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#OTD 1986: Michael Caine was on 'Wogan' to talk about class in the UK and getting started as an actor. 1933 Oliver Sacks was born. In 1990 he spoke with Jeremy Isaacs about matters of religion and science. 1962: New vaccines and ways of delivering them were being developed. Now, BBC Archive promises it won't… 1957 Marc Almond was born. A fine pretext to relive his 1982 appearance on ‘Riverside’ making mince pies! 2001: The first episode of 'The Office' was screened on BBC Two.
#OnThisDay 1982: 40 year old sugar cube? We'll pass, thanks. BBC News got a look inside the bunker Churchill used i… 1982: Pyjamas were the next big thing in fashion. Everyone wears them round BBC Archive's local shops. 1967: The BBC's outside broadcast of the climb of the Old Man of Hoy continued. Future Micro Live presen… 1983: Fun to Imagine was first broadcast. All you need to make great television is renowned physicist Ri…
#OTD 1978: Martina Navratilova won Wimbledon for the first time. You can hear more about the career of the tennis l… #WorldChocolateDay! BBC Archive agrees with Roald Dahl that everyone should know their chocolate history. 1965: Tomorrow's World was first broadcast. You can view the entire first episode at -…’ve heard of silver, golden and diamond weddings but have you ever heard of a straw wedding? Roving reporter par… 1989: Audrey Hepburn appeared on Wogan and spoke about what, if anything, it felt like to be a "star". 1983: Esports came to breakfast television, in the form of the Breakfast Time Video Games Championship. 1940: Ringo Starr was born. In 1971, he appeared on Blue Peter (with his technicolour dreamcoat) to show off s…
#OnThisDay 1973: A Blast from the Past looked at teenagers causing a stir in 1958 with their gay clothing and slick… 1958: Monitor profiled the artist Feliks Topolski. Fun fact: Toploski was responsible for the caricatu… 1959: "You have to appeal to the adult... the children don't have any money!" Walt Disney was a guest on… 1977: James Bond and Nationwide - together at last! For more James Bond clips, visit -… 1971: Our Town went to Armagh, to film a spot of road bowling and hear a ballad about the epic 1964 All-…
#OnThisDay 1991: The Ministry of Agriculture and Reg Turnill were at loggerheads over space tomatoes. 1965: US journalist Joseph C. Harsch - who was leaving London after 8 years - shared his impression of Britain… 1983: Toplessness was trendy on British beaches. Clearly, this was the fault of the French. Warning: Thi… 1977: Bernard Clark visited a charming miniature railway in Surrey.
#OnThisDay 1973: Fyfe Robertson had a go in a racecar on a high-performance driving course and had a mighty good ti… 1973: Nationwide contemplated life after Ziggy Stardust 1972: BBC News attempted to explain how the new ring junction in Colchester worked. 1951: Newsreel covered a sailing barge race on the river Medway, which was won by the Henry... again. 1994: Room 101 was first broadcast on @BBCTwo. The first ever guest was Bob Monkhouse, who put Elvis, ve…
#OTD 1963: Tracey Emin was born. In 2006 she showed Kirsty Wark some trinkets she’d collected over the years and sp… 2018: England won their first ever World Cup penalty shoot-out against Colombia. Hear about the redemption in… 1985: “Which pair of golden, hairy thighs will she be transporting home tonight?” Breakfast looked at the glam… 1883: Franz Kafka was born. Sadly, we have no archive of the man himself but Orson Welles On Monitor discussin… 1969: Lulu the elephant appeared on Blue Peter. What happened next? You can find out here -… 1927: Ken Russell was born. In 1974 he met up with Andre Previn and talked about his love of music and his des…
#OnThisDay 1977: Tell Me More attempted to answer a question for the ages: who's naughtier - boys or girls? 1984: Mr Scott of South Shields was terribly disappointed by the lack of English Bull Terrier representa… 1990: The original series of MasterChef debuted, presented by Loyd Grossman. The first episode featured… 2000: Motorcycling legend Joey Dunlop died, aged 48. He was interviewed in 1985 about his exceptional ca…'s #UFODay! Strange lights in the sky have fascinated us for centuries, but how did we get so obsessed? Keep watc… 1978: "My relationship began with having him as a sweet little baby bat..." Kieran Prendiville met zoo…
#OTD 1997: There was an end to British rule in Hong Kong as it was returned to China. 1935: David Prowse was born. In 1980, he appeared on ‘Saturday Night At The Mill’ and spoke about landing the… 1983: “They may not look very fashionable but at least they’re cheap.” The first new NHS frames for 30 years d… 1991: Bros appeared on 'Wogan' and spoke about their musical ambitions and dealing with the pressures of fame.'s 48 years since the first official London Gay Pride and @theonlyvinegar wants you to learn all about your herst…
Retweeted by BBC Archive#OTD 1977: Virginia Wade won Wimbledon. It was Wade's third Grand Slam title but her first on home soil. She spoke… 1983: The Green Goddess, Diana Moran was aboard a cruise ship with an exercise routine inspired by Russian dan… 1945: Debbie Harry was born. In 1981, 'Newsnight' caught up with her on the set of her H.R. Giger directed mus…
