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Founder @oklistenIN | Alum @MahindraRise @Quikr @INOXMovies @RaymondLtd Baazee | Board @aerfindia | Comforted easily with a single malt and a home cooked meal

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What a story finished my 2nd book of this year. Tools of Titans by @tferriss is like an encyclopedia. Felt like walking int…
An absolute honour to have worked closely with @taaqative & @bruceleemani to get their entire catalogue live on all…'ve been a big fan of Hyderabad based Spell Check. They just dropped their new single which screams of their signa… @blackstratblues Yay! Thanks @blackstratblues Spread the love and post the recipe. Will help earn brownie points from daughter :-) @clockroots No man. Back on Monday. Been missing out a lot. And you are not opening doors at Kamills :-)Love running? Love Data visualizations? Check out this beautiful survey on Why We Run by the good folks at @Strava @clockroots Anything happening next weekend? 29th/30th? @SloganMurugan @SwagAnusaar @sahilk Surreal. Thanks so much for capturing such placesGood enough to see traffic from Andheri West to WEH? @SwagAnusaar @sahilk All thanks to @SloganMurugan :-) @sahilk @SwagAnusaar WOW - and India be like @KalyanVarma @ManMundra @DrishyamFilms @rohitvaarma @NatureIn_Focus Congrats KalyanFriends for 70 years! What a joy to read this - 'Love and free food': Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner share the secrets…
Great post on what makes @ElonMusk a multi-tasking superhuman👇#ProductivityHacks - Asynchronous communication - Ba…
Retweeted by Vijay BasrurAI as the product vs AI as the tool | This is a brilliant insight by @sanguit in the world of TikTok and how AI is… @BKartRed @sanjaynath @BlumeVentures Congrats guys. Your vision and focus is enviable. More power to all of you
This is something! Never heard of Unions and Tech in the same sentence. Kickstarter Employees Win Historic Union E… sure looks interesting | The Streaming Data Warehouse from @MaterializeInc is some serious data management | Spotify Unwrapped: How we brought you a decade of data via @SpotifyThis is a very important story by @dire_nair at the @MorningContext How India is bleeding itself dry
@mikig2 @EasyWanderlings Thanks man. We're trying to figure out somethingThis is a brilliant read - The New Business of AI (and How It's Different From Traditional Software) via @a16z @chawlamit2 @trrahulbhuv True. He is a PhD in Claims.The complete Thermal and a Quarter discography, circa 2000 onwards, now on #OKListen! Find all of these releases on…
Retweeted by Vijay BasrurThe new single by @EasyWanderlings is a pleasure to listen to. Check out Fly Away sweat equity fund! Not sure if cash strapped founders will bite, but an interesting experiment for sure Reid Hoff…
@blackstratblues Delicate Sound of Cucumber @j_bindra 😀Claiming Uber expenses if your firm doesn't have a corporate account is a pain.Lessons from Tesla’s Approach to Innovation from @HarvardBiz @Finelychopped Thanks. Filing this into the first thing I do next time I am in Bangalore :-) @Finelychopped Where is the pic from the left? The one which has a biryani serving along with curry? Looks delicious :-) @anoopkbhat Is that appelmidi pickle? :-)Lovely read on why musicians should try to reinvent the album format which @kanyewest debuted nearly 4 years back!… @zerodhaonline @iRadhikaGupta Thanks
@utpal2142 Thanks Utpal @PSunkavalli1 Thanks PreethamThe final tapering 15k before the big one next Sunday. Fingers crossed for some good weather and a strong mind
@sahilk This is in Baner? @soundinstore Looks solidThis might be the most talented man in the world that shit blew my mind
Retweeted by Vijay Basrur @GaulinChief That was hilarious :-)
