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goddamn manchildi love my personal song of the year Lizzo to Billie Eilish and from Mariah Carey to BTS, here are the biggest snubs and surprises of the 2020…
Retweeted by Michael Cernigga @sirenadeIcaribe Aw manSuspirium by @thomyorke has been nominated for 'Best Song Written For Visual Media' at the 2020 Grammy Awards!
Retweeted by Michael Cernigga @sirenadeIcaribe OoooopBeyoncé is the most nominated female artist in #GRAMMYs  HISTORY, with a total of 70 nominations.
Retweeted by Michael Cernigga @breakusdown @johnjoshuapa maybe sis @breakusdown @johnjoshuapa Watch your mouth yes we love a hit from this Grammy nominated album
Retweeted by Michael CerniggaThe Recording Academy: Day of Remembrance is an annual observance on November 20 that honors the memory of the transgender peo…
Retweeted by Michael CerniggaMadame @HillaryClinton, you owe me and the trans community a public apology on #TDOR (today). Your recent comments…
Retweeted by Michael CerniggaFrom tragedy to transformation. The trans women of color taken this year has lived and stories that deserve to be t…
Retweeted by Michael CerniggaTruth. #TDOR
Retweeted by Michael Cernigga @intothegenverse I mean yeah but I’m glad she got somethingI can’t be fucked with no hoe you can’t touch this ayeCash Shit should be here but whatever bought this hat on amazon and i didn’t realize it wasn’t for grown ups.
Retweeted by Michael Cernigga @collectcalIs You bitch @collectcalIs Thems fighting wordsHey guys, me and @NICKIMINAJ were good friends when she lived in Atlanta, this is where these tweets came from, no…
Retweeted by Michael CerniggaThe Grammy nomination deadline is August 31st y’all if your fav album dropped after you got a chance! @poolsidejoee Post deadline @collectcalIs You log back on on Grammy nom day do you like chaos @tattooedreams bitchCongrats to Lil Nas X on being nominated for 6 #Grammys 💛 - Record of the Year - Album of the Year - Best New Art…
Retweeted by Michael Cernigga @flawedcrystals Periodi don't know what's going on but ok
Retweeted by Michael Cernigga @riverphoen1x Yassssomebody mentioned she was inspired by Lauryn Hill and every voter moaned immediately I think @MOVIEFAN99_ Whew @MOVIEFAN99_ Jesus it really is a garbage fire? @flawedcrystals You wouldn’t think she would get nominated! I didn’t even know you liked that album omg yay @flawedcrystals @dayIewis SCREAMING @flawedcrystals Did you see what @dayIewis snuck in @flawedcrystals PeriodNO FUCKING WAY
Retweeted by Michael Cernigga @riverphoen1x Madeleines Madeline teaseTHIS HAS BEEN AN INCREDIBLE YEAR FOR MUSIC AND IM JUST SO THANKFUL TO EVEN BE PART OF IT
Retweeted by Michael Cernigga @mitsubishisony_ eh it might work out nicer sometimetoday I’m gone finally listen to that Lizzo album so I can discover why she’s been sprinkled around the Grammy noms like parsley @histor1an Unmade is better than alla dem but imma be quietGym battles in SWSH: Epic sporting events with a huge audience Gym battles in every other pokemon game: 10 yo beats…
Retweeted by Michael CerniggaAzealia gon break a blood vessel screaming about Lizzo on her story todayAll y’all are so angry like the recording academy don’t give it to you like this every year fdhfhfhcvgonna tell my kids this was the bible
Retweeted by Michael Cernigga @ithinkheknow Cry @nikesbyfrankk It always happens @gradbudapest I’m positive he submitted as a joke @mitsubishisony_ HER has been doing it for years to be fair @nikesbyfrankk Oh. Still I enjoy most of the artists 🤷🏾‍♂️ @nikesbyfrankk Listen to more music lolAll you bitches will Assume Form period’m really gonna get my first lana award show performance in awhile…period… @mitsubishisony_ Lol he’s hot rn @histor1an When she comes back next year for AOTY☝🏾CELLOPHANE! RUN AND TELL DAT! AND APOLLO XXI GOT NOMINATED? @YIKESMSMSMSM this is literally your brandANIMA and HOMECOMINGGGG hope y’all know if lil nas x wins I will DIE from laughteryess asib on give yourself a try and harmony hall omg yass clearly the academy don’t care because 7 got so far @kingcoonta got an aoty nom my campaign won#GRAMMYs Nominations Leaders: Lizzo 8 Billie Eilish 6 Lil Nas X 6 Ariana Grande 5 H.E.R. 5 Finneas O'Connell 5 Beyo…
Retweeted by Michael CerniggaPanini I’m screaming jack Nas really got an AOTY nom from an EP his mind @yayayamie Yes! It’s a grower but yeah @johnjoshuapa Still a chance! @yayayamie Get it together sis @nostalgicuItra He really not going anywhere I’m positive he submitted as a jokewe love a Grammy nominated serve @johnjoshuapa She released post deadline @risingkundaIini They been ignoring her for a minute I’m shook @nostalgicuItra, Bon Iver, Billie, Ariana and Vampire Weekend. Good day to stan alternative and pop lol Del ReyHow did 7 get album of the year that was an EPLana Del Rey’s “Norman Fucking Rockwell” has been nominated for Song of the Year at the #GRAMMYs
Retweeted by Michael CerniggaNORMAN FUCKING ROCKWELL FOR SONG OF THE YEARRRRRRRR @mangszn what else can she doAlways remember us this way yasssLil NAS? bitch @mood4eva Twigs dropped after the deadlineThis movie is going up against The Rise of Skywalker. It's fucking doomed.
Retweeted by Michael CerniggaDO YOU KNOW HOW DIRTY A TREADMILL IS?
Retweeted by Michael Cernigga“if things were different, things would be different!”
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