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A very happy birthday to @AnnekeWills, who played the Doctor's friend Polly Wright ✨🎂's a sonic screwdriver mostly made out of? 🤔#DoctorWho
What exactly do Daleks fear? ⏳ 😱 Hear the trailer for '#TimeLordVictorious - The Enemy of My Enemy' from…"You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I" 🍌 The Ninth Doctor | Christopher Eccles… #MondayMotivation from Yaz to you.
Counting the days until Revolution of the Daleks... 🎨: sadgician (Instagram)"A big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff" ⏳ The Tenth Doctor | David Tennant | Artwork by Jeremy Enecio app is available on:- iOS: Android: Amazon Fire: Daleks discover a brand-new form of life in a new #TimeLordVictorious chapter of the #DoctorWho Comic Creator a… @BriggsNicholas @Spyero42 @BBCCiN The cover artwork is by @sophiecowdrey, you'll find lots of new work by illustrators in the book.…"And the story goes on...forever" 💜💜 Today marks 9 years since the final episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures. T…
Five years ago today we first met the marvellous Ashildir, played by @Maisie_Williams! ⚔️ very happy birthday to @Markgatiss, writer and actor in many #DoctorWho stories - including as Captain Lethbridge…
"Bow ties are cool" ⑅⁣ ⁣ The Eleventh Doctor | Matt Smith | Artwork by Jeremy Enecio for the invasion of the Daleks! 💥 Daleks! the animated #TimeLordVictorious series, launches on the officia… @adam_j_taylor @BBCCiN Hi Adam, profits made from the sale of Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown will be going to B…! There's a brand new story by me in it, starring the CORSAIR! The Corsair's Parrot! (And the Hand of Omega.) I…
Retweeted by Doctor Who @jsledge42 @BBCCiN Hey Joseph, as BBC Children In Need is a UK registered charity the book is only available in UK… @Generic_Tweetin @BBCCiN Hi there, it should be available in stores from the UK. @justEmanuelK @BBCCiN Hey Emanuel, As BBC Children In Need is a UK registered charity the book is only available in…'Adventures in Lockdown' features stories from Chris Chibnall, Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, @joyofse19,… in the UK on 5th November, 'Adventures in Lockdown'! ✨ This new collection of short stories, written by… Collection Blu-rays are back filming, coming soon! 🎬
"You sure you want to pop that?" #TBT 📦 celebrate today’s release from @PuffinBooks of the #DoctorWho anthology, 'The Wintertime Paradox' by Dave Rudden… do you bring the Emperor Dalek to life? 🗣 Nicholas Briggs tells all in the latest issue of @DWMtweets - you ca… all about it and get your copy here:'s new Doctor Who Magazine day! 🗞⁣ ⁣ What's in the latest issue:⁣ ⁣ 📍 An exclusive look at the new animated YouTu…
"Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind." ✨ The Twelfth Doctor | Peter Capaldi | Artwork by Jeremy Enecio Rose bitten off more than she can chew with the Three Mad Sisters? 🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️ Find out what happens next… Eighth Doctor joins #TimeLordVictorious! 💥 The Doctor is about to encounter one of his most dangerous and dup… Listen to the newly-regenerated Doctor in the opening moments of The War Doctor Begins from @bigfinish 👂🎧
Retweeted by Doctor WhoEXCLUSIVE: Listen to the newly-regenerated Doctor in the opening moments of The War Doctor Begins from @bigfinish 👂🎧 in June 2021, @bigfinish have announced a forthcoming full-cast audio drama series with a re-cast of the War…"Come to Daddy... I mean Mummy!" Two years since the Doctor was reunited with 'The Ghost Monument' 💙💙"I'm your new assistant..." and what an incredible journey! ✨ A very happy birthday to Katy Manning, who played Jo…
Rose’s toughest challenge lies at the beginning of the universe… 🌹 #DoctorWho can find out more about the incredible Ada Lovelace here: wrote the algorithm for Babbage's difference engine, the first computer. This mechanical machine could count an… was one of the great minds of the human race. She was a 19th century aristocrat, and daughter of Lord Byron and… #AdaLovelaceDay In Series 12, the Doctor needed the help of Ada Lovelace to defeat the Master. But how muc…
"Oh, Brilliant!" ✨ The Thirteenth Doctor | Jodie Whittaker | Artwork by Jeremy Enecio 557 includes an exclusive preview of the new YouTube series Daleks!, featuring interviews with the cast and cre…
Retweeted by Doctor WhoReady for the week? #DoctorWho #MondayMotivation
