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@Sean_Rash Training hard for our 3 game seriesThe Stan Bowman show is a must listen. Amazing job by @BarstoolChief @EddieBarstool up sore from my run last night. Lesser men would brag but this is just who I am. Part of the grind when you’re… retweets and we'll drop the Stan Bowman interview at Midnight
Retweeted by Barstool Carl @Sean_Rash But if it did I would be an Olympian @paddyr0 🤞 @KAG88 @DogWalkBarstool I opened a bag yesterday and got 5 total. I was despondent.I’m not bragging but I went for a run tonight. Not a jog. A run. The body is a temple and you need to treat it that…
@KFCBarstool That’s a knock off popple. Blue eyes. Pink nose. But they didn’t do two toned bodies. Walmart version. Still nicePSA - #BarstoolSportsbook now has same game parlays. Don’t let the competition tell you otherwise!
Retweeted by Barstool Carl @DustyYoung I went to jail 14 years ago trying to take one home from KamaI thought the Cubs just did a $100M deal with draft kings?“Hello my name is Jake and I hate nice things.” @MattWlezen When was this picture takenVery horny for this French onion is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen watching bowling. And I’ve see a lot of strange stuff.
Retweeted by Barstool CarlALERT: It's @BarstoolChicago Radio on #SiriusXM85 with the entire @RedLineRadio Crew! "Were you mean to Stan Bowma…
Retweeted by Barstool CarlDo You Like The Smell Of Your Own Farts?'m the only one in Barstool Chicago that voted yes you like to smell your own farts:This week's @DogWalkBarstool Snake Draft took us back in time to the days of trick-or-treating around the neighborh…
Retweeted by Barstool Carl @BarstoolHubbs it's not hating. it's objective that he's not nearly as good in the postseason. facts. 6 innings aga… To Know Cow Tales’s my drive @fiveirongolf @51strokes
Retweeted by Barstool Carl @kanejp @jewelosco Thanks JimIs that so? @KPFSkip3 @EddieBarstool @TheClemReport How many draft wins to your name KyleI’ve won 15 times. I won’t be bullied.
@barstoolcarl .@jewelosco do the right thing!
Retweeted by Barstool Carl @blackmountain_2 @ParkyB24 @barstoolcarl @jewelosco @bgrosser20 @ElChivo_5 @GlenviewVillage
Retweeted by Barstool CarlWhose 90s run was better?? @barstoolchicago @barstoolcarl @BarstoolChief @EddieBarstool @barstoolWSD
Retweeted by Barstool Carl @905ontheLimes @barstoolcarl Let’s go Stoolies
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Retweeted by Barstool Carl“I always wanted to be a writer. But am I interesting if I didn’t spend 8 years in a cube?” -- @barstoolcarl on @barstoolchicago #SiriusXM85
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Retweeted by Barstool CarlLet's Get This Guy His Job Back At The Jewel(s) - Chicago Man With Special Needs Fired After Standing Up For Himsel… have a liter of beef barley waiting for me at lunch and I feel like the richest man alive @LeahyGaga better yet "I suck" @FFDataKing @EddieBarstool loves haunted trailsDo you like a cowtailLove the move. Now dunk it. 29th Televised Perfect Game In @PBATour History by Francois Lavoie (FULL MATCH) virgins shouldn’t be so loud ladies @Sean_Rash That’s on me I’m still learning the footworkTWO HANDED STRIKE @Sean_Rash @fiveirongolf @SmittyTweets1 That’s actually our ringer believe it or not. I’ll get my swing on tape for your reviewDo people actually think each color of M&M tastes different? 🤔 🔗:
Retweeted by Barstool CarlTOMORROW. 10|9c. Special trivia showdown! We have Frank & the Frankettes taking on Team @barstoolchicago in a batt…
Retweeted by Barstool CarlLeague night! @fiveirongolf @SmittyTweets1
@NotTheFakeMcCoy @TheClemReport doesn't play on the graphic unfortunatelyPer @barstoolchicago radio discussion: The rat that @barstoolcarl’s friend found in his Chicago apartment
Retweeted by Barstool Carl @unbearable_szn @barstoolsports Says otherwise at the very top of the source article. Is that enough journalism or noTomorrow’s Special Edition Trivia Match at 10AM between @barstoolchicago and Frank & The Frankettes will feature a…
Retweeted by Barstool CarlIf you know, you know fucking guy Is Forcing Gamers To Watch Political Commercials Even If They Bought The Game At Full Price @barstoolcarl Good morning Carl fired up my semi this morning and had a little decoration added to it
Retweeted by Barstool CarlI Absolutely Love How Much This Guy Loves The Chicago Bears @mares62J Chicago Bears Are In 1st Place Up With The Best Of Jay Cutler Mic'd Up morning. It’s Victory Monday. Get yourself a beef and act accordingly.Open for a perfectly blowtorched surprise @FelicioBig Been following him for years. Great follow. True passionate diehardI love this guy so much @Lucas_Wiseman Slow and steady wins the raceHow many Instagram followers do you think Vin Diesel has? The answer is 66.3 million.Hardest decision I’ll have to make is the first time picking between these 3 for a game. All time brain pretzel can’t figure out which @IlliniHockey Jersey I like most. Orange has my heart. The Whites are so cool. Navy for th… @RJSurdyk me tooThe Packers Got Absolutely Fucking Smoked Today
@barstoolcarl @The_SportsPaige
Retweeted by Barstool CarlDoes anyone have a Packers score?THE CHICAGO BEARS ARE 5-1 POSTGAME PODCAST: @TheMightyDean For once? Are you mental?You might be dumber than Matt Nagy then. Anyone overlooking his mistakes is a sheep headed to slaughter Nagy is an idiotNagy throwing the ball is so fucking Nagy. Someone give this guy a map and explain he coaches in Chicago. These are… the fuck down ladiesVery jealous of anyone in Pennsylvania that gets to pound the Bears on the #BarstoolSportsbook app. One day she wil… lucky trash can looks to improve to 2-0 #slonk @barstoolcarl @BarstoolChief @barstoolWSD @EddieBarstool
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Retweeted by Barstool CarlSunday Morning tradition, making my bears hype videos, Pt. 1 @barstoolcarl @BarstoolChief @EddieBarstool
Retweeted by Barstool CarlI like the Bears today by at least 2 touchdowns. This is a big statement game. We show up in big statement games.Mitchhhhh'm glad that there is someone on twitter who feels the same as me. Thanks Carl!
Retweeted by Barstool CarlAnswer: Yes hearing the hype up from fans of bowling like @barstoolcarl
Retweeted by Barstool Carl @SMatulevich @TailgatingHOF @barstoolsports @detnews_sports More for the rest of us am I right? @shanequinlan8 StunningFire this fucking clown into the sun is so awesome. What a cool game that the guys have this kind of camaraderie @_samjohnson4 House lanes idiot
If you thought his 300 was impressive, here’s 28 straight strikes from Frankie Lavoie: LAVOIE JUST BOWLED A 300 IN THE SWEET SIXTEEN DOES IT 300!!!!! @CaptainCons I do. Just really want the meat some times without the hassleBelmo is a runaway train going into the 9th. Absolute monster on the left lane right now