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@sophiestinx We'd like the opportunity to address your concerns, Soph. Please DM us your first and last name, email… @tina_marie713 Consider your request shared! In the meantime, stock up on the rest of the collection now! 😘 @MaddFan1 We're sharing your pumpkin germ fighting needs now, Jen! Keep in touch! @ashloukimmel We apologize we are unable to generate coupons upon request, Ash. Please DM us your email address and…
@McKaylaRoseJ We're so pleased to hear of your welcoming and safe scent shopping experience, McKayla. We'll be sure… @TandonAnchal We're so sorry for any confusion as this is not one of our order numbers. We'd like the opportunity t… @cucamberr We’re always happy to hear this! We hope to shop you again very soon, Ambi! 😀 @Mandalyn93 Your friend already knows that you can NEVER have too many candles, Amanda! 😎 @AbdulazizGadi Vibes 😉 @kaveriAiyappa So sorry to hear your order hasn't arrived, Kaveri! Please DM us your order number, first and last n… @sarahfowlerr We're happy to let our team know that you'd like to see them! @vivaLAmillie We're happy to share your Golden Pineapple Luau request! @madicamille1 Candles definitely set the good vibes mood, Madison!💙Name a better Summer fragrance duo— we'll wait… 🕒Drop 🌻 💙 if Golden Sunflower & Gingham are 2 of your must-have fra… @sarahrals Help is on the way, Sarah. Check your DMs for more info! @laurie_alfaro Sounds like a good problem to have! 😉 @Matthew_Bowman We'll be sure to pass along this request! @Soulful_Eve We love extra savings too, Evelyn! While we’re not featuring an online promo code, we encourage you to… @HausOfSpears We had a blast shopping with you, Nathalie! 💗 @Aly_pirrone We're sorry to hear about your service experience, Andrea! We'd like to learn more so we may best shar…
@sNekoBob Lightly misting fragrance before bedtime is such a wonderful fragrance experience, Sam. We will totally s… @rarest_paris A blast from the past for sure! We do too! Consider your 90's Art Stuff needs passed along to our tea… @AshStephenson15 Ashley, we know our fragrance fans love a good deal! Sign up for our emails to receive the latest… @TravisMJMidkiff 🍂Which Fall fave are you lighting first? 👀 @sairbear96 Now that's what we call a deal, Sarah! Enjoy your new goodies! @flamingferb While our hand soaps are not antibacterial, they wash away germs with just 20 seconds of hand washing! @powers_madi We know how much you love extra savings on our 3 Wicks, Madison! We've let our marketing partners know… @yackievds Take a peek, Happy shopping!Warm. Radiant. Sun-kissed. NEW Golden Sunflower is a radiant blend of: 💛 Sunflower Petals 🧡 Orange Flower 🤍 Fresh V… @JaredMcGrath Jared, we've shared your feedback with our product team! Thank you! @badkokonut Yes! We would be happy to help with a price adjustment. Please DM us your order number, email address,… @backlnmybody We do love all things watermelon, Rue! 🍉😉 @mikayla_nixon This sounds like an amazing plan, MiKayla! @yackievds With fall right around the corner, now is the perfect time to stock up! Enjoy! 🎃 @AirHostess_Kate Hi Kate! At the top right-hand corner of our website click the link next to "NEW! Pick Up In Store… @squince82 We're so sorry to see this and are here to help! Please DM the full name, email, order number, and compl… @BonnieBellesEd We love our Fragrance Fans in the UK, Bonnie! We've let our team know you'd like to see a store nea… @LetsGetSpoopy We're so sorry to hear this! Stop back by your local store when you have a moment so we can help you with an exchange! @jd2b1999 We're happy to help, Erika! You can check your order's status right on our website at… @mallory_boender 😍😍 @Connie_Ann We loved shopping with you, Connie ❤ @kerri_ahoughton ❤❤ @yohollyw00d We have put in a good word with our team for the fabulous White Pumpkin 3-Wick candle to return! @dijomimama85 We're disappointed and truly sorry to hear your order arrived damaged, Mari. We'd like to help! Pleas…
