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Dave Williams | cohost of @RedlineRadio on iTunes | White Sox | Wildcats | @barstoolchicago | Head Of The ADTAPA Player's Union |

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Joined Twitter 7/24/12 @barstoolWSD Never back down is the best worst movie ever made. By far.
Retweeted by whitesoxdave @davidfromcincy I believe I have 2 career solo wins. I know for a fact at least 1 and many secondsJust had a little realization. I'm gonna miss Verdansk. I know that game kinda went to ass but Verdansk was home. Kinda sad tbhAnother fantastic movie that's simultaneously complete dog shit. What other ones we got out there? @chuck_lief Haha I love it but it's so fucking bad at the same time @RC_cog Who said he isn'tAyo is a studMost insane @TheDozenTrivia ever tonight. Friends and enemies were made. People might have to go into witness protectionNever Back Down might be my favorite (really) shitty movie. It's so bad but I love it so so so much newest member of Outdoors?! @barstoolWSD @SydnieWells
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveTHEY BETTER NOT! @barstoolWSD Key bonding moment with my sister was watching this with a pizza while our parents screamed at each other downstairs
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveI don't know a single person who doesn't enjoy every ounce of Mean Girls. I perfect teen comedy and Tina Fey is gre…
@KareemRon33 You must really hate rodon then @KareemRon33 The next time someone posts their wings or ribs or burgers or thanksgiving turkeys I'll be on the look… @KareemRon33 In a much more humane way than the burger you ate this weekend, yes.Guitar signed by @ofarevolution’s frontman @marcroberge! 🙌 Marc and O.A.R. brought Weishfest to new heights in 201…
Retweeted by whitesoxdave @KareemRon33 Chances are extremely high the cow that provided the meat for the burger you're eating lives an awful… video of @barstoolWSD blowing the roof off @115Bourbon at @WeishFest this weekend with @FoxtrotGetDown 🤯🤯🤯🤯
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveWHAT A NIGHT. Grateful for you @DanteTheDon and all of our friends at @barstoolchicago - love y’all and can’t wait…
Retweeted by whitesoxdave @KareemRon33 @KenWo4LiFe So you're cool with eating meat from cattle/pigs that are farmed and live awful lives prio… want to see YOUR pics & vids from WeishFest 2021! ⭐️💙 Be sure to tag @weishfest and use hashtag #WeishFest so we…
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveTOMORROW: we have @fakeshoredrive live from Chicago to talk all things hip hop. from Kanye, to Common, to the gramm…
Retweeted by whitesoxdave @YBNBA21rufus @barstoolchicago Nobody is going to respond to you from that account and I just spent the last 3 days… @barstoolWSD The reds own your poverty franchise
Retweeted by whitesoxdave @dribbledfiddler I knew as soon as I said it I fucked up but didn't wanna throw off the flow of the show by correcting myselfAhhhh... a burner account Yankees fan. Should have guessed that, but I'll take solace in the fact that he's not mad… @barstoolWSD NYRA / Saratoga have hated Baffert for years. Open secret forever that he cheats and treats his horses…
Retweeted by whitesoxdave @kid_hussle And he owns/trains the vast majority of the superstar horses. Most casual sports fans know who Bob Baff… @YBNBA21rufus Then stop following our shit fuckoOr two? He's the face of a niche sport in horse racing and both Churchill Downs and the NYRA still went and tried t… @DogWalkBarstool I am halfway through the podcast and may just turn it off. @barstoolWSD just won the draft wh…
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveEmergency Press Conference – In Honor of Army vs. Navy Introducing “Viva La Troops” Let’s raise a ton of money…
Retweeted by whitesoxdave @BigRedWSU_ @BarstoolChief @barstoolcarl @EddieBarstool @Return_Of_RB Did they leave the pregnancy vest there for t… @scanman614 Completely agree @scanman614 Yeah he'll get his soon enough. He's a world class piece of shit how he takes advantage of those animalsHow many horses have to die at Santa Anita before they do something about this? It's preposterous how frequently th… “teen movie” snake draft ft. @Return_Of_RB is LIVE! Give her a listen on @DogWalkBarstool 🔗:… your week with WTF we’ve been listening to… @cordae @LilTunechi @sza @coin @thebeatles
