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Your source for all things Bots on the Bay FIRST Robotics Tournament in Alpena, MI.

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It's happening! Bots on the Bay is officially hosting two back to back tournaments for the upcoming season! Mark yo…
Had an absolute blast volunteering at @bay_bots #omgrobots
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Thank you to Nick Kaltsounis with Team @3538 for capturing some awesome pictures at our Week 2 Tournament! These ar…
Congrats to @Team5505 for being a member of the runner up alliance at @bay_bots #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE #omgrobots
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Thank you to all of the students, mentors, volunteers, and sponsors who helped us have a great tournament not only… @bay_bots and all your sponsors for sending everyone to #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE from Alpena during…
Retweeted by Bots on the BayThank you to all of the volunteers, mentors, and teams that made the back-to-back weekends of @bay_bots a massive s…
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It’s finals time!!!! #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobotsSee you at 1:15! #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobots ARE OPEN #BOTSONTHEBAY #OMGROBOTS
End of the first day of qualification matches! Great job out there teams!!!! #botsonthebay #omgrobotsOpening ceremonies underway for @bay_bots #omgrobots
Retweeted by Bots on the BayWelcome to week 5 of competitions and Alpena, everybody! #omgrobots #DestinationDeepSpace
Retweeted by Bots on the BayWant to follow the action in Alpena? Buzz on over to #omgrobots #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE #botsonthebay
Retweeted by Bots on the BayDrivers meeting underway @bay_bots #omgrobots
Retweeted by Bots on the BayPITS ARE OPEN!!!!!!! #BOTSONTHEBAY #OMGROBOTS field computers are warming up, volunteers are checking in, and we are READY for a great day of robots! Pits op… @bay_bots week 5 day 1 #OMGRobots #BotsOnTheBay
Retweeted by Bots on the BayWe had a blast watching practice matches tonight! Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobots
PITS ARE OPEN LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!! #BOTSONTHEBAY #OMGROBOTSPits open in 30 minutes for @bay_bots Week 5 #omgrobots
Retweeted by Bots on the Bay @1077thebay Thank you for sharing our event with your audience! #BotsOnTheBayIn a little less than five hours the pits will be open and things will be rolling! See everyone soon! #BotsOnTheBay
Wow are we excited for the teams from around the state that are coming to compete this weekend! Travel safe and we…
You too could be smiling like these T-shirt models! Our exclusive #BotsOnTheBay tshirts will be on sale at the tour…'re just winding down from our #BotsOnTheBay District Competition last weekend, and now we're PUMPED to be doing…
We are so honored to have won the Chairman’s Award at the Alpena District Event! Fantastic job to our Chairman’s Aw…
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The final results from our tournament this weekend: Thank you so so so SO much to the teams… you! This weekend was possible because of our amazing volunteers, teams, and sponsors! #BotsOnTheBay quick lesson at #botsonthebay in Alpena from the #1 and #5 Alliances as they had a 3rd level tiebreaker!…
Retweeted by Bots on the BayThank you for coming! It was an honor to host you! #BotsOnTheBay things don’t go as planned @bay_bots
Retweeted by Bots on the BayThe Electro Eagles are in the playoffs! We are a part of the third alliance with @FRC862 and FRC 7171. We won two q…
Retweeted by Bots on the BayOur second quarterfinal match was a WIN, with a score of 65 to 40!! We’re moving onto the semifinals! Great job to…
Retweeted by Bots on the BayJust beat second seed as seventh seed, now moving onto semifinals!!
Retweeted by Bots on the BayAmazing match 3 with @wbhsrobotics and team 5260!! Glad we got our climb figured out 💚🤖#DestinationDeepSpace #omgrobots
Retweeted by Bots on the BayGrab your seat and get ready for an action packed afternoon! It’s anyone’s game this afternoon! #Playoffs #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobotsCongrats @Enigma_Robotics, FRC Team 2075 for completing the rocket and getting 4 ranking points with your alliance!
Retweeted by Bots on the BayThank you so much to @wbhsrobotics to inviting us to your alliance with team 5260! 💚🤖#DestinationDeepSpace
Retweeted by Bots on the BayLet’s get ready for the quarterfinal matches with teams @Team5505 and 5260! Good luck to everyone else!
