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@RichardRBarrett @Straight_O_G @kevinkevin4011 GOTHAM ended up becoming SMALLVILLE.
WB must luv them some Matt Reeves... #TheBatmanIsComing #TheWorldOfTheBatmanIsComing @Chrisbcox @serdarsirin @serdarsirin Uh, they are doing exactly that. @LJT_Lucas @DanielRPK No.A live-action Batman world with multiple related projects that can be found on the big screen and TV is beyond awes… @Jeffhun27171138 @Straight_O_G @kevinkevin4011 Weekend. @Straight_O_G @kevinkevin4011 It was, yes. is just delicious on SO many levels! #TheBatman #HBOMaxAlmost done! #1966BatmanHelmetIf you've never read this BOF article about BATMAN FOREVER, check it out...and it's been updated with video.… @mikekalinowski_ And JS actually FILMED it ALL! It's not that much, but those scenes injected into the movie and a… @BudWinkle @superdlots They shot MOST of's there and finished. This isn't like the, well, "other thing." @superdlots Well, it's kinda become a *thing* after JS's passing. And it was a *thing* even when FOREVER came out b… @Batboat77, that's been a *thing* on BOF for like, IDK, over 15 years now...right? #ReleaseTheRedDiaryCut @adambvary This is TRUE...been saying this for over 15 years sir. I appreciate the link, but you could've actually…
The #ReleaseTheSchumacher campaign is gaining some momentum. As there have been quite a few articles written about…
Retweeted by Bill 'Jett' Ramey #ReleaseTheRedDiaryCut #ReleaseTheSchumacherCutWord! it! #TheBatmanIsComing
Here's your new #Batwoman. >>> @PeteIllustrated The plane rescue is indeed awesome and it's a nod to S:TM's helicopter rescue. I like SR, but it'… @KrisBurke Dude, I'm sorry. I've been through this before a few times, will go through it here soon with my 14 yea… it worth checking out what Dini, Burnett, & Co. are doing in their #BTAS continuation series? Pop over to BOF an…
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@bobcesca_go Pretending to drown to see what your dog would do is a *tad* fucked up (unless he was training him).… on what @GarretWATO says, I’m gonna need to check out JUSTICE LEAGUE #48, too! Review via @batmanonfilm
Retweeted by Bill 'Jett' RameyI haven’t caught up on ‘Tec since its return & now seems like a good time! Check out @PeteIllustrated as he dishes…
Retweeted by Bill 'Jett' RameyCheck out my thoughts on THE BATMAN’S GRAVE #7 & 8 over at the dad gum original, BOF! via @batmanonfilm
Retweeted by Bill 'Jett' Ramey @JaviTru @JamesTheFourth Yeah, this issue was pretty awesome for sure. Enjoyed reading it and writing the review! @mikekalinowski_ And when he as some legit info, he'll spoil a film for folks in a New York second without ANY hesitation.It's time we stand up against shitty, spoiler-dropping, click-bait posting, making-up stuff websites, and online "p… fans, do not follow this guy. He has been awful to DC and the fans for years. When you call his “scoops” out for…
Retweeted by Bill 'Jett' Ramey @mikekalinowski_ on track! #BATMAN94 #IWillBecomeABetterBat
@shewrick @bobcesca_go JFC! @campestrinxe ¡Espero que eso esté sucediendo!Read BATMAN #94 over the weekend. Review coming tomorrow! #BackOnTrack #IWillBecomeABetterBat @campestrinxe Yo también. Creo que parte del elenco y el equipo todavía están en los Estados Unidos. Cuando regrese… @campestrinxe Buenos días a ti también. No lo creo, hombre. Ahora podemos estar mirando agosto ... con suerte.
2020 Independence Day! And, check it... @TheBatmanalyst @KyleParry1985 Booyah... @MikeJstudio Yeah, this is mine from back in the day! I've had it for 50+ years and it was a little worse for wear. But I've fixed it up! @SufyanSalleh
@freekbass @bobcesca_go @shewrick @HolyBatCast Dude, I've got all my Batman action figures still in the box (and I'… @freekbass @bobcesca_go @shewrick @HolyBatCast It's awesome, no?! @TheBatmanalyst @hbomax Here's hoping...#ReleaseTheSchumacherCut/#ReleaseTheRedBookEdition
Retweeted by Bill 'Jett' Ramey @BATMANONFILM afirma que: "Quando digo que existe, quero dizer um corte que não precisaria de muita pós-produção e…
Retweeted by Bill 'Jett' RameyYES it! #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut @freekbass @bobcesca_go @shewrick @HolyBatCast @TheBatmanalyst Cheers!Part 3! #BatmanHelmet
It's a BOF tradition to do a BOF Mailbag on/around a U.S. holiday. So, post your questions in the comments below fo… @codeydraws @pattythebat I'm going to do a video on it! But, @PeteIllustrated, @smb_ryan, and some of the other BOF guys have WAY better ones. Cheers! @TheBatmanalyst Not sure...Got a video coming, but here's a shot of my *almost* complete refurbish of my 1965 IDEAL TOYS "Batman Helmet." All'… @fxhxxm comes from the same source that told me that water is wet.A super-duper "inside source" has told me that a CGI version of Lewis Wilson's Batman will appear in the Flashpoint…
@Laziiner @David_Drawss THE BATMAN is going to be Batman-centric from start to finish. @PeteIllustrated @McStereotype @Shazamaholic @roman_duvall And Jackson Bostwick too. @TrevorAFW7d @Shazamaholic @roman_duvall Maybe not. Maybe he doesn't find the person to which he can pass the torc… @McStereotype @Shazamaholic @roman_duvall Yes @Shazamaholic @roman_duvall Negative. @WadeDillonArt Found it on Amazon. @blockridge1977 NO! Just bought this and added to the collection. Was debating to take him out of the box or not! LOL! @kristapley Kris, it's awesome! @pauljwares I can't even show off a new #Batman toy? ;)
@pauljwares JFC no! I just got a new "toy" and I took him out rather than keep him boxed up! HAHAHAHAHAHA! @ReevzFX @pauljwares He's out of the fucking BOX! LOL! @ZakLewis17 Amazon! @blakehopper hell with it...he's OUT! #KeatonBatman @ConnorBehrens I know, right?! LOL!Open, or not? #Batman89 #KeatonBatman @gilles_tayelor Come on now...BOF'ers know me. I've been an open book for 22 years and counting! :) @gilles_tayelor All good!I had a very special guest -- @JakesMom71001 -- review this book for CHECK IT! @gilles_tayelor Nope. Off base. @David_Drawss new #Batman80 #FunkoPop review is coming out of Jersey. Get the inside scoop on this #Batman vinyl figure over…
Retweeted by Bill 'Jett' Ramey it! <<< by @PeteIllustrated @shewrick WTF?Check it! << by @PeteIllustratedI forgot to share my Mondo B:TAS Catwoman Review when it got posted! Anyone else pick this up? Can’t wait to hear w…
Retweeted by Bill 'Jett' Ramey @TristanFiore Really? That was JW's fault? Turn the anger towards WB -- call THEM out -- not the guy hired for a specific job. Come on man!
So, now the "THING" is to retroactively shit on a colleague for doing the job he was hired to do? Wow. Respect lost.