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And also how many days a week (at its peak)?Just wanna put this out now in case I forget. How many hours do you play FIFA a day at it’s peak? @EnjoyHugo Not lucky. Everyone can do it @JayHowell8 @blackpoolfc04 Let me check tomorrow and see it’s Gina throughI wonder why Xbox lets us pre download FIFA 21 but not PS until EA Play drops it @DjMaRiiO Interesting @utd_joe_ You could have at least got all the same screens to make it look legit :( @utd_joe_ Damn you that desperate for attention on the internet lol @blackpoolfc04 Yeah they were bud @fut_fg Nothing happened. Lost 5-2 @fut_fg I’ll keep you updated dwThis is amazing. City’s defence 😂😂 @fut_fg It’s the same as before for you then no?Leicester are winning the league again.What a goal that was! @fut_fg @danjbroad 4-1 @fut_fg @danjbroad If only Ederson could block Vardys pens @fut_fg @danjbroad Oh so your happy with this score line now? Win win situationOut of curiosity how many of you support teams purely down to family connections? I didn’t realise you have to ha… @danjbroad @fut_fg Rattled? 😂😂😂 @danjbroad @fut_fg Family. Passed down for generations 👍 Thanks for your concern @fut_fg Wait you used to support Chelsea before the money?*”football fan watching football” ironic @fut_fg @STRM_Soares It was my bad. I should have used the standard edition picture as that’s the copy it is🤣 @DjMaRiiO @IbaiLlanos Kane sent off?!Jose fuming but tbh I can see why. That handball rule is terribleWowIf that’s a pen 😂 @joshgowdyy @Dan_CreweAlexFC Or its called doing a job ;) panel! YouTube : Twitch streams : Instagram :… Yedder is loading for #TOTW1 👀 @Its_Hamiii @james19425573 @TwitchUKI last year or this? @Its_Hamiii @james19425573 @TwitchUKI Where have you heard this? I didnt even know thats a thing @SeanR2198 @unbiasedTW @TwitchUKI Just blocked him. Weird kid @toddwilson28 @TwitchUKI Can open packs on the webapp once I get the transfer :)Stream schedule for the week ahead on @TwitchUKI! It could change so keep an eye out here to know first! ITS…🚨 #FIFA21 GIVEAWAY 🚨 5x COPIES TO BE WON! 5x STEPS TO BE ENTERED! - RT/FOLLOW AND LIKE THIS POST ❤️ - FOLLOW M…
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Fall Guys has been sick this summer. It’s not even a P2W game and I’ve been good at it 😂 Rivals NA #1 🥇 Rivals NA… @DjMaRiiO @MiiKeLMsT @bateson87 @FlexZCoD Grande Dj jugando con el nabo de fuera
Retweeted by bateson87 👑👑CAMPEONES TORNEO DE @IbaiLlanos ! #MostolesUK @DjMaRiiO @FlexZCoD @MiiKeLMsT! TORNEO DE IBAI! w/ @DjMaRiiO @MiiKeLMsT @FlexZCoD !subtember @FollowOnTwitch1 @Marshall89HD well it does if you look at the big picture ;) @Marshall89HD Griezmann @Marshall89HD Must have forgot my world record trades aswell @Marshall89HD @bateson8715 MINUTE WARNING! - THE BOYS WATCH PARTY! - Torneo de Youtubers de Ibai en FALL GUYS! (FINALS) - !subtember… @joshseal00 It was only for those specific games. The Premier League and Twitch gave me permissionAny other games on Prime this weekend?🚨 #EAPLAY GIVEAWAY 🚨 8x 12 MONTH SUBSCRIPTIONS TO BE WON! 5x STEPS TO BE ENTERED! - RT/FOLLOW AND LIKE THIS POS… 😂😂Deserved @DustyTuber3 Yeah your mums keeping it warm for meTrossard. Bet he can’t wait to go to bed 😂Also for the FIFA fans this weekends football is TOTW 1 for #FUT21That would have been nice. Brighton love the woodwork @jackmoo58153329 I am. But I’m also a football fanBen White sent back to Leeds twice 😂What a fucking goal that isI like VAR. Full speed it looks 100% a pen but obviously now you can see exactly what happens in slow moWhat is Pogba doing? 😂😂Dinky. DinkyBrunos gonna get sent off today. Reminds me of Scholes with his tacklingLog burner on, football on. Nice chill afternoon ✅ Learn something new each day random one as I can’t find any info. What does the T mean? Obviously I know P for just passed test and L for le… @Moealrabban Without Facebook I wouldnt have come back to Twitch lolTodays the last stream until #FIFA21 But what a season we had on stream man! My first full year back on Twitch and… MOMENTS AGENT OPENING! NEW SEASON UPDATE! | PES 2021 #Ad
@Owenbergwerf1 I didn’t even know anything about it so was gripping @AnarchyAli1872 NetflixAnyone watched Challenger: The Final Flight? Really worth the watch if you like documentaries giveaway is still running but I’ll start the next one tomorrow afternoon 👀 @DjMaRiiO @MiiKeLMsT @FlexZCoD Also a massive thanks to @Tubasuki for being my translator today haha. I would be fucked without him¡Increíble transmisión hoy! Aprendimos español, nos duele la cabeza, ¡pero pasamos a la final mañana con @DjMaRiiO
Retweeted by bateson87 👑👑 @GoodGameBro @EAMaddenNFL Congrats bro! @DjMaRiiO de Youtubers de Ibai en FALL GUYS! w/ @DjMaRiiO @MiiKeLMsT and @FlexZCoD !subtember @pfcdunny You literally have crypto and poker as your username. FBI need to check your harddrives @PCSpecialist A Java game @lawsonboys77 9/10pm @cristianchigre Calvo15 MINUTE WARNING! - PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE! - AMONG US w/ TOXIC PEOPLE! - Torneo de Youtubers de Ibai en FALL GUY… hour stream today?6 Days #FIFA21
2020 is in the tourney aswell!