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Voting for the @OfficialNTAs closes this afternoon at midday! 🏆 If you’d like to show your appreciation for…
The clock's ticking, but still time to apply for the next series of #TheApprentice! If you think you've got the ski…
Got a business plan that could knock all the others out of the park? Think you can impress Lord Sugar in some of th…
Hands up if you enjoyed #TheApprentice in 2019? 🙌 If you did, you can vote for us in the Best Challenge Show catego…
We had it all in 2019. Tough tasks, big decisions and very ballsy candidates. If you liked what you saw, give us a…
Got a business plan? Think it might impress Lord Sugar? If so, apply for #TheApprentice in 2020 right here:…
If you enjoyed the 2019 series of #TheApprentice, we've got a Friday night task for you... ⚪ Head to the…
We're delighted that #TheApprentice has been nominated in the Best Challenge Show category in the @OfficialNTAs! S…
Still plenty of time to apply for the UK's toughest business challenge. If you want the opportunity to try out for…
It's one thing to say it, but do you actually have what it takes to become Lord Sugar's business partner in 2020?…
Happy new year everybody! 🍾 If you fancy a shot at being Lord Sugar's new business partner and taking on…
Happy Christmas from all of us at #TheApprentice! 🎅🏻 If you fancy a challenge in 2020, apply for the chance to be L…
Last night's #TheApprentice Final is available to view on @BBCiPlayer! If you're heading in for a watch, be warned.… a brilliant business idea? Think you've got what it takes to handle #TheApprentice process? Apply now to see if…
We've found our winner, now let's imagine what our finalists (and their returning pals) were thinking in that big f…'ve seen the main event - now it's time for the after party! Join @TomAllenComedy, @Lord_Sugar, @Karren_Brady an… us since the beginning of October, let’s give a very warm round of applause for #TheApprentice class o… moment of truth has arrived 🙌 #TheApprentice😍 @ClaudeLittner smiling = CHRISTMAS MADE! 😍 #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeTo be fair, we thought Panini made sticker books 🤔 #TheApprentice’ve done all they can. Now it’s all down to one man... #TheApprentice first house share in London #TheApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeSO EMOTIONAL 😭 😭 😭 #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeDeep breaths. Carina and Scarlett: The big moment has arrived. #The Apprentice It’s enough to make a grown man cry… 😢 #TheApprentice! We’ve missed you! #TheApprentice want a carpool with this lot 🚙 #TheApprentice Carina bitten off more than she can chew? 🍞 #TheApprentice up if you're one of those people who just can't hide their emotions. 🙌 🙌 #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeSteady on, Jemelin… 🤭 #TheApprentice me and my best mate see each other for the first time in 2 days #TheApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeChoosing a name for your business? Be careful to avoid any double meanings… 🤣 #TheApprentice returning candidates are already getting stuck in… 🍽️ #TheApprentice we go... it's the APPRENTICE FINAL! Who will be @Lord_Sugar's new business partner? Will it be... 🤝 Carina…
Retweeted by The Apprentice @92_jackrich @BBCOne @Lord_Sugar now on @BBCOne, #TheAppentice Final is just beginning - and we’re down to Carina and Scarlett! Who’ll win?… yourself to @BBCOne right now! Ahead of the big #TheApprentice Final, time to look back at the series (and cand…’s the FINAL of #TheApprentice 2019!! Two worthy finalists Carina and Scarlett but who will win?? THEN at 10pm we…
Retweeted by The Apprentice @markcartercamb @instagram It's this evening at 9pm... a look back with Lord Sugar over this year’s series. Watch #WhyIFiredThem at 8pm on @BBCOne and relive every… of #TheApprentice Final tonight, go and give us a follow on @instagram over here for…'s in the money? Carina or Scarlett? Find out tonight as we prepare for two and a half hours of #TheApprentice -… @bstrain11 @BBCOne You're only a year behind, but thanks for joining us.Such a pleasure to see you all this morning - so glad you have enjoyed the series @bbcapprentice and Merry Christma…
Retweeted by The ApprenticeOne last nerve-shredding pitch before Lord Sugar picks a winner. Find out who will become his latest business partn…! That phone rings for the final time this series. 📞 Time to pick a winner. Join us for #TheApprentice final…
It's the @bbcapprentice FINAL this Wednesday 9pm. If you can get to the telly a bit earlier, there's an extra progr…
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If you missed out on the intense scrutiny in last night's episode, catch up with #TheApprentice: The Interviews rig…
