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#OnThisDay 1981: Nationwide paid a visit to Abbey Road studios to celebrate their 50th birthday. 1995: Coogan's Run first aired, featuring Steve Coogan playing a variety of odd characters.
Does your knowledge of drag on the BBC slay, or will you have to sashay away? Put it to the test in our quiz:… 1966: "It's a return to the lost art of making food seem appetising." Frozen food got a makeover, on To… 1970: Scene Around Six visited the last coal mine in Northern Ireland, in the aptly-named Coalisland, wh… is what top-quality entertainment looked like #OnThisDay in 1972. 1973: Nationwide visited "the most extraordinary weather station in the country." @tlitb @gregjames @BBCRadio4 It was, in fact, I ain't getting any..@gregjames will be looking back on when there was almost anarchy in the studio when Johnny Rotten and DJ, Alan Fre… 1966: Cathy Come Home was broadcast in the regular Wednesday Play slot. The drama, written by Jeremy San…
Nevermind the “b*llocks”, here’s Ade Edmondson, not playing by the normal chat show rules on Wogan #OnThisDay1985. 1967: James Burke was testing the latest car-related gadgets on the market and he predicted the age of e… 1995: One year after the launch of the National Lottery, Points of View went to Kilburn to see whether M… @bernie_bmw That is the inimitable Fyfe Robertson.#OnThisDay 1963: Tonight visited Pontefract to watch the oddly satisfying manufacture of the liquorice cakes named… BBC One launched a full colour television service. Fifty years later, 6,586 homes still have a bla…
#OnThisDay 1973: A congregation watched the royal wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips live from St Katherine… behind the sofa with 🎬 #BBCInsideCinema as we dig into the most terrifying films that are supposedly for all…
Retweeted by BBC Archive#OnthisDay 1951: The BBC showed off its newfangled remote-control OB camera. Your days are numbered, camera operato… 1995: Pornographic channel TV Erotica is banned in the UK. That spells the end for pornography, no doubt! Don Revie reminisced about his great Leeds side of the seventies. 1976: Network, starring Peter Finch, premiered. Shortly before his death, he spoke to Barry Norman about…
#OnThisDay 1974: Brian Clough sat down with David Frost to discuss his infamous 44-day spell at Leeds United and hi… 1975: Tomorrow’s World looked at how to blast rock more efficiently. No, it didn’t involve a ghetto blas… 1981: Brian Blessed shared his feelings about felines with Lesley Judd at the 85th Cat Club Championship… 1969: Nationwide hitched a ride with Gwen Bellew on her final lesson before she did her test…for a hot a… 1995: The first episode of The Thin Blue Line, written by Ben Elton and starring Rowan Atkinson, was bro…
#OnThisDay 1982: Attention football/soccer fans! Virginia's Voga Wallace was adding a bit of showbiz to the humble… 1963: Ever wondered what it would look like if you smashed your TV screen? Tonight showed us in slow mot… 1970: "You don't have to be a black belt to drive a taxi down Sauchiehall Street, but it helps." Nationw… 1964: A young David Jones (aka David Bowie) appeared on Tonight in his role as creator of 'The Society O… 1992: The first episode of Jennifer Saunders’ sitcom, Absolutely Fabulous, aired.
#OnThisDay 1972: Morecambe and Wise were on Parkinson where Eric was able to find something funny to say about his… played many roles in World War One, from boosting morale to being parachuted behind enemy lines. Visit… 1981: Nationwide travelled with drovers who took an arduous journey with Highland cattle along an old, t… 1970: Nationwide looked at the emergence of the white poppy alongside the traditional red poppy on Remem… do you live with yourself, after killing another man? What would you have done in World War One? Visit… 1953: The first episode of Panorma was broadcast. Richard Dimbleby then took over hosting duties in 1955…
#OnThisDay 1972: Suffer from rheumatism, lumbago, gout, backache, tender feet, or car problems? Evans' oil will sor… 1969: Blue Peter took a look at autonumerology - or the study of car numberplates, for those of us not s… 1964: Tonight broadcast the obituary of Sospan, the "goat with a grudge against the Royal Family". 1989: Newsnight's Peter Snow showed off an amazing souvenir from the Berlin Wall, a day after it started… 1975: Bernard Falk revealed some lesser-known facts about London. 1961, these WW1 veterans returned to Flanders Fields and came face-to-face with their former enemies. This Rem… 1978: Wendy Craig starred as frustrated housewife, Ria Parkinson in the first episode of Carla Lane's Bu…
#OnThisDay 1968: Braden's Week tackled the mystery of the Earl's Court bubbles. 1979: John Cleese, Michael Palin, Malcolm Muggeridge and the Bishop of Southwark memorably discussed Mon… 1966: Tomorrow's World featured spray-on grass, for all your grass-related emergencies. 1989: The Berlin Wall fell. Watch Brian Hanrahan's reports on the rapid developments that led to its col… 1951: British Railways were showing off some new equipment, including an automatic ballast cleaner, a tr… a go at our quiz about quiz shows. Will you be an egghead, a mastermind or end up pointless?… 1982: The Young Ones was first broadcast. Once in every lifetime comes a love like this...
