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@TheRealAlienTwo @TheRealAlienTwo Heck yes, and we get to do it together 🖤You do not need anyone’s permission or approval to be a #StarTrek fan 🖖🏼I am very proud to announce the film's Occupants & The Assassin's Apprentice have been selected to screen at our fe…
Retweeted by 🖤🖖🏼H. Rae⚔️🏳️‍🌈 #IDICMeansBLM @TheRealAlienTwo 🖤🖤🖤Jadzia Dax as she appears in Trials & Tribble-ations #customfunkopop #jadziadax #ds9 #startrek #trekpositive
Retweeted by 🖤🖖🏼H. Rae⚔️🏳️‍🌈 #IDICMeansBLM @StarTrekFan15 @jamie2bad2000 😂😂😂😂 @coffee_graff @anilkchander @startrekcbs @ansonmount @Amrit_Kaur04 Heck yes she did! @brandonleblanc @TrekkieJim @ricadink @bhtoys I just want to stare at it for hours 🤩"Starfleet Ensign, a Song for Nog" is my tribute to #StarTrek DS9's Nog, played by the wonderful Aron Eisenberg. Ly…
Retweeted by 🖤🖖🏼H. Rae⚔️🏳️‍🌈 #IDICMeansBLM @NikeMorgan It must have felt AMAZING @jamesfirman6 Gorgeous photos!! @NikeMorgan Beautiful! @TrekkieJim @ricadink @bhtoys OMGGGGGG!!!!!! You are AMAZING ✨🖤1/2 The #StarTrek #LCARS inspired website template is looking good on the iPad. I should have template files ready…
Retweeted by 🖤🖖🏼H. Rae⚔️🏳️‍🌈 #IDICMeansBLM @kody922 @RentzAllison @Tiffanieskater @semperpho @jamie2bad2000 @OnceUponLA I can’t wait 😊 @RentzAllison @Tiffanieskater @semperpho @jamie2bad2000 @OnceUponLA 😬 @RentzAllison @Tiffanieskater @semperpho @jamie2bad2000 @OnceUponLA We’re having sushi tonight!!! @anilkchander @startrekcbs @ansonmount @Amrit_Kaur04 WOW Anil!!! 😍 This is wonderful!! I hope we see her again as well! @startrekcbs @ansonmount A little something I did in homage to Cadet Sidhu. Fingers crossed we get more of her in…
Retweeted by 🖤🖖🏼H. Rae⚔️🏳️‍🌈 #IDICMeansBLM @CapeMike4 @tlkateart Eeeeeeeee @CapeMike4 @tlkateart Yikes!! 🤫 @HeyStevieLee @tlkateart Yes!!!! I’ve got so many of their images saved as well. These cards are large, lovely, and… @CapeMike4 @tlkateart 🖤🖤🖤🖤 I’m glad it’s helpingI’ve always loved @tlkateart’s art and picked up this deck to help with daily positive affirmations. My pick today… @Bandit_JW @rashiduzzaman82 @Tyjos84 @Tyranicus @zoidberg95 @Sith1701 @Sepulcher67 You are so considerate and I love you for it 🖤 @somesarahsaur Yay! 🥳 @somesarahsaur Just did! 🖖🏼 @Sith1701 @Tyjos84 @Bandit_JW @Tyranicus @DWSSG01 @IronApostle @ThePoshGoblin @zoidberg95 @StarTrek @TrekfanRick @Tyjos84 @raul_addams @chrisstough1 @badmojo013 I stay out of most FB groups. Twitter is really my main hang out fo… @Tyjos84 @raul_addams @chrisstough1 @badmojo013 That’s why I fight so hard to send positivity into my fandom spaces… @manwithoutatan OMG I want to go to there! @StarfleetMedic @dilfsarek I’m so glad, and I *know* it is hard and takes practice, and there will always be days w… @Tyjos84 @chrisstough1 @badmojo013 Oh, it’s everywhere these days. So much division everywhere. I’ve had to cultiva… @Tyjos84 @chrisstough1 @badmojo013 Yeah, I feel this! Sometimes the negativity (the abuse, really) gets to me becau… @Tyjos84 @chrisstough1 @badmojo013 I wish we’d met sooner, too 🖤 @Dvann562 😜 @Dvann562 I WISH! But yes, it’s a crosswalk! @adoptatribble Yes 😊 @BryanNHobbs 🖖Rainbows make me happy 🥰🌈✨ @TrekkieJim 😂 you should! Rashid is a great human being @3illSweet @Captain_Revo I see less a parallel to religion than I do politics, personally, but it’s all intertwined… @simon_ryan @ThriftyTrekkie I’d certainly love to talk to you about that story sometime in the future when we’re both ready! 