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveThey’re both great for different reasons Teen Movies Draft (feat. @Return_Of_RB) What’s your first overall pick? Listen:
Retweeted by whitesoxdave @DoubleDickie I tried, it has to be USDA inspected meat unless you take them to licensed processors which are few/far betweenNope it’s being stored in chiefs apartment bathroom need a deer processor in/near Chicago, who can help me out here? Google says there ain't shit here... @BarstoolChief You snuck 3chi on the way home and didn’t tell me? Asshole
‼️‼️‼️‼️ @kellyinvegas @BarstoolChief @BarstoolChief @tony_rocco17 @Jeffrey_Denny Idk! @mwozniak22 Absolutely hilarious line @mwozniak22 😂😂😂This guy looks like a mean bastard. I think I’ll call him little Jerry Seinfeld chance for @BarstoolChief to tag one. Everyone give the kid some words of encouragement. He’s not the best at… @AndrewGrayson1 @shane_riordan Ask @BarstoolChief and @SydnieWellsJust tried a little grilled venison teaser from the doe and it was juicy af and melted like butter. Getting… they lose by 50Sydnie is a freak. She would call out where deer would be minutes before theirs pop up. Knew how to read winds, etc… team absolutely stinksFinally recovered from @Weish4Ever Fest 2021. Was so happy to be apart of an incredible event, cause, & team. Can’t…
Retweeted by whitesoxdave @sixersmania123 You a vegan? @DALLASBRADEN209 It’s 👏🏻 illegal 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 hunt 👏🏻bucks 👏🏻 right👏🏻 now 👏🏻 @barstoolWSD Each county in the state only allows so many buck tags during gun season. Unfortunately only antlerles…
Retweeted by whitesoxdave👇🏻 @BrianBilek_ I love him! So handsome. @barstoolWSD did it!! His first deer & only second time hunting. I filmed him shaking with adrenaline & it was AW…
Retweeted by whitesoxdave @taypar22 On deckChief and I aren’t allowed to hunt bucks yet. Illinois law not our choice
Yeah ima pass @SmittyBarstool @DanteTheDon @WeishFest @FoxtrotGetDown @barstoolchicago Wait until I am shredding apart a guitar o… @NicholeEber Nice meeting you!I am going to absolutely fucking waste a deer today and tomorrow. Maybe like 5 of them. I have blood lust again @theaceofspaeder @ByRobertMurray @JeffPassan @JonHeyman @dgoold Don’t even think about name dropping me I don’t Wan… @theaceofspaeder @ByRobertMurray @JeffPassan @JonHeyman Baseball actually is my main source if income how can I get a real vote? @theaceofspaeder @AlyssaBergamini ALSO YOURE MY HEIGHT ASSHOLE @theaceofspaeder @AlyssaBergamini Fuck off spaederJesus @TommyLeighJr save some great tasting less fillings for the rest of us we feel about the MLB lock out #blurry @AlyssaBergamini killing it on stage at @WeishFest @SmittyBarstool I know what the quote is but it wouldn’t have fit with my original tweet you dingbat @SmittyBarstool Smitty! What are ya doing here? Thought I told you to go fuck yourself? Balls can fuck itself
A new episode of @barstoolchicago Stool Scenes is live! Lots going on this week Check it out below 👇🏻 🔗:… @EddieBarstool who has the best hot dog in Chicago @kellyinvegas @ballsbeachwear @BSSportsbook 😔 @DrunkenGambler6 100%. Would have to basically pay me enough to retire to get on one. Crazy peopleNext week. interview with @fakeshoredrive. amazing interview with an absolute legend.
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveNot everyone is cut out for D3 sports but bull riding is bad ass Boys @BarstoolChief and @barstoolWSD take on deer hunting for the first time with @SydnieWells in the latest e…
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveThe second installment of myself and @BarstoolChief's trip to hunt deer with @SydnieWells on @StoolOutdoors I am… @BSSportsbook is live in all of Michigan, Iowa and Indiana and we have this awesome multiplier odds boost for t… @adam_abrizzle @chimricholds700 @BarstoolBigCat @baseballhall @JoseCanseco Excuse me? Bias? There was NO bias invol… is tonight! Straggler tickets still available so scoop em up while ya can!! All details below @NeilKeefe Neil should I still be scared of Hal’s wallet like you claimed I was a few months ago? Or was I correct… @KenWo4LiFe Last thing you need is more sugar coursing through your veins lardass @cone_roller Anyone and everyone my friend @cone_roller It’s very hard but you just gut it out and keep playing @cone_roller Barstool fan slid in my DMs seeing if I wanted lessons and he's coming into the office 2x a week now!