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@FurkiJow i’ll probably read it if I ever start it @pksomuch BIG W @SlikSimpsRin JOJO GREATNESS @Wolfelias69 dear lord 😭 @Ryujin190 season 5 only got 1 arc?Starting Gintama Rakuyou Arc @C4Kusanagi @JadenIX_ oh trust me alot of characters gets infinitely better 💀 but that’s my opinion on it @Murkthemayor AKI GOAT @SleeepyEz @TakUchiha guessing it’s worth a watch? @TakUchiha sounds like a porn name wtf is that 😭 @JadenIX_ crazy how he still a top 3 jjk character currently @oniikisu you at school? 😭Remember to drink waterミカサとエレン #進撃の巨人
Retweeted by tom @Murkthemayor enjoy greatness @toxruu @myneai @itsdavidfnbr @tsubasa_kitty @Sadacado @SHAFT_Prime @NarukamiJoestar @LostSnaiI @gear2victor @SatorIzzy gege i’m manifesting this soon 🙇🏻‍♂️ @bumassdude since I just finished it @dumbjojofand4c I was considering a 8/10 so be happy @oniikisu you know me @patosaurus72 the manga >>>> enjoy peak fiction @jujutsuclover yeah I read them, weren’t needed tbh @xorival_ I started from the marley arc lol already watched all 4 seasons @TJTheGod23 i’ll drop one tomorrow maybe @Neo_LUF @NaiKenk1o yeah I read them and they weren’t needed to me but maybe i’ll come to like them after a re read lol @waifusharts bro don’t remind me 😭 @MamaduMaso ending wasn’t good or bad i’m just content with it I guess @NaiKenk1o it’s alright and not nearly as bad as people claim but definitely not perfect @TakUchiha ending was alright honestly, not perfect but it could’ve been way worse I have my flaws with it and I… @Vox7d LET ME RELAX FIRST LMFAOFinished Attack on Titan Isayama created a truly unparalleled experience with this series. It’s unique concept an… @COEofTypo4 dawg I promise you we don’t care
@0swaldo1019 @xrentk still crying @xrentk he really did it man an important moment for Levi’s character meaning he finally accomplished his goal for all his fallen comrades @TrulyKaito homie thinking about life right now love how zeke made a sandcastle
Retweeted by tomEren’s Freedom is one of the greatest manga panels of all time Everything about this shows how twisted his ideals… @LeBanMn LETS GOOOO @xrentk I can’t look at this the same bro 💀 @Giossic my favourite manga of all timeITS THE PANEL LMFAOOO get chills everytime I read this @thatalidon all those games of catch came through for him @crimsonmettle you can’t disagree with facts she hasn’t missed @xValClover nah fr she stay coming through it’s insane 😭 @ZacharyLivesay GABI GOAT @DemonSlayerJon have you finished the manga?Someone sign Gabi to faze she literally hasn’t missed a single shot @zyifannn you know me @cale13_ they straight up family zoned eachother 😭 @cale13_ how did they both fumble this hard for eachother cinematography study 2
Retweeted by tom @Twili_Ova I love this so much omg @SleeepyEz haven’t reached 131 yet lol @oniikisu it’s finna come full circle with the ending tho 😭 @oniikisu naw when this gets animated it’s over dawg @jddswrld naw this compared to season 1 is insaneAttack on titan chapter 121 is one of the greatest chapters i’ve ever read @Nerbs_ how far you into it?Man I love this panel @Saltyy_Salt how are people even finna react to this animated 💀 @SYHAknyr faze gabi right here WTF IS HAPPENING @WSJ_manga WE ARE WINNING @beidouscarpet @velvet_kt :) @animefangabe haven’t seen either @MosIIey it’s fun to assume but people not everything is foreshadowing 💀 @NelsonSlice you the only one who said no 💀 @senjyosbbydaddy is everything ok @beidouscarpet been a while since I cried so I might need it @tsubasa_kitty y’all praising it a lot maybe I should watch it 😭 @GUTS_GOATED @NastyyFN @_ruukia @Asta_5leaf @CeoOfUltraTypo @AnimefanJ11 @Longaaaar @VioletsRailgun YESSIR @wahtart @cale13_ y’all have the same goals huh @cyberjannet yeah that’s why I asked, how many seasons is there? @cale13_ I respect the commitment homieShould I peep violet evergarden? @Dar1Mori man I love his character @cr1sco_ I mean it still could idk why they would announce a trailer a year or 2 before official release 😭 even so…’s backstory and motivation shows why he’s one of my all time favourite antagonists in fiction Seeing his dyna…
「 さぁ、新時代の幕開けだ 」
Retweeted by tom @gear2victor yeah lol @iIugumi twitter made sure to let me know trust me @gavinmargret33 my man zeke better come back like lebron or it’s over for him 😭AHHH LETS GOOO LEVI @cactuzzshash goodnight homie @Kaguras10 started from the marley arc lol @thatalidon this one? @cale13_ masterpiece honestlyITS THE PANEL @oldsouleunoia BIG W @Saltyy_Salt this whole scene still gives me chills GREATNESS @TitoMochi naw homie this a miss @oldsouleunoia man I love vagabond @coolshortss @Rakugoat @SHINGEKIYAIBA I watched it while it was airing but ill leave it there @win_ker @drunkeldian forgot to clarify ive seen up until season 4 lmfao, ive read up to the end of S4 @coolshortss @Rakugoat @SHINGEKIYAIBA aye ive already watched until season 4 I just forgot to clarify my bad lol