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Barry Lane @BarryLa65299383 Planet Earthish

Married, kids, grandkids; retired. I play right-handed guitars upside down. So there! Brexit, Trump, racism & fascism are symptoms of the same disease. #FBPE

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@piyakhanna @MartinRemains @ThatTimWalker I know, but next to the current crop of incompetent crooks, May appears t… @MartinRemains @ThatTimWalker @piyakhanna Mrs May is beginning to look like the last decent Tory in existence. @itstherealNM @darrenmark69 I will harm my what? You’re an idiot. Blocked.
The elephant in the cabinet!
Retweeted by Barry Lane @Blakenburg8 @Brexit There’s no fool like a Brexiter. @AdrianS39079317 @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial It’s called an “Agreement”, not a draft. For a better understanding o… @AdrianS39079317 @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial I simply don’t have any time to spare at the moment to respond with m…
@SpanishDan1 It’s worth bearing in mind that he’s also unfaithful to Britain. @BrittRubin1 @Nigel_Farage @authorelizabet1 @realDonaldTrump Lol. @SBabadook64 The NHS will be first on the list of “fire sale” specials. @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson Good morning. All reasonably quiet this morning, so I’ll cont…
@PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson Me again. Not going too well this evening. Doc is "on his way… @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson 6. I'll have to return later, PJ, as my daughter needs attent… @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson 5. Because of our seat at the top table we were well placed t… @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson 4. Our role in the EU was our best bet for a sound and peacef… @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson 3. I'm pleased when Lewis Hamilton stands on the top step aft… @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson 2. Britain was a major component of the EU, with an influence… @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson 1. Your embedded tweet is fascinating and I'm pleased to have… @Twobeards3 @jongreydavies @LeaveEUOfficial I was hoping you’d send some to me. And wine. And chocolate. @KRKC_family @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial Lol. You prefer, what? The Sun, Mail, Telegraph, Express? Give me a break. @Twobeards3 @KRKC_family @LeaveEUOfficial Why not the Guardian? Not right wing enough? I read the Grauniad, the Tel… @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson I’ll take a look at that later. I’m the family cook, so I’m o… @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson And what do you believe is behind Brexit? @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson I can assure you that it appears to have played a significant… @Andreww00874110 Drums & Wires @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson Brexit makes more sense through the lens of global activities… @ItsMitchuation @JJHTweets @BorisJohnson Take a look at the link. It will take you a while to di through - the link… @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson It was more than that, of course. I have a feeling that the p… @RobWilliams100 @MartinRemains @andreajenkyns Either will do. Or both! @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson On the contrary, Cameron managed to halt an EU investigation… @PJChapman74 @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson If memory serves, PM Cameron returned from Brussels after mee… @SBabadook64 What I wonder is Johnson’s reward for sinking Britain? How long before he moves to the US to join his benefactors? @TheCartHorse1 @SafariSara Isn’t Heritage funded in whole or part by Koch? @JJHTweets @ItsMitchuation @BorisJohnson The timing is right for it to have been all the incentive the tax-shy clas… @jongreydavies @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial Banks is well off but not so much that he could stump up eight million… @Twobeards3 @heno07 @jowlymonster @LeaveEUOfficial Johnson has already given NI all the encouragement it needs to j… @Twobeards3 @jongreydavies @LeaveEUOfficial I’m sure you and your 8 followers are all comfortably off enough not fe… @jongreydavies @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial Agreed. Last I heard Banks and Wigmore were busy trying to help oust Ar… @Twobeards3 @jongreydavies @LeaveEUOfficial No, it was the sh*t that you swallowed that won the referendum. Ever wo… @ItsMitchuation @JJHTweets @BorisJohnson You asked, I replied, then you chose to fail to understand. @Fortieniner @LeaveEUOfficial Go away, cretin. @MartinRemains @andreajenkyns As does the fabulously dim, but obedient, Ms Jenkyns. @ItsMitchuation @JJHTweets @BorisJohnson And you sound like you are clueless. @KRKC_family @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial Do you read actual newspapers, or simply glean nonsense from Leave EU and… @ItsMitchuation @JJHTweets @BorisJohnson I’m not privy to the EU’s investigations. I’d ask them yourself, if I were… @KRKC_family How stupid must you and your 9 followers be to not understand? @ItsMitchuation @JJHTweets @BorisJohnson Answer to your last question first: Brexit. It’s part of a wider campaign… @ItsMitchuation @JJHTweets @BorisJohnson Tax avoidance, offshore bank accounts, EU saying in 2015 that they were go… @jansoldman @jongreydavies @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial If Brexiters could read I'd suggest that they learn what Brexit is really all about. @ItsMitchuation @JJHTweets @BorisJohnson Are you a billionaire? @jowlymonster @heno07 @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial The "Let's go WTO" crowd are going to hate being controlled by t… @ItsMitchuation @JJHTweets @BorisJohnson Far right, small government, no taxes, no social security, every billionai… @jongreydavies @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial These brexiters really are extravagantly ignorant. They've been told th… @wodmarach @GarethLMorgan @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial As for the Australian deal so beloved of the oaf Johnson, in… @GarethLMorgan @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial I can understand why you'd support Brexit, because you know nothing, an… @paul_victors @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial The Tory "government" has screwed Britain so badly that their only path… @LeaveEUOfficial Does no one at this preposterous propaganda site for the tax-shy billionaires of the world not rec… @Twobeards3 @LeaveEUOfficial Are you saying that when Johnson and his crooked and incompetent "government" tore up… @JJHTweets @BorisJohnson We are so buggered. When did the Tories get overrun by greedy libertarians? Oh, wait... I… @LeaveEUOfficial "Boris stares down Brussels..." At least Leave EU hasn't lost its sense of humour when it lies to… @will29803 @MackemKTF @Odette64280539 @LeaveEUOfficial I refer you to my earlier reply to your Simpsons gif, and re… @will29803 @MackemKTF @Odette64280539 @LeaveEUOfficial If you're going to pretend to be clever, Will, try to dream… @TrudgianDavid @LeaveEUOfficial I do believe you would.