@hardystennant @staritalics @doctorwhosite Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality reimagines last year’s VR experience in a new console a… @noahjcraven Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality reimagines last year’s VR experience in a new console and PC game with… @Overflowinglnk @gallifreyvn @TheOregle Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality reimagines last year’s VR experience in a new console and PC game with b… @PAG_fluttershy Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch & Steam fro… Doctors come together to save reality! 🎮 Watch the teaser for the new console game, '#DoctorWho: The Edge of R… @LigerzeroGaming Wooo! Enjoy, and happy birthday! @SinesFromGaga"Don't blink. Blink and you're dead!" 📱 Watch the trailer for '#DoctorWho: The Lonely Assassins', the new handheld…'t blink! 👀 Join the #NYCCMetaverse panel now:"There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes" #DoctorWho! It's the exclusive #DoctorWho panel from @Maze_Theory, announcing new games at #NYCCMetaverse 🕹 🔔 Set a rem… very happy birthday to @thenicolabryant, who played Perpugilliam Brown, or Peri to her friends! 🎂
@Somersa2 Episode 1, "The Archive of Islos" lands on the Doctor Who YouTube channel on the 12th November! Don't forget to subscribe...“The Daleks are coming!" 💥 Watch the trailer for ‘Daleks!’ the animated series form #TimeLordVictorious, arriving… @Seanofthehat1 your first look at ‘Daleks!’ with this exclusive clip from the animated #TimeLordVictorious series 💥 @BiggerOnThePod Hi there! It's a big multi-platform story event, with stories set all among the Dark Times of the u… Dalek Emperor will see you now! 💥 #NYCCMetaverse Join the panel here: that you can hear... 💙💙 #DoctorWho producer of #TimeLordVictorious @gossjam, along with @Joe_Sugg @BriggsNicholas and @ayeshaantoine from the cas…! Get ready for the #TimeLordVictorious panel at #NYCCMetaverse 🔥 🔔 Set a reminder to watch here:…
We love seeing your art for 'Revolution of the Daleks' already! 😍🎨 #FanArtFriday's 55 years today since 'Mission to the Unknown' first aired! 🚀 To celebrate why not watch the incredibly faithf… perfect t-shirt for counting the days to 'Revolution of the Daleks' in! 👕 Get yours now: 🇬🇧 @ForbiddenPlanet:… #DoctorWho figurine delights are coming this month from @HeroCollector_? Find out here! ➡️…
When the Doctor's away, it's up to them to save the day. #DoctorWho: Revolution of the Daleks. Coming Soon. the days… #DoctorWho: Revolution of the Daleks. Coming Soon. fans make the coolest things! #NYCCMetaverse
Retweeted by Doctor WhoA round of applause for CyberMandip. 👏 #NYCCMetaverse
Retweeted by Doctor WhoMythology. History. Identity. Take a look back at the epic past two series of #DoctorWho! we go! Tune in and join the fam now! ✨ than 1 hour to go until the #DoctorWho panel @NY_Comic_Con ⏰🔔 @DoctorWho_BBCA @MandipGill @BradleyWalsh! Catch Jodie Whittaker, @MandipGill and @BradleyWalsh at #NYCCMetaverse's Doctor Who panel! 💥 🔔 Set a remind… you upgrade to the latest software... 🤖🤖 The Cybermen first appeared on our screens 54 years ago today!… @ThiagoL09455787 💙💙"Oh, my beautiful idiot. You have what you've always had. You've got me." #TBT
Can the Doctor and the Daleks work together to save the universe? 💥 Find out in the dramatic conclusion to… @Red_Jonkks years today since the Thirteenth Doctor crash-landed onto our screens in 'The Woman Who Fell to Earth' 💙💙… the Master(s) met the Kotturuh... 💀💀 @jonculshaw plays two incarnations of the Master in these…
Get ready to join Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill and Bradley Walsh this Thursday as they look back at their epic past… Fourth Doctor joins #TimeLordVictorious in 'Genetics of the Daleks'! 💥🎧 The new @bigfinish audio adventure tie… @Antoniorakovac1 @whoovybaby Check out the page here Anthony! for #TimeLordVictorious with this new Blu-ray collection! Seven adventures become the 'Road to the Dark Tim…
Have you got your copy of ‘The Knight, The Fool and The Dead’ yet? Perfect weekend reading from @DWBBCBooks! 📖
A smile from your favourite Emojibot for #WorldSmileDay 😃 @OnDavros @bigfinish We love stories too!The Eighth Doctor enters the Dark Times, the Fifth Doctor falls into the Time War, and more! 💥🎧 Find out what audi… Thirteenth and Tenth Doctors team-up to face the Sea Devils in a new comic series by @ComicsTitan! Check out a… @rose_abbey
"Love, in all its forms, is the most powerful weapon we have" 💙💙 #TBT