🖤 @StarfleetMedic @dilfsarek of ruining your experience or your relationship with your fandom. THAT is how they win. @StarfleetMedic @dilfsarek It bothers me as well - I do understand! - but I do not give two shits whether they thin… @dilfsarek @StarfleetMedic Yes! Block those people! Block anyone who tries to demean your fandom. I know it is hard… @simon_ryan @ThriftyTrekkie Oh, thank you so much for sharing this. It means a lot to know I’m succeeding in helpin… @j_alan73 @aileronrollgame 🥰 Ahhhhhh @PattiSmeed Absolutely beautiful 🖤😍 @adudesnerdery Enjoy 🖤 you deserve a restful break with your family @EntropicEnigma 🖤🖖🏼 @ComChia430 @Alhana_E @banditloaf A very small one! I preordered the Orville too! 😍 @KatAndSabrina @SlapTrek @datsme4sure1 Beautiful 🖤 @Xandara Omg yes @aileronrollgame Ha! This is totally me 🥰🖤 @dandeckr @ThriftyTrekkie Aww 🥰 thank you Dan! @pjc4774 @ThriftyTrekkie @DavidAlanMack Awwww 🥰 thank you for sharing this happiness! @mareeantifacist @ThriftyTrekkie 🥰 thank you so muchOn what would've been his 99th birthday, we salute Walter "Matt" Jefferies. 56 years after he began contributing hi…
Retweeted by 🖤🖖🏼H. Rae⚔️🏳️‍🌈 #IDICMeansBLM @HeyStevieLee @raijuTheHyeju @adoptatribble @rocknalia Absolutely 🖤 @ComChia430 @Alhana_E @banditloaf Ah!! Welcome to the club!! LoL!! @bergopolis YES! We’re two episodes away from the finale of #WarriorNun and so impressed! We can’t wait to watch th… @DreTop1a @OJungell I’m not worried about anyone trying to ruin Star Trek! Star Trek is doing just fine whether it’s liked or not. @DreTop1a Thank you! Bookmarked for tomorrow! @Mouka_Yuki @raijuTheHyeju @adoptatribble @rocknalia I can vouch that they are HUGE and BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely worth the price! @DreTop1a Sure! I am sorry I haven’t watched it yet. I should make a point to! @thePeaDock 🖤he was one of my favorite people despite never knowing him. I can only imagine the loss you’ve experienced. I am so sorry 🖤 @ESchwenke Neither @CaptainOskarSTO Laugh away if it brings you joy! I can’t force anyone to change their behavior, just as we can’t f… @42istheanswer @steve_shives Absolutely! Not all YTers are bad and I’m glad to know many great fans like Steve! Thi… @BatlethBabe Any Trek tattoo designers out there?
Retweeted by 🖤🖖🏼H. Rae⚔️🏳️‍🌈 #IDICMeansBLM @CodySDax ⚔️🖤 Thanks to @Xandara for the picStop caring about these people y’all! They’re not going anywhere! Star Trek is thriving! Fandom is thriving! Focu… @DougBoitoult Love this so much!!!D'vana Tendi, she's got pep! =3 #StarTrekLowerDecks #startrek
Retweeted by 🖤🖖🏼H. Rae⚔️🏳️‍🌈 #IDICMeansBLM
@Tyjos84 @chrisstough1 @zoidberg95 It’s true! I have all sorts of political stuff muted but today it has been unavo… @Tyjos84 @chrisstough1 @zoidberg95 No! Don’t give up! You’ll only isolate yourself further. I recommend taking a br… @HeyStevieLee SO earned and deserved! 🖤🖖 @DerekLawrence73 @SlapTrek @datsme4sure1 Sooner rather than later I hope! 🖖 @MickyTennico They’re definitely looking for something! 😊 @brainbird_actor Aww hi lil one!! @MickyTennico Oh my! They look hungry! @DerekLawrence73 @SlapTrek @datsme4sure1 Ha!! Wait until he sees a black squirrel!! Some day I hope. If you’re ever… @andyconn3lly 😊🖖 @DerekLawrence73 @SlapTrek @datsme4sure1 Aww so wintry!!! @EVA_01_Shogouki Hehe I kept waiting for him to jump in my face! @OnceUponLA @StarfleetQueen1 @TomCase147 @Tiffanieskater God, I hope we do @StarfleetQueen1 @TomCase147 @OnceUponLA @Tiffanieskater Me too! 😭 @MickyTennico OMG! 🥺 @TomCase147 @StarfleetQueen1 @OnceUponLA @Tiffanieskater December looks like it will be canceled most likely. 2021 for me! @OnceUponLA @StarfleetQueen1 @TomCase147 @Tiffanieskater YEP! @StarfleetQueen1 @OnceUponLA @TomCase147 @Tiffanieskater I’d LOVE that!! @Ovr4Tee 😮 WOW!! @StarfleetQueen1 @OnceUponLA @Tiffanieskater ALL MY TREK FAM IS REQUIRED TO GO TO STLVGrasshopper friend 🦗 @DerekLawrence73 @SlapTrek @datsme4sure1 I know that bear! 🖤 @ChefCory780 Thank you 🖖