@zerodhaonline @iRadhikaGupta Thanks. How long that usually take? @soundinstore @parikrama Damn. This is shocking news 😟Add some bread and it will be a good breakfast spread is a very interesting compilation. Very different roles opening up in the coming years in various sectors. Wor… this kind of running is absolutely inspiring, I am curious about the logistics that made this impossible feat… product alert from @GoAthlos The Coach Jacket just got delivered and it feels really good consumer insights . Only if product companies had these 🤣🤣 @iRadhikaGupta Can we get this on @zerodhaonline Coin? Can't seem to spot it there @raman_negi Yeh to Mumbai traffic scenes ho gaya. Mushkil Waqt - Commando Saqt 😜 @Burrp_Beer It's clear that they are looking to increase valuations instead of focussing on the coffee. @prajakt Wow @get2nihira Thanks Nihira
@satchit Ouch! @satchit This must be music to your ears 😊 @Finelychopped Congrats Kalyan. Here's hoping 2020 is an 'award'ing year for you :-) @Ratobus There's no water near Basrur town now. So all hope has been lost. But who knows? @jayasankar Ha ha. ThankuWhen your surname gets called out for something that happened 355 years ago. Ever happened to you? 13th Feb now h… @blackstratblues That's so good to hear. As of now, she is fancying music and baking. So I think she has her priorities sorted :-)Daughter scoring 100% in Math and 98% in Science in her unit tests has to be my highlight of the week. While we are…! Your AWS bill is a function of how many customers you have. Fact: Your AWS bill is a function of how many engineers you have.
Retweeted by Vijay BasrurHardware Multitasking is a thing. rolls out an Indian subsidiary & office👇 Hoping this will be a big booster for India's local developer + de…
Retweeted by Vijay BasrurWill Spotify ruin Podcasting? An excellent piece by @matthewstoller
@Burrp_Beer You might be interested @kadman6 Or maybe give him some peanuts :-p @abhijit_adkar @aparanjape @SwarajyaMag @BadaBheem Wow - No clue about this. Thanks for sharing @sarangsathaye Loved the episode with your Mom so much that we gave it a shot last night. Andaaz thoda chukla but i…'s some innovative effort
What a beautiful depiction of therapy. 💖
Retweeted by Vijay BasrurWOW the Khar Single Estate from Nagaland Coffee I picked up at the @HornbillFest Enjoyed it… get the worst out of Slower Parel. Traffic, road rage, opposite side driving & excessive honking all work…
Absolutely wonderful read | Tom and Jerry: 80 years of cat v mouse @Skyvallker @makemytripcare @Citibank It's come to a point where even I regret it @makemytripcare That does not answer my query. Can you confirm if the pay with Citibank rewards points has been dis… @makemytrip @makemytripcare Guys - the pay with @Citibank rewards points doesn't show up on the payments page. Is that option discontinued? @sahilk Anytime Sir. @SacredInsanity Congrats! @sahilk Can imagine. But in the noise, these days, such kind of stuff stands out. I'd pay for such stuff (suggestions and reservations) @sahilk Dude you make the food look and sound so good. :-)
@clockroots Yeah. My throat and liver are available for testing 🤣
@Burrp_Beer @clockroots @BrewDogIndia Don't get greedy or maybe too thirsty. You Bangalorians are already spoilt on beer @clockroots Spotted the @BrewDogIndia banner next to Kamala Mills. When are you opening? Best banner I've seen near my workplace 😊 @doshiamit @helloanand @iMayavi @hellolata Should be ghaatiya no. Ghatiya makes ghaatiya sound bad :-)The more things change, the more they remain the same
@NavinFernandes @mangeshwagle It's LA bro - Lokhandwala Andheri @srirammano @contus Can't DM if you don't follow me. :-) @srirammano Hi Sriram - wanted to connect about an idea we are working on where @contus could really help. What's t… - That's a cracker! @BadaBheem please add this to the WaDaFa list @mangeshwagle Figured. But had never heard of that name :-) @Burrp_Beer @goabrewingco Guys when do make your beers available in Bombay :-(Spotted in Andheri West yesterday. I had to look up what a Gumasta license it. Had no clue
@Burrp_Beer Good? Same guys who put out Eight Finger Eddie no? Can't seem to get it in Bombay @anoopkbhat @joinPaperPlanes More power to you Anoop