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“I made a conscious decision because of Stevie Wonder… to not be superstitious.”

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The things you have to do to compete with Netflix… @DrMichaelMosley @BBCFOUR @NetflixUK #PainPusAndPoison #Gogglebox
Retweeted by BBC FourRodney P presents the untold story of Britain's second wave of pirate DJs who played a cat and mouse game with the… musicians developed a distinctive and influential style of blues, but who led its evolution?… Clapton told through his own words and songs. Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars. Tonight, 9.30pm, @BBCFour’re throwing it back to 1988 with #TOTP performances from Aztec Camera, Kylie Minogue, Chris Rea, Status Quo, Van… the likes of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis scandalised America with their gyrations, leading to Pat Boone's cleaned… Amfo takes us behind the scenes of the world-famous @BBCR1's The Live Lounge Show featuring Charli XCX, Mark…
The story of the thousands of people who design, build and test Rolls-Royce jet engines. How to Build A Jumbo Jet… Australian David Mayman's lifelong obsession culminated in an attempt to fly the world's first jetpack. Own t… Brian Cox follows the Earth's epic journey through space. Forces of Nature with Brian Cox. Tonight, 8pm…’re throwing it back to 1988 with #TOTP performances from Mica Paris ft Courtney Pine, All About Eve, Breathe, Ir…
Psychotherapist and agony aunt Philippa Perry presents a documentary exploring the problem page's enduring appeal,… Hedy Lamarr was infamous for her marriages and affairs, this film rediscovers her not only as an actress, but… story of Edward I, who turned the castle into an instrument of colonisation. Castles: Britain's Fortified His… look through 45 years of Horizon archive to see how science came to understand sex. Sex: A Horizon Guide. Tonig…
Bill Bailey retraces the steps of his hero, naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, to understand how he came up with the… Rose tells the story of how the USS Squalus submarine became stranded on the bottom of the Atlantic in 1937.… investigation into the murders of two young brothers uncovers secrets from the loyalist gang that carried out th… suffering a stroke, Graham hasn’t said a word for two years. Now thanks to an inventor and some home videos,… wondered how birds can fly in swirling masses without ever running into each other? #LifeInTheAir
The writer of Dr Zhivago loved Russia. But he also wrote a book of truths and in doing so risked death and literary… archeologist Dr Jon Henderson tells the story of the Norsemen in Scotland. The Last Battle of the Vikings.… has the history of the American Civil War been used and abused? @Lucy_Worsley explores. American History’s Bi… there’s one thing I’m taking away from my experience on #HandmadeInBolton it’s this: so many of you understand &…
Retweeted by BBC FourFantastic Don Letts @RebelDread documentary The Story Of Skinheads on @BBCFour /iPlayer. Explodes many myths. Some…
Retweeted by BBC FourBen Robinson unlocks the ancient roots of the Northumberland village of Warkworth. Pubs, Ponds and Power: The Sto…
The @BBCStargazing team face a live studio audience to answer their questions about the mysteries and wonders of th… Queen Elizabeth embarks on dangerous sea trials in the North Sea, testing everything from galleys to guns and p… Janina Ramirez sets ex-forger Shaun Greenhalgh the almost impossible task of carving an Islamic bottle out of ro…"And what’s disappeared a lot from music today is the feeling." Artists reminisce on the glory days of reggae music…
Amy Winehouse changed the landscape of modern pop culture, achieving both critical acclaim and global success. Here… the 1973 Wailers album Catch a Fire brought international recognition to Bob Marley. Classic Albums: The Wail… Nirvana's seminal 1991 album Nevermind remains a milestone in rock music history. Classic Albums: Nirvana - N…'s Back To Black album transformed her into a global star and helped launch a wave of soul-influenced singers.… brand new series of the French crime drama sees Gilou investigate the murder of his Police Chief. Spiral. Tonig… China showcases pioneering images capturing the dazzling array of mysterious creatures that live in China's mo…
A look at the unlikely career of DJ David Rodigan and the UK's passion for reggae music. Reggae Fever: David Rodi… reggae music first emerged, it was often associated with love, rebellion and revolution. Which reggae song res…'t miss it! 9pm Sunday @BBCFOUR
Retweeted by BBC FourA treasure trove of tapes reveals the story behind one of reggae's legendary studios. Studio 17: The Lost Reggae…’re throwing it back to July 1988 with #TOTP performances from Kim Wilde, The Funky Worm and Fairground Attractio… Amfo takes us behind the scenes of the world-famous Radio 1 Live Lounge, showcasing the biggest names in musi…
How are our personalities created? Can they be changed? @DrMichaelMosley explores the latest scientific theories ar… @AngelaDSaini and disability rights activist @Adam_Pearson investigate how the legacy of eugenics contin… 9 November 1989 the Berlin Wall was torn down. @BBCFour is marking the 30th anniversary of its fall with four ne…
Retweeted by BBC FourProfessor Brian Cox investigates the stunning diversity of shapes in the natural world. Forces of Nature. Tonight,… News has been around for a long, long time… #IanHislopsFakeNews
