCuck @BenBurgis Hmm, so what you're saying is - in the crudest sense - we do the political analysis to s… @PhilosophyCuck @BenBurgis But what good is an analysis of current conditions if you have no opinion on how they ought to be? @AnushayHossain So did literally everyone else. Hillary's warnings fell on deaf ears because she's nearly as corrupt as him
@petercoffin did his YT channel get deleted? @CommieYoshi Yes please! This looks awesome! @PhilosophyCuck @BenBurgis Question though: if not ethics - like, everyone deserves as basically a good life as can… I'm obviously not saying that we either can or should *completely* stop morally evaluating individuals--good lu…
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