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allison @baughwoman Brooklyn, NY

I was actually really cool & funny on twitter, then I got overwhelmed & deleted it all. Former music journalist @jukely @vinylmeplease turned religion teacher

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@JenniferLeigh0 I love it it screams “Jen’s at it again”
@tylerfbradley Im just in shock how someone can be that perfectI’m mad about elite because now that I know ester exposito exists I will never be able to live freely againI have never felt so comfortable saying “hi please fuck off” to anyone complaining about the pope today. The homophobia is ASTOUNDING.Also in the film, the pope condemns the Trump administration’s child separation policy at the U.S.-Mexico border, w…
Retweeted by allisonwhat's happening in nigeria is horrific. peaceful protesters are being killed, for the whole world to see. educate…
Retweeted by allisonOmg in a COAT? I can’t believe this.
@retroglo @kim_anh Matteo didn’t eitherKevin Richardson my GOD US Catholic Church is broken, and it will take a great effort to repair the damage that this marriage to right…
Retweeted by allison @annajiduah Haha story of my entire existence. @mmikrib Mik I think it’s just salt collections - looks good to me
@crissymilazzo HAHAHA omg yes !!!! @annajiduah I wish I did it that way! I applied to ONE school bc I was nervous and didn’t think I was smart etc etc… listen. The man vows to, and this is real, "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'." It stands to reason, this singular goa…
Retweeted by allisonI can’t believe it took me this long to watch Elite. @annajiduah She is truly a disease in CatholicismAm I too old for this #NewProfilePic @dan_kraines One day we shall ride together. I was going to try to do a take on bereft by frost with ferry rides but I’m too tired lmao @dan_kraines Omg I get on at dumbo one day we have to ride together. Well... if you find another entrance landing 😭… am...beside myself.
@FrEmmanuel4 Hello!!!!
It is one of your best sets without a DOUBT. Obsessed. And that OutKast song at the end 👌🏼 am DECEASED this is the BEST set I’ve heard in a year I cannot BREATHE holy shIIIIIIIIIt
@paigefinnn Pretty much all of my jobs @dan_kraines Bless your soul :’)this playstack has me inspired and in my feelings 🤍🌧
Retweeted by allisonYou know what would round up this year for me right now? New Adam Curtis documentary to put my fears to bed.
Retweeted by allison @ebruenig loveeeeeeeThe Onion is prophesy
Retweeted by allisonfeat: @AMTRAC @jamesblake @mstrkrft @roisinmurphy @soulwax @NanaAdjoaMusic and poetry by @dan_krainesDear New York, Please come back to our stores. Sales remain down over 50% and we need you to keep this bookselling…
Retweeted by allisonMy first weekly (or bi-weekly, idk) Playstack #1 it's like a playlist but with other goodies as well.I just watched the sixth sense for the first time and boy oh boy was I not expecting that I was going to CRY the en…
@CheapPontoon LOLThe church next to me is playing the most beautiful, haunting tune with its bells-I’ve never heard this one before… @lanewriteswords Absolutely not.👀
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A friendly reminder that the US Constitution is not the inspired word of God. To refuse to adapt it to the present…
Retweeted by allisonJB’s new EP is good. “Before” takes the cake for me, but I get sad every time he releases new ones and doesn’t just… a cool orangutan @christinesmitth We’re never going to be let into France ever again.
@christinesmitth Same* lol @christinesmitth SAM. The outfits were truly heinous and there should be a lawsuit. Also never in a million years w… @samwrite @imteddybless it's very delicious. @Jess_G @imteddybless Oh walnuts YUM @imteddybless I do a pulled chicken, goat cheese, pomegranate seeds, honey roasted Brussels sprouts and spinach sal…
@christinesmitth I will be here ready and checking in for your feedback. It’s a wild rideThe Boys especially
@lppny “I hate this” I whispered to myself as I shook so hard because I couldn’t click “next episode” fast enough
@posthuman Drunken unicorn in Atlanta @TylerDinucci Cupcakes by the shoes guy
@ScottEricAlt It is one of the strangest things I’ve ever witnessed @johnjannuzzi Omg same. esp with that post she just made I feel there’s shaky waters at playSometimes the internet is good
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@ebruenig the worst! But I watched it all in one dayOMG THERE US A FLY ON PENCES HEAD GUYS THATS LIKE BIBLICALLY EVIL @tylerbarstow @JoshhTerry LOLMy dreams tonight are going to be a mashup of “...Susan,.....Susan” and “thank you Vice President pence” on repeatNB: Pope Francis supports the Paris Climate Accord in *Laudatory Si* and an approach that agrees in principle with the Green New Deal.
Retweeted by allisonWow cool that that our democratic nominees are making it clear that they’re ...not banning fracking...? Fracking sh… responds to Susan like how I used to respond to my mom when my siblings would get in trouble and I was on her good side @SlimiHendrix Yes and also his left nostril ?
This new roisin murphy thooooooooooo#MAPPA
Retweeted by allison @SamRochadotcom i feel so weird liking all your tweets but they're so GOOD lmao this is so good.Reality is slowly killing satire piece by piece.
Retweeted by allison‘My friend wrote that,’ I say to my boyfriend as I point to a book. Yes, I thought to myself, my friend. A twitter…
Retweeted by allison @christinesmitth Ohhhhhhhhh my gosh
Retweeted by allison @mmikrib @retroglo Yessss I do Mik text me
@christinesmitth Christine stop it that CANT be realI know that there are bad people in every group, but unfortunately I’m noticing the RLY bad Catholics are getting m…
Retweeted by allisonCatholics making Tutti Frutti jokes to own the libs are *the* joke.
Retweeted by allisonfellas, is it gay to survive a pandemic?
Retweeted by allisonYES CLAUDIA GIVE US THE TRUTH!!!!!!
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@hellastoops Always thought it was profoundThis is really, really, really bad.
Retweeted by allison @SamRochadotcom Nauseating. And so dark @SamRochadotcom Oh my god what the hell is happeningKayleigh McEnany teighsts poseightyve for Coveighd-19
Retweeted by allison @Laur_Knight PainfulThe outfits Emily in Paris wears in this show hurt my feelings ☹️ they’re so bad. Please stop with the bucket hats… in Paris drinking Starbucks coffee? I think the fuck not
“Fans” PSA the hot Columbia grad student from center stage is in that new lily collins show and he’s still very hot
@thecultureofme Happy birthday!!!!!I would literally never have to pay @shannontmoore Think of it as support
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Damn. We really been in lockdown for an entire Ricardo Villalobos song already.
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2020 @HBFblog Ohhhhhhh my godwell, there are a couple things here. 1; the angle, i mean, profound. 2; tough day for the trump family, a family o… @frynaomifry the ANGLE.Normalize starting an underwater rock band and NOT making the octopus play drums
Retweeted by allison @ohaileigh It is exhausting @CraigSJ I always do, it could mean something to them that you’re not aware of