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Trevor Bauer @BauerOutage Driveline Baseball

All Star pitcher for the @Reds and formerly @Indians and @dbacks Co-founder @watch_momentum

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@adams_at @FrankiesTooLoud @BangerTrash At least then there would be a fair and level playing field for everyone. Y… the bloodbath for players on the open market and players with options this off season has really begun. If only… @CanberraCavalry @MelbourneAces @AgentRachelLuba @Watch_Momentum Y’all wild. But I’m definitely down for a visit to Australia haha
appease public pressure. Now, with all that said, I’m not saying players did nothing wrong here, because I don’t kn… the dugout, etc. is RIDICULOUS. By MLB logic, players are allowed to sit next to each other in the dugout but no… like a HIPPA violation and some network is going to be in a lot of trouble. Third, from a player’s perspectiv… the virus? First thing wrong here: as I’ve noted before, the bubble protocol was...porous, to put it kin… @mlb here. A problem exists. Blame the players. Take no responsibility. Take note of public perception. Lau… #WorldSeries is over. Free Agency has begun. A couple points: 1) I’ll consider offers from any MLB or NPB team… Manfred handing out a piece of metal getting booed mercilessly by the 11k people he let in the building is such great theater.Welp, that wraps this one up. AlasThis had the feel of a game the @RaysBaseball would have to win 1-0...not sure they have anything left to come back… or disagree with pulling Snell??Alright @snellzilla4 I see ya 👀👀Well that was easy. @snellzilla4 locked in tonight. NastySecond inning in game 2 was when snell struggled. Big inning for him hereNever seen anything like what Arozarena is doing.
@Jared_Carrabis One of the worst tales I’ve heardAnts is a good one, but we have ant spray and could wipe them out in mass numbers, plus it would take many many ant… originally thought gorilla...but what about something like a poisonous spider?Random thought of the night. Which animal, if given human intelligence in its current form, would be most dangerous…
There’s no way the baseball gods deprive us of a Buehler v Morton winner take all game 7, is there??I hate that decision to pull Kershaw. I’m sitting on my couch at home and even I’m getting mad. @dodgers fans how do you feel about it?Did anyone else have Margot safe there?? I didn’t see a tag. Anyone have a screenshot?
Met an @astros fan at brunch who wants me to come play in H-town. Do all Astros fans feel this way? 🤔WHAT. A. MOMENT. WHAT. A. GAME. We’ve got ourselves a series!! @RaysBaseball @Dodgers
Home @astros🤫🤫 Fake news. That Trevor Bauer guy is a terrible teammate. Bad chemistry guy. Headache in the locker room. His t… mean the media perpetuates false narratives online? Consider me shocked... the heel life 👀👀 great honor!
@AudreySibbalds @YouTube Audrey, send an email to my team at with your shirt size and address.… @Jontorres120 @YouTube Jon, would love to send you some merch from my online store for subscribing. Send your shir… @salinaspolo @YouTube Tammy, send an email to my team at to claim your pair of my signed cleats! Congrats! @CCrespin7 @YouTube Cameron, send my team an email at to claim your prize! Congrats!You asked, so we made it happen! The first episode of my off-season vlog just went live last night on… that tonight I'll be live on my @YouTube channel signing virtual autographs with @FangageInc and watching… advice for people who want to work anywhere, to be honest. Develop a skill, prove that skill is valuable…🚨Episode 27 Guest🚨 @itstaiki talk about the growth of @Watch_Momentum and how it it changing the game of baseball a…
Retweeted by Trevor Bauer @Chrismorrison01 @FangageInc Keep trying! Make sure you're uploading from your desktop and using a different brows…'ll be signing virtual autographs with @FangageInc during tomorrow's live stream of Game 2 on my YouTube channel.…
Tonight's live stream will start in about an hour over on my YouTube channel. I'll be breaking down the Glasnow vs.… y'all - I'm going live again on my YouTube channel with @budweiserusa for Game 1 of the World Series TONIGH… to the team, Tosh! We have a lot of innovative content and services on the horizon for players and fans ali…
fWAR, rWAR or combined? often we get to see the two best teams in baseball play a 7 game series to decide the World Series but we get t… bat flip right there. Very refined.Reliving my childhood tonight laying in my bed, watching the @Braves in the post season, listening to my dad choppi…
This should be thing much more often in baseball. Player photos walking into a game. Fashion. Personality. Engageme… pelo rojo, Ray Chalupa, here we go. Is anyone rooting for the @astros to score two here for more drama?A shutdown start in a must win game from a top end starter is pretty darn valuable this time of year. Big performan… SZN! 🥶 Order here:
To be eligible for a chance to win, reply to the first tweet with a screenshot showing you're subscribed to my chan… late than never! 🤷‍♂️😂 Thank you to everyone who helped me reach my goal of 100K @YouTube subscribers by the… Smith off Will Smith! day in an elimination game. Bold strategy we’ll see how it plays out. @Dodgers @BravesWhere is @ydb_yokohama and @HAWKS_official??