@Odette64280539 @MackemKTF @LeaveEUOfficial Communism now? You're an idiot. Kindly go away. @MackemKTF @Odette64280539 @LeaveEUOfficial Another brainwashed drone parroting lines from Leave EU propaganda? Whe… @babelebab I said “goodbye” just now because I’m fed up trying to explain things to you. Let’s try again, eh? Goodbye! @babelebab Oh, good grief! Do you have anything but Daily Express talking points to repeat? @babelebab The difference is, I voted to stay in the EU, not to hand Britain over to the control of American billio… @babelebab I'm a pensioner with an adult disabled daughter. How much money do you think I have sloshing about? @florencerounda2 @pritipatel @RobertBuckland This "government" is evil. Who voted for these vermin? @babelebab I have. Brexit is terribly damaging to Britain. After almost five years I'm surprised you haven't realis… @babelebab I know you do. You must hate Britain very deeply. @babelebab Brexit is as bad for you as it is for me. The difference is, I'm not the one who thinks he's going to ge… @babelebab When one is as clueless as you it's probably better you keep your mouth shut, old thing. "Neo-liberal" indeed. Lol @MackemKTF @Odette64280539 @LeaveEUOfficial Remain lost because numpties believed the lies and voted to screw Brita… @florencerounda2 @DrewLawDesign Name a Scottish anteater. @ginsolvesitall @LeaveEUOfficial They think it's all about flags and telling the EU to bugger off. They know nothin… @ginsolvesitall @LeaveEUOfficial Their lack of awareness is startling. @TrudgianDavid @LeaveEUOfficial You voted for it to happen. @LeaveEUOfficial Some of the comments here are just... Wow! Brexiters are still uninformed idiots. @gobshi @LeaveEUOfficial Lol @Odette64280539 @LeaveEUOfficial We're no longer members of the EU because stupid people like you did what the rich… @TrudgianDavid @LeaveEUOfficial You are Nigel Farage and I claim my 5 Euros (the pound will be worth nothing after January). @pilotjohnh @LeaveEUOfficial Why? Do you hate your family?Home Office: Stop The Deportation Of Vulnerable Autistic Man Osime Brown! #StopTheDeportation @RobertBuckland @BolgerLorraine I’m pleased to hear it. Don’t let any of the buggers get to you. @BolgerLorraine Ah, then I suggest you block them tout suite. Such people will suck your brains if you keep them in your life. x @REACHHomes1 @bakerstherald @KentishExpress @jacindaardern He’s an utter joy, isn’t he? @RussInCheshire Isn't the Taxpayers Alliance that lunatic libertarian thing bankrolled by the remaining Koch brothe… @bakerstherald @KentishExpress No, I didn’t. I’m a little busy until early evening, when I’ll sit down and take a c… @DrRosena I believe you meant #SercoTestAndTraceSucksSerco Test and Trace. Serco Test and Trace. Serco Test and Trace. Serco Test and Trace.
Retweeted by Barry Lane @bakerstherald @KentishExpress Bloody libertarians! I want everything and don’t want to be taxed on any of it. Smal… @BolgerLorraine What a smug little turd is this Mogg? An excuse for a human being @dfpwriter @Bbmorg In Germany. @bakerstherald @KentishExpress Oh, and Britain, of course. The Brexit coup is clearly only part of the overall scam… @bakerstherald @KentishExpress The Wigmore/Banks/Mercer & Co connection has intrigued me for a while now. That Hond… @LeaveEUOfficial FB & Twitter have taken the decision to not promote the GOP’s Russia-aided propaganda programme t… @RepMattGaetz Are they trying to stop the GOP cheating to buy the election?