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What an incredible story... Stephen was sent to prison for dealing drugs. By the time he'd left prison, he'd gained… knew deadly could be so cute! The black-footed cat is the deadliest wild cat in the world 😲 #BigCats meerkat ambush-turned-love story has more plot twists than I can keep up with… #MeerkatManor
Just two minutes of @Scott_Mills & @Chris_Stark absolutely losing it at these funny business names 😂 tourist posing for a photo broke the toes of a 19th Century Antonio Canova sculpture in an Italian museum.
#Thor: The Dark World, starring @chrishemsworth and Natalie Portman, is on @BBCOne & @BBCiPlayer at 10:20pm. ⚡️ 👉… Dahl's classic tale #TheBFG is on @BBCOne & @bbciplayer at 4:30pm. 🙌 Directed by #StevenSpielberg and starri…"I just love helping, I'm not ready to give it up." Dr Melissa Freeman is a 94-year-old doctor who's still practis… this could save your life. 👇 If you're heading to the beach or an open water location this weekend mak…
As part of #BBCProms season, @1Xtra's 2015 Grime Symphony is being revisited tonight, 11:30pm, @BBCFOUR &…, talk about a bad day at the office... 😳 #QI is streaming now on BBC iPlayer. way this meerkat looks after her injured brother is heartwarming ❤️ #MeerkatManor
Caught in a whirlwind of chaos, follow the hapless Stuart in real-time as he struggles through the worst half hour… to more powerful, personal stories about mental health right here:"I’m not racist – I’ve watched Django three times on Blu-Ray!" 🙄 By @munyachawawa. In partnership with…
The concert that went viral! 🙌 Watch The Chineke! Orchestra's #BBCProms debut on @BBCiPlayer. 🎶 is streaming now on @BBCiPlayer. meerkats learning to stand on two legs is the cutest thing you’ll see today 😍 #MeerkatManor wondered what fans say to Thomas Brodie-Sangster on the street? Turns out @dylanobrien does an excellent impr…
#BBCPROMS season is underway! 🙌 Check out all the shows already streaming on @BBCiPlayer, including @ShekuKM in… 2 minutes, someone in Britain is reported missing. #ReportedMissing returns Wednesday 12th August at 9pm on… Strike is not your average private investigator. All episodes of #Strike are streaming now on…
🚨The very first episode of #LineOfDuty is on @BBCOne & @bbiplayer at 9pm 🚨 👉 news of Lata’s secret romance reaches her mother, Rupa takes action to keep the young lovers apart...… does being more at risk of Covid-19 feel when you’re living it? In partnership with the @OpenUniversity.🌍 Sir David Attenborough, @HansZimmer and @santandave1 unite on @BBCOne for special natural history programme…
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Here's a blast from the past - #Heroes is being shown again on @BBCTwo & @bbciplayer! Relive it from series one, s…
Contestants taking on ludicrous obstacles getting soaked and muddy? #TotalWipeout is BACK. Total Wipeout: Freddie… want to become a slime influencer RIGHT NOW. #QI
🎉 Well done to all of our winners at this evening's #BAFTATV awards and good night!
Retweeted by BBCCongratulations to the powerful and moving #TheLastSurvivors for the #BAFTATV Single Documentary award.
Retweeted by BBCCongratulations to #TheLeftBehind on the #BAFTATV Single Drama award!
Retweeted by BBCCongratulations to @gbemi_ikumelo on the #BAFTATV Short Form award for #BrainInGear! Look out for a full series on…
Retweeted by BBC🐳 Congratulations to #BluePlanetLive on the #BAFTATV Live Event award!
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Retweeted by BBCWe loves it! #GavinAndStacey is the #BAFTATV Must-see Moment of the Year
Retweeted by BBCCongratulations to #YorkshireRipperFiles on the #BAFTATV Specialist Factual award!
Retweeted by BBCCongratulations to @RomeshRanga and #TheMisadventuresOfRomeshRanganathan on the #BAFTATV Features award!
Retweeted by BBC🙌🏿 The one, the only @idriselba! This year’s recipient of the #BAFTATV Special Award.
Retweeted by BBC🦊 Congratulations to @SiansUniverse on the #BAFTATV Female Performance in a Comedy Programme award for #Fleabag!
Retweeted by BBCCongratulations to #WillSharpe on the #BAFTATV Supporting Actor award for #GiriHaji!
Retweeted by BBC🌍 Congratulations #RaceAcrossTheWorld on the #BAFTATV Reality and Constructed Factual award!
Retweeted by BBCCongratulations #Strictly on the #BAFTATV Entertainment Programme award! Keeeeeep dancing!
Retweeted by BBCGood evening! Follow us for updates on tonight’s 2020 #BAFTATV Awards
Retweeted by BBCTonight's #BAFTA ceremony is hosted by @RichardAyoade, celebrating the best in British and International TV talent.… tonight! The iconic #IbizaProm which celebrated the 20th anniversary of Radio 1 in Ibiza back in 2015. Wit…
Retweeted by BBC🚨 #DanceWeekend Set Times 🚨 1930 - @disclosure 2000 - @AnnieMac 2030 - @blessed_madonna 2100 - @DuckSauceNYC 2130…
Retweeted by BBC"When you are the only Black person in the room and you're talking about colonialism and slavery, it's an extremely… of tonight's #BAFTATV ceremony, nominees have had their portraits taken at their own homes, with the help of…"What is your thinking that makes you so scared of me?" @AurieStyla, @EshaanAkbar, @EvelynMok and @twix_choc87 spe… Mubarak! 🧡 We hope you have an amazing time celebrating while staying safe ✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #EidMubarak
Retweeted by BBCFast fashion is filling up our landfills and destroying the environment. @Hayley_tealady | @bbcthree.