Watching the @Braves offense roll this post season just makes me even more proud of what my fellow @reds pitchers w… cool thread that @stevencgoldberg has going on here. Guarantee there’s a nugget of useful info for everyone… @TeamCJCorrea embrace the heel life then hit walkoff tanks and dramatically pimp them is so sick.
Who wins tonight, @RaysBaseball or @astros?? I’m watching live on my YouTube channel now. Come join me!
Biggest thing I’ve seen with the pitching this post season...those who are successful are fearless in the zone. You… beer. Let’s gooooooooooo! #HitTheBuds and have a Bud with me live TONIGHT on my YouTube channel for Game 4 of… I said the same thing to a man, as I’ve done many times, banter. Because it was a woman, you wrote a slanderous… my opinions about and reactions to sports, and supporting a large number of charities that do great work in… point was to harm my reputation. My behavior on twitter consists of interacting with fans in the way they firs…’s yours, using your tiny platform to repeatedly tweet with the intent to damage someone else. I realize I’m givi… truth is, you’re a fraud “reporter” with no original ideas that is supposed to generate a certain number of cli… if responding to people on twitter qualifies as mysogynystic, it appears that you, yourself, are quite the mis…
@GrumpyDodgerFan Well, by your logic, the fact that you responded to me on twitter dot com is harassment so please… @AlainnFocail @Dodgers 👍🏻 @AlainnFocail @Dodgers Which book would you recommend? Is audible ok? @AlainnFocail @Dodgers Can’t take a walk I’m on a flight to Atlanta right now @AlainnFocail @Dodgers You’ve now tweeted me three times this is targetted harassment when will it ever stop? @trevorplouffe @_Brojan_ @TrevRosenthal @PadresWes @WesleyLarks @Samawiwowee @THoffman51 I think that makes 5 muske… @IamTrevorMay what say you?, whatever chances there are of Gerrit and I squashing this non-existent, fictitious beef, they’re certainly hi… @barstoolcarl Low stamina? Would suggest some better sleep, a cardio program, and a healthier diet. Should see a pr… fans. Can no longer interact with you and have a good time on social media. Justin has spoken. It’s been real… @Dodgers fans is Megan your official spokesperson? Should I cancel my trip to LA or...?? Please advise👀👀 @Dodgers are short on starting pitching right now? You don’t say. @RGrich15 Bourder would be more Canadian right?Do @BlueJays fans love me though? Or do they still hate me? 🤔🤔 @Angels fans, I see y’all in my mentions a lot so ahead of my flight to LA later today, sell me your team in on…“Look at this incredible scoreless innings streak that max fri...AND THERES A DRIVE, TO DEEP LEFT FIELD, YOU CAN PU… @TexansHope It’s not an auto no from me. I’d listen 🤷🏻‍♂️
The defense this game is crazy. WowI’ve got @RaysBaseball in 6 and @Dodgers in 7 in a thrilling series. Rays pitching depth is the difference to me an… that the...thing? 👀How it started: How it's going:
Looks like you’ve got it down! Great form! the read for the athletes who follow me. One addition. Though your agent can’t do this for you, they should e…
Can’t come to Baltimore without being reminded of what a cool stadium Camden is, especially when it’s packed with f… it came in a loss, important to give @GerritCole45 props for that performance tonight. Anyone who is willing… a damn game! What a game. Couldn’t think of a more perfectly dramatic way for it to end. Post season baseball…