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There were disagreements, strange decisions and toys being thrown out of prams. If you missed last night's…
When your flatmate changes the channel and it’s not to ⁦@BBCTwo⁩ for You’re Fired...
Retweeted by The ApprenticeWe've seen them trying to flog toys - now let's imagine what might have gone through their minds as they rummaged a… you’re looking for more #TheApprentice goodness, head over to @BBCTwo now where @TomAllenComedy is all set to ta… cycle’s in full swing - and the next episode is set to be wheely excellent. Our candidates are going…’s one shell of a good pun, Lord Sugar… 👏 #TheApprentice feel ya @Lord_Sugar. #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeSchool teachers at the end of term be like… #TheApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeAnswers on a postcard please… 📩 #TheApprentice The Turtle: He's your mate., thanks Pamela. That makes everything completely clear. 😳 #TheApprentice everybody needs an emotional support turtle named after Thomas 🐢 #WalkingTalkingFriend #LivesOnYourHand're all really happy with the advert. 🙈😆#TheApprentice @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeIt’s the tie over the shell that makes Souleyman’s outfit sing. 👔 #TheApprentice to scale this business up. 🎼🎶 #TheApprentice loves his Tommy The Turtle promo... … Claude doesn’t seem so sure. 🐢 #TheApprentice #TommyTheTurtle @BBCOne @claudelittner He's not going to like this...That's the spirit.'s expression is everything. #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeBrace yourselves for Slime Kingdom… 😬 #TheApprentice you’re looking for a team name, Ryan-Mark’s your man 🙌 #TheApprentice to @BBCOne, pronto! #TheApprentice has just begun - and we’re heading to Toytown... 🤖 around like a crazy beast trying to finish work and make some food before Apprentice O’Clock! #TheApprentice
Retweeted by The Apprentice @BBCOne Pro tip: Save time by sleeping in your suit. @brettwatt34 @BBCOne What on earth are you doing in there? Actually... don't answer that.If you're a little lost in the limbo before the show starts at 9pm, there's still time to have a crack at the week…’ve got precisely 20 minutes to get your hair done, press your clothes and shave anything that requires shaving.… enjoying quizzes, stills, memes and clips from #TheApprentice over on @instagram? If so, hunt out us out at a… know where to be... #TheApprentice @BBCOne means it’s hump day - but it also means it’s time for more of #TheApprentice. Make an appointment every W… three is almost upon us! Our candidates will be creating brand new toys - and hopefully coming up with some…
We’re back tomorrow with episode three - and this time it’s all about the toys. Candidates will brainstorm, create,…
ICYMI, here's the boardroom moment from episode two where Lord Sugar gave an ice lolly some interesting feedback...…, and for one night only....karren and I will be on @BBCTheOneShow. 7pm
Retweeted by The ApprenticeUnforgivable: Microwaving stinky food in the office Also unforgivable: Missing #TheApprentice much can you remember about the ice lolly task? Test that grey matter on all the events of episode two...… next week's #TheApprentice the teams have to design and market a children's toy. Whenever there's been a marketi…
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🤭 the ice lolly task on last night's #TheApprentice? Consider this your verbal warning. Fear not - you can wat… all ready for the promotional kids toy video next week...a unicorn outfit matched with suit shoes....why not!
