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ateen; hi i draw i love @voxtrik ♡ 🇲🇽+🇻🇳 ; @Ayakawife ♡ @lcvesyu ♡ Commission Status: Dm ! ♡ Commissions page: venmo: basiil

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@SamIsDual whoever said that is goated @dunksquad101 @Voxtrik leave huim alone assole.Some steraks math on champs I cared about, and it seems pretty awful but the shield changes (no math) seem really g…
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。 @Voxtrik holy fck can we watch ratirl spaceglide compilation now
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。 @Voxtrik holy fck can we watch ratirl spaceglide compilation now @lyssiu pretty hehehegoth tinkerbell supremacy
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。 @Voxtrik yeah check out dnYOOO WHO WANTS TO DATE MULTI SEASON CHALL NICE PERSONALITY FRENCH ACCENT HAS NICE STYLE AND WILL TREAT U RIGHT… @Hotazyy @Voxtrik im@canxeleing u @Hotazyy @Voxtrik ???? @Hotazyy @Voxtrik is it bc im@mexican ?? @Hotazyy @Voxtrik stay out of this ethan. @hatelucki @Voxtrik i said what i said @Messages_lol @Voxtrik i said it @Voxtrik cracker word @Voxtrik c word @Voxtrik yeah @CircusJg @chaseshaco y post low HAHAHAHAAH @CircusJg @chaseshaco sorry @CircusJg @chaseshaco tldr ur not challenger ur challenged @CircusJg @chaseshaco he put u there so and ur demons could scream at each other @nyandesuneeeee @Voxtrik ajsdjkfierigui;osdjigueri;osdg
Gloomy Bear.
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。ur average league player
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。 @Hahcheu_ HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA @Hahcheu_ these are each like 9-8 inches with the one on the right being smaller and having a tongue, and the one o… @Hahcheu_ this first one is like a foot tall and has a red tag on the arm and his tongue is pink plasticy @Hahcheu_ UGH ILLBREAK IT DOWN FOR Ui’m addicted.look what i got in the mail :3 @awildkarthus horse @syanne77 On my way rn @jasminericegirl me @jasminericegirl NWMDNMSMDMSMZLAMXLOAI won't lie I really respect riot for going back on their game design with Chemtech dragon. Obviously it was an abs…
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。 @hatelucki @SnipaXD maybe challenged @SnipaXD no gf type to me @Adann_67 :( @Adann_67 okno selfie cooldownur average league player @99DREAMLAND im@p sure @99DREAMLAND aw hell nah @emahwie people kept asking me if i sold pics even when i was very adamant about being 17 :)))I have negative winrate on draven someone save me please lolllllll
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。 @Hotazyy ETHAAAAAN GOATNEED PEOPLE FOR CUSTOM ARAM RNRNNNN:3 league on smurf :3
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。she’s so fine ima just let her win every argument
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。streaming league on smurf :3 @lolkasumi ITS MY NEW ADDICTION NNNN💓
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。 @keekser prettylook at my pjs >:3 @Alex_Kabam @elo_santa thanks i did it myself @elo_santa stealing this ss its mine now
@vynqh @XanthousNA this picture is so funyn to me jhsdgialuuihglg @XanthousNA @vynqh goat @vynqh @XanthousNA i have crushg onyou @XanthousNA @vynqh lob me $5 so i can buy boba. @vynqh u r the beautifulest persons ever literalyl and so cool and so wwow @vynqh omg omg omg omg omg uhh @bzzbaby <333333333333333 @plantpaint <33 @HereticExiled TYTY @iamvsus YEA @milkteaboards depop :DD its a gloomy bear @ANTHONYEVELYNN5 me when i get a girlfriend and don’t shut up about it @Voxtrik💓 @syanne77 can i sniff u🌸
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。💜
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。 @Celeress @SaskioLoL holy fck this is legit so goodagain @lolVamp__ ILL @breadcoma of u have very npc behaviorsred flag gloomy bear girls </3 love my girlfriend @BasiilLeaf
Retweeted by leafヾ☆*。 @meimei_png u shoudl get the shisheido curler or w/e its called its liek rlly good @meimei_png liek apply them pointing up instead of like directly outward @meimei_png does this make sens hejdfksjghsdig @meimei_png 1 curl them with ur lashes after application 2 apply them like uh let me draw u an ms paint example 1 sec @linabobiina so pretty Q_Q
@cupkatez PRETTY GIRLLL <3 @Navithan__ @lilrorivert @lilrorivert :3 @lilrorivert @BasiilLeaf @_notrose I LOVE U SO MUCHH @aimeev2haha i lov u!! @Voxtrik mwah :3 @ripeliz hiiii <3just want to say thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me :) i’ve been getting a lot of commissions recently… @discord 5 @lolmihir well zak already told u some things💜 duality of man
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