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Reconciliations and mounting frustrations all sealed with a kiss. Don’t miss a moment of #EastEnders. Monday & Tues… and Whitney are at loggerheads, on this day in 2009. #FlashbackFriday #EastEnders you try to dye your own hair during lockdown. #EastEnders
Get those frying pans at the ready! It’s time to whip up some American style pancakes with @jimmybye, in this week’…
We have some exciting news to share with you all about how to get your #EastEnders fix (!) when the show takes an i… #EastEnders last night? Don't forget you can catch up on the latest from The Square on #bbciplayer 👉… London borough. One year. And a whole heap of drama. Take a look back at some of the best moments from the las…
When will people learn, never ever cross the Mitchells. #EastEnders you want to tell a story of how someone copes with a disability in a particular point of view, THAT is how you d…
Retweeted by BBC EastEnders❤️ #EastEnders episode... Thank you @MaxBowden and @bbceastenders for taking on deaf awareness! So relatable. 👏👏👏 #DeafAwareness #EastEnders
Retweeted by BBC EastEndersthat episode was amazing! #EastEnders
Retweeted by BBC EastEndersBetween a father and a son. #EastEnders if Phil has anything to do with it. #EastEnders brilliant episode of #EastEnders so far this evening. Not only is it showing how Ben @MaxBowden deals w…
Retweeted by BBC EastEndersIs this too big a secret for Ben to keep from Jay? #EastEnders’s not pity, Ben, it’s love. #EastEnders“She didn’t want to bring another life into a world when you was ill.” #EastEnders❤️ #EastEnders @bbceastenders Lexi just the most adorable ❤️
Retweeted by BBC EastEndersWhat #EastEnders has accomplished with tonight’s episode is spectacular. @MaxBowden is amazing. Don’t miss it.
Retweeted by BBC EastEndersI hope you enjoy the ep guys. Jamie Annett who directed is a hero. Jon Sen has worked wonders. Lucky to work on this show.
Retweeted by BBC EastEnders🙋 #EastEnders ‘BATTER’ not miss out on this week’s ‘Getting ‘Bye’ with the Basics’. This Thursday @jimmybye will be serving u… Heist. #EastEnders. Tonight. 8.10pm. message from @MaxBowden about tonight’s very special episode of #EastEnders. You really don’t want to miss it. 8…
What ever you do on Monday, don’t miss this... #EastEnders Fitness time! Give this a go guys, let me know how you get on! 👇💪😘
Retweeted by BBC EastEndersIt's time to limber up and get ready to feel the burn.🔥💪 It’s 'Friday Fitness' with @DavoodGhadami. #FridayFitness bliss was certainly not on the cards for David and Carol, on this day in 2014. #FlashbackFriday #EastEnders
It’s time to ‘PIG’ out with @jimmybye and tune in to another episode of ‘Getting ‘Bye’ with the Basics’. This week…’t wait for you guys to see this. Was the hardest graft ever, and hope it’s worth it for you all. ❤️
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Seeing isn't always believing... Next week, on #EastEnders.
