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@blanketsval u should try n get used to ur setup you could probably perform well. I competed in cs at the highest l… @presidentdove ur short
@nhuciferr stop posting thirst traps nhu smh @presidentdove DUHVE @maumiee ty maumieeeee W @J33BY rawr @ryuwtff ty bb @tiffqyn @Spenczz LMFAO IMY U2 TIFF @Spenczz hi qt <3 imy2 @tuxxse tyyyy @Bagel1k ur gucci bro don't trip ilyPUT UR #'s @Melscoutlol YESSSIR @Bagel1k YESSIR @skylnr TY SKY @avafsbiddies LFG @Nighty10k wwwwOMFG LETS FUCKIGN GOO OOOO OO!!!!! SHEEEEE
@tuxxse 😈 @tuxxse me 2 all g @tuxxse y is that jay @jellyfish_val WOAH IRENE MY FAULT @team_parallel hi @cloudyerin_ bro U TELL ME @itzyfan69 whennno one spike rushing. love bullying edaters on valorant!I've got to 449 rr 3 times istg. @cloudyepriv Ewin let's bring back the old duo i can even go to 60 hz for you @presidentdove @blanketsval Hi dove how yk me @blanketsval Yesyes @blanketsval LMFAO U GOT UR PC QHEN??MM??? @blanketsval Ngl I haven't seen u drop more than 12 with me 🤨Gn say it back