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#BarstoolSportsbookThese two bets are so awesome. Biggest game of the night Michigan vs Purdue. Even if Michigan loses you get the hoo… scoreboard operator in Wright State/IUPUI needs to get his shit togetherWright State has the greatest YMCA big men everLIVE from the @greektowncasino for the launch of the Barstool Sportsbook in Michigan
Retweeted by Big CatLet’s go Jay! @StevenCheah Don’t you dare put this blame on someone elseWhat a #FootballGuy quote @LouieNuggets @CLIFFSZN Nope. We have awesome stuff planned for both states. Whenever we start a new state there wi… Double bet is only Michigan Fab 5 bet is Michigan and PA. @CLIFFSZN Fab 5 is available to all. Might have been the confusion @CLIFFSZN Are you in PA? It’s a Michigan only bet. have never felt something more than @BarstoolBigCat saying “I take at least a half day off every day”
Retweeted by Big Cat#Barstoolsportsbook app is live in 30 minutes. Due to Covid restrictions the physical Sportsbook bar/restaurant at…
Retweeted by Big CatLook at that shirt! In under Promotions and then bet the Detroit Double under Exclusives and you get the hottest new shirt in the w… WE ARE LIVE! Download the app here:
Retweeted by Big Cat🚨WE ARE LIVE🚨
Retweeted by Big CatJust placed my first bet in the state of Michigan. Let’s Go! #BarstoolSportsbook Download now —>… @prebby13 Unfortunately I don’t think so. It’s a state restriction on promoting crowds. Sucks @ErikSchmitt Did it sound bad? @BarstoolBigCat The Barstool Sportsbook looks great, already placed a few NFL playoff ones physically but when rest…
Retweeted by Big Cat @mikesellers9 @BWalkerSEC Are you Brandon walker? @MikeBets420 SoonWe are. Just wanted to give people a heads up because it’s obviously weird times with Covid restrictions if we don’t see you this weekend that’s why. We’ll be back a lot, especially when Covid is over.#Barstoolsportsbook app is live in 30 minutes. Due to Covid restrictions the physical Sportsbook bar/restaurant at… is awesome. Reminder any deposit in Michigan this weekend (must actually play with the money) gets matched for… @JeffPassan Read the room Jeff
Retweeted by Big Cat @steve_mackin Ok fair. I guess I’d go with statistics Phil. Late game winning Ben. And overall resume Ben @steve_mackin And yes the team sport aspect is weird. Big Ben won his first Super Bowl with an all time bad performance. @steve_mackin It’s very bizarre to take him down because you’re a Ben fan? That’s weird. Especially considering the… 2 hours. #BarstoolSportsbook @steve_mackin It’s not stat padding if you’re down by 1 score in the 4thFat. And getting fatter. Hard Body has been postponed till after the Super Bowl @natorade91 Nope!PMT 1-22 -Julian Edelman & Greg Maddux -Phil Rivers retires -Dan Campbell is a beautiful maniac -Conference Ch…
Retweeted by Big CatNope you can deposit right now. Noon is when the ability to bet is turned on guy in MLB to pitch to? Barry Bonds. Greg Maddux is such a legend - At noon the #BarstoolSportsbook app is live (you can download it now) and if you deposit and play this w… competitors are coming for a cup of coffee. Michigan has always been Barstool Country. #BarstoolSportsbook
Retweeted by Big CatWe’ve got something even better! will not be acknowledging this, no @FriedStanley GmYeah. Grow some eyes @BWalkerSEC Very sad people can’t use their eyes anymore! #BarstoolSportsbook @BWalkerSEC You’re in the picHe’s in the pic @giggy_24 @PatMcAfeeShow No. That was a funny joke about beans dummyPMT 1-22 -Julian Edelman & Greg Maddux -Phil Rivers retires -Dan Campbell is a beautiful maniac -Conference Ch… FriYAY PMT is now live! -A FriYAY 2fer with @Edelman11 & @gregmaddux -We're sad Philip Rivers retired -Dan Ca…
Retweeted by Big CatHappy #BarstoolSportsbook app day, Michigan @BarstoolBigCat Try telling that to this guy Siciliano!
Retweeted by Big CatATTN: Everyone I’ve had dozens of people sending me tweets, DMs, & emails with rumors/questions about Jonathan Toe…
Retweeted by Big CatBooooooooo🚨MICHIGAN🚨 @barstoolbigcat has already saved Detroit. Big Cat and the @BSSportsbook are back to save it again. Th…
Retweeted by Big CatHow do you not foul, Rutgers! Have a little fucking heartSchiano should coach the Basketball team @BarstoolBigCat A fine line between: “That guy’s a high roller because he doesn’t care.” And “The men’s room is out of paper towels sir.”
Retweeted by Big Cat @PFTCommenter FuckUpdate - Forgot Barstool Sports Advisors Jacket. I basically didn’t pack
@BarstoolHubbs I can’t wait for Djokovic to get one @WorldofIsaac @kyle_warwick Maybe all of them!I’ve always aspired to be a “wear the hat of the Casino you’re in” guy @WorldofIsaac @kyle_warwick I need a donut place though @NjTank99 @StuartFeiner @PFTCommenter Be back next week frank! Oh you meant BBQ’s @PicksCentral @karimtbe Updated odd +408 @PicksCentral He’s not an intern! @PicksCentral @karimtbe Karim screwed up and put his name on this. This is actually my card. Adding Parlay Stanf… isn’t ready. The @BSSportsbook app will officially start taking action Friday at noon.…
Retweeted by Big Cat @BarstoolBigCat the board will buy all new items
Retweeted by Big CatI’m so out of practice for traveling I forgot to pack -Toothbrush -Deodorant -Underwear Also lost my winter c… was a real commercial we made. Like for real Tv. Did $penn spoke to a million yet? #BARSTOOLSPORTSBOOK
Retweeted by Big CatI have arrived in Detroit. #BarstoolSportsBook live tomorrow at Noon. real moment with Kris Bryant on today’s Red Line Radio Listen here -
Retweeted by Big CatDan Campbell already deserves a contract extension thinking you knocked Dan Campbell out only to look down and see him gnawing through your kneecapsOnly thing Dan Campbell missed in this awesome speech was to download the #BarstoolSportsbook app because it’s live… a great hire. @AJ_Bourne25 Sick way of getting me to say Happy Birthday but Happy Birthday! Already have the interviews. Julian Edelman and Greg Maddux tomorrow. Will be doing rest of the show this e… boring people get bored. I’m working on today’s card while I wait for my flight one, bitch’m older at the time of this tweet being posted than I was while writing it is how time works yes @BarstoolBigCat
Retweeted by Big CatGambling and saving small businesses. Sounds like a great weekend all around #BarstoolSportsBook @BobbyFibonacci Well none of that is true but thanks for the attemptThe way I see it @BarstoolBigCat deserves credit for all of the times he didn't swear
Retweeted by Big CatA true compliment. Feeling comfortable enough to let it fly like that is like farting in front of your gf for the f…
Retweeted by Big Cat @BarstoolBigCat slipping up and swearing on @DVERADIO just made me laugh out loud in the office! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Big CatThe run is over. Decade worth of radio/TV hits and I’ve never slipped up. Happy @DVERandy and @dveBillCrawford coul…
Retweeted by Big Cat On in 15 with @DVERandy and @dveBillCrawford. Listen live here this interaction Northwestern has lost every half of basketball (0-7), is 0-4 ATS, and has been outscored 298…
Retweeted by Big Cat