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Dan Katz. Chicago @barstoolsports /ARodCorp. chicagotips@barstoolsports Sirius 85 12-1 weekdays. Co-Host @PardonMyTake podcast w/ @PFTCommenter. Subscribe

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Seriously. It’s not hard to just never have sex @BarstoolChief Don’t jinx it plzI bet you think Arsenal is good because you don’t know soccer like I do 😭 STINKSCaleb is just built differently. Dude never quits GOING WELL!!! Turf toe = minor setback for a MAJOR COMEBACK!!!!!!!! #51strokes #pgapro
Retweeted by Big CatDUGGS SUNDAY SCHEDULE: LSU vs. Alabama Kickoff at 8:27 pm Sliders will be set 40-60 in favour of the computer.…
Retweeted by Big CatLSU vs Alabama 8:27 pm eastern VAR 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕I’m going to bed. to go shadow realm when you get your toes smashed in! want to foot stomp you bitch. The Monday Morning PPV buy people SUCK!*Chefs Kiss*’d be so pissed if I got foot stomped. How can you stomp?!?I for one am shocked that fighting judges are bad at their job Realm time“They can take our lives but they can never take our freedom” -Skell Gibson, Goodfellas a serious note. I love my time with @BarstoolBigCat on Sunday mornings before Gymboree. We eat , we laugh and pl…
Retweeted by Big Cat @Return_Of_RB Hey Sam, if you’re ever in trouble I got a great lawyer for you, goes by the name SKELLE WOODS is a bat in my barn and my puppy has not gotten a rabies shot yet it’s all out war and I ain’t gonna fuckin lose.
Retweeted by Big Cat @mdw52836516 @Return_Of_RB Who’s your favorite actor? Let me guess, Miles Skeller @Return_Of_RB This guy reminds me of my favorite AC/DC song, Highway to Skell @sam73846271 @Return_Of_RB Add another to the list, Rico. Charlie Skelly looking ass @Return_Of_RB @RockJames24 Hey Rock @Clarknadeaux @Return_Of_RB @davesmith3 Jim Skelly, dude keeps losing SB’s @davesmith3 @Return_Of_RB Shut up I’m making an inside joke with Rico @RockJames24 @Return_Of_RB Because your unable to understand inside jokes? Good#FreeWoj @Return_Of_RBAldo isn’t human. He just took an ass beating and looks more disappointed than beat upWatch UFC 251 Along With Barstool Sports
Retweeted by Big CatNo I mean Schefty, who works at ESPN, loves getting scoops, and moonlights as an NBA reporter. @BarstoolBigCat @AdamSchefter
Retweeted by Big CatSchefty seeing Woj suspended -7 was the mortal lock of my life 😬 @BarstoolBigCat Big Cat vs the chat
Retweeted by Big CatIn my defense my feet are soaked right nowFuck.“I can’t still win a National Title” -me after losing by 20 to Vandy
Shitbird has been secured.
Retweeted by Big Cat9 years since USA Today published its finest work
Retweeted by Big Cat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Big Cat @BenFredette Got you. @notverrygood He is not @BarstoolBigCat didn’t know you started you owning horses? Running in the 2nd Race at Del Mar 15 MTP
Retweeted by Big CatA lot of people say this about my soccer acumen has a message for the slider dorks!
Retweeted by Big CatMan City, best ever @BarstoolBigCat Frank Lampard? More like Stank Lampard!
Retweeted by Big CatWent to see Mike and I spotted @CoachDuggs in the wild.
Retweeted by Big CatI watched the whole game. They fucking STINK @BarstoolBigCat SMELLsea
Retweeted by Big CatChelsea STINKS!Once, when they said I could only have 1 lollipop my mind trip to the barbershop and my son cried zero times. I’ve never felt more accomplished in my entire life @andrewperloff Let’s go. @elonmusk @Ali_Afshari This is my plan from a economic standpoint: The first step to improving how podcasts play w…
Retweeted by Big CatThe hushed/somber tone after a team gets relegated gets me every timeHappy Saturday @EddieBarstool That game was the only game standing in Miami’s way of an undefeated season.Dude just drifted his cart like he’s in fast & furious. Legend news, Kevin is living out everyone’s worst nightmare not being able to find an item. Good news, the frosted t… Weiner grab by Susan @JeffDarlington Throw in the enormous jugs of olive oil and that’s a winning cartIt’s Ray Lewis coming out of the tunnel. Chills
The greatest news ever. Supermarket Sweep is now on Netflix. world where the MAC is the only conference left playing sports is a world I’m fine living in will be playing with 60-40 in CPU’s favor be a great scene for boner dogs imo @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter @PardonMyTake
Retweeted by Big Cat @AFCinNYC @PFTCommenter In his defense, nothing gets you laid at Purdue, not even the cragg @PFTCommenter That’s the KFC Radio Bryan Beer episode. Gotta market baby!Just what I needed to be all the way back @abahfungoulo I do play on the hardest level.@BarstoolBigCat
Retweeted by Big CatThe greatest trophy in all of sports @PardonMyTake my part today! 7-10 is now live! A FriYay 2fer featuring actor & former Guts host @TheMikeOMalley PLUS recurring guest…
Retweeted by Big CatI did custom sliders for the first half that were impossible. Slider dorks had their day am not dead yet. 4 straight ranked games to finish the season plus SEC Championship game. Win out and I’m fine. took 2.5 months but the slider dorks finally did it. They finally got me. lost to VandyWe’re in the middle of the Comeback of the Century 4th Quarter starts now Vandy 38, LSU 22’m not having fun Vandy 28, LSU 0 Comeback of the century THESE SLIDERS Vandy 21, LSU 0 Sliders are a problem Vandy 7, LSU 0 2. Adjusted Sliders. LSU @ Vandy Live Now. Come hang out. --> @patsorce @BarstoolYak Are tropical storms bad though?I was so close. It’s been a dream of mine. Try to tape 3 different shows concurrently and leave at 2 was a TERRIBLE idea. Abort. Abort. I’ll play at 2 pm in the game room. Sorry. I got too ambitious and it faile… is so dumb. Im going to lose because I'm trying to do radio at the same time. I can feel it. Also we have… found custom sliders online that should make the game harder. LSU @ Vandy starts right now. Simulcasting live f…’t you fucking dare @MattAndreana @PardonMyTake I wear a mask every day.Many people are not happy that Fight Island isn’t happening in the middle of a sandy beach. BUT NOT US!
Retweeted by Big CatYAK starts now. Whole crew here minus Steven Cheah. Call in 833-85-STOOL.