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Retweeted by Big CatIncredible was said to be “mad as hell” the Bears had a guy like Mike Davis @BarstoolBigCat sources are telling me Graham Mertz hand delivered it to him. working to confirm
Retweeted by Big CatHe probably caught it from Wisconsin right? QUINN LIVES ON!This is going to be an Over killerTwisted myself up in this one. Thursday Night Football Time
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@Return_Of_RB @karimtbe @Return_Of_RB @karimtbe Is Rico eligible for a plack when he took off half the month? Asking for everyone who follows the showThis is peak old man baseball anger. Love it myself up in this one. Thursday Night Football Time by a million hit last week. +350 baby Cant Lose Parlay is a certified BANGER this week.Lunch episodes make zero sense. My apologies @ChrisTannehill whoops. Could have stopped this hiring. My bad!’s get out guy @EamonOfficial some followers
Retweeted by Big Cat2 hour YAK starts now9:15 @BarstoolBigCat not bad. #OffTheBench @1045espn @barstoolsports
Retweeted by Big CatAfter Week 8, it seems some advertisers are moving their ad spend to other shows after @Return_Of_RB's hits on Bars…
Retweeted by Big CatOne person didn’t drink it ... makes you think
Retweeted by Big CatIf the Food Network ever wises up and gives me a show, this is what it’s gonna look like
Retweeted by Big CatOh yeah. Probably the nicest L I’ll take’s today folks @BarstoolBigCat We would all be incredibly sad for a while but there would be a time where all fans would be like “…
Retweeted by Big Cat @Flipmydick69 @marty_mush It’s On the list. SoonI drank the Kool Aid but if it had in fact been poison I wouldn’t have been shocked. @MikeSteinberg15 I can be friends with people I disagree with because I’m not a childBarstool Pick Em - Week 9 is Live Big cards this weekend. Huge. Drink the Kool-Aid @lucas_rausch @RMulherrin Don’t say list! @RMulherrin On the list. Trust meLet’s Go! On in 10 minutes with @DVERandy and @dveBillCrawford. Listen live here Em Week 9 is LIVE Its been a great week for @Return_Of_RB since the drama of the hype circle, and it looks li…
Retweeted by Big Cat @PicksCentral Corners for the late MLS Games. Portland/Galaxy Over 9.5 LAFC/Houston Over 10.5 Earthquakes/Real Salt Lake Over 10.5
Oh and we’ve created the best MACtion bet idea ever for next Wednesday. Chaos1 week from tonight #MACtion @swexpos But the difference being with built in bye weeks it’s not a big deal. You make games up. Now they can’t @swexpos No @BarstoolBigCat “I’M MAD AS HELL” 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Big CatI rest my case. I knew it was fishy @jjwagner93 You know that if they partied Saturday they wouldn’t test positive Sunday right?Real men bet Soccer Overs be lame? Hell no have the Cowboys not been the same since @michaelirvin88’s retirement?
Retweeted by Big Cat @BWalkerSEC’re not here to argue. I have to tape the Pick Em. Mertz is still going to win 5 Heismans. Positive Vibes Only @BobbyC25526395 Read my previous tweet dude @BarstoolBigCat Only thing they were careless with was Dan’s heart
Retweeted by Big CatWhat are you talking about??? Games have been postponed across the country. Florida hasn’t played in 3 weeks. The d… you have proof of that? Or maybe the entire state is having an outbreak and the players aren’t in a bubble Are… the fuck are you even talking about? This is the issue with having kids go back to school and hoping for the best. If you blame the kids you’re… @BarstoolBigCat Rule 1: don’t get corona Rule 2: don’t break rule one. Let’s play football!
Retweeted by Big CatHuh? What rules? To not get Coronavirus? Warren fucked this up when he cancelled what was a perfect schedule with built in bye weeks back in September… mean there is no alternative. They fucked up with the September debacle. We all knew this going in. There was zer… are bigger than sports. Also I’ll be doing my end of the season polls based on Week 1 performance Can’t play right now. Let’s just wait for 21 or so days. That’s just a random number I came up with off the… Fact. Podcasting is actually harder than playing in the NFL @PardonMyTake 10-28 -Interview with Michael Irvin -The Bears probably suck -Dodgers win the World Series -Kevin Cash’s s…
Retweeted by Big CatDespite all of this, I love the Bears +4 on Sunday was zero apologizing. I will never apologize for 5-2’s episode was basically the Bears suck but Hank’s pants suck more wears them every day. We’re used to it a very sad lash out by him. I didn’t make him wear train conductor pants. He did that on his own. I had no choi… @BarstoolBigCat be nice to Hank
Retweeted by Big CatPMT 10-28 -Interview with Michael Irvin -The Bears probably suck -Dodgers win the World Series -Kevin Cash’s s… @sqwerli Yup. Thanks bro!PMT 10/28 featuring @michaelirvin88 is live! - Full World Series Game 6 recap (congrats @TommyLasorda!) - The Bear…
Retweeted by Big Cat @legalizethebet What part is reckless. I’m not freaking out. The idea that they may have just finished the season i…'s so perfect that Rob Manfred is about to boast about finishing the season while the whole WS Championship roster probably has Covid now.CONGRATS TOMMY! you sleep well with your computer tonight, Kevin CashThings are getting tense. Fingernail biting time a Ryder, you hate to see Zunino get his first hit of the World Series tonight @Return_Of_RBRays full on meltdownTotally normal ur a dude watching the bachelorette ur complicit to simping.
Retweeted by Big Cat @BarstoolBigCat Shakedown>Jessica>Althea> First Tube>sugar mag>chalkdust..Pretty sure the world series commercial DJ is the real MVP.
Retweeted by Big Cat @The_Dream99 Let’s go, Akiem! Most important player on D!On another note now my mom wants to know why I drank so many beers smh....I told her it was cold in Canada
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@Vdubs15 @PicksCentral @CameronEdAd It was -230. I said it on the showShould have named it can’t lose @BarstoolBigCat Vanden Boom 4 Heisman ?
Retweeted by Big Cat @StevenCheah DisgustingThat's a shame. Seems like we probably shouldn't with all the CoCo hate soccer. So stupid. They never score when you need them to scoreNFL Power Cheahkings - Week 8 Edition
Retweeted by Big Cat @PepeSilvia05 @johnjoh69085278 My tweets are used to make money yes. And I’m confused about your argument. Are you… @Woweewowowwowww I wasn’t the one to kill that vibe. My hand was forced @KNICKSTAPE_1976 For a year. And we had Kirk cousins have the luckiest Hail Mary ever. So no, you shut the fuck up