Climb inside the minds of our candidates as we imagine what was going through their heads as they faced Lord Sugar’… you ever had an interview as tough as the ordeals we witnessed tonight? #TheApprentice - the interviews are OVER! Join @TomAllenComedy over on @BBCTwo right now as he grills those who didn’t quite… to wrap this thing up? We’re down to two candidates and they’re ready for THE FINAL - and they’ll get a littl…’t watch if you don’t want to know who’s in our final three… Lord Sugar is picking his finalists 🙌 #TheApprentice just wanted a GIF of @Lord_Sugar spinning imaginary plates TBH. #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeQ: What do you call a baker who doesn’t bake? A: Ask Carina #TheApprentice ‘waiting outside the headmaster’s office’ vibes 😨 #TheApprentice socially elite, rural ladies need apply… #TheApprentice last thing you want in an interview is a quick geography test 🤔🌍 #TheApprentice moment when Lottie came face-to-face with Linda 💥 #TheApprentice Three’s new @bbcapprentice spin-off show: #TheApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeWho knew a cherry and almond slice could cause this much trouble…? 🍰 #TheApprentice's taking no prisoners... when I wake up every morning: #TheApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeWe wouldn't expect any less from our very own @ClaudeLittner! #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeAdvice for anyone facing an interview with Claude: Do the maths first 🤓 #TheApprentice is making us well up here. 😭 💪 @BBCApprentice #TheApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeWhen your interviewer’s NOT a satisfied customer 😒 #TheApprentice’ll only buy you a fruit salad in Central London #TheApprentice
Retweeted by The Apprentice @richardosman Sorry to be the one who tweets the subject of a tweet into the conversation but you should really see this, @ClaudeLittner 👀Even Andrew Neil wouldn’t want to be interviewed by Claude Littner #TheApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeLooks like Pamela’s enjoying her interview with Linda… 😬 #TheApprentice do all my own research and work very hard to uncover good plans....and even more time working through poor ones!
Retweeted by The ApprenticeSurely those business plans are going to be flawless… Surely? 🤔 #TheApprentice @Celticanz @BBCOne 💩There's barely working, and then there's working barely. 😳😆 #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The Apprentice @__jodi3_’s not quite a fate worse than death but sometimes it comes close. #TheApprentice - The Interviews is starting NO… @aceofherts5 up, look sharp. Only 20 minutes to go and then it’s #TheApprentice - The Interviews on @BBCOne. Time for our ca… you didn’t know we’re on @instagram, time to go and give us a follow for extra quizzes, pics and clips! 📸…’s The Interviews tonight! What better way to spend Wednesday evening than with a good old-fashioned grilling. 🔥…’s the night when five become two. Candidates are ready to face The Interviews - and Mr. @ClaudeLittner is r…’s Week 11 and it’s time for THE INTERVIEWS. Get ready for a whole world of pressure. The face-offs begin tonight…
Ahead of the dreaded interviews tomorrow, get the lowdown on The Final Five candidates - @BBCOne at 10.45pm tonight.
Ahead of the Interviews on Wednesday night, see how closely you were paying attention to the perfume task with this…
Miss out on the perfume task last night? Catch up over here and see how much there was in the way of common scents…
60% of the time, it works every time. #TheApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeAnd then, there were 5… Turn over to @BBCTwo right now for #YoureFired!!
Retweeted by The ApprenticeImagine if you could smell the candidates’ thoughts as they struggled through the perfume task. Let’s pretend we ca… your breath, smooth down your eyebrows and mop your brow. Interviews are up next. Are you ready to sweat thro… to @BBCTwo this minute to find out more from tonight’s fired candidate. @TomAllenComedy is in control and talk… or Captivation... if they were available which would you buy for your loved one this Christmas?…’s not just a perfume… it’s your mate 🐢 Tommy - a new fragrance by #TheApprentice [Not commercially available i… could explain some of the haunted expressions around the boardroom table… #TheApprentice of a fragrance - any fragrance. Chances are Unison chucked it in their perfume…. 😧 #TheApprentice presentation wasn’t exactly pitch-perfect… 🤦 #TheApprentice’s a big call from Carina and some team members clearly don’t approve… 😠 #TheApprentice is that... a perfume box... with a mountain on it? Ok. Good. @ClaudeLittner #TheApprentice @BBCApprentice
Retweeted by The ApprenticeThis one could spell trouble for Empower 😬 #TheApprentice Pamela asked Lewis to be the one-man brand expert, did she give him a mountain of a problem? 🏔️ #TheApprentice