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@thedaintyheart your work is amazing and youre so lovely!!! 🥺♥️ @mmmotionnn motion every time you make art my heart is healed and my soul feels lighter @vincent1vintage vincent youre the coolest!!! hope you get your ipad soon <33Second vaccine dose is really kicking my ass...last night i was sooo dizzy and i almost threw up...then after i got…
@cobysoftco this is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! @haldrauve i love that moody expression so much!!!Thread of indigenous Mexican folk who sell their goods online! Always buy from indigenous folk instead of giant com…
Retweeted by Batsy @helenasdemon Thank youuu just have some details to put in but i underestimated how tired second dose of vaccine wo… think ill be done tomorrrowww @wellwhynot20 I love it! You're magical ♥️♥️ @wellwhynot20 This is so cool!!
@nushanchel Your work really inspires me and it makes me really happy to see it! I hope you can experiment and make… @eskbl Happy bdayyyy!!!! I love your style!! Everything you make is really stylish and neat 🥺♥️I got my second dose of the vaccine just now!! Im all done!!! ☺♥️🌞 @C_Dobbins Very gender @Moth_Sprout Handsome!!!! @StarEco64 Ill try my best! You dont have to pay me lol @StarEco64 Haha sure! Of what?
I love this pen so much 😭 my dream pen its so gooood gender euphoria in the starken office lads A) the starken dude called me he and B) my dad didnt correct him 🥺♥️ @deadlypeachart Love u ♥️ @helenasdemon Im glad!! ☺♥️♥️
@DrowzySheeb Thank you so much dearest 🥺♥️ @saproartist tysm!! <33 @malusdraco_art thank you!!Still working on this lads @emicontained Like this sort of residue @emicontained You should only use this for plastic palettes stained by watercolors and gouache! The sunscreen lifts…
@Lunetasy Ahhh thank you!! Trying to use up my acrylics that are collecting dust lolGunna work on a big (for me i work super small!!) Painting ☺👍 @clear_eclair this looks so cool!!! @KCAmberArt beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!messing with materials pt. 3
Retweeted by Batsy @go_maccha Honestly something about this is so charming
@aubrgin Stay safe!!! @niceytime I got anxious just reading this lolLet's normalize dropping "❤️" emoji on artist posts to help improve the algorithm and help people discover their art.
Retweeted by Batsy @rokudo theyre all kind of really pretty so im in @0999_993 what if you were the animals crossing? 🤯 @esanany helly yeah norma!!!! so proud of you!!!! @Yui_mera your work is so beautiful!!! i love the colors you chose! @Feather_Notes this is so awesome krispy!!!!!!!!!!! @emailgh0st This is so good!!!!! @leirinart i love this! it looks so painterly and soft @hellosunnycore Yes!!!
@RosyGadabout yeah i think thats really good and really healthy! i encourage everyone to pursue happiness wherever… @aubrgin thank you so much, thats such a sweet thing to say! im happy my work comes off that way 🥺♥️ @aubrgin yeahhh i really recommend it! i've started filtering who i follow a lot and if anyone makes me uncomfortab… people who annoy you, block people who harm you, follow people you love and who say things that make you laugh… love twitter so much, its such a positive and nice place for me! i beg you to unfollow people you dont like and w… @yugsly youre so talented ;___ ; this is awesome!!! @paichi_art HES SO CUTE!idk who needs to hear this but you can use sunscreen as a palette cleaner for plastic palettes, it makes the plasti… @hellosunnycore i feel you! my site is simple though and for what i wanted for it carrd pro was perfect that price… @hellosunnycore tbh i use carrd pro (19 bucks a year) and it does everything squarespace can do and its so easy and fun @liokra This is so beautiful! @tinyratlet Thank you so much for commissioning me!!Waaaaa! Got this super cute commission done by @batbandage !!!! Their work has been a huge inspiration to me for a…
Retweeted by Batsy @moriya1127 excited!! thank you for your reply! :D @moriya1127 do you like it? :D can you show us what the colors look like on paper?
@karokukoubou I love your work so much ♥️ドライブ
Retweeted by Batsy @gardenofpins these are so awesome!
@gremuir that looks so good!! @blacku_draws thats so cool blacku!!!! proud of youケース
Retweeted by Batsy @megueggu Happy bday meg!!!! @miyabau This is so pretty!
@saltweave This is gorgeous! @Lunetasy Yes i do!! Feel free to add me 🥺♥️ im batsy#7275 @laneichy same ; o ; i feel better knowing its not just me though hehe @Lunetasy honestly kind of same a little bit, i dont mind not getting the anonymous mean messages but i do miss jus… @autoapocrypha im going to dm you regularly so we can both feel loved T_ T
@fg083 right????? i havent had a phone call in like 8 years @diabolik_heart thats so interesting!!! i dont even get any "hi!"s thats totally reasonable though!! getting a lot… @birdfrogdraws your work is amazing!! i love the expression and the pose, its very powerful! @dune5and yes!! i love artfol!! so many nice people on there!! @helenasdemon ahhh thats awesome!! im so happy for you!!! @hiightro Omggg congrats hazel!!! Making that moneyy 🥳🥳🥳 hope you have a cozy evening!!! @donttankmebro Thats so awesome!!! Im so happy for you!! You deserve joy and peace 😭❤ pineapple smoothie sounds so tasty!!! @saproartist Omg its so cute 😭♥️♥️♥️ i guess you can say...he lights up your life...🥳 @0999_993 We world build like a dad saving projects to the desktop @hellosunnycore Now you never ever leave!! What a sweet baby 😭😭❤❤❤ @dio_g_sol Im so proud of you!!!! Keep going!!!!Hi i love you,how is everyone doing? If something nice happened to you can you tell me about it? 🥺♥️Falling for you ♥️
Retweeted by Batsy @FuriousSterling Yes!!!! 😭❤ @gremuir Im just thinking of that famous fanfic line " their mouths battled for dominance " or whateverWhen dudes do this i always think theyre gunna kiss @saproartist Youre amazing!!!! Congrats!! @RLTOIEK I love your art so much and i always look forward to seeing it!! Its ok to take a break or a rly long brea… @aubrgin Its sooo good
Rudolf Nureyev and Anthony Dowell in Valentino (1977) dir. Ken Russell
Retweeted by Batsy @RUNEGODS since i mostly paint its, sketch, paints, and adding lines on top so it looked like i did lineart lol @nho_nyo omg this is sooo cute! @beakfriends happy bday!!! @dianmzhang AHHHH theyre all perfect!!!! @DrowzySheeb It honestly just tastes like dehydrated peanut butter lol but SALTY @frankiero_jpeg Theyre just kinda salty tbh if they werent so salty they'd be ok!!