Andrew Graham-Dixon investigates the story of the 20th century's greatest art forger, Han van Meegeren, who made mi… van Meegeren was the art forger who swindled the Nazis. #vanMeegeren Willis shows how the castle became a weapon with which unruly barons challenged the Crown. Castles: Britain's… Janina Ramirez sets ex-forger Shaun Greenhalgh the challenge of making an alabaster carving. Handmade in Bolton:…"Alright, Bob". John Lennon was born on 9 October 1940. Watch this brilliant, relaxed 30' conversation with…
Retweeted by BBC FourToday, October 9th, we celebrate John Lennon's 79th birthday. Please share your favourite John Lennon lyrics, songs…
Retweeted by BBC FourFull Time: Portugal 0-1 England. It wasn't a classic, but Beth Mead's goal is enough to halt England's winless ru…
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Meet the man who makes a living out of creating fake news.  #IanHislopsFakeNews Rose tells the story of three Frenchmen's 18th-century scientific mission to Ecuador to settle an internationa… did loyalist groups rearm and use intelligence leaks from soldiers and police to boost their campaign of killin…
Scientists use new technology on three British contributors to discover what our world would look like if we couldn… Hislop's sharp, provocative take on 200 years of fake news and its consequences – from Victorians on the moon t… Worsley explores how the history of the American Revolution has been mythologised and manipulated by generatio…
The development of the Boeing 747 jumbo jet was a billion-dollar gamble that pushed 1960s technology to the limits… behind-the-scenes story of what makes HMS Queen Elizabeth so unique. Britain’s Biggest Warship. Tonight, 8pm,… pioneering team in Brazil track and follow individual wild jaguars to gain amazing new insights into their lives.…
When the German war machine arrives in the city of Oslo on 9 April 1940, the Norwegian king faces a choice that wil… stunning exploration of the colourful rice-growing cultures and strange creatures of southern China. Wild China.… Attenborough narrates the amazing story of a wild cheetah family, revealing in detail what it takes to turn t…
How Betty Davis became a black female pioneer the world failed to appreciate. Betty Davis: Godmother of Funk. Tonig… Wonder fans including Martin Freeman and Trevor Nelson celebrate the man and his music by selecting their fa… everything is what it seems... Watch Ian Hislop’s Fake News. Monday 7th October. 9pm. @BBCFOUR.’re throwing it back to July 1988 with #TOTP performances from Pat Benatar, Shakin' Stevens and Glenn Medeiros. T… Amfo takes us behind the scenes of the world-famous Radio 1 Live Lounge, with performances from Taylor Swift,…
Angela Saini and Adam Pearson investigate eugenics - the controversial idea that the human race can be improved by… Reeve travels from the Peloponnese peninsula to the rugged and mountainous north of the country. Greece with… Eugenics: Science's Greatest Scandal tonight at 9pm on @BBCFOUR and @BBCiPlayer: control has a much darker history than you might think.’re going back to July 1988 with #TOTP performances from Kim Wilde, Everything but the Girl and S-Express. Top of… Mulraine’s #NewCreatives film Elephant In The Room explores what it means to be mixed-race and celebrates d…
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A tribute to comedian Rik Mayall, who left a body of work that spanned four decades. Rik Mayall: Lord of Misrule. T… Fry reveals how much our planet can change in just a single day and how these daily changes are essential to… Snow reveals how the dramatic surrender of the German U-boat fleet came about. Dig WW2 with Dan Snow. Tonight,…
Paul Rose tells the story of Fridjtof Nansen who, in 1892, announced a daring plan to be first to the North Pole. V… England's Forgotten Queen: The Life and Death of Lady Jane Grey on @BBCiPlayer. the end of the Seventies, the IRA built its own internal security system to root out informers. But British inte… inside the prayer book that Lady Jane Grey carried with her onto the scaffold where she was executed. 📖… #LifeInTheAir on @BBCiPlayer a hummingbird fly in slow motion is absolutely mind blowing. #LifeInTheAir
Kate Adie re-examines her historic coverage of the 1989 massacre in Tiananmen Square. Tonight, 10.30pm, @BBCFOUR. you really believe what you see? Watch Ian Hislop’s Fake News. Monday 7th October. 9pm. @BBCFOUR. accounts and leaked secret documents provide a deeper understanding of the final days of the 1989 Tianan… Worsley goes beyond the stereotypes of jam and Jerusalem to reveal the surprisingly radical side of the WI. Ca… Life in the Air on @BBCiPlayer wondered how cats always land on their feet? #LifeInTheAir
.@lemnsissay presents a selection of short films from a new generation of artists who are inspired by poetry and th… over three years along the course of the River Dee in Scotland, Upstream is a cinematic dream-flight into wi… Owen-Jones takes us into the heart of the UK's newest national park - the South Downs - in a portrait of one… before WWII, the discovery of giant stone heads in Mexico led to a lost civilisation. But what would the Olme…
A mysterious stranger arrives to tempt the Danebury Metal Detecting Club in more ways than one... Detectorists. Ton… camera films a giant flock of starlings to unlock the secrets that keep half a million birds from colliding in th… team explores our busy southern seas, which are littered with wrecks. Britain's Secret Seas. Tonight. 7pm.…
A musical journey through the 1970s, with Elton John, David Bowie, Curtis Mayfield, Steppenwolf, New York Dolls, Ro…