“Just the two of us.” #EastEnders with a capital F. #EastEnders“You can still be part of his life.” #EastEnders @bbceastenders My toes are curling oh my goddddddd
Retweeted by BBC EastEnders @bbceastenders OMG no 😩
Retweeted by BBC EastEndersWe can’t look. 🙈 #EastEnders Omg! Jeannnnn noooooo! X
Retweeted by BBC EastEndersOk jean what are you doing?!? #eastenders
Retweeted by BBC EastEndersA mother’s touch. #EastEnders Keegan nothing is going right for him #Eastenders
Retweeted by BBC EastEndersWe really hope so. #EastEnders Birthday @carriet1234. #EastEnders you @RadioTimes! Let's get voting for everything #EastEnders... 🙌 you for the nomination👏🏽. All your votes are much appreciated! Just follow the link and if you’ve got a minut…
Retweeted by BBC EastEnders“What are we going to do?” #EastEnders. Tonight. 7.30pm. lovely ladies, Jessica Plummer, @kelliebright76 and @ShonaBM are all nominated for Best Soap Actress in the 2… for the 2020 #TVChoiceAwards is open now! @_Zack_Morris @MrDDyer and @MaxBowden are all up for Best Soap Act…
“I’ve made a terrible mistake.” #EastEnders“That boy, he’d die for you.” #EastEnders straight in. #EastEnders butter run for it, Isaac. #EastEnders it comes to new beginnings, these two are pros. #EastEnders home, Sharon. #EastEnders guys, we're not ‘PULLING’ your leg! This Thursday @jimmybye is going the whole ‘HOG’ and bringing you ‘Jimmy’s P… Bank Holiday! From all of us at #EastEnders“I told you, it’s always you in the end.” #EastEnders. Tonight. 8.40pm.
Familiar faces, second chances and an opportunity for a new beginning? Anything can happen in Walford. Don’t miss E… plucks up the courage to have a difficult conversation with Jay, on this day in 2009. #FlashbackFriday off those lockdown blues! It's time for Friday Fitness with @DavoodGhadami💪 #FridayFitness #EastEnders
It's Thursday, which can only mean one thing... It's time for 'Getting 'Bye' with the Basics', with @jimmybye. So d… you guess right? Look's like they got it wrong... #EastEnders the EEnding! Who does Dot come face to face with in the kitchen? Pop your answers below. #EastEnders
When the stakes are this high can you ever truly forgive... and forget. #EastEnders. Coming very soon. @bbcone.…“I’m still me...I am still a Mitchell.” #EastEnders“Where’s my justice?” #EastEnders, but not forgotten. #EastEnders can secrets stay secret in Walford? #EastEnders future can be bright, Ben. #EastEnders it might take more than sorry, Kush. #EastEnders for #EastEnders 😊
Retweeted by BBC EastEnders“Now when I think about her there’s this big black hole in her place.” #EastEnders. Tonight. 7.30pm.
You certainly do-’nut’ want to miss out on this week’s ‘Getting ‘Bye’ with the Basics’. This Thursday @jimmybye wi… out. #EastEnders, but fair. #EastEnders family to foe. #EastEnders just gets wiser and wiser. #EastEnders’re definitely not alone, Ben. #EastEnders pupil becomes the teacher. #EastEnders. Tonight. 8pm. will be airing a special episode soon, highlighting Ben’s struggle with his hearing. Jon Sen (Exec. Pro…
Bridges built and bridges burned. Just a normal week in Walford. Don’t miss EastEnders. Monday & Tuesday.… pleads with Stacey to seek help with her bipolar, on this day in 2009. #FlashbackFriday #EastEnders
#EastEnders will resume filming at the end of June. Strict social distancing measures will be in place. We’ll be an… you guess right? How are you going to wriggle your way out of that one Dan?😬... #EastEnders the EEnding! What happens next when Carol pieces the photo fragments together? Pop your answers below.…’s time for ‘Getting ‘Bye’ with the Basics’ with our very own @jimmybye. This week’s recipe is homemade pizza. So…
@RealScottMaslen is one in a million. We ❤️ you Scott. #EastEnders #TheOneShow are flocking to @BBCiPlayer in record numbers during lockdown. Here are some of the iPlayer moments getting…
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From us all @BBCEastEnders, thank you to all of our wonderful nurses. Where would we be without you? You all deserv…“This is what happened that night. The Truth.” #EastEnders💔 #EastEnders, finally. #EastEnders with benefits? #EastEnders’s back. #EastEnders“I didn’t do nothing wrong, believe it or not I’m past caring.” #EastEnders. Tonight. 7:30pm
Here for more Kush and Shirley scenes. #EastEnders @bbceastenders.
Retweeted by BBC EastEndersAlways. #EastEnders