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Hope you’re enjoying rubbing an avocado into your gob everyone! ⁦@bbcapprentice⁩ #YoureFired
Retweeted by The ApprenticeJust watched @bbcapprentice I can’t watch this show anymore without genuinely wanting to send each contestant a car…
Retweeted by The ApprenticeEpisode two was an ice-blast. Let’s imagine what was really on our candidate’s minds as they brainstormed, manufact… me on ⁦@BBCTwo⁩ NOW for insightful analysis and a right old laugh about tonight’s ⁦@bbcapprentice⁩ #YoureFired
Retweeted by The ApprenticeJust touching base and following up on tonight’s show - we’ve got further #TheApprentice fun coming your way on… time on #TheApprentice, candidates delve into the toybox. Tasked with brainstorming a toy, they’ll create an a… @2zero8zero 🙌 @DJpinky611 @claudelittner 🙌 @Mr_Rec1 🙌 @BBCOne 🙌Check out “Hold My Hands Up” - by Apprentice Dean (feat. Lord Sugar). Proper tune. 🙌 #TheApprentice @shreky2511 Underrated tweet.Lord Sugar detects frostiness between the candidates ❄️ #TheApprentice’d be buzzing to be in there right now. #TheApprentice new hero. #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeThe girls’ team take delivery of their plant lollies #TheApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeGirls team: Thank you. That’s erm <ten minutes passes> £220 and here’s a bucket of water with some rosemary floatin…
Retweeted by The ApprenticeThis popsicle’s not popping 😒 #TheApprentice on #TheApprentice means you often have to be at the pinnacle of fashion. @ClaudeLittner @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeCan’t we all just chill? #TheApprentice's disapproving looks could freeze any candidate in their tracks. #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeManufacturing 101 - courtesy of Ryan-Mark 👌 #TheApprentice year old me making breakfast for my parents...#TheApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeCola & cream cheese flavoured ice lollies. Yum 🤤 #TheApprentice get the feeling Ryan-Mark really wants to be sub team leader 👊 #TheApprentice for another serving of #TheApprentice? We’re heading to the ice lolly factory right now on @BBCOne. Get rea… bingo lingo, it’s time for one little duck! 🦆👈 Episode 2 is beginning in five minutes on @BBCOne. Play along wit… yes indeed we will... #TheApprentice it in your schedule - #TheApprentice: You're Fired, right after the main show over on @BBCTwo! 🗓️ your hair and brush down your jacket. Only 30 minutes to go before your appointment with #TheApprentice on…’t forget, people. We’re on @instagram and we’d love you to join us. Head on over there and add @apprenticeuk fo… hours to go... #TheApprentice is my 'official smiling' photo. See it again in context. The Apprentice BBC One tonight 9pm. Chilling!
Retweeted by The ApprenticeBuzzing for tonight's episode... #TheApprentice So good. Episode one was a beauty - but tonight we’re back in Blighty and things are going to get much coo…'re back tonight with the ice lolly task. While you're waiting for 9pm, have a quick crack at our episode one qui… is a premium product not a premium product? 🤔 Find out tonight when we unleash our candidates on an ice lolly…
Imagine a coke float, but with mascarpone instead of ice cream… 🥴 #TheApprentice returns tomorrow night with this i…
Our candidates are back on Wednesday after their adventures in the heat of South Africa. This time things are cooli…
@SundayBrunchC4 chatting with the guys about The Apprentice this morning on Sunday Brunch...@bbcapprentice
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'Welcome to the boardroom' is a banger. #TheApprentice
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Miss your appointment with #TheApprentice last night? We'll let you off the disciplinary - go check it out on…
Get used to it. 12 weeks of exasperation.
Retweeted by The ApprenticeIt’s my favourite animal- the Rhino #TheApprentice
Retweeted by The Apprentice#theapprentice boardrooms be like
Retweeted by The ApprenticeReally enjoying the Apprentice/Cluedo crossover this year
Retweeted by The Apprentice @LoreleiKing We're nicking that.Hope you’re having a nice time with us. Sure, I’d never make it as a candidate but you know I’d give any amount of…
Retweeted by The ApprenticeThey’re back! #HonestSubtitles have returned… Allow us a moment to speculate on what went on inside our candidates’… time’s not over yet, baby... Head to @BBCTwo right now, where @TomAllenComedy will be grilling tonight’s…’re one episode down - and next time our candidates will be manufacturing and (hopefully) selling sweet treats. B… @DavidBedwell 🤐Bump. a corker of a gag from Lord Sugar 🍾 #TheApprentice’t try this at home 🥴 #TheApprentice it comes to elephant-spotting, Riyonn doesn’t like to blow his own trumpet… 🐘👀 #TheApprentice’d be lost without Carina... 🗺️ #TheApprentice #FeelFree #Enjoy's the feedback on the mic that makes it. did not par take in the spitting pooh competition!!!
Retweeted by The ApprenticeBecause seeing how far you can gob a springbok poo is a key part of event planning… 🤔 #TheApprentice