@ShannonLind1 We can't say when we'll be running the next candle sale at the moment, but you can sign up for our em… @ammg_ We're sorry to hear how your candelabra arrived, Adessa! Please DM us if you need any further assistance. Thank you! @mattsevits Noted & shared! @BrittaneyPilon Fall is here, Brittaney! Shop with us in store or online, We're happy to s… @aaintnowifey We would like to learn more! Please send us a DM with which scent this was along with your full name,… @mallory_boender Worth it though, Mallory! 👻 @stylscourt No worries, Courtney. We've let our team know that you would love to add Wild Madagascar Vanilla to you… @daniellebmiller Beautiful! 💙 @mollydollyy Well, Leaves is irresistible, Molly. 😉 @satx_cassie We love your haul, Cass! 😍 @prestigehefa Thanks for shopping with us today! Enjoy your wonderful new fragrances! 💙 @KaylaaMarieC We'd like to learn more about your experience. Please DM us the store location - we look forward to your message. @s_kubez5 It's a beachy fave, Sarah! 🏖 @swashbucklerx We are very concerned about your hand sanitizer and would like to learn more. Please DM us your full… @CARLA1331 Let's take a look, Carla! Please DM us your full name, email address, and the shipping address on your o… hour is golden hour with bright Sunflower fragrances ✨ ☀️ 🌻 @iamraiinha Your CocoShea Coconut Moisturizing Body Oil request has been expedited to the Team! ✔ @erikaa_floress Yes! Which fall fragrance are you using first, Erika? 🧡 @AydenLincoln We're feelin it! @MsHeatherBeaver Like dancing through a fresh meadow! 💜 @TreasureGardens Awesome find! 😍 @nishithg We're sorry you haven't received your package, Nishith! Please send us a DM with your full name and shipping address. Talk soon! @ayekrissy Tell us about your haul! Which scents did you grab? @a_rippin We have let our team know that you are looking for the fabulous Be Enchanted fragrance mist to return with our team! @mylittledaisy22 We loved shopping with you, Samantha. 💕 @MsRobinKline We love to hear you were pleased while shopping in our Middletown NY store, Robin! ❤ @1BrittanyNicole We're sorry to hear you haven't received your box of happiness, Michael. We'd like to help! Please…
@dijomimama85 Yes, it is! @fwr518 Both are noteworthy scents and will be shared with our team. @kxssandra We are going batty for our bats, K! Please check back for new PocketBac Holders to come! @SarahWa23912616 Sounds like you had fun shopping, Sarah! We hope you savor the scents! @NicoleCook315 Five new Deep Cleansing Hand Soap scents have just arrived, Nicole! Be sure to check back as we're j… @_steve2_ Thanks for sharing, Steve. We always love our customers! @jennjenntheBOSS While goodies are creeping on to our website now, be sure to check your local store often as some… @RoseKay489 We ensure you we want to help, Rose. Please DM us your order number, email address, shipping address an… @MsJessicaBCE Loving your collection, Ms. Jessica! @emilyeconboy It is a extraordinary aroma, Emily! Tap here to order @vanattttttaaa They were lovely, Halle. We'll let the team know! @kimberlygetshe1 We're not ready to spill all our fall secrets just yet, Kimberly! But tell your daughter to stay t… @s_coletta24 You never know what might happen, Sam. Please stay close to your emails for offers to come! @pinkgoodman Fighting germs this school year will be so fun for her, Chelsea! 😊 @nurse_wiederman We're working on ways for our fragrance fans to save on all of their faves now, Heather. Please do keep in touch! @JennyLPoole We're working with our teams now to return this sudsy classic, Jenny. Please keep checking back!Wallpaper Wednesday: Sunflower edition! ☀️ 🌻 💛Click the link for Wallpapers inspired by our newest fragrance, Golde… @ashlyncrunk We miss that galactic blend too! Consider your candle needs shared! Please do keep checking back! @calibeachbabee_ We appreciate you sharing your interest in a more concentrated version of your favorite scent, Mar… @VnsaHdz87 We love that you're a fan of our fragrances and apologize for any disappointment, Vanessa. We're current… @ToriClark07 Never, Tori! We could enjoy Fall fragrances all year long. Stock up on your faves now! 🍂 @_mscharver Not to add to the temptation, but... @SuicideSirenIvy We understand, Ariel! Fall is when nature turns to gold-let's get you started with this candle:… @ashleyn_z Happy Pumpkin Season, Ashley! 🎃 @Manthan_1990 We're glad to help, Manthan! Please send an email to Thank you! @austyyyn_a22 What seasonal scent is your favorite, Austyn?! Some are available online now! @giatenuto Pumpkin spice and everything nice, that's what fall fragrance is made of! Enjoy all of your fab Fall fragrances! @Neezayy_ Nothing is ever set in stone, Angie! While we continue to share your favorite Suede fragrance with our Pr… @_relentless We're sorry to hear that we've let you down! DM us your order number, email, full name & shipping address so we can help.