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Dave Williams, cohost of @RedlineRadio on iTunes, @barstoolchicago Radio on Sirius 85 and CFO of Penn National Gaming

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The Chicago Bears are 5-1 and this defense fucks all night long 🐻⬇️ Bears-Panthers Post Show is LIVE:
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveSpecial-Edition Trivia Match! We have Team @barstoolchicago vs. Frank & the Frankettes in a special head-to-head m…
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveIf you don't love playoff baseball you have a massive dump in your pants, what an awesome game tonightHernandez absolutely murdered that ball holy shit
@DJ_raindelay Team sport. 11 v 11. Nobody says shit about Steve Kerr having a billion ringsI mushed him ha @barstoolWSD Jeter was actually clutch in the playoffs, Brady has a lower playoff passer rating then mark Sanchez a…
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveIt's 1 and 1A between Jeter and Brady for captain of the all overrated team is going to turn Brady's brain into raw hamburger meat tonight. Rodger's the better QB, always has been the… a bum lol @RyGuyChiGuy @44_pandas haha it's just so farIt’s time' OL looks way too good right nowCOLE KMET LETS FUCKING GOOOO!!!!!#SantasComingEarly @barstoolchicago @ChicagoBears #mack #Foles #bears #chicagobears #carolinapanthers #gobears #bet
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveBRIDGEWATER FUCKING BLOWS LMFAOOOOOOOOOI hope Mack snaps Mike Davis in half today @Charlecogs10 Just too far unfortunately. It doesn't travel wellThe lucky trash can looks to improve to 2-0 #slonk @barstoolcarl @BarstoolChief @barstoolWSD @EddieBarstool
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveWhat's the food play??? @czajkaslovakia It's the best pizza in Chicagoland. Also Warrenville is the best @EddieBarstool @Trysta_Krick @RedLineRadio @barstoolchicago @BarstoolChief @barstoolcarl We need a RB. Who should I pick up @Trysta_Krick @RedLineRadio @barstoolchicago @BarstoolChief @barstoolcarl @EddieBarstool Also I just clicked on the… @Trysta_Krick @RedLineRadio @barstoolchicago @BarstoolChief @barstoolcarl @EddieBarstool I literally did this like 2 mins ago wtf @arjohnson1224 This brought back 1000 great memories thank you @arjohnson1224 I lived in Seager and we obviously ordered sarpinos basically nightly, ha @davetorresii1 Fan-fucking-tastic pizza @JohnVires FUCK you're right, goddamnitThis was a passive aggressive way to get someone to slide into my DMs with an asking priceI would pay a great amount of money for someone to deliver me Al's Pizza in Warrenville right now @mkh4128 I don't know what this is charting? @BenDiehl4 under in Texas aTm was all I hitOne of my horses placed at Hawthorne though not to bragI went 1-7 gambling yesterday haHanging out with Milton the Great Dane tonight
If watching an extensive amount of SEC football today serves as any barometer, Northwestern would win that champion… sat down with the man behind the megaphone from the Astros game to talk about his heroic act. Full i…
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveHave a goddamn ballgame Swanson @gfclark89 @barstoolWSD Number of football championships since December 2019 CCIW: 1 SEC: 0 NCC: 1 All teams in t…
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveThis is the most I've watched the SEC all fall so far and I can safely say the CCIW is better than it top to bottom… is KJ Costello100% true is hilariously bad, my god in heaven @lesmicek After I lose Bunch of money on this auburn game @lesmicek lmfao @DickPanik 5 years* and that's even generousPathetic last 3 plays, absolutely patheticHoly hell pull the fucking ball on the read option @jlynn43xo He's a pile of dog shitBo Nix is absolutely fucking horrible at QB @bardizzle4life @626mbuell @DALLASBRADEN209 Thank you @BWalkerSEC Already on auburn and the over, best of luck to you walker @barstoolWSD I love that the guy basically "passed the hat" around to fund the megaphone....fucking amazing!
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveThis is the antidote to an awful 2020. A hero amongst mere mortals. Nice work @barstoolWSD
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveI Found The White Sox Fan That Was Heckling The Astros With A Megaphone From A Balcony In San Diego… @SmittyTweets1 Rolling with this smitty @aircasey13 Exactly what I feel likeNeed a winner for Auburn/SC please and thank youWell, my real friend, @StevieBobbins, sent me a bottle of Chicago’s finest — @JeppsonsMalort — just a complete fail…
Retweeted by whitesoxdaveLive with Dallas and Jared now, come join @iamjoeyconnors @RedLineRadio @BarstoolChief Ty @kom10 @mstaverman @SarahCUnleashed @BarstoolChief Sorry man. They’re superior in every way now that I think about it @TouchinPitches Bellichick @kom10 @mstaverman @SarahCUnleashed @BarstoolChief Gun to head pizza rollsThis is correct. Maybe more @ltaylor_22 @Dzikhead Truthfully I forgot about this but they will return
@Dzikhead Check out innertown in wicker. Hidden gem. Bartender is from Norway and is a magician with whiskey @Dzikhead Ah. Never venture out that way @Dzikhead You at innertown? @sir12301 This is exactly why I asked the question, ha... seriously impossible this postseasonWhere's the smart money in the baseball games tonight?New RLR presented by @MillerLite is now LIVE -Bears-Panthers Preview with @KristenBalboni -White Sox fire Rick Ren…
Retweeted by whitesoxdave @MrDelicious13 He said when we have fans in stands again he's gonna come meet you guys. He'd fit in just fine ha @BunkerSpreckel1 @CaptainCons @BarstoolRadio @BarstoolChief 20* pounds agoI love this guy, just did a quick interview with him that we'll drop tomorrow @BunkerSpreckel1 @CaptainCons @BarstoolRadio @BarstoolChief Total lard ass @BunkerSpreckel1 @CaptainCons @BarstoolRadio @BarstoolChief 26.2 miles @BunkerSpreckel1 @CaptainCons @BarstoolRadio @BarstoolChief I run marathons @KenWo4LiFe Stop referring to yourself in the 3rd person you fat, deranged ego trip!!!Pretty weird how @RedLineRadio was my first podcast I ever listened too and they got me hooked on podcasts.. Now I…
Retweeted by whitesoxdave @BarstoolChief Wager on tomorrow’s draft and the graphic is nameless
@BarstoolChief Graphic doesn't lie. I beat you in more categories @BarstoolChief I'm sure the royals had more wins over an arbitrary amount of time than the Rays did at one point this summer tooMathematical proof Chief sucks at drafting things was quick, thx to all yousFree shirt to the first person that gets him to email me wsd @ barstoolsports . com @MrDelicious13 Truly majestic. Need to pick this guy's brain @TweetingCrap Nope, unfortunately notThis is him. This dude just oozes White Sox fan, love the cut of his jib Please get me in contact with him!! He's… tag this guy on twitter for me, I wanna interview him for a blog on barstool His name is Tim Kanter and he… @BNightengale Kool @LWilz @SavesTuesday ha this is amazing! @KenWo4LiFe You move goalposts, Konerko had 440 career bombs, I wanna say 6x all star, and 40+ HRs many years.... y… @KenWo4LiFe Paul konerko, Giolito, Anderson, all off the top of my head that you said suck. Giolito as recent as th… @RedLineRadio this week breaking down judgement day on the south side Link below @KenWo4LiFe I can admit admit when I’m wrong. Your skull is so impossibly thick you can’t do that @KenWo4LiFe I said I wouldn’t care if he did leave because he got progressively worse 3 straight years you drunken buffoon!!! @mattcarlson53 Doubt the front office is making a hire based on a marketing campaign