#OnThisDay 1971: "I really started just by building a shelf." Nationwide got a guided tour of a very fancy treeho… 1961: Automation was coming, and it was either going to be a utter nightmare or handy for your laundry. 1961: David Attenborough talked about lemurs - but he didn't have one in the studio, so he used the next… 1972: Cabbages and Kings, a historical children's series starring Johnny Ball, Derek Griffiths and Julie…
#OTD 2007: Bruce Willis appeared on Jonathan Ross and spoke about fatherhood, doing his own stunts and the business… 1990: “There’s just something about it. It just gets to you!” Nessun Dorma was close to topping the UK singles… 1984: The stars were out for Stevie Wonder’s first UK appearance in 4 years. 1990: With the UK enjoying a veritable "Summer of Sport", breakfast took a slightly odd look at how it was af… 1960: Television Centre, the world's first purpose-built television production complex - described as the “Hol…
Oh, for the days when the BBC had helpful studio robots serving ice-cold drinks - like this one #OnThisDay in 1981. 1981: That's Life investigated the mystery prankster of Maldon Close. 1948: Newsreel broke the news that there was a place called Liechtenstein, and it was charming. 1927: The first ever radio coverage of tennis from Wimbledon aired, with commentary from Captain Henry B… 1990: Waiting for God, a comedy about the happenings at Bayview Retirement Home, first aired. It starred…
#OnThisDay 1986: For sale: Dalek, good condition. Descendant of Kaled from planet Skaro, sworn enemy of humankind… 1973: Fyfe Robertson was looking for good, clean, utterly useless fun. Perhaps some earnest but slightly… 1980: England cricketing legend Kevin Pietersen was born in South Africa. You can listen to his reveali… 1949: Newsreel covered the traditional Medway barge race. This is lovely footage.
It's #NationalSunglassesDay! Did you know that you can use your sunglasses to commune with intelligent life on Venu… 1966: The Blue Peter lot lauded a large litter of lively pups for their dogs alphabet. Just lovely. 1987: A curious car crime wave was causing consternation - the culprits? The Beastie Boys, of course. 2031: Inhabitants of the future looked back at the cutting-edge technology of 1981. 1978: After 12 years and 3 months of incredible service, John Noakes left Blue Peter.
#OTD 1985: Diana Moran was in Brixton to meet up with a dance group that were “South London’s answer to ‘Fame’” you tried our massive BBC Archive quiz yet? There are ten tough telly and radio trivia questions, with new one… 1985: “White is THE colour for the summer!” With Wimbledon set to get underway, breakfast had some tennis-insp… 1985: Time now for some 80s fashion, as designer Zandra Rhodes dropped into BBC Breakfast to show off her late… 1961: Ricky Gervais was born. Here’s a clip from his 2002 appearance on ‘Parkinson’ where he talked about the…
#OnThisDay 1984: That's Life took to the streets in search of unusual talents. 1971: Nationwide sent Nicky Woodhead out to pinch men's bottoms, in the name of sexual equality 1981: The Post Office reminded people to address their letters correctly, lest they end up in Dead Lette… 1971: The art of 'woggle-hopping' was ably demonstrated by sprightly septuagenarian, 'Jumping' George Cor… 1938: BBC Television broadcast live Test coverage for the first time - the second Test between England a…
#OnThisDay 1983: “Video game wonderkid” Brendan from Belfast was on his way to the UK championships in London. He w… 1964: If you wanted to go on a witch-hunt, this @BBCWalesToday documentary listed the best places to find the… 1912: Alan Turing was born. In 1987, Micro Live visited the Turing Institute in Glasgow to report on the AI an… 1940: BBC institution ‘Music While You Work’ was created to give wartime productivity a boost. The photo is Mr…
Hello, you two! #OnThisDay in 1984, Princess Margaret played herself in an episode of BBC Radio 4's agricultural so… 1973: Television finally came to the Scottish village of Arisaig. It was very exciting - for both reside… 1984: It was two days until Wimbledon, and a potential strawberry crisis was on the horizon. The horror! Diego Maradona's "Hand of God" helped England out of the World Cup. You can relive the drama in the lates… 1940: TV presenter, journalist, and founder of Childline, Esther Rantzen was born in Berkhamsted, Hertfo… 1971: "Coleraine's a very annoying place to live for the fashion-conscious." Two students, who had trade… 1976: Do any of you lolloping landlubbers want to know how Captain Pugwash was made? Well, coddling catf…
#OnThisDay 1972: Nationwide sent Brian Ash to cover a classical quartet looking to make some extra dough. That's no… 1967: A government committee advised ending the Lord Chamberlain's theatre censorship, possibly dooming… 1996: To Me...To You, a gameshow featuring (who else?) the Chuckle Brothers, was first broadcast. #FathersDay! Enjoy this video of one of the best feline fathers to appear on Blue Peter - Moddy the tomcat. A… 1948: At Leigh-on-Sea, cameras captured cockle-collectors collecting, carrying, cleaning and cooking coc…
#OnThisDay 1966: One of WOTAN's War Machines invaded the Blue Peter studio.