Retweeted by Bots on the BaySee you on the field at 2pm for playoffs! #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobots A MORNING! Time for alliance selection 🤖 #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobotsOne thing they stress at @FRCTeams is gracious professionalism. Here we have member of @resistance5230 helping a ro…
Retweeted by Bots on the BayTeam 3537 Delta Force is now ranked 8th!! #BotsOnTheBay
Retweeted by Bots on the BayGearing up for success for the last day of competition! #botsonthebay #omgrobots #onlywb
Retweeted by Bots on the BayOpening ceremonies are beginning soon! Grab your seat for our 9AM welcome to Bots @bay_bots Day 3!Second day of competition here in Alpena! Best of luck to everybody here today! #omgrobots #DestinationDeepSpace
Retweeted by Bots on the BayDOOOOOOOOORS HAVE BEEN OPEN FOR 7 MINUTES !There's no better way to spend a Saturday other than at Bots on the Bay! Make sure to stop by and check it out toda… for volunteering as judge Jason! Volunteers like you fuel this mission! #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobots
@FRCTeams @bay_bots
Retweeted by Bots on the BayWe just found out about this awesome app from Team @frc3536 called Cargo Launch. Yes it is themed to this year's ga…'ve had a great day watching great teams! Thanks to all of our teams and volunteers for keeping things moving smo… great cha cha sliding from everyone! #omgrobots #DestinationDeepSpace
Retweeted by Bots on the BayGreat blue alliance match with team 5260 and 7808! It was super close! #DestinationDeepSpace #omgrobots
Retweeted by Bots on the BaySome footage of Gemini delivering Cargo to the Cargo Ship and the Rocket, from Qualification Match 14! — #FRC862
Retweeted by Bots on the BayAnother win for the AtomiGators, 60-48! Coming back strong from a rough morning! #botsonthebay #onlywb
Retweeted by Bots on the BayPITS ARE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #botsonthebayThe gears are turning, volunteers are arriving, and preparations are ramping up as we get ready to open the pits at… for a great evening everyone! We’re excited to see you on the field tomorrow! #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobots
PITS ARE OPEN!! @bay_bots
Retweeted by Bots on the BayPITS ARE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We're excited to see you! Make sure to tag us our use our #BotsOnTheBay tag so we can give you a retweet and a like! for volunteering @TBerriman!!! Awesome volunteers like you make this event happen! #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobots Deep Space #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobots IS THE DAY!!!! We are so excited for teams to move in tonight and get ready for the action this weekend. Reme… you receive the Bots on the Bay 2019 tab with your paper today? It includes a preview of the two FIRST Robotics…
Retweeted by Bots on the Bay12pm vs. 8pm #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobots
Who doesn’t love a time lapse of field set up? More to come! #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobots Birthday FIRST 🎂 33 hours! Friendly reminder that the pits open at 5PM tomorrow and that teams are asked to bring their team ro…
Today 2pm vs. today 6pm. Check back tomorrow to see the field set up! #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobots
Whoo hoo! Our team guide for our Week 4 tournament went out last night! Feel free to Tweet us with questions! #BotsOnTheBay #omgrobots
Today we're working on our volunteer registration lists, and so thankful for the individuals that are going to make…
A HUGE thank you goes out to CR Yockey for plowing out the 8 sets of bleachers that we are moving into the venue fo…
Check out these SWEET pins we have for our welcome bags. Blue for teams coming to Week 4 and orange for teams comin…
Reminder for teams coming to our #BotsOnTheBay tournaments: the last day to regsiter for our meal plan is this Frid…
PSA: One month, ONE MONTH!!! until our first @bay_bots tournament. We have enjoyed seeing your bots here on Twitter…
Hello @gretchenwhitmer ! We see you were in Alpena yesterday, and we hope you come back March 22-23 or March 29-30…'s that day! Bag Day! A well deserved "Great job" goes out to all of the teams, and we can't wait to see your rob…
Looking for the schedule for our two events? We'll make sure to post it again as they draw closer! #omgrobots
We messaged @JayFlores2032 with @ROKAutomation asking if he would serve as a judge at one (or both!) of our tournam…
Currently in the process of assembling some pretty awesome welcome bags for competing teams. Details regarding thei…
IT'S MONDAY! Keep up the great work building awesome robots and we'll keep up the work building an awesome district…
Your @bay_bots team is at their weekly meeting talking about hosting the best District Tournament ever. We're looki…
Thanks to Employment Services, Inc. from Alpena, our title sponsor, for making @bay_bots happen! The Facebook event…
You may have heard that Alpena is getting blasted with snow and cold weather this week... but don't worry, we'll ha…
It's the start of another build day for FIRST Teams, and a planning day for your @bay_bots team. You bring the best…
#MondayMotivation This week marks the halfway point of the FIRST Robotics build season. Keep up the hard work; we c…
Happy Friday FIRST Friends! It's the end of the second build week, and we are PUMPED to see your final robot at Bot…
The @bay_bots team is hard at work this morning coordinating the best district event ever. #omgrobots #botsonthebay
YO @JayFlores2032 (the guy that told the story about putting grandma in an iron man suit during Kickoff) LIKED ONE…
66 days until the first @bay_bots competition, and 73 until the second! Is your robot ready yet? #omgrobots #botsonthebay
Did you know that there are two Bots on the Bay qualifying events this year? That's right, there will be a FIRST Ro…
Hello Twitter! We're excited to be here as your source for all things Bots on the Bay! #omgrobots #botsonthebay