"Have you met an Asian auntie?!" @EvelynMok and @MattLimOfficial speak at the 'Moving Beyond "Yellowface" Casting'… Mubarak! From this evening, Eid ul-Adha will be celebrated. Here's why it's one of the most important festivals…"These are the things that really make a character funny." @AsimC86 chats about Chabuddy G in his session as part…"That's the story that everybody wants to hear about." @EddieKadi and Sheridan De Myers speaking at the 'U Got Lau…'re invited to the #PromsWatchParty! Join us this Sunday to watch @Chineke4Change's 2017 Prom on @BBCFOUR or…
Retweeted by BBC🔥🔥🔥 Sheridan De Myers speaking at the 'U Got Laughs' session as part of #CDXLive. See more ➡️… moment Daisy the St Bernard dog was rescued from England's highest mountain. 🐶🐾⛰️
"I want little girls to say 'Oh my gosh I wanna play guitar because H.E.R dropped a guitar.'" @HERMusicx speaking…"I was so happy to be doing this every single day." @MichaelaCoel speaking at her session as part of #CDXLive. See…"I was blown away!" @CynthiaEriVo speaking to @BBCR1's @ClaraAmfo at her session as part of #CDXLive. See more ➡️…"I hope that we continue to change some of these bad habits." @HERMusicx speaking at her session as part of…💪 @MichaelaCoel speaking at her session as part of #CDXLive. See more ➡️💪💪 Rashid Kasirye of @linkuptv speaking at the 'Cancel Culture' session as part of #CDXLive. See more ➡️… micro-aggressions have become the norm, so we’re going to have some real talk about it. Prepare for hones…"If we don't give them space, they're constantly pushed back" @CynthiaEriVo speaking to @BBCR1's @ClaraAmfo at the… @SKyasimire will be joined by @BashTheEnt, @JeanJohansson and @marastoryteller to discuss an African prov… celebrities are changing the way we think about what it means to be human, but will they encourage divers… and actor @EddieKadi speaks to creatives who aren’t waiting to be ‘discovered’ and are already out there d…"What she's done in using her own experiences to create beautiful art, it's phenomenal."⁣ ⁣ @masalibaduza speaking… the stories of Brown Girls on the Rise - how South Asian women are getting creative in negotiating their dual… MORE TO GET. 50 minutes remaining. I *think* we’ve got Djibouti, Kiribati, Niger. Steven our listener wh…
Retweeted by BBCWhat do you do when your past social media comments come back to haunt you? @ZezeMillz @RichieBrave and Rashid Ka… presenter @TherealNihal will be getting the lowdown from @AsimC86 about his creation of the infamous cha…
🙌🙌🙌 @masalibaduza speaking at the 'Trailblazers' session as part of #CDXLive. See more ➡️"When they had a conversation with their parents before about acting, it was a straight no." @Duaa_A_Karim speakin…"I'm not just showing up for a cheque. I'm showing up to change lives here." @DianaYekinni speaking at the 'The Fu…"How do you cover all these different nationalities under this one word?" Cassandra Johnson-Bekoe speaking at the…"I think that this is not just a moment. It is a movement." @kwamekweiarmah speaking at the 'Movement or Moment?'…🙌 ONLY 50 COUNTRIES TO GO! 🙌 We've now also heard from: 🇰🇷 SOUTH KOREA 🇰🇷 🇲🇳 MONGOLIA 🇲🇳 🇼🇸 SAMOA 🇼🇸 🇹🇩 CHAD 🇹🇩…
Retweeted by BBCAre British East and Southeast Asian actors and writers being overlooked? Hear from @EvelynMok, Aoife Hinds,…'t miss Emmy Award-winning actor @CynthiaErivo talking to @BBCR1’s @ClaraAmfo in an exclusive one-on-one spotlig… us as we hear @MasaliBaduza, lead actress in the BBC's adaptation of @MalorieBlackman's Noughts + Crosses, tal… winning singer/songwriter @HERMusicx will sit down with @1Xtra’s @DJAce for an exclusive ‘Live from NY… do we know about colourism? Join @BeverlyNaya, @DianaYekinni, Chika Okoro and @chandana_hiran as we learn how… the Black Lives Matter movement sweeps around the world, @kwamekweiarmah, @RyanJamaal & Cassandra Johnson-Bekoe…
Join us at the hottest virtual experience of 2020. Jump onto CDX to register for your chance to hear from some of t… @HERMusicx, @NoelClarke, @MichaelaCoel, @CynthiaEriVo and many more at the BBC’s first ever virtual Creative D…
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Based on the novel by Vikram Seth, brand new series #ASuitableBoy starts tonight, 9pm, @BBCOne & @BBCiPlayer. 🙌 👉…, Emmy, Grammy Award-winning and Academy Award nominated actress @CynthiaErivo talks to @BBCR1’s @ClaraAmfo for…✅ Make sure your mask covers your mouth and nose ✅ Only touch the straps of the mask, to avoid contamination ✅ Wash…
Genuinely think this is the loudest job ever. 😆 @FrankieBoyle #FrankieBoyleLive Downey Jr. as a world-saving superhero = perfect Saturday night film. 🍿 #IronMan3 / 10:20pm / BBC One &… is on @BBCOne & @BBCiPlayer at 5pm! 🙌 👉 @ClaraAmfo, @CynthiaErivo, @MichaelaCoel and more at the hottest virtual event of 2020. Jump onto CDX on 28…
Why can I hear this picture? 😱 #TheShining / 10:50pm / @BBCOne & @bbciplayer. 👉“This knife could cut between worlds.” Hold your dæmons close... #HisDarkMaterials returns to @BBCOne &… Instagram vs reality to a whole new level! 😱 #QI