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CW: Gintama || CR: Berserk || Don’t follow me if anime and manga takes scare you || I color manga panels time to time || ALT: @BasedPhos56

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@dumbjojofand4c Facts dude @Anidarshan31 @dumbjojofand4c @Saitamagoated The iconic face @DezDog5 @DezDog5 U better not put robin vs nami next round @Anidarshanalt @DezDog5 Nuh this is a big W Too bad Nobara had to go against Robin… @Anidarshanalt @DezDog5 @GunsmokeTyphoon Too big of a difference, you gotta accept the defeat 😭 @Anidarshanalt @DezDog5 @GunsmokeTyphoon I think this is as far as bm goes 😔 @SYHAknyr Thats zoro stans @EavenlyRuffy They aren’t even enjoying the story anymore. Watch them call Wano garage when ZKK doesn’t happen @Anidarshanalt Honestly tho 😭 @xanslondon Break what down? He is acting like Oda isnt the author of the story @DezDog5 POWER STILL HAS A CHANCE @Hamza90163995 Mf is like “no i dont want the mc of the story to be the mc of the story” @db_gmng Obv Robin 😭Crazy how Killer is a better character than Kidd 💀 #ONEPIECE1029 @SYHAknyr @DezDog5 She aint even all that 🗿 @JosephUchiha12 I dont see whats ironic there @DezDog5 @CodeineWaifu @_schluffy Lmfao @witniino Power is in my top 20 female characters of all time, Yoruichi isnt @UllrControl ? @UlquiorraKubo Power is better sadly @SYHAknyr Ayo @DaddyKnuckless Nuh nuh this is based @Seth8So How is she flat 😦 @_schluffy 🗿 @DezDog5 @CodeineWaifu @_schluffy Power is insanely clear @DezDog5 She have been there for my girl @DezDog5 Never been more disappointed in my life. @DezDog5 Sachi losing to Yamato is disrespectful @Theta_Genesis Sachi is significantly better but she is gonna lose 😭 @vexomix It was amazing but its only part 1 so the story is kinda incomplete @Anidarshanalt Have you read punpun @Anidarshanalt @DezDog5 @vexomix Yeah @DezDog5 She was winning wtf happened 😭 @DezDog5 @lucaspatrick789 He is asking important questions @DezDog5 If you vote Mikasa this will come and hunt you at night Berserk while listening to Dune soundtrack hits kinda different @YakobuJin Looks like she will @Theta_Genesis W @InsanetheR Power >>>> @maaruf90491873 @DezDog5 @ashrafhakim90 @anauz7 Id rather read better series 🥱 @DezDog5 @Anidarshanalt Lmfao @ashrafhakim90 @anauz7 I read it when it was like at chapter 30 years ago. Was just another fairy tail so I didn’t continue @ashrafhakim90 @anauz7 I have 🗿 @anauz7 I know that, but saying its ripping off series not many people know about wont make a banger tweet @anauz7 I will not apologize @tdeelab Try reading replies next time @Icewu_x I am so disappointed @DezDog5 Bruh how is kyou kai losing… @BigMomFan69 @DezDog5 … Kyou kai arguably best female animanga character @Anidarshanalt @DezDog5 @GunsmokeTyphoon Big mom winning just like she should be @BigMomFan69 @DezDog5 L @CodeineWaifu Perona clear @Dioh___ Not hard to be better than mikasa @fearnothinn Gotta make sure i get Mikasa out on a first round 🗿 @UlquiorraKubo Punpun is peak fiction @dumbjojofand4c L @Savaugee21 Griffith @DezDog5 Trish is ass but ofc she is gonna win since not many people read jigo @fw_shunsui Ulq for sure @NaiKenk1o W for all of themMfs gotta learn that a sad backstory isn’t the only thing that makes a character good @Savaugee21 Weirdos fr @jackedgeniusisI @TOMANZD fend @lucaspatrick789 @EndRequiem L @monkeydgoat Carti is trash i fear 😶 @blank99551532 @al1_art @25thMyles Well by your logic since its releasing today as well its new gen @25thMyles Literally only reason i dont touch anything besides original panels. Mfs will jump you for anything @blank99551532 @al1_art @25thMyles So is One Piece a new gen? @Freedomrrr Bruh let me tweet what i want @scarlets_haze Yes, yea it was @EndRequiem Ah yes the episode that destroyed the internet Emilia > Rem btw 👀 @Cyan_LS @AnimefanJ11 JoJos IS GAY, thats why its good 😩 @maaruf90491873 You already getting ratioed 🗿 @jackedgeniusisI @maaruf90491873 Get his ass @DezDog5 Any aot ship 🥱 @frierenDfuneral 🗿 @halfsadly @DezDog5 @maaruf90491873 I mean i agree 🗿 @jackedgeniusisI @DezDog5 Kinda is @DezDog5 HE WILL NOTImma start blocking people who are slandering Usopp in the replies He is top 10 op characters @witniino @jackedgeniusisI @Gvss03229324 Yeah but Chopper could have easily been utilized in a more combat oriented ways similar to Nami @DekuNarusegawa Bottom 1 arc 🥱 @K_Doofenshmirtz Those aren’t that bad @maaruf90491873 Seeing Luffy breakdown during Marinford is what made it emotional not Aces death itself, also white… @Aliban969 Thats fair 🗿 I disagree tho @MorrosWs Wano top 5 imo @maaruf90491873 @SilverBaIls Deserved 🥱 @Csmith2119 L @jackedgeniusisI Oooof thats a hot take, but I disagree @arman8956 Wow 2 Ls @witniino @jackedgeniusisI @Gvss03229324 Nami was amazing in wci while chopper was useless @AlexOfAqua We forgetting chopper? @maaruf90491873 Explain @KarrarTsar @Mad_Dog189 Jaya is goated but its not even my top 10