#OnthisDay 1973: Teachers took note as a new report detailed what pupils liked and disliked about their mentors. 1986: Two days after his unveiling as Man Utd boss, Alex Ferguson spoke to Grandstand. 1959: Writer, Christopher Isherwood told Monitor why he thrives on being a foreigner. You can watch the… 1966: The new, difficult-to-spot, TV detector vans were out on the prowl. The Borrowers TV miniseries was first broadcast on BBC2.
#OnThisDay 1972: "It's a potential social menace of the first magnitude" Filmmaker Robert Vas looked back at 35 yea… @IstanbulGav The very one.#OnThisDay 1971: The World About Us explored the largely hidden Post Office underground railway in London. 1982: That’s Life asked the great British public what they thought about new, edible underwear. @PartyCd Hi Charlotte. We don't deal with information requests on social media. But you may be able to find more i… 1974: Nationwide met Harry McKitterick and his family in Northern Ireland. Harry loved Manchester United… 2005: Much Ado About Nothing, adapted by David Nicholls, as part of the ShakepeaRE-told series, was broa…
#OnThisDay 1973: Raising the motorway speed limit and the mandatory wearing of seat belts were matters raised for c… 1984: 'Watch: Using Computers' showcased some synths, including the Fairlight CMI, which can make music… 1977: Charlie Brown and Snoopy creator, Charles M. Schulz spoke about the appeal of his work in the UK. 1972: John Noakes and Lesley Judd were learning how to Sega dance. 1981: John Peel spoke about the perception that radio DJs were out of touch.
Tomorrow’s World coincidentally set fire to a guy #OnThisDay 1971 but only to show how a new suit gave racing drive… @CHATHMuseum @cafc_pete @CAFCofficial @BBCFootballGoss @bbcfoot @GaryLineker @collectfootball @The_NFC @CHATHMuseum @cafc_pete @CAFCofficial @BBCFootballGoss @bbcfoot @GaryLineker @collectfootball @The_NFC 1970: Nationwide took in some opera on a farm. The audience received the performance with a sense of ind…"The doughnuts are marching on Britain.” #OnThisDay 1964: Tonight looked at just some of the 44 types of doughnuts… 1965: Late Night Line-Up imagined David Attenborough visiting somewhere even more remote than the deep..… 1950: Life With The Lyons, a sitcom written by actress Bebe Daniels and husband Ben Lyon and starring th…
#OnthisDay 1982: Tomorrow's World used a thermal camera to decide whether a new insulating wallpaper actually worke… 1980: "What starts with a stencil, can end up a walking art gallery." Nationwide reported on how tattoos… 1949: The overcrowded commute was set to become a thing of the past as a new double-decker train was int… 1968: Nationwide looked at how motorways are made and also gave us an early preview of a self-driving ca… 1985: The first episode of Edge Of Darkness was broadcast on BBC2. The show went on to win four BAFTAs.
As His Dark Materials premieres on the BBC, explore this collection of forthright interviews with the author Philip… 1964: "All wildlife and forestation will be obliterated." Tonight had a rather pessimistic look at how… "It sort of hangs there with no other function in life but to go 'ping' occasionally." Tomorrow's World… 1973: Sir Matt Busby discussed Clough, Best entertaining football and curtailing the cloggers, on Parkin… 1970: Nationwide joined the Southern Skirmish Association, who were just having a fun, somewhat-historic… 1997: Aha! I'm Alan Partridge was first broadcast.
#OnThisDay 1974: Parkinson interviewed Patrick Moore - and his Mum. 1964: "All day and every day - but not on Sunday. Never on Sunday." Alan Whicker investigated the revol… 1973: Was the market for foundation garments diminishing? Corset was. James Hogg provides some top punne… 1951: Self-service shopping reached the UK. The manly men of Newsreel deferred to noted woman, Marjorie… well do you know who's been in the background of your favourite programmes? Test your knowledge with our quiz -… 1954: Hancock's Half Hour was first broadcast, on the BBC Light Programme.
#OnThisDay 1980: Paul Simon told Annie Nightingale on The Old Grey Whistle Test about striking a balance between pl… 1973: Nationwide paid a visit to Diane and David, a couple who were set to miss Princess Anne’s wedding… 1990: Tomorrow’s World donned a sizable headset and delved into the brave new world of virtual reality. @MiddleAged_Lazy Hi Robert, although this isn't really what BBC Archive does on social media we did had a look anyw… can find out how these teens and others fared across three decades on the BBC Archive site - 1955: Special Enquiry caught up with some teenage teddy boys. 1977: Mike Leigh’s Play for Today, Abigail’s Party, starring Alison Steadman, was broadcast on BBC One.