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"This job isnt physically or intellectually taxing though" #FIFA20 #Batesonism Business email- Twitch-

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@samuelofc Gucci @Camel77Jonathan @Castro1021 oh ok. thanks for your input. @Castro1021 thats the reason bud :) @EASPORTSFIFA that Neymar is anything to go buy. You dont want the Icon SBC lol my @GallagherSeb there was one up earlier though came to PS4 because last year PM Icons were readily available in 19 Now its the complete opposite and now Xbox h… @PistolPete2506 @PistolPete2506 That’s a funny looking 3.9 mil
@PistolPete2506 You just need a new gaming chair now. Yours is fuckedwhy i said Carniball. Mobile starts tomorrow for my Twitch subs! The packs have arrived, not the best to start but should get better throughout the year!… it’s not looking like an operation is needed. They are clueless as you how I’m even moving my hand as the knuck… @samjandresen ask @BuckArmy @HalberdDesks 🤔As much as I enjoy travelling and making content all over the world. There’s no better place than your own setup… @Shaun_Wooding CrouchMy first Madden signed card to the collection! @Barry_Butcher_ tonight lolJust a heads up. My streams won’t return until Saturday but after that everything’s back to normal unless anything…
@DonTeeVee I can’t move my hand like that. Misleading😬Has anyone seen a PM Gullit Ronaldo or Eusebio on the PS4 market since Friday?Ava loves her book 😂 @JamieODoherty Yes I did. Animal @AJ3 @Type2Tony atm I’ve no clue wtf is gonna happen until tomorrow. I’ve always had fears of hurting my hand while doing YouTub… @Extrorviak @Wharfey11 Which I have. But cba with all of that @robbo_casey The joint is none existent 😂Honestly no idea but I’ve crushed it somehow. I blame Pete shattered my knuckle joint. It’s in like 4 bits 😬 Looks like I’m having an operation but I’m glad I wai… @stig1981 Kendal. Only a minor bone 😂 @BuckArmy Imagine if I got elite 1 with a broken hand though. That’s an achievementAt the hospital. What’s your guess with my hand? @corzahorizon @ChampionsLeague @adidasfootball @EASPORTSFIFA I’ll give them til the end of the week 👀And back in the UK for the first time since Brexit happened It’s still rainy and cold
@MiniTig88 Nah it’s me forgetting I have a messed up hand. Not there fault in the slightest 😂Just did another hand shake with someone. I forgot. Hand crushed again. I really cba 😂And the. The final stop was Dallas where somehow I begged my way to @Castro1021 and @Pitaa1021 house from Vegas 😊… then Vegas. Absolute blast had there bar the last few hours 😂 Got to see @BuckArmy and Rachel again which is… @ZwebackHD for not flaking as much as usual. Was nice to catch up with the 36 year old (that peach drink was ba… massive thanks to @PistolPete2506 for coming along with me to The Super Bowl and putting up with me at his house… the trip home begins! From Miami to Vegas to Dallas. Loads of memories taken away from the tour aswell I feel… 27-3! Not a bad way to finish the weekend league before I head home! Thanks for everyone who popped by th… games left. 22-2. Last stream from Dallas? 👀 @Marshall89HD Crazy weather. It’s taken Petes hairline 2😴’s the squad battles glitch pack?
@iaresheppo123 @Castro1021 I’ve been in the US for 3 weeks on suitcase living 😂Whe you leave the house for the first time and get to witness the big light in the sky @Castro1021 “When I have flashbacks to the arse crack” afternoon ride @FUTWael Same but with PM VDS and PM Alberto @mlwfut Tbh there ain’t much difference when you get max elo. Still hard opponentsGoing well considering I can’t do drag backs because of my finger 😂 @Piquelme20 @bokeptegar @BClint71099 @Castro1021 first time ive been called a cancer pig lol uniqueWent to my first flea market. I would buy so much shit if I lived in this country lol Got a new toy though games of WL to play today. It’s gonna be a loooooong final day in Dallas 😬Most action Pete’s seen in a while stream tonight But I’ll finish my last 15 games tomorrow night on stream👌That’s some crazy judgingDerrick Jones Jr. is a beast imoThis is about to be a sick final round of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest! @JustNateLoucks Link needed @traviss88368654 very true haha @cachoo01 @Alemed_99 @DjMaRiiO_90 @toniemcee @MiiKeLMsT Soon 👀 @traviss88368654 Appreciated bud. I think I misread your first message but I’ll keep it supported until I get back… sure. Atm no but that could change @traviss88368654 When I passed out I fell and that was one of the injuries. So I have no idea exactly how I did it.… @traviss88368654 nah so its on the hand around the knuckle
@TheAneuer @KingAmenyah He got the views that’s all that mattersThe UK press is horrendous aswell man. They don’t care. They just want the clicks #MentalHealthMattersSeeing a lot of talk about targeted abuse today. When someone is personally harassed and targeted you never know wh… @G_C_04 I pay taxes and NI. I can wait til I get home lol @ChuBoi Tuesday im back. I shook someones hand today and I forgot it was busted. Absolutally killed lol @MRT_Saints nah its not the finger. Its the hand @EdgySam1 It did when i came to Vegas the same daynah i crushed my hand when i passed out in Vegas. Ill go to the hospital when i get back to the UK NHS> that. Didn’t work I’ve broken a bone here what would a hospital do? Just cast me up or strap the fingers? @Hitlan77 Well played bro 🙂
ICON SHOPPING AND CHAMPS! is love? Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me No more @bateson87
Retweeted by Bateson87 @Castro1021 @GFuelEnergy @PistolPete2506 I feel sickFIFA 18 WC Drafts are back 😂😂 @BuckArmy that special day just around the corner. This is from me to you ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day
oh hello @ChuBoi "apparently" wonder where you heard that lolHow Henderson never made it onto the +3 upgrade list is mental Im dissapointed @ChuBoi But the +1 was huge on